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“Ca$h Cab” 2/15/11

G1: Orin & Jody (76th & Madison)(BtG: 47)
LOST $650

DR: Della, Dara & Marissa (Thomas between West Broadway & Church)(BtG: 43)

#1: What brand of sugarless gum’s named for a trio of tarter-fighting enzymes, NOT a three-pronged weapon?
#2: In their grooming standards for men, the Marines specify that what facial hair should NOT extend below the bottom edge of the orifice of the ear?
#3: Acc. to legend, the shape of shallow champagne glasses was inspired by the bosom of what frothy French queen?
Marie Antoinette
#4: A work in paper & adhesive, what yellow 3M product’s part of the permanent collection of MoMA?

#1: Less imposing than an Armada, what term for a group of ships means “small fleet” in Spanish?
Regatta (A: Flotilla)
#2: Named after a U.K. weather phenomenon, what clothing co. made 10K raincoats for American soldiers in WWII?
Burberry (A: London Fog)
#3: Commonly served w/ Peking duck, the name of what Chinese condiment literally means “seafood sauce”?
Hoisin sauce
RLC: Spelled PIGS, what were the four countries that experienced economic TURMOIL in Europe?
Greece, Spain, Portugal & Italy
FQ: Spoken on the TV station TE REO, what indigenous tongue became an official language of New Zealand in 1987?
FA: Maori ($1300)

G3: Devin & Omar (28th & Lex)(BtG: 47)

#1: Co-opted by an Indie band, the term “WILCO” was used in two-way radio communication as an abbrev. for what?
Will come back (A: Will comply)
#2: Every January, the Empire State Building lights up in red, green & black in honor of what federal holiday?
MLK, Jr. Day
#3: Heard around the world in 2010, the vuvuzela’s a high-decibel horn traditionally blown by soccer fans in what nation?
South Africa
FQ: Though she got a BAD rap in a famous rhyme, who was acquitted in 1893 of MURDERING her dad & stepmom?
MSO: Michael
Lizzie Borden

VB: This Buddhist monk was displaying stillness in movement as he performed an age-old martial art. Named after a well-known temple in Dengfeng, China, what’s this famed style of kung fu?
FA: T’ai chi (A: Shaolin)


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