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About Me & This Site

I’m Robert “Bobby” McBride, an avid game show fan since I was born (especially “WHEEL of FORTUNE”) & recapper/commentator. I’m also a mixed martial artist reporter & graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Broadcast Journalism. My goals are to compete on a game show, become a sports broadcaster/commentator & become a game show host.

Comments on: "About Me & This Site" (9)

  1. Shannon M. said:

    Can you do my a favor? Can you remove the name “Keemmiaye” (I purposely mispelled it) from you site? It’s on the post ““Let’s Make a Deal” 2/24/16.” Your site shows up in a google search when the name is typed in.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Jonathan Le said:

    Hello my friend was a contestant on the easiest Gameshow ever on 4/12 the “Cosplay Cousins” but they didn’t get to watch it -/- did you watch it if so what service provider did you watch it on ? Time Warner ? DirectTV or Uverse?

    Thanks a lot !

  3. I am the Alissa who played on Match Game on June 26, 2016. How can I print the recap that you did for the show? Or, can you email it to me? Thanks.

  4. Shannon M. said:

    Hi Bobby. For the 2/24/16 episode of LMAD, at my request you were kind enough to replace my name with “Shannon.” I was on the May 23rd Zonk Remdemption episode as well. When I do a google search of my name your site appears again. That makes me very uncomfortable. Would you mind replacing my name as the first contestant on the 5/23/16 Zonk Redemption episode as “Shannon” once again? Please and thank you.

  5. James E Livingston said:

    Hi Bobby: Please include more current posts for the Millionaire program, newer than 12/19/16. I share selected Q/A daily with friends/family, and I am running out rapidly … Thanks!!!

  6. I saw that you posted a couple of Let’s Make a Deal episodes from 2015 recently. If you have the information please continue to post episodes from that year and before 2016 as well. I started watching the show last year when Deal did its mashup week with Price and I enjoy the show but it’s hard to find information archives prior to 2016. Please continue to post the info if you can. I appreciate it. Thank you.

  7. Martha williams said:

    Why did Pat asked that black guy such a dumb,demeaning question yesterday. It blew my mind. I will no longer watch unless he air an apology. It was uncalled for…

  8. Those ‘melons’ on the Mardi Gras clue were coconuts from the ZULU CREW.

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