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“Ca$h Cab” 5/14/07

G1: Jeremy & Mel (59th & 5th)(BtG: 44)

#1: It may sound like Morse code, but “…” was actually what common punctuation mark used to indicate a pause?
#2: What large-format movie projection system made its debut at the ’70 World’s Fair w/ the film “Tiger Child”?
RLC: As determined by Pizza Today, name four of the six top pizza chains in the U.S. by total sales.
Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s & Little Caesars (Others: CHUCK E. CHEESE’S & California Pizza Kitchen)
#3: Resulting in shooting pain down the leg, what physical malady’s caused by compression of the body’s largest nerve?
#4: The so-called brain of a computer, CPU is an abbrev. for what?
Central processing unit

#1: Meaning “wasp” in Italian, what popular motorscooter was introduced by Piaggio in ’46?
#2: What synonym for “hiatus” originated from the biblical practice of letting farmland lie barren every 7th yr.?
“Naptime for the plants” (A: Sabbatical)
#3: Sometimes called “Persian pickles”, what droplet-shaped fabric pattern’s named for a town in Scotland?
#4: What Florentine renaissance man lent his name to an adjective meaning cutthroat & deceitful?
(Niccolo) Machiavelli
#5: Required for most pre-meds, organic chemistry is the study of compounds containing what element?
FQ: Orig. called “Your Radio Playhouse”, what public radio show has been hosted by Ira Glass since ’95?
FA: “This American Life” ($1050)

G2: Steven (57th & Broadway)(BtG: 24)

G3: Kathleen & Donna (19th & Irving)(BtG: 43)

#1: Located in Tanzania, what famous grassland’s home to a massive animal migration of over 1M animals?
#2: What’s Ag on the periodic table?
#3: What accounting firm has been tabulating & certifying Academy Awards votes for over 70 yrs.?
#4: Assoc. w/ the end of the growing season, the full moon of the autumnal equinox’s commonly known as what?
Harvest moon

#1: Kingdom Come was the 16th & final book in what bestselling series of apocalyptic Christian novels?
Left Behind
#2: Name the microscopic hairlike protuberances that sweep dirt & mucus out of your lungs.
#3: A specialty of southern France, what cooking technique’s used to preserve duck & goose meat in its own fat?
FQ: Bordering India & Myanmar, what Asian nation was actually part of Pakistan until 1971?
MSO: Rory

VB: What famed manufacturer of motorcycles first marketed the jet-ski over 30 yrs. ago?


G1: Cornetts v. McPhails (Elizabeth, Kristin, Hilary, Caroline & Meredith)

R1: Name a reason a woman in a kissing booth would NOT want to kiss somebody in line:

#1: He smells/smoker (47)(Teria)

Cornetts: Guy’s UGLY/NO teeth (#3- 9), too close, he has facial hair (ONE OF THREE BAs- 3), would mess up lipstick, relative/her son (#5- 5), trying to tongue her
Elizabeth Steal: He’s her ex- BA (#2: Dude’s sick/herpin’- 19/Last BA: NOT into chicks)

R2: When most guys wear a Speedo, their package is about the size of what kind of fruit?:

#1: Banana/plantain (26)(Kristin)

McPhails: Apple (#4- 8), pear, orange (#2- 12), grapefruit, lime
Teria Steal: Grape- #3 (9)(T5: Lemon & plum- 7 a pop/#7: Kiwi- 5/BA by its lonesome: Peach- 4)

Double: Name something grandma might store under her BOOBS:

#1: $ (72)(Hilary)
#5: .44 Special/gun (2)(Terry)

McPhails: Teeth/dentures, tissues/hankies (#2- 18), food, cellphone (#3- 3) & flask
Teria Steal #2: Meds (Other BA: Sweat)

TRIPLE: If there was a restaurant just for FROGS, what insect might be listed as catch of the day?:

#1: Fly (77)(Torry)

Cornetts: Gnat, spider, mosquito (T2- 8), cricket (T2) & grasshopper
Elizabeth Steal to Become the Champs or Lose: Dragonfly (2)

#1: Name the member of your family who gives you the biggest headaches.
#2: The age when a boy goes through a growth spurt.
#3: A food you wish was healthy for you.
#4: Something a man would wear until it falls apart.
#5: In what country are men the biggest playboys?

Elizabeth: Mom (4), 13 (23), fries (6), shoes (16) & Spain (4)
Hilary: Bros. (17), 16 (16), pizza (11), pants (7) & Greece (2)
Unsaid #1s: Spouse/mate, I.C., undies & Italy

Hari (fiction writer whose mom started a nonprofit)
Burcu (photographer & aspiring filmmaker who wants to go to Greece)

#1: T or F- in 2006 a man in CA was ARRESTED for carrying a concealed weapon despite being NAKED.
Jon: T
Burcu: RIGHT
#2: Acc. to global diamond expert Ehud Laniado, what country produces the most diamonds in the world?
Sherri: South Africa
Hari: WRONG (A: Russia)
#3: T or F- acc. to their website, in ’15 Panda Express served over 80M lbs. of orange chicken.
Louie: T
Burcu: RIGHT
#4: T or F- acc. to American Health & Fitness, the fastest-growing exercise among seniors over 65 is hot yoga.
Bill: T
#5: T or F- 7-UP was orig. invented to be a cure for hangovers.
Cheryl: T
Burcu: RIGHT
#6: Cebuano, Ilocano & Ilonggo are ALL what?
Gabriel: Filipino languages

#1: T or F- in Japan, there are melons that can cost over $20K per pair.
Jon: T
#2: “Lift”, “Weight”, “Drag” & “Thrust” are the four forces commonly assoc. w/ what?
Sherri: Fencing
Burcu: WRONG (A: Flight)
#3: What’s the official state motto of NJ?
Louie: “Excellence Through Work”
Hari: WRONG (A: “Liberty and Prosperity”)
#4: In the classic book, how did Alice enter Wonderland?
Bill: Through a cave
Burcu: WRONG
#5: Acc. to the Mayo Clinic, if you come across an accident & suspect a person has a neck or back injury, you should NEVER do what?
Cheryl: Move them
#6: T or F- MATTEL has released a new Ken doll that’s Latino.
Gabriel: T
Burcu: RIGHT

#1: T or F- VIAGRA was orig. developed to prevent heart attacks.
Jon: T
Burcu: WRONG
#2: In the standard American version of the board game CANDY LAND, after you pass the Peppermint Forest & the Molasses Swamp, you win the game when you enter what?
Sherri: Gumdrop House
Hari: WRONG (A: Candy Castle)
#3: T or F- acc. to abc NEWS, cows KILL more people than sharks do.
Louie: T
Burcu: RIGHT
#4: What did the very first message sent by telegraph say?
Bill: “What hath god wrought?”
#5: Acc. to clover.com, most women prefer what activity on a first date?
Cheryl: Dinner
Burcu: RIGHT (A: Coffee)

#1: The art of making decorative items out of tying rope into elaborate knots is called what?
Bill: Origami
Cheryl: Macrame
Gabriel: Kidnapping
G: Macrame
#2: The classic war movie “Platoon” gave us the tagline “The first casualty of war is…” what- peace, humanity, innocence or the black guy?
G: “…humanity” (A: “…innocence”)

FF: Charlotte Kenney, Travis Johnson, Albert Martin & Jade Hardy (this is Gwen’s LAST taped show)
IUFB #1: Touchscreen laptops (R)

CHARLOTTE: 1200/TRAVIS: 1099/ALBERT: 1201/JADE: 1300

Jade plays some IitB.
$1K (89ยข): PURINA Bella
$2K ($14.99): NatureMade adultgummiesBAILOUT
$4K ($2.99): Prell (A: Early California pitted olives)
$8K ($5.89): Kellogg’s ALL BRAN Buds
$16K ($4.99): Early California pitted olives
OoP: GUM Soft-Picks

5. Warten Valentine
IUFB #2: 808 speaker/headphone pkg. (M in Clam)

Charlotte: 560/Travis: 1 (SG)/Albert: 320 (SG)/WARTEN: 425

Warten (a she) plays double prices for a pair of Piaggio Liberty 150 scooters + Bluetooth helmets (R).
DP: $6398 & $8639
G: $6398

6. Jennifer Cabeje
IUFB #3: Dirty Hand Tools + yard cart (R at SS)

Charlotte: 1150/Travis: 1599/Albert: 625/JENNIFER: 799

Gwen’s watching by the Chevrolet Trax that Jennifer could win playing GRIDLOCK!.
2nd/3rd: 82, 18 & 54
4th/5th: 36, 71 & 95
EXACTA (in early taped playings like this one, a contestant’s guesses are put up on the board before finding out if they’re right & a confetti graphic appears for a win; later, they just zoom in on the guesses as the cars are joining together)

SCSD #1:
Charlotte ($4,598): .7
Warten ($6,908): 15 + 20 = .35
Jennifer ($22,905): 60 + 80

7. Brian Rushing
IUFB #4: Bull’s-Eye Skee-ball (G at GPT)

Charlotte: 700/Travis: 1.5K/Albert: 1325/BRIAN: 1299

Charlotte walks to the DtM chalkboard to try & win the curved 65″ 4K HDTV (R) & Kenmore French-door fridge.
A: $650
G: Curved 65″ 4K HDTV + $650 = Kenmore French-door fridge

8. Christine Bergeron
IUFB #5: TUMI luggage (M at RS)

CHRISTINE: 850/Travis: 600/Albert: 520/Brian: 550

Christine will head to Las Brisas Ixtapa (G at #4) if she can properly halt FF.
PP: 1053, 2694, 3885, 4761, 5326, 6138, 8510 & 9447
G: 8510- W

FINAL PLAYER: Taryn Williams
FINAL IUFB: PENTAX 24.35mp DSLR camera (R in CR)

TARYN: 800/Travis: 1200/Albert: 1325/Brian: 1350

Brian enters the RR for an opportunity to win a $500 Muscle Club Apparel GC (G), a one-yr. Youfit HEALTH CLUBS membership (G) &/or the Ford Focus.

Hostess mini fruit pies: $4.99
AROMA I.C. maker: $50
PHILIPS air fryer: $200PINK

Y: 4TH

SCSD #2:
Charlotte: 40 + 55 = .95
Brian ($1,900): $1K (BS: .3)
Christine ($10,060): 20 + 90

R of #1- fitbits + six bands (G)
#1- Ride snowboarding gear & trip to Elevation Hotel & Spa (R)
#3- Bayliner element (M)

BID ON TRIP/BOAT SHOWCASE: $24,999 (ARP: $26,435)

L- Trip to Crowne Plaza London Battersea
R- party tyme karaoke & LED dance floor
I- Hyundai Elantra (R)


-Because the “Salute to Texas” wk. was originally scheduled to be the 2nd wk. of the current season of “WHEEL”, I’m NOT counting it towards the current BR skid; it’s currently at only three.
-The revised “WINSANITY” officially premieres next month.
-Jeannie Mai will be the co-host/announcer for “The Joker’s Wild”. “Drop the Mic” will immediately follow the new “Joker” on tbs starting next wk.

Lucas vs. Meagan: “My Prerogative”- LUCAS
Moriah v. Shilo: “American Woman”- MORIAH
Keisha v. Noah: “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”- KEISHA; NOAH STOLEN BY JENNIFER
Chris v. Kathrina: “Dangerous Woman”- CHRIS; KATHRINA STOLEN BY BLAKE
Brooke v. Sophia: “You’re a Big Girl Now” by Bob Dylan- BROOKE
Adam v. Whitney: “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty- ADAM; WHITNEY STOLEN BY MILEY (Blake)

Olubunkola: C- 7
Christina: B (her boyfriend’s named Bobby!!!!!!)- 5
Daniel Hovanic (park ranger): H- 9

R2 (#1): Bedroom
Daniel: D- 6
Olubunkola: I- 8

C (#3): FIAT 500
Dealer: A- 2
Olubunkola: G- PD (Z: E)

Just before Olubunkola’s final number was revealed, retired PE teacher & track coach Webster said “She can’t lose”. Well…

Deal #2: Webster
Given Up 1st: #2 (1+1 = 2)- Trips to XaNadu ISLAND RESORT & Harbor 360 Hotel Seward, Alaska
Given Up 2nd: SB ($1K+)- Diamonds by Angie ring
FD: SE (5x)- $500 (BB: Wind-up car)

Jason’s Mindreader FD D: #3- YAMAHA WaveRunner

PD #2

Guess My Age: Charleston
Becky: 42
Lori: 32
A: 51

Becky: BB- COACH acc.
Charleston (if he wanted, he could choose one of three envelopes & whatever number was inside would be multiplied by his age & awarded to him in cash): SEx20 (GE: x200)(#1: Home theater)

Accelerator: Maria
C: Honda Civic
WIPEOUT (R: $1200)

Savannah’s $100 Bill Number C: 7
FD: SB- Cheeseburger shoes (SN: 65700694)

BD (Jason):
SD (#1): 4n at EL Pasea in MIA ($4,353)
MD (#3): Kitchen
BD (#2): Jeep Wrangler- W

Jasmine & Brady: Baseball ($200)- X
Theresa: Wine bottle cork ($500)(J)- X
Robyn: Candy ($200)- X