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G1: Anita & Daniel (Scandinavia House on Park between 37th & 38th)(BtG: 37)

#1: What French president tried to BAN voodoo dolls in his image in 2008?
#2: Due to an intense ’10 Internet campaign, what octogenarian became the oldest host in the history of “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE”?
Betty White
#3: Acc. to the FDA, what famous variety of preserved cherry’s impregnated w/ sugar & flavored w/ oil of bitter almonds?
Bing (A: Maraschino)
#4: Now used by cyclists & in-line skaters, Boston’s Minutemen Bikeway approximates the route of what American Revolutionary?
Paul Revere

#1: Home to the Galapagos Islands, what South American nation recognized the Constitutional rights of ecosystems in 2008?
#2: Despite its MISLEADING name, Hippology is the scientific study of what hooved mammal?
FQ: In 2010 what comic book series announced plans to introduce its first openly-gay character to Riverdale High?
FA: Archie

G2: Dan, Jerry & Josh (16th & Union Square West)(BtG: 48)

DR: Shelly, Joe & Jenna (Delancey between Attorney & Clinton)(BtG: 48)

#1: At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, a mascot named Quatchi was a kid-friendly version of what mythical, apelike beast?
#2: Thanks to a 2002 European Commission decision, Feta cheese can only be called Feta cheese if it comes from what nation?
#3: Decades before the birth of “Brangelina”, what HOLLYWOOD power couple founded Desilu Productions in ’50?
Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball
#4: Inscribed w/ the initials THJ, the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold allegedly belonged to what historic American?
Thomas Jefferson

#1: Transmitting images between Paris & Lyon in 1865, the pantelegraph was considered the prototype of what modern machine?
Video camera (A: Fax)
#2: Worn by some high-profile celebs, a scram bracelet’s designed to monitor a person’s sweat for traces of what?
#3: A pioneer of the Netroots Movement, Markos Moulitsas was the founder of what liberal political blog?
Daily Kos
#4: Disclosed in June of 2010, a Pentagon memo claimed that Afghanistan might have housed the world’s largest deposit of what high-tech metal?
Zinc (A: Lithium)

#1: Described as a river that oozes instead of flows, what Ohio waterway famously caught FIRE in 1969?
MSO: John
FQ: Aptly overflowing w/ oil, only one country in the world starts w/ O- what is it?
FA: Oman ($1600)


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