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“Ca$h Cab” 7/19/06

G1: Arthur & Patrick (bros.)(17th & 2nd)(BtG: 34)

#1: Members of what organization determine host cities for upcoming Olympic games?
#2: Composed of three parts, “The Divine Comedy” was an epic poem about the afterlife written by what Renaissance author?
#3: As immortalized in “The Sound of Music”, what blossom of snow’s the national flower of Austria & Switzerland?
#4: Now ILLEGAL in India, what’s the term for a gift of money or property a bride’s family gives to the groom?

Sole $100 Q: From the Greek for “purification”, what’s the term used to describe a sudden emotional release?

VB: Situated on the eastern half of the Ile de la Cite, this beautiful Gothic cathedral’s still used by the archbishop of Paris to hold Sunday Mass. Name this famed Parisian landmark.
FA: Notre Dame

G2: Bobby & Joanie (MoMA)(BtG: 53)
LOST $475

G3: Kya & Kayeeta (14th & Broadway)(BtG: 45.5)
$100 LOSS


“Ca$h Cab” 7/18/06

G1: Lisa, Ruthie, Cindy & Truman (Guggenheim Museum)(BtG: 60.5)

#1: Fawn Hall was the secretary in charge of shredding for what INFAMOUS player in the Iran-Contra scandal?
Lt. Colonel Oliver North
#2: French for “female beginner”, what term refers to a young woman formally presented at a cotillion?
#3: Working in the mental ward at a veterans hospital gave Ken Kesey the inspiration for what famed novel?
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
RLC: Acc. to the PGA, in addition to par, there are six terms to denote a golfer’s score in a particular hole- name five.
Birdie, eagle, ace, bogey & double bogey
#4: Assoc. w/ Ireland, the rhyme scheme of what often humorous & racy kind of poem is A-A-B-B-A?

#1: In humans, bones called the maxilla & mandible are two parts of what anatomical feature?
#2: The most numerous brand of sheep in the world’s also the most prized for its wool- name this ovine superstar.
Suffolk (A: Merino)
#3: In which Atlantic Canadian province can you find the only verified Viking settlement in Continental North America?
Nova Scotia (A: Newfoundland)
#4: Known for his prodigious planting, American pioneer John Chapman was better known by what nickname?
“Johnny Appleseed”
FQ: Acc. to legend, throwing a coin in what famous Roman fountain assures a return trip to Rome?
FA: Trevi ($850)

G2: Jay & Mike (48th between 6th & 7th)(BtG: 38)
$175 LOST

G3: Chris Kipiniak & Anya Artelino (brother/sister)(21st & Broadway)(BtG: 42.5)

#1: Named for the homeliest gal in Li’l Abner, on what special day do girls traditionally ask boys to a dance?
Sadie Hawkins Day
#2: Often accused of brainwashing converts, what Korean religious leader founded the Unification Church in 1954?
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
#3: NASCAR’s all about speed, so quickly- what’s NASCAR an abbrev. for?
National Association for Stock Car Automotive Racing
#4: Advocated by the National Organization for Women, what 1972 Constitutional amendment was NEVER ratified by U.S. states?
Equal Rights Amendment

#1: In what small eastern state are over half of ALL Fortune 500 cos. incorporated?
#2: In the university names Florida A&M & Texas A&M, “A” represents “Agricultural”, while the “M” represents what?
Mechanics (acceptable for “Mechanical”)
#3: Found in opium, what addictive painkiller’s also a highly-effective cough suppressant?
FQ: What’s the sports-related nickname of the briefcase the President carries to authorize use of nuclear weapons?

VB: At once beautiful & DEADLY to ships, icebergs like these are created when they calve from what other geological formations?
FA: Glaciers ($1400)

“Ca$h Cab” 7/17/06

G1: Max & Dale (Mars Bar)(BtG: 52)

G2: Simone & Brian (Bubby’s)(BtG: 33)

#1: On what European peninsula can you find BOTH Spain & Portugal?
#2: W/ its capital in Beijing, what ethnic dynasty ruled China from 1368 until its fall in 1644?
#3: What five-pointed star’s the symbol of faith in the Wiccan religion?
RLC: Microsoft came closer to world domination in ’03 when it unveiled Microsoft Office- name the four software applications that come w/ the standard edition.
Excel, Word, Powerpoint & Outlook
#4: Causing a painful popping, temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, affects what part of the body?

#1: Feat. raw fish marinated in citrus juice, onions & chilies, what delicacy’s the national dish of Peru?
#2: What famed MA Democrat retired as Speaker of the House in 1987?
MSO: Mike
X (A: Tip O’Neill)
#3: Named for a specific variety of raptor, the sport of using birds of prey for hunting is known as what?
XX (A: Falconry)
#4: As a result of the ENRON collapse, what accounting firm was prosecuted by the Dept. of Justice?
Arthur Anderson
#5: A pair of beds in which one bed slides underneath the other for storage’s known as what?
Trundle bed
FQ: In what southern Ukrainian city did the Soviets, U.S. & England hold an historic conference in 1945?
FA: Kiev (A: Yalta)

G3: Tanea & Jin (Kips Bay Movie Theater)(BtG: 33)

#1: Currently published by CHOOSECO, what series of interactive children’s books allow readers to pick the path of the story?
Choose Your Own Adventure
#2: Held in HI since ’78, what grueling triathlon boasts the slogan “Brag for the rest of your life”?
MSO: Karen Manganzini
RLC: Name the five most-populated cities in Canada.
Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto & Calgary
#3: What famous American was known as “First Lady of the World” for her extensive travels promoting human rights?
Eleanor Roosevelt
#4: Before hosting a syndicated talk show in the ’90s, who ran Cincinnati’s city hall in the ’70s?
Jerry Springer

#1: Requiring an external battery pack, the Jarvik-7 was the first of what medical device to be used in a human?
Heart monitor (A: Artificial heart)
#2: W/ its blue globe logo, what U.S.-based international airline flew its last flight in ’91?
FQ: In high-profile court cases, what last name are anonymous female plaintiffs frequently given?
FA: Roe

“Ca$h Cab” 7/14/06

G1: Marcy (who went to Chatham HS together w/ Ben) & Marcia (Tompkins Square Park)(BtG: 28)

#1: In what city can a tourist visit BOTH the Bolshoi Theater & St. Basil’s Cathedral?
#2: Acc. to what sect of Christianity did God appear to a 14-yr.-old named Joseph Smith?
RLC: In ’99 the AFI released its list of the “Top 25 Male Screen Legends of All-Time”- name four of their top five.
Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Stewart & Humphrey Bogart (Other: Fred Astaire)
#3: Used to convey disbelief, an interrobang pairs the question mark w/ what other form of punctuation?
Exclamation point
#4: Named for British royalty, what beef dish’s commonly coated w/ foie gras & mushrooms, then wrapped in puff pastry?
Beef Wellington

#1: Published in 1960, what was the first & only novel credited to Harper Lee?
To Kill a Mockingbird
#2: Sometimes referred to as “horse”, what addictive drug was once sold by BAYER as a cough treatment?
#3: The famous D.A.R. admits women only if they can trace their lineage to participants of what war?
American Revolution
#4: Written in four parts, what Rossini classic was co-opted as the theme for “The Lone Ranger”?
“The National Overture”
#5: Located in New Brunswick, what’s the official state university of NJ?
FQ: “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” was an uplifting ditty from what Disney classic that mixed animation w/ live-action?
“FANTASIA” (A: “Song of the South”)

VB: This astronaut trained to be sent into orbit, where he would experience the G-forces space travel had to offer. What’s the G in G-force short for?
FA: Gravity ($1900)

G2: Jay & Michael (a bar named Speak on 23rd between Park & Madison)(BtG: 40)

G3: Nick & Leslie (MoMA)(BtG: 43)

#1: What addictive shape-stacking VG was invented by a Soviet computer engineer in ’85?
#2: What legendary ’60s band did Lou Reed front before embarking on a solo career?
MSO: Leslie’s dad Russ
Velvet Underground
#3: What social networking website was purchased by Rupert Murdoch in ’05 for $580M?
Friendster (A: myspace)
RLC: Bulgaria & Albania were two of the eight members of the Eastern Bloc that dissolved in 1991- name five others.
Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania & East Germany (Other: Hungary)
#4: Though Duke Edward VIII preferred a wider knot on his tie, what triangular-shaped knot was named for him?

#1: Before a stint as Secretary General of the U.N., Boutros Boutros-Ghali was a prominent diplomat from what country?
Zimbabwe (A: Egypt)
#2: Created in ’80, what irreverent annual awards honor the WORST in acting, directing & filmmaking?
#3: In the famous Stephen Foster song from 1850, how long was the camptown racetrack?
Five miles
#4: Countries that DIDN’T recognize its ruling military party referred to Myanmar by what other name?
#5: The goddess of marriage Hera was the jealous wife of what Greek god of the sky & thunder?
FQ: The symbol for what foreign currency is the letter C w/ two horizontal lines through it?
FA: Euro (GRAND)

“Ca$h Cab” 7/13/06

G1: Reg & Peter (53rd & 5th)(BtG: 41)

#1: What boss of the Gambino crime family was known as “The Teflon Don”?
John Gotti
#2: A pregnant Demi Moore appeared NUDE on the cover of what Conde Nast magazine in ’91?
Vanity Fair
#3: A favorite of mycologists, toadstools belong to what kingdom of living things?
Mushrooms (A: Fungi)
#4: In 2005 the name of what CIA operative was allegedly leaked by Lewis “Scooter” Libby?
Plume (A: Valerie Plame)

G2: Stephen & Annette (Strand Bookstore)(BtG: 42)

#1: A conviction for what crime finally sent Al Capone to the slammer in ’32?
Tax evasion
#2: In what specific type of bet do gamblers wager NOT on who wins or loses, but on the game’s total score?
MSO: Roberta
#3: Signifying a specific Scottish clan, what’s the term for the pattern woven on a Scottish kilt?
#4: In 1856 what famed duo started their own co., only to become the nation’s largest manufacturer of handguns?
Smith & Wesson

#1: In “The Sound of Music”, what family hired the vocally skilled Maria to be their governess?
Von Trapp
#2: In geology, what’s the theory scientists use to explain the phenomenon of continental drift?
Plate tectonics
#3: Latin for “pebble”, what branch of mathematics investigations motion & rates of change?
X (A: Calculus)
#4: Inflaming America’s passion against slavery, who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the 1850s?
Harriet Beecher Stowe
#5: W/ a MISLEADING name, what savory dish’s created from a young calf’s thymus or pancreas?
FQ: Meaning “our thing” in English, what’s “The Mafia” known as in Sicily?
FA: Cosa Nostra ($800)

G3: Tim, Mike & Bill (St. Marks & 2nd)(BtG: 45)

#1: Founded by Jean Baptiste Bienville, what New Orleans neighborhood consists of a military-style grid of 70 squares?
French Quarter
#2: In religion, what’s the term for bodily marks or sores that correspond to Jesus’ crucifixion wounds?
#3: In an ironic twist, on what date did BOTH Thomas Jefferson & John Adams DIE in 1826?
Jul. 4
#4: Nicknamed “Charlie Hustle”, who was BANNED from baseball after being accused of gambling on games?
Pete Rose
RLC: In traditional gemmology, there are only four gemstones that are considered precious- name these valuable stones.

Diamond, emerald, sapphire & ruby

#1: What U.S. house of records contains the world’s largest collection of legal documents?
Library of Congress
#2: Full of geometric goodness, the carambola fruit’s commonly known as what?
Pineapple (A: Starfruit)
#3: Spanish for “the gilded one”, what mythical city did European explorers scour the new world to find?
El Dorado
#4: During Prohibition, bootleggers smuggled booze over land. Smugglers who traveled by water were known as what?
#5: What classic rock guitarist once shredded his fingers on stage while performing his signature “Windmill Strum”?
Jimi Hendrix Pete Townshend
#6: From the Greek words for “flesh eater”, what stone container holds a coffin or a body?
FQ: What fusible alloy’s commonly used in the electronics & plumbing fields to join metallic surfaces?

VB: First used for military purposes during the American Revolution, submarines have a rich history. In an incendiary 1915 incident, what British ocean liner was sunk by a German sub?
FA: Lusitania ($2300)

“Ca$h Cab” 7/12/06

G1: Chris, Billy & Adam (45th & 10th)(BtG: 50.5)

G2: Charlotte, Carol, Muriel & Esther (59th & 5th)(BtG: 23)

#1: Since 1997 Great Britain’s PM has been a member of what political party?
#2: What famed nightclub owner shot & killed Lee Harvey Oswald?
Jack Ruby
#3: Begun in 1902, what prestigious scholarship awards its recipients w/ two yrs. of study at Oxford?
Rhodes Scholar
#4: At what age is one eligible to be elected President of the U.S.?

#1: On what TV show did Pat Robertson claim that Ariel Sharon’s 2006 stroke was a punishment from God?
“The 700 Club”
#2: Trained by the legendary Bela Karolyi, who overcame injury to win Olympic gold in Atlanta in ’96?
XX (A: Kerri Strug)
FQ: The Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson endorsed the racist policy of “Separate but…” what?

VB: The dome of the rock is one of Jerusalem’s most famous Islamic shrines & is built atop what site sacred to BOTH Jews & Christians?
FA: Solomon’s Temple ($950)

G3: Mike & Lissie (Bloomingdale’s)(BtG: 28.5)

#1: Responsible for delivering oxygenated blood to tissues, what’s the largest artery in the human body?
#2: As depicted in Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar’s famous last words were “Et tu…” what?
#3: What NY Attorney General filed suit against four mutual fund cos. in 2003 for ILLEGAL market timing?
Eliot Spitzer
#4: Using fans that circulate heated air, what type of oven significantly decreases cooking time?

#1: In what state can you raft BOTH the Kennebec & Kennebunk Rivers?
RLC: Acc. to government statistics, the U.S. grows more corn than any other crop- name four other crops that rounded out the top seven.
Wheat, hayX (Missed: Soy beans, cotton, sorghum & rice)

“Ca$h Cab” 7/11/06

G1: Clay & Trish (Shake Shack)(BtG: 45)

#1: Set in the East Village, what Pulitzer Prize-winning Rock musical was based on Puccini’s “La Boheme”?
#2: What equine-inspired piece of gymnastics equip. is used only by male athletes?
Pommel horse
#3: In 2005 what lobbyist was indicted for wire fraud arising from the purchase of SunCruz casinos?
Jack Abramoff
#4: Begun in 1998, the construction of what ambitious project has involved the efforts of six countries’ space agencies?
Skylab (A: International Space Station)

#1: In the world of cable TV, what’s the VH in VH-1 short for?
MSO: Francis (Trish’s sister)
Video Hits
#2: Also known as Somnambulism, what condition affects the slumber of a small percentage of Americans?
#3: Invented in 1953, what greasy lubricant’s website claims it has over 2K uses?
#4: What former Supreme Court Chief Justice wore a special robe w/ gold bars on his sleeves?
RLC: Name the first six Confederate states to secede from the Union during the Civil War.
#5: In what U.S. state can you visit the towns of Intercourse, Virginville & Bird-in-Hand?
AR (A: PA)
FQ: Meaning “we ourselves”, what overwhelmingly Catholic Irish political party was headed by Gerry Adams for 23 yrs.?
FA: Sinn Fein (G-SPOT)

G2: Lee & Sarah (Rivington & Norfolk)(BtG: 39)
GAVE UP $175

G3: Mike, Josh, Anthony & Chris (Essex & Grand)(BtG: 40)

#1: In what capital city could a beer-loving visitor tour the headquarters of Sapporo beer?
Sapporo (A: Tokyo)
#2: In what kind of account is money held to pay property taxes during the sale of a home?
#3: Calculated by triangulating seismograms, what’s the focal point of an earthquake known as?
#4: Used to warn customers about the possibility of being CHEATED, what Latin phrase means “let the buyer beware”?
MSO: Carol (Josh’s sister)
Caveat emptor

#1: A form of personification, what’s it called when an author attributes human qualities to animals?
Onomatopeia (A: Anthropomorphism)
#2: Often mistaken as the builders of Stonehenge, Ancient Celtic priests were known as what?
FQ: For 53 yrs. Thurl Ravenscroft provided the booming voice for what breakfast cereal mascot?
FA: Tony the Tiger