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“Ca$h Cab” 8/9/07

G1: Dawn, Neil & Matt (23rd & 2nd)(BtG: 40)

#1: Used to preserve food for astronauts, lyophilization is a dehydration process more commonly known as what?
#2: Also a baseball team what Lone Star State law enforcement agency merged w/ the highway patrol in 1935?
Texas Rangers
#3: Acc. to a concept introduced by Dr. Duncan MacDougall in 1907 how much weight does the human body lose at the moment of death?
27 lbs. (A: 21 grams)

#1: BANNED in many western countries until the 1990s the Krugerrand was a gold coin minted in what nation?
South Africa
#2: Also called “Dementia Pugilistica” what neurological condition can victimize BOTH boxers & alcoholics?
Punch-Drunk (Syndrome)
#3: Gulping down 40M a day the blue whale lives almost exclusively on a diet of what tiny shrimp-like crustaceans?
FQ: Founded in 1881 as the Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary what was the first African-American women’s college?

VB: A staple of science fiction, robots that resemble man remain a work in progress. Meaning “like a male being” in Greek, what’s the term for humanoid machines like this one?
FA: Android ($1200)

G2: Luella (Saks Fifth Avenue)(BtG: 37)

#1: Meaning “under sweet blood” what energy-sapping medical condition can often be remedies by eating carbs?
#2: In politics what meat-inspired term refers to WASTEFUL government spending aimed at gaining support from local constituents?
Pork barrel
#3: What unit of measurement equals the force exerted by a pony hauling 33K lbs. of coal a ft. a min.?
#4: Meaning “nature” in Hebrew what brand of amphibious sandal boasts a patented three-part strapping system?
Birkenstock (A: Teva)

#1: Controlled by William “Boss” Tweed what Democratic party machine dominated NYC politics during the 19th C.?
Tammany Hall
#2: Author of The Souls of Black Folk what civil rights icon co-founded the NAACP in 1909?
Medgar Evers (A: W.E.B. DuBois)

G3: Damian, AJ, Pamela & Misha (Pearl & Hanover)(BtG: 41)

#1: The equiv. of “Mac” in Scottish, “Ben” is a common Hebrew prefix that means what in English?
#2: Black and orange & beloved in Baltimore, what’s the state bird of MD?
#3: A synonym for “strangle” what’s the term for the automotive valve that regulates the flow of fuel into a car’s engine?
The choke/throttle
#4: On “SESAME STREET” Cookie Monster appears as Alistair Cookie in a recurring spoof of what PBS series?
“Masterpiece Theatre”

#1: Called “lady’s fingers” in Indian cuisine, what vegetable’s used as a thickening agent in gumbo?
Raisin (A: Okra)
FQ: Signed by over 500 assemblymen the famed “Tennis Court Oath” sparked the beginning of what historic 18th C. event?
MSO: Faye
FA: Wimbledon (A: French Revolution)


“Ca$h Cab” 8/8/07

G1: Kathy, John & Ruth (44th & 9th)(BtG: 33)

#1: In 1543 nine-month-old Mary Stuart was carried to her coronation & given what royal title?
Mary, Queen of Scots
#2: A nuclear reaction that takes place at room temperature & normal pressure’s known as what type of fusion?
MSO: Denise
Fission (A: Cold)
#3: People w/ allergies to what food are commonly warned NOT to receive flu vaccinations?
FQ: What rival did Muhammad Ali barely defeat in “The Thrilla in Manilla”?
“Smokin'” Joe Frazier

VB: Standing over 8K strong these statuesque soldiers were buried w/ China’s Emperor Qin to increase his clout in the afterlife. Meaning “baked earth” in Italian, what type of clay was used to make these formidable figurines?
FA: Terra cotta

G2: Catherine Schuler & Stefano (MoMA)(BtG: 30)

G3: Noreen, Kate & Sean (6th & 2nd)(BtG: 38)

#1: Abbrev. VC, what outside source of equity’s commonly used to finance high-risk, high-tech startups?
Venture capital
#2: Debuting in BATMAN comic book #16, what was the name of Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler/assistant?
#3: From a Scottish word meaning “salty” what adjective describes a murky mix of fresh & sea water?
Brine (A: Brackish)
#4: Also called a hands-free aerial the Ollie is a pivotal move invented in ’76 for what sport?

#1: Popular w/ amateur enthusiasts, what type of radio signal travels long distances by bouncing its frequency off the Earth’s ionosphere?
RLC: Parker Brothers made five of the 24 games honored in the Games Magazine Hall of Fame- name four of these classics.
MONOPOLY, Trivial PursuitX (Leftovers: RISK, SORRY! & Clue)

VB: Located on Oahu’s north shore this legendary surfing spot’s said to offer some of the world’s deadliest waves. Sometimes called “The Pipeline” this storied stretch of surf’s named for what Japanese battle cry?

“Ca$h Cab” 8/7/07

G1: Bert, Todd & Sean Segal (Union Square Cafe)(BtG: 42)

#1: Lending its name to a famous swashbuckling trio, what long-barreled gun was the weapon of choice during the Revolutionary War?
#2: Afflicting the bell-ringing Quasimodo, Kyphosis is a spinal condition more casually known as what?
#3: More distinguished than a resume, what list of experience & achievements is abbrev. CV?
Curriculum Vitae
RLC: Name four of the seven nations in the world that end w/ -stan.
Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Kazakhstan (Others: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan)
#4: What famed CA mountain pass got its name from a group of stranded settlers that allegedly resorted to cannibalism?
MSO: Mike

#1: Once used to describe a ship whose sails have blown loose, what nautical phrase’s synonymous w/ “extremely inebriated”?
Two sheets to the wind (A: Three sheets to the wind)
FQ: A counterpart to the jugular vein, what life-sustaining artery’s compressed when a wrestler performs a sleeper hold?

VB: Despite its tranquil appearance this river’s delta was once the site of prolonged fighting between the U.S. & the Vietcong. Providing the livelihood for millions of southeast Asians, what’s the name of this well-known waterway?
FA: Mekong ($1250)

G2: Aaron, Melissa & James (9th between 1st & A)(BtG: 44)

#1: Immortalized by Agatha Christie, what legendary railroad’s first route was from Paris to Istanbul?
Midnight Express (A: Orient Express)
#2: In the scope of a gun, what’s the term for the intersecting strands of wire used to achieve accuracy?
#3: Who hosted the ’80s space series “Cosmos”, the 2nd-most-watched PBS miniseries of all-time?
Leonard Nimoy (A: Carl Sagan)
#4: Causing an obsession w/ fire, what mental condition did Sigmund Freud often link to men w/ a history of bed-wetting?

#1: Meaning “let it stand” in Latin what four-letter word do proofreaders often use to instruct writers to disregard a change?

G3: Jennifer & Shia (West Broadway & Duane)(BtG: 35)

#1: Meaning “to strip of leaves” in Latin what cosmetic process involves the scrubbing away of dead skin cells?
#2: Feat. flags, marshals & miners what Milton Bradley game first appeared in France under the name “L’Attaque”?
#3: What show has Pat Robertson hosted since ’66?
MSO: Scott
“THE 700 CLUB”
#4: By burying & consuming unwanted cow pies what insects save the U.S. cattle industry millions of dollars each yr.?
Dung beetles
RLC: ’03 marked the 100th Anniv. of MLB’s World Series, but in 1903 only eight teams made up the NL. Name five of these historic teams.
Brooklyn Dodgers, St. Louis Cardinals, NY Giants, Chicago Cubs & Philadelphia Phillies (Leftovers: Braves, Pirates & Reds)

#1: In ’77 what bubblegum brand issued a press release dispelling the myth that its unusually soft texture came from spider eggs?
Hubba Bubba (A: Bubble Yum)
#2: Asia’s first female president, what Filipina politician was named TIME‘s Woman of the Yr. in ’86?
Gloria Arroyo (A: Corazon Aquino)

“Ca$h Cab” 8/6/07

G1: Sam(antha) & Hope (J&R Music World)(BtG: 34)

#1: Red Stripe’s the national lager of what Caribbean country?
#2: Meaning “piety” in Hebrew what Jewish religious sect FORBIDS its male members from shaving their sideburns?
RLC: Since ’95 & as of ’07 seven primetime series have won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama- name five.
“LAW & ORDER”, “The West Wing”, “E.R.”X (Missed: “The Practice”, “The Sopranos”, “LOST” & “24”)
#3: Co-opted by Stephen King what’s the term for an ever-expanding ocean region that has too little oxygen to support life?
MSO: Mari
Dead Sea (A: Dead Zone)
#4: Showing movies to millions everyday what tiny turn-of-the-century theaters were named for their admission price of 5ยข?

#1: What novelist wrote his classic work The Spy Who Came In From the Cold when he was still a member of the British foreign service?
Francis Doyle (A: John Le Carre)
#2: The only freestanding bone in the human body the horseshoe-shaped hyoid is located where?
Pelvis (A: Neck)

G2: Carlton & Jim (Lincoln Center)(BtG: 30)

#1: In ’06 what influential Reagan nominee was replaced by Princeton macroeconomist Ben Bernanke?
Stockwell (A: Alan Greenspan)
#2: In medicine what’s the term for the life-saving process in which blood solidifies to form a clot?
#3: What nickname was given to Soviet fighter planes manufactured by the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau?
#4: Made w/ scotch whiskey & sweet vermouth what cocktail was named after a roguish Scottish folk hero?
Rob Roy
RLC: Incl. Liechtenstein & Luxembourg there are 10 constitutional monarchies in Europe- name six of the other eight nations.
Monaco, Netherlands, Denmark, U.K., Sweden & Norway (Not needed: Norway & Spain)

G3: Christian, Brian, Obed & John (23rd & 10th)(BtG: 53)

#1: Co-opted by a ’70s rock band, what expression refers to an evening so cold you have to curl up w/ a trio of canines?
“Three Dog Night”
#2: Assoc. w/ making whiskey what process purifies liquid through evaporation & then condensation?
RLC: Acc. to the International Coffee Organization the top eight coffee-drinking nations are ALL in Europe. Name five of these caffeine-powered countries.
Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria & Denmark (Missed: Scandinavia, Norway & Finland)
#3: Abbrev. RSC, what prestigious British theater ensemble was granted its official charter by King George V?
Royal Shakespeare Company
#4: Feat. a frequent flyer club called Millemiglia what’s the national airline of Italy?

#1: Challenging the follicles of countless men, androgenic alopecia is more commonly known by what three-word name?
Male-pattern baldness
#2: A ’79 movie starring Jack Lemmon, what term refers to the idea that a nuclear meltdown could sink a reactor straight through the Earth to Asia?
“The China Syndrome”
#3: What ID ski resort was orig. built by the Union Pacific Railroad to attract more visitors to the west?
Sun Valley
#4: Often observed at sea what electroluminescent phenomenon’s named for the patron saint of sailors?
St. Elmo’s Fire
#5: Meaning “set of bells” in German what instrument made of steel bars resembles a small xylophone?
#6: In L.A. “HOLLYWOOD” blinks in Morse Code atop the iconic round headquarters of what record co.?
#7: Also known as “Bush Tucker”, Australia’s indigenous delicacies incl. Quandongs, Witchetty Grubs & what ostrich-like bird?

VB: Seals depend on increasingly-scarce platforms like this one for some lifesaving R&R. From a Norwegian word for “layer”, what’s the term for this indispensable piece of ice?
FA: Floe ($2.5K)

“Ca$h Cab” 6/13/07

G1: Phoebe, Chris, John & Brad (34th & 8th)(BtG: 44)

G2: Barry, Saavik & Dennis (Public Library)(BtG: 53)

#1: Making a massive migration across the Serengeti each season, what African antelope’s called the gnu?
Yak (A: Wildebeest)
#2: Spoken by Eliza Doolittle & dancing chimney sweeps, what colorful British dialect originated in the east end of London?
#3: Called the “Trash 80” by critics, the TRS-80 home computer was introduced in ’77 by what electronics retail chain?
RLC: In terms of mass, name five of the eight most-abundant chemical elements found in ocean water.
Sodium, potassium, chlorine, hydrogen & oxygen (Also: Magnesium, sulfur & calcium)
#4: Turning PVC pipes into musical instruments, what famous performance trio’s known for their latex bald caps & aquamarine body paint?
Blue Man Group

#1: Named for a traditional Chinese commodity what ancient trade route fell into disarray w/ the fall of the Mongol empire?
Silk Road
#2: When his fighting days were over, what Civil War General allegedly invented the sport of baseball?
MSO: Saavik’s mom Maureen
Abner Doubleday
#3: Once believed to be a psychoactive drug, what green alcoholic drink’s traditionally diluted w/ ice water poured over a sugar cube?
#4: Named for a southwestern succulent, what NV mountain is the controversial proposed site for a nuclear waste repository?
#5: Who’s third in the line of Presidential succession?
President Pro-Tem of the Senate
#6: Though Chinese was her first language what author of The Good Earth was America’s first female Nobel Prize winner for literature?
Pearl S. Buck
#7: What animal-inspired name have physicists given to the hypothetical shortcut through space & time?
#8: Used in Iraq what’s the alliterative term for bombs designed to penetrate underground targets?
Bunker busters
#9: Nicknamed “Old Blood and Guts” what future WWII General placed 5th in the pentathlon at the 1912 Olympics?
FQ: Now our country’s 12th-largest state, what U.S. commonwealth had the highest population in 1790, the yr. of the first Census?

VB: Once used to stuff mattresses & car seats, these wispy plants hang like beards from oak & Cyprus trees in the American South. Adding Gothic flair wherever it grows, what’s the name of this atmospheric vegetation?
FA: Spanish moss ($3K)

G3: Paul & Mike (20th between 5th & 6th)(BtG: 36)

#1: Sharing its name w/ a high-profile Republican what toxic variety of salamander secretes enough poison to kill up to 12 humans?
#2: Familiar to night owls what infomercial guru do we have to thank for the Veg-O-Matic & the Pocket Fisherman?
Ron Popeil
RLC: Name the two-letter postal abbreviations for ALL six states in New England.
#3: The opposite of “dominant”, what’s the term for the subordinate genes that often skip a generation?
#4: Named for a German physicist what radiation detector’s famous for its audible clicking noise?
Geiger counter

Sole $100 Q: What infamous MO bank robber was killed by a member of his own gang for a $10K reward?
FA: Jesse James

“Ca$h Cab” 7/27/07

G1: Ann (14th & 6th)(BtG: 36)

#1: From the Latin for “to intervene” what word refers to a neutral third party who helps settle a dispute out of court?
#2: Also known as Click & Clack, the Tappit Bros., Tom & Ray Magliozzi host what popular NPR show?
“Car Talk”
#3: Also found in sour milk what chemical compound builds up in the muscles during intense exercise?
Carnitine (A: Lactic acid)
#4: In the world of cocktails what sweet crimson syrup gives a Tequila Sunrise its trademark red glow?
RLC: What four baseball icons were the first to have their jersey numbers retired by the Yankees?
Ruth, Mantle, DiMaggio & Gehrig

Sole $100 Q: Nicknamed “Black Venus” what dancer was the only female speaker at ’63’s famous March on Washington?
FA: Judith Jamison (A: Josephine Baker)

G2: Adam & Leon (Brother Jimmy’s)(BtG: 41)

#1: From the Italian for “little” what wind instrument plays notes an octave higher than the flute?
#2: What’s the term for a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land masses across a body of water?
RLC: As of 2007 there were only seven U.S. Olympic gold medalists in women’s figure skating- name five of these seven champions on ice.
Dorothy Hamill, Kristi YamaguchiX (they still used the S1 & S2 buzzer by this point)(Missed: Sarah Hughes, Tara Lipinski, Peggy Fleming, Carol Heiss & Tenley Albright)
#3: What famous theory suggested that an insect can affect weather around the globe simply by flapping its wings?
Butterfly Effect
#4: Played on a court divided into quadrants what children’s recess game follows the simple rule “inside out, outside in”?
Hopscotch (A: Four Square)

#1: While visceral fat cushions the internal organs what’s the term for the layer of fat just below the skin?
Epidermal (A: Subcutaneous)
#2: Greek for “nipple tooth” what elephant-like Ice Age creatures were distant relatives of the woolly mammoth?
Elephant (A: Mastodon)

G3: Jeffrey & Ingrid Schwartz (married)(Sparks Restaurant)(BtG: 40)

#1: Treated w/ milk thistle by the ancient Greeks, Cirrrhosis is a chronic condition characterized by the scarring of what organ?
#2: Headquartered in San Jose what software co.’s products incl. Acrobat, Illustrator & Photoshop?
#3: What’s the friendly-sounding term for the ground-up fish that anglers dump into the water as bait?
#4: Because of its exploding gas tank what model of car was at the center of the ’81 case Grimshaw vs. Ford Motors?

#1: As enduring as steel, America’s first commercial radio station KDKA has broadcast since ’20 from what city?
#2: Meaning “caldron” in Spanish what crater-like geothermal formation’s caused by the collapse of a volcano?
Crater (A: Caldera)
FQ: Famous for his zealous pursuit of Nazis what Holocaust survivor was the namesake for an L.A.-based center for tolerance?
MSO: Jeffrey’s mom Elaine
FA: Simon Wiesenthal

“Ca$h Cab” 7/26/07

G1: Julie, Sarka & Erica (5th & 86th)(BtG: 35)

#1: As suggested by its name, what was the 7th month of the Roman calendar until 46 B.C.?
#2: Abbrev. FPP, what popular customer loyalty tactic was first offered in 1981 under the name AAdvantage?
Friends and family plan (A: Frequent flyer program)
#3: Traditionally a diamond celebrates a 75th anniv.; what material commemorates a one-yr. anniv.?
#4: Meaning “confusion” what word orig. referred to a London asylum called the hospital of St. Mary of Bethlehem?
MSO: Sarka’s roommate Suzanna
Delirium (A: Bedlam)

Sole $100 Q: What’s the term for the multi-step process used to make ocean water suitable for human consumption?
FA: Distillation (A: Desalination)

G2: Ted, Laura, Alex & John-Paul (58th & 9th)(BtG: 49)

#1: As suggested by its name what type of toll road orig. kept out freeloaders w/ long spear-like barriers?
#2: Known for its progressive politics what OH liberal arts school was the first U.S. college to go co-ed?
#3: Named for its Gallic roots what coffee-brewing device’s also known as a plunger pot?
French press
#4: One of the warmest parts of the body the axilla is more commonly known by what name?

#1: Located at the bottom of a boat’s hull what UNPLEASANT compartment of a ship stores stagnant water?
#2: Representing BOTH pestilence & conquest in heraldry the Wyvern is a variety of what fantastical creature?
#3: Introduced in 1900 for just $1 what Kodak camera model popularized the concept of the snapshot?
FQ: What synonym for “drunken party” took its name from the grape-eating Roman god of wine?

VB: The majority of quarters minted after 1980 are stamped w/ the letter P, which means they were minted where?
FA: Philadelphia ($1400)

G3: Tom & Marilyn (Chat ‘N Chew)(BtG: 37)

#1: Susceptible to repetitive stress injury, what narrow passageway surrounds the median nerve in the human wrist?
Carpal tunnel
#2: The hometown of Harry S. Truman what patriotic-sounding MO city was the starting point of the Oregon Trail?
#3: Occasionally encountered on menus what’s the term for a piglet that has NOT yet been weaned?
RLC: Acc. to a recent survey of total number of avail. rms., name four of the six largest hotel brands in the U.S.
Marriott, Holiday Inn, Best Western & Sheraton (Also: Comfort Inn & Days Inn)
#4: Gracing the exterior of Cadillacs from the ’50s what fish-like feature was inspired by the back of WWII fighter planes?
X (A: Tail fins)

#1: Vehemently OBJECTED to by PETA what scientific practice involves the exploratory dissection of a living animal?
FQ: Second only to “Rush Limbaugh” what NPR radio show averages 13M listeners daily?
FA: “All Things Considered” (A: “Morning Edition”)