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G1: Three guys (one of whom’s from London)(72nd & Broadway)
CP: Dave Foley

#1: The acronym FOMO stands for what specific meaning of anxiety?
Fear of missing out
#2: What classic novelty toy from the Jem Rubber Co. was once sold as the “Boop-Boop-a-Doop”?
Whoopee cushion
#3: Named for one of the city’s four famous sons, John Lennon Airport services what U.K. metropolis?
#4: What native North American poultry is known as “Indian rooster” on the streets of Istanbul?

#1: The British Museum’s in the process of recreating its entire collection in what 3-D world-building game?
#2: Change their team name from the Titans in ’63, what NFL team’s moniker was inspired by their proximity to LaGuardia Airport?
#3: You’re looking at a mythical Greek gorgon whose petrifying appearance was said to turn men to stone- what was his name (also sounds like the name of a former pro wrestler & monster truck driver)?
#4: What ubiquitous 21st C. term comes from combining the Japanese words for “picture” & “character”?

#1: Meaning “hear ye” in French, what old-fashioned interjection’s shouted to bring the Supreme Court session to order?
#2: A staple of sci-fi soundtracks, what device seen here has been described as the only musical instrument you play w/o touching?
#3: Also a synonym for “suitcase”, what’s the term for a hybrid word like “spork” or “SHARKNADO”?
#4: In Dec. ’96 what phrase did Alan Greenspan famously use to describe the unwarranted optimism behind the stock market falling?
Irrational exuberance
FQ: What polluted western NY state neighborhood inspired the 1980 creation of the EPA’s Superfund program?
FA: Love Canal ($1600)

G2: Michael Aaron & Paul w/ dog Dorothy Pickles (98th & Broadway)
CP: Susie Essman

#1: After winning a 2016 Nobel Prize what freewheeling folk singer sparked a global debate about whether lyrics are considered literature?
Bob Dylan
#2: Also a type of Cuban drum, what kitschy dance seen here alternates between steps, more steps & a kick?
Conga line
#3: Home to England’s oldest university, what town’s named for a site where cattle could safely cross the river Thames?
Oxford (20 blocks to go at this point)
#4: Ironically situated in the heart of Tomorrowland, what interstellar Disney attraction is now FL’s oldest-operating roller coaster?

#1: Perhaps due to a nosebleeds or a bloodthirsty bride, what INFAMOUS leader of the Hunnic empire on his wedding night in 453 A.D.?
Atila the Hun
#2: Bringing the bard into the 21st C. what romantic play did the Royal Shakespeare Company adapt into a twtter conversation called “Such Tweet Sorrow”?
“Romeo and Juliet”
#3: This caption read “This game makes me hurl” because the WHAM-O toy co. owns the trademark on a certain brand of flying disc- what’s this sport called?
Ultimate Frisbee
#4: What radio host honed his skills under the DJ name Rusty Sharpe?
Rush Limbaugh

#1: What typeface replaced Times New Roman as Microsoft Word’s default font in ’07?
Helvetica (A: Calibri)
FQ: Due to his deteriorating vision, what acclaimed Irish novelist wrote much of Finnegan’s Wake using colored crayons on cardboard?
James Joyce

VB: This dry ice gets its name because it DOESN’T melt before returning to its gaseous form. Derived from a Latin verb meaning “to elevate”, what’s the name for this process in which a solid turns directly into gas?
FA: Evaporation


“Ca$h Cab” Retro Recap- SHARK WEEK EDITION

G1: Nick & Jennifer (Hammerstein Ballroom)(BtG: 35)

#1: A synonym for “lowlife”, what two-word term’s applied to sharks & other creatures that scavenge the ocean floor?
#2: In “West Side Story” the Street-Smart Sharks hailed from what island of tropical breezes?
Puerto Rico
#3: Located on the floor of a shark’s mouth, the basihyal is a piece of cartilage analogous to what part of the human body?
Jaw (A: Tongue)
#4: Like cobras, crocodiles & calculating killers, most sharks are “ectotherms”. Ecothermic is the scientific term for what characteristic?

#1: In the 1970s South African scientists trained bottle-nosed dolphins to incapacitate sharks by butting into what breathing apparati?
#2: While some sharks prefer the open sea, species such as the horn shark & swell shark inhabit vast aquatic forests of what brown seaweed?
#3: Like its feline namesake, what small shark’s covered in dark spots that allow it to quietly blend into the background?
Tiger (A: Leopard)
#4: Feat. a great white shark voiced by Robert de Niro what ’04 movie was protested by Italian-Americans but praised by PETA?
“Shark Tale”
RLC: In 2006 eight U.S. states reported shark attacks against humans- name seven.

FL, TX, CA, SC, MD, NC & OR (Leftover: HI)

Sole $100 Q: What’s the traffic-inspired term for an attack in which the shark retreats after taking just one bite?
FA: Bumper-to-bumper (A: Hit-and-run)

G2: Abbie, Lottie, Miranda & Tamara (John & Broadway)(BtG: 23)

#1: Giving sharks their backbone, what tough tissue takes its name from the Latin for “gristle”?
#2: Measuring just 10in long, what diminutive shark species shares its name w/ an African people noted for their short stature?
#3: In 2006 over 1/3 of the world’s 62 unprovoked shark attacks occurred in the waters of what southern U.S. state?
#4: In the world of sharks a baby dolphin’s called an “easy catch”; what’s the term for a baby shark?

#1: Because it’s chock-full of low-density oil, which of a shark’s organs helps it stay afloat?
#2: Called “Yu Chir” in Mandarin, what Chinese delicacy’s often opposed by animal activists due to alleged cruelty to sharks?
Shark-fin soup
#3: Meaning “shark” in Spanish, the Tiburon was a shark-inspired sportscar made by what Korean auto giant?
#4: Feat. in “Shark Hunter”, Frank “Monster Man” Mundus was said to have inspired what gruff “JAWS” protagonist?
Tom (A: Quint)

#1: Incl. a pair named Alice & Trixie, the Georgia Aquarium’s now home to four members of what largest species of shark?
#2: Due to its nitrogen-rich blood a shark’s meat is often said to have the smell of what pungent cleaning chemical?
FQ: Accused of spreading fear instead of facts, what magazine published a 2001 cover article titled “The Summer of the Shark”?
MSO: Tamara’s husband

G3: Carla, Amy & Matt (Gotham Comedy Club)(BtG: 34)

#1: During the 2000 Olympics what harbor city used sonar equip. to discourage sharks from chomping on triathletes?
#2: Acc. to the EPA nursing mothers should avoid eating shark meat due to high levels of what harmful chemical element?
#3: Calling it shagreen, cabinetmakers once used sheets of scratchy shark skin as an early version of what abrasive?
#4: The brother of volcano goddess Pele, Kamohoalii was a mischievous shark god in the mythology of what Pacific Island chain?

#1: Meaning “bright carpet” in Latin the tapetum lucidum is an eerily glowing layer of tissue located in what part of a shark’s body?
#2: Actually a member of the dolphin family, what shark predator lent its name to the ill-fated vessel in “JAWS”?
#3: A self-governing territory of Denmark, what vast icy island lends its name to one of the only species of shark found in Arctic waters?
RLC: Acc. to Encarta the great white shark’s diverse diet includes five different marine mammals- name four.
Dolphin, seal, sea lion & whale (Didn’t need: Otter)
#4: Borrowed from “The Threepenny Opera”, what Bobby Darin song began w/ the line “Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear”?
“Mack the Knife”

#1: In sharks specialized organs are called the claspers & the cloaca are used for what specific purpose?
FQ: Launched by the U.S. Navy the ISAF has collected important shark-related data since 1958. What’s the” SA” in ISAF short for?
Shark Anatomy (A: Shark Attack)

VB: This so-called wastebasket of the sea’s known to snack on baseballs, tires & the occasional swimmer. Named for an equally-fierce land predator, what’s this ravenous species of shark?
FA: Tiger ($1300)

“Ca$h Cab” 12/17/17 Nightcap

G1: Two Rutgers IT specialists (107th & Broadway)(BtG: 35)
CP: Jeff Garlin

#1: Taking a toll on tourists’ knees, what bell’s in Westminster Palace?
Big Ben
#2: Erected in 1976 this grinning goober stands guard near the old peanut farm of what U.S. President?
#3: Applied to athletes like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan & Serena Williams, what honorific title’s abbrev. GOAT?
Greatest of All-Time
#4: Now of legal drinking age, what brotherly ’90s boy band made a comeback in ’13 by releasing a beer called Mmmhops?

#1: Still appropriate in the age of the Internet, what iconic six-word slogan was unveiled by the Yellow Pages in ’62?
“Let your fingers do the walking”
#2: In the state of UT tons of sodium chloride are extracted from what?
Great Salt Lake
#3: What astronaut became the first American woman to fly on the Space Shuttle in ’83?
Sally Ride
RLC: As of ’16 entities borrowing money from the International Monetary Fund can receive it in five different world currencies- name ’em.
Euro, U.S. Dollar, Pound, Yen & Yuan
#4: Observing silence in the court for 10 yrs., what Supreme Court justice DIDN’T ask a single question from the bench between 2006-16?
Clarence Thomas

#1: By employing an offset time zone India stays half an hr. ahead of what rival nation to its immediate west?
#2: Having apparently flown too close to the Sun, you’re looking at a statue of what waxed winged figure from Greek mythology?
#3: Acc. to its creator, the aliens in “SPACE INVADERS” were inspired by the martians from what H.G. Wells classic?
War of the Worlds
FQ: In 1869 a golden spike was driven into the ground in Promontory, UT to celebrate the completion of what iconic transportation route?
Transcontinental Railroad

VB: Named for the type of sound wielded by Napoleon’s calvary, what’s this cutting-edge bottle-opening technique for champagne?
FA: Sabering ($3300)

G2: Two ladies (65th between CPW & Columbus)(BtG: 34)
CP: Susie Essman

#1: Because granite erodes an inch every 10K yrs. or so, what iconic SD monument’s on schedule to disappear in about 7.2M yrs.?
Mt. Rushmore
#2: Now sounding slightly dated, what NBA team name was chosen in ’94 in the wake of “JURASSIC PARK” fever?
#3: The short-legged breed of cat seen here shares its name w/ what land of Oz denizens?
#4: Historically inaccurate, what iconic feature of viking helmets was in fact popularized by an 1876 production of a Wagner opera?

#1: What cosmetics store was named for the allegedly most beautiful of Moses’ wives?
#2: As illustrated by the folded peak that dealers give the cards, what confidence game took its name from the Latin for “mountain”?
Three-Card Monte
#3: Proving people do mess w/ the Zohan, NETFLIX claims users have spent more than 500M hrs. streaming what comedian’s films?
Adam Sandler
#4: Disappearing from McDonald’s menus in the blink of an eye, what pork patty sandwich has been described as the “ZORRO” of the fast food world?

#1: NOT to be confused w/ the author of The Three Musketeers, what legislative body is Russia’s equivalent to the House of Representatives?
#2: Nicknamed “Dragon holes”, distinctive openings like these allow light, air & chi to flow through the skyline of what autonomous Chinese metropolis?
Hong Kong
#3: Though he wrote the book on U.S. policy in WWI, what 28th President DIDN’T learn to read until he was 12?
#4: NOT to be confused w/ the popular Ford automobile, what’s the mathematical name for the shape of a donut?
X (A: Taurus)
#5: Known as the First Lady of Song, what singer made her debut at the Apollo in ’34 & gave her last concert 57 yrs. later at Carnegie Hall?
Ella Fitzgerald
FQ: Besides Barbara Bush who was the only other woman to have been BOTH the wife & the mom of a U.S. President?
FA: Abigail Adams ($1600)

“Ca$h Cab” 12/17/17

G1: Parents & a girl (108th & Broadway)(BtG: 36)

#1: Allowing customers to have their say since ’04, what ubiquitous website’s very first restaurant review was just four words- “Dirt cheap, good falafels”?
#2: What animal grows algae on its fur?
#3: In ’13 The Albuquerque Journal ran an obituary for chemistry teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White to mark the end of what acclaimed TV show?
“Breaking Bad”
#4: Due to its geographic shape the lower peninsula of what U.S. state’s often referred to as “The Mitten”?

#1: Accused of sampling the song “Under Pressure”, what rapper was forced to stop, collaborate & list David Bowie as the co-writer of his hit ’90 single?
Vanilla Ice
#2: Ballet inspired the logo on what sneakers?
Air Jordan
#3: In some circles the word millennials only spells “trouble”, but can you spell the word millennial?
#4: Now assoc. w/ “Poppin’ Fresh”, what nickname for American soldiers in WWI had NOTHING to do w/ their pasty complexion?

Sole $200 Q: Claiming it encourages violence toward fathers, concerned parents petitioned Toronto’s Public Library to remove what Dr. Seuss book from shelves in ’14?
Hop on Pop

VB: They’re ornery as hell & smell to high heaven, but these scrappy scavengers are still beloved on the island they’re named for- name ’em.
FA: Tasmanian devils ($1400)

G2: Family of three (BOS)(Gemini Diner)(BtG: 40)
CP: Brooke Shields

#1: True to her notorious RBG nickname, what Supreme Court justice wears a specifically blinged-out collar when delivering dissents?
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
#2: A 20-sided die called an icosahedron is found inside what toy?
“Dungeon’s & Dragons”
#3: You’re looking at an oddball alpine sport that trades in the bobsled for what Cantonese cooking vessel?
#4: Ironically the only Grammy ever awarded in the one & done category of Best Disco Recording went to what Gloria Gaynor song?
“I Will Survive”

#1: In a bid to yak things up what Asian country lures travelers w/ the national tourism slogan “Nomadic by Nature”?
Tibet (A: Mongolia)
#2: The S intertwined w/ two triangles is the symbol of what “clear thinking” church?
#3: W/ a crafty approach to spelling what DIY online retailer got its name from the Italian phrase for “Oh yes”?
#4: Maintained by Carnegie Mellon Univ., the Robot Hall of Fame honors inductees like “WALL-E”, R2-D2 & what autonomous vacuum cleaner?

#1: The first foreign-born First Lady since Louisa Adams, Melania Trump hails from what European nation?
#2: You’re looking at a monument dedicated to what agricultural pest in Enterprise, AL?
Dung beetle (A: Boll weevil)

“Ca$h Cab” 12/12/05

G1: Scott Peterson & Brad (21st & 6th)(BtG: 20.5)(one teammate phrased the answer to the first Q in “JEOPARDY!” format)

#1: In terms of land area, Asia’s the largest continent- what’s the 2nd-largest?
#2: What newspaper did Jason Blair resign from after he committed JOURNALISM FRAUD?
New York Times
#3: What Hitchcock movie topped AFI’s list of the “100 Most Thrilling American Films of All-Time”?
#4: Name the William Golding novel feat. a group of schoolboys stranded on an island.
Lord of the Flies

Sole $100 Q: In the Bible Delilah discovered that the source of Samson’s strength was his what?

VB: During WWII what fabric replaced Asian silk as the main material used to manufacture parachutes?
FA: Nylon ($800)

G2: “Crunk” (72nd & CPW)(BtG: 17.5)

G3: Michael & Andrea (Little Italy)(BtG: 22)

#1: What LOSING Presidential candidate chose Lloyd Bentsen as his running mate in 1988?
Michael Dukakis
#2: In 1994 Playtex introduced what revolutionary push-up brassiere?
RLC: As of ’05, name five of the last seven primetime shows to win an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.
“Everybody Loves Raymond”, “FRIENDS”, “FRASIER”X (Missed: “Arrested Development”, “sex and the city”, “Will & Grace” & “Ally McBeal”)
#3: Often used for navigation, the celestial body Polaris is also known as what?
North Star
#4: Eliot Ness led what legendary prohibition-era law enforcement team?
“The Untouchables”

#1: What publicly-traded mortgage co. was chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1970?
Fannie Mae (A: Freddie Mac)
#2: Meaning “lightning war”, what surprise air tactic did the Germans use in WWII?
MSO: Julian (Michael’s dad)
FQ: What’s the national airline of Russia?
Stoli Air (A: Aeroflot)

VB: Also used for TV remote controls, what type of radiation technology’s used to create these thermal images?
FA: Infrared ($800)

“Ca$h Cab” 12/10/17 Nightcap

G1: Three guys (Gabrielle’s)(BtG: 42)

#1: Based on a French contraption called the “robot coupe”, what co.’s signature food processor chopped its way into American kitchens in 1973?
Kitchenaid (A: Cuisinart)
#2: What computer co. is America’s most profitable co.?
#3: Standing 4’8″ what gymnast took home a record-setting four gold medals & the title of shortest U.S. Olympian at the ’16 games in Rio?
Simone Biles
CP: Gilbert
#4: What famed San Antonio mission was temporarily converted into a grocery store in the 1870s?
The Alamo

#1: What billion-dollar co.’s first-ever sale was a BROKEN laser pointer bought by a man collecting BROKEN laser pointers?
#2: What edible Hawaiian paste comes in one, two & three-finger varieties based on thickness?
#3: The Splotchmaker by Daisy was the first gun designed to fire what type of projectile?
#4: White House adviser Steve Bannon reportedly made millions through a stake in what hit ’90s sitcom?

#1: Contrary to popular belief most of the Las Vegas Strip lies NOT in Las Vegas proper but rather in what idyllic-sounding town?
Old Town (A: Paradise)

G2: Josh & Danielle (married)(110 & Broadway)(BtG: 42)
CP: Dave Foley

#1: Acc. to a specifically-devised algorithm, the bottom of the left page’s the best place to start looking for what hard-to-find children’s book character?
#2: This small town (Hope) can boast that it’s the birthplace of two AR governors Mike Huckabee & what Democrat who went on to even bigger things?
Bill Clinton
#3: What Australian marsupial was added to Barnum’s Animal Crackers in 2002?
#4: What U.S. coin consists of 75% copper & just 25% of the metal that it’s named for?

#1: What comedian also happens to be first cousins once removed w/ NY’s senior U.S. Senator?
Amy Schumer
#2: Employing a top-secret astronomical formula from 1818, what annual reference book claims to accurately predict the weather 80%-85% of the time?
Farmer’s Almanac
#3: Named for its distinctly-dark foliage, what wooded region of Germany are you looking at?
Black Forest
#4: Acc. to Iggy Pop, who gave up the practice of stage-diving after the audience at what renowned NY concert hall FAILED to catch him?
Madison Square Garden (A: Carnegie Hall)

#1: In an ABSURD 2007 regulation, China requires Tibetan Buddhist monks to get permission before engaging in what after-death experience?
#2: The architectural style of this IA farmhouse window inspired both the composition & the name of what iconic Grant Wood painting?
“American Gothic”
#3: Seen above the letter “n” in Espanol, what pronunciation mark’s also used in math to mean “approximately”?
#4: Harder to guess than “The Big Easy”, what New Orleans nickname refers to its location on a curved bend of the Mississippi?
“Crescent City”
#5: A fan favorite of the Tea Party movement, what Founding Father famously said “Give me liberty or give me death”?
Andrew Jackson
FQ: In 6th Century B.C. India, what cloudy eye obstructions were REMOVED using curved needles, bandages & warm butter?
FA: Cataracts ($1.5K)

“Ca$h Cab” 12/10/17

G1: Four bartenders (half male, half female)(116 & Frederick Douglass)(BtG: 43)

#1: Though it’s the 2nd-smallest in size, what state’s Lax Tax Code makes it the legal home to more than half of all Fortune 500 companies?
NV (A: DE)
#2: Advocating that decks are deathly dull, the Appp is a quirky Swiss political party whose main goal’s to BAN what Microsoft presentation software?
#3: What Mongolian warlord was responsible for KILLING so many people that he reduced atmospheric CO² levels by 700M tons?
Genghis Khan
#4: Though you might have to be PSY-chotic to watch it again, what became the world’s most-watched YouTube clip pf all-time in ’12 just five months after it was posted?
“Gangnam Style”

#1: To keep cool in the African sun what aggressive river-dwelling animal secretes a red ooze that makes it look like it’s sweating blood?
#2: This is Noche de Rabanos, an annual Mexican celebration dedicated to the carving of what spicy root vegetable?
Yuca (A: Radish)
#3: “Where the trek begins” is the motto of Riverside, IA, a town that bills itself as the future birthplace of what fictional space explorer?
Buzz Lightyear (A: Captain Kirk)

G2: Christie & Paul (married)(Flatiron Building)(BtG: 43)
Celebrity Partner: Matthew Perry

#1: Nicknamed “The Steagles” by fans, what two PA football teams merged rosters in ’43 due to a wartime player shortage?
Steelers & Eagles
#2: Living up to its old motto “The capitalist tool”, what magazine has created a cottage industry out of ranking rich people?
#3: This deceptively-plain recording studio is now a museum dedicated to what colorful recording artist?
#4: By tracking down a relative, a German artist has used DNA & a 3-D printer to create a living replica of what painter’s legendary ear?
Van Gogh

#1: Because it gets better w/ age what cheese’s accepted as collateral by a bank in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy?
Pecorino (A: Parmigiano-Reggiano)
#2: Though it initially BANNED it what nation later thanked the movie “BORAT” for spurring a tenfold boost in tourism?
#3: A staple of western headgear since 1865, what co.’s signature cowboy hat’s now manufactured by the more prosaic-sounding Hatco?
#4: While World Series-winning baseball players get rings, World Series of Poker champions are given what official piece of jewelry?

#1: Giving new meaning to “body of congress”, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan credits his toned physique to what home exercise regimen?
IKEA RLC: Thanks to their super licensing deals, superheroes are super-valuable. Name six of the seven most valuable superheroes acc. to “24/7 Wall St.”.
“BATMAN”, “SUPERMAN”, “SPIDER-MAN”, “IRON MAN”, “THOR” & “Captain America” (they also got “THE HULK”)
#2: What African mountain is this?
FQ: Also the name of an album by the band Wilco, what three words would air-traffic controllers use to signal the letters YHF?
FA: “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” ($1250)