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I’m Robert “Bobby” McBride, an avid game show fan since I was born (especially “WHEEL of FORTUNE”) & recapper/commentator. I’m also a mixed martial artist reporter & graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in Broadcast Journalism. My goals are to compete on a game show, become a sports broadcaster/commentator & become a game show host.

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  1. Shannon M. said:

    Can you do my a favor? Can you remove the name “Keemmiaye” (I purposely mispelled it) from you site? It’s on the post ““Let’s Make a Deal” 2/24/16.” Your site shows up in a google search when the name is typed in.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Jonathan Le said:

    Hello my friend was a contestant on the easiest Gameshow ever on 4/12 the “Cosplay Cousins” but they didn’t get to watch it -/- did you watch it if so what service provider did you watch it on ? Time Warner ? DirectTV or Uverse?

    Thanks a lot !

  3. I am the Alissa who played on Match Game on June 26, 2016. How can I print the recap that you did for the show? Or, can you email it to me? Thanks.

  4. Shannon M. said:

    Hi Bobby. For the 2/24/16 episode of LMAD, at my request you were kind enough to replace my name with “Shannon.” I was on the May 23rd Zonk Remdemption episode as well. When I do a google search of my name your site appears again. That makes me very uncomfortable. Would you mind replacing my name as the first contestant on the 5/23/16 Zonk Redemption episode as “Shannon” once again? Please and thank you.

  5. James E Livingston said:

    Hi Bobby: Please include more current posts for the Millionaire program, newer than 12/19/16. I share selected Q/A daily with friends/family, and I am running out rapidly … Thanks!!!

  6. I saw that you posted a couple of Let’s Make a Deal episodes from 2015 recently. If you have the information please continue to post episodes from that year and before 2016 as well. I started watching the show last year when Deal did its mashup week with Price and I enjoy the show but it’s hard to find information archives prior to 2016. Please continue to post the info if you can. I appreciate it. Thank you.

  7. Martha williams said:

    Why did Pat asked that black guy such a dumb,demeaning question yesterday. It blew my mind. I will no longer watch unless he air an apology. It was uncalled for…

  8. Those ‘melons’ on the Mardi Gras clue were coconuts from the ZULU CREW.

  9. Tomekia Williams said:

    I was watching this show today 6/27/17, and the answer was D, but on here y’all answer is C. I don’t understand why she didn’t win when she said C, and y’all showing C as the answer on this website.

    $20K: Which of the following pairs of books were NOT BOTH written by the same author?

    A: The Blind Side & The Big Short
    B: The Green Mile & ‘Salem’s Lot
    C: Beloved & Song of Solomon
    D: Gone Girl & Shutter Island

    LCLS– C & D
    Beloved & Song of Solomon– NO HELP

  10. If it’s posibke, can add the scores for the contestants from Gong Show 2017 from the episode with Jack Black, Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett as the judges? Thanks!

  11. Charlotte Phillips said:

    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is one day off.

  12. Jim Livingston said:

    Bobby: Please sort your Millionaire Q/A by date. They are OUT OF ORDER, and it makes finding the Q/A by date VERY DIFFICULT!!! Thanks!!!

  13. Robin Winz said:

    You seem to have a “wealth” of information about game shows. Do you why I can’t find most of the ’60s Match Game episodes? My Father was on that show and I believe the male celebrity was Tom Poston.

  14. I just saw a rerun of the 2/16 “funny you should ask”. I checked dictionary.com and they don’t have a definition for gnashnab, I hope you can check their other facts. I wonder how they got it wrong. I just Googled it and it’s at the Urban Dictionary. So it *is* a real word, they just gave the wrong citation.

    Urban Dictionary has gwender, the prickly feeling you get from handling ice, but it doesn’t have hacknack.

    On a different subject, I get comedy.com with AT&T, and that channel often has audio problems, the audio often goes out for a second or two. Does that happen on your TV?

    I wish you’d include the joke answers. Thanks.

  15. FEWDFAN67 said:

    Hey Bobby, I noticed how your previous blog, Game Show Kingdom, got terminated because of some stupid-ass troll. I was very upset when it got terminated, but at least you made this blog now.
    P.S. If this stupid troll comes to this site, tell me and I’ll call him a motherfucking fat Jew who is a fucking pathetic loser who only trolls people because he is a motherfucking deadbeat retard who is a fucking pussy to come face to face and that his mother is a cock-sucking bitch. And that also goes for his stupid ass friend who declares Pricing Games a Technical Win if nothing is won!

    • FEWDFAN67 said:

      Seriously, I can’t believe such a great blog was ruined because of a stupid-ass bitch!

  16. FEWDFAN67 said:

    I will put a stop to them.

  17. hey in the 6/27 news what do you mean by december 4th for the 6/18 price epi? thanks

  18. Maxx Holifield said:

    Some of the info you put for To Tell The Truth contains spelling errors. Not sure if you already knew that.

  19. Can you tell me what the questions were on Jeopardy March 5 about Nasdaq? Thanks

  20. Great site! I appreciate your recaps and highlights from trivia shows!

  21. By any chance do you have video documentation of the Family Feud episode that aired on 09/27/10? The two families involved were the Garcias and the Dohertys; the former of which were the victors.

  22. Ted Hollister said:

    Is there a link to the “Hollister Family Feud episode on Sept. 30, 2019”?
    I would like to share with my class and family
    Teddy Hollister

  23. Jaronman said:

    Cool site

  24. Anonymous said:

    Who do I have to contact to get a name removed ?
    I try to get my name removed from the internet but I was on the price is right but prefer to keep that privat but your WordPress shows up whenever I google my name. Is there an email I can email to?

  25. Hey could you Please remove my Name here:
    And could you remove not only my full name but my first name all around on that website. Thanks
    Number 7, in Green J. M.

    I am uncomfortable finding my name in google search thanks

  26. John Boyd said:

    Hi, Bobby. I’m the John in your post here:


    I was wondering if you could do me a favor and remove my name and where I’m from In that transcript, please? I’m uncomfortable with Finding my name in Google searches. Also, listing my name On your site could conceivably eliminate me from future game show considerations. Thank you!

  27. Hi, Bobby! I was just following up with you about my request removing my name and where I am from In your post here: https://bobbymgsk.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/wheel-of-fortune-4-20-18/

    Thank you very much!

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