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$30K: The 1st page of a U.S. passport feat. a quote by Abraham Lincoln at the top & a message from which official (repeated in French & Spanish) at the bottom?

A: President
B: Secretary of State
C: Secretary-General of the U.N.
D: Secretary of Homeland Security

FA: O&D (A: Secretary of State)

Jay Malarcher (professor in Morgantown)

$500: Acc. to a poll by menshealth.com which of these ISN’T one of the traits women find most attractive in a man?

A: Kindness
B: Dependability
C: A history of shoplifting convictions
D: Faithfulness

History of shoplifting convictions$

$1K: Which of the following happens when President Trump pushes the special red button on his desk in the Oval Office?

A: Healthcare’s reformed
B: A Supreme Court Justice’s nominated
C: Peace’s achieved in the Middle East
D: Someone brings him a Coke

Someone brings him a Coke$

$2K: Dwarfing any of our skyscrapers which of these’s the largest structure on Earth built by creatures other than Homo sapiens?

A: Great Barrier Reef
B: The Eiffel Anthill
C: Hoover Beaver Dam
D: Taj Ma’hairball

Great Barrier Reef$

$3K: Reminiscent of the Ice Bucket Challenge a viral campaign to raise leukemia awareness has people filming themselves taking a bite of what pucker-inducing fruit?

A: Banana
B: Pear
C: Apple
D: Lemon


$5K: The letter “a” is the vowel that appears the most in the names of the days of the wk. turning up eight times. Ignoring “y” which vowel appears next most often- E, I, O or U?

Julia Novakovic (archivist in Rochester, NY)

$500: If you’re able to do something very well you’re said to “have it down to a…” what?

A: Math
B: Science
C: History
D: Phys. Ed.

“…science”- $

$1K: ALL BUT which of these items appear on Healthline.com’s list of “The 9 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed”?

A: Almonds
B: White rice
C: Extra-spicy buffalo wings
D: Walnuts

Extra-spicy buffalo wings- $

$2K: From the co. that gave the world Match.com what dating site specializes in connecting singles over the age of 50?

A: OurTime
B: OutofTime
C: NapTime
D: HipReplacementTime


$3K: Though many health pros now consider the term to be antiquated “lumbago” is pain in what part of the body?

A: Throat
B: Chest
C: Feet
D: Lower back

Lower back$

$5K: What ’18 Broadway production did Entertainment WEEKLY fittingly describe as “Hot Stuff”?

A: “Winter”
B: “Spring”
C: “Summer”
D: “Fall”


$7K: Thanks to its overseas territory French Guiana technically France could be said to border which of these countries?

A: South Africa
B: Brazil
C: China
D: Mexico


$10K: Munchkin Country was the best-known of the four countries that make up the Land of Oz in L. Frank Baum’s classic novels- which of these were the other three?

A: Rivendell, Rhun & Mordor
B: Winkie, Gilikin & Quadling
C: Lapula, Glubbdubdrib & Houyhnhnm
D: Dorne, Highgarden & Casterly Rock

Winkie, Gilikin & Quadling$

$20K: Before she began dating Ashton Kutcher in ’12 Mila Kunis was in an 8yr relationship w/ what former child actor?

A: Macaulay Culkin
B: Haley Joel Osment
C: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
D: Jonathan Taylor Thomas


$30K: Located at the site of their MO childhood home, in 1940 who became the 1st African-American to have a National Park Service monument named after ’em?

A: Frederick Douglass
B: W.E.B. DuBois
C: Harriet Tubman
D: George Washington Carver

AtA & 50:50

A: 7%
B: 24% (LEFT)
C: 27%
D: 42% (LEFT)


QotD: On a TV weather map the letter “H” typically indicates what?
A: Hailstorms 
B: High pressure
C: Hot weather
D: Heavy rains

$50K: Originating in 1852 w/ a contest between Harvard & Yale what’s considered the oldest American college sport still in existence?

A: Fencing
B: Football
C: Rowing
D: Wrestling



Ellen Sarem (Helotes, TX native who’s entered a lot of contests & has won a car)
+1: Hubby

$500: The book Wilderness Camping & Hiking says a small mirror can be key to survival because a lost explorer can use it in the daytime to do what?

A: Amuse themselves w/ funny faces
B: Put on makeup for the rescuers
C: Signal others w/ sunlight
D: Show squirrels how adorable they are

Signal others w/ sunlight$

$1K: Conventional wisdom says humans only have five but some neurologists think we have over 20 (not including “Seeing dead people”). What are they?

A: Gang tattoos
B: Senses
C: Unpaid parking tickets
D: Feet


$2K: Which city’s nicknamed the “Cowboy Capital of the World”?

A: Montpelier, VT
B: Dodge City, KS
C: Newark, NJ
D: Palm Beach, FL

Dodge City$

$3K: As a devout Catholic what actor says he’s asked God to forgive him for his performances in “Boogie Nights” & “Ted” among other films?

A: Owen Wilson
B: Matt Damon
C: Will Ferrell
D: Mark Wahlberg

Mark $

$5K: What unit of area measurement’s equal to 10K sq. meters?

A: Fathom
B: Hectare
C: Parsec
D: Furlong


$7K: P!nk’s “So What”, Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”, Gwen Stefani’s “If I Were a Rich Girl” & “P.Y.T.” ALL contained some version of what repetitive lyric?

A: “La la la la”
B: “Doo doo doo doo”
C: “Na na na na”
D: “Ooh ooh ooh ooh”

“Na na na na”$

$10K: Served as either an entrée or an appetizer the traditional Greek dish of stuffed grape leaves is known locally as what?

A: Saganaki
B: Dolmades
C: Ellinikos
D: Halvas


$20K: Merops apiaster is a colorful bird whose scientific name when translated reveals that it mainly eats what?

A: Ants
B: Bees
C: Termites
D: Spiders


A: 27%
B: 23%
C: 26%
D: 24%

FA: WALKED W/O BRINGING DOWN +1 (El Cheapo was correct)

Nick DeGuzman (Pensacola bartender)

$500: Acc. to the Federal Election Commission what’s the maximum an individual can give to a federal candidate or their campaign committee per election?

A: 4¢
B: 7¢
C: $2700
D: 11¢


$1K: Oh deer! What well-known fast food chain recently introduced a venison sandwich?

A: Arby’s
B: Chipotle
C: Panda Express
D: Long John Silver’s


$2K: In an article on BottomLineInc.com safety expert Clint Emerson suggests you “Speed up, then slam on the brakes and quickly get out and run” if what CRISIS occurs?

A: You run out of gas
B: A carjacker gets in your passenger seat
C: You get a flat tire
D: A bad song comes on the radio

Carjacker gets in your passenger seat$

$3K: Parodied on “SNL” what 85-yr.-old Supreme Court Justice’s workout (incl. push-ups) inspired her trainer to write a book about her regimen?

A: Sonia Sotomayor
B: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
C: Judith Sheindlin
D: Elena Kagan


A: 20%
B: 57%
C: 12%
D: 11%


$5K: Known for hits like “All-Star” what band got its name from a phrase Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka used to describe a style of rugged in-your-face football (& shares its name w/ the finishing move for Sumie Sakai)?

A: The Clash
B: Smash Mouth
C: The Killers
D: Rage Against the Machine

Smash Mouth$

$7K: In ’17 npr tweeted a list of items labeled from #1-95 to commemorate the 500th Anniv. of what person’s most famous action?

A: Henry VIII
B: Christopher Columbus
C: William Shakespeare
D: Martin Luther

Martin Luther$

QotD: What candy bar shared its name w/ the club at the center of the action in the Broadway show “Cabaret”?
A: Rolo
B: KitKat
C: Twix
D: Junior Mints

$10K: Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp & Gaten Matarazzo are best known to TV viewers as whom?

A: Political analysts on CNN
B: Professional dancers on “dancing with the stars”
C: Child actors on “Stranger Things”
D: Anchors on ESPn’s “SportsCenter”

Child actors on “Stranger Things”$

FF: Blair Newman, Mary Breight, Susan Asad & David Johnson
IUFB #1: MOTOROLA 64GB modular cellphones + smart speakers & charging cases (ceiling)

BLAIR: 900/DAVID: 1K/MARY: 1050/SUSAN: 1051

Total price: $1,…420- Susan walks that GR. Kicking off w/ an 82¢ can of Market Pantry mandarins she could win a SONY PS4/VR bundle (R), a Furn. of America L.R. incl. an 82″ smart 4K HDTV pkg. (A) &/or…a Lexus LS 500 F-Sport (Std., CWP, Roof, RBA, Locks, Door Edge Film, Sensors, TMat, AA).

PS4/VR pkg. (_70): 8
FoA L.R. (6_39): 7- $
LEXUS (84_25): M-O (ARP: $84,325)

5. Carlene Nezerka
IUFB #2: KitchenAid coffee pkg. (A in Clam)

Blair: 650/David: 550/Mary: 551/CARLENE: 900

By being $32 under Carlene plays Pushover for a trip to BEACON South Beach (incl. VIP nightclub access & a priv. boat tour of Coconut Grove)(#4).
NL: 961285043
G: 8504

6. Lorie Giron
IUFB #3: Fendi jewelry (R in CR)

Blair: 1200/David: 1550/Mary: 1201/LORIE: 575

That’s only $880 so it’s a green sweep for the half & Lorie plays TT ($6798) for 4prs of Listen Sound Co. headphones & a YAMAHA A/V receiver (R), an INSPIRE CS4, a BULL pizza oven & an hp ENVY.
T1: Audio pkg. ($1210) + INSPIRE CS4 ($3799) = 5009
T2: INSPIRE CS4 + hp ENVY = 5979

SCSD #1:
Lorie: 30 + 20 = H-D
Carlene: T.Q.
Susan ($9,029): 35 + 1.00

7. Vanessa Ramirez
IUFB #4: Trio of RICOH 360° cameras (R)

Blair: 750/David: 1250/Mary: 999/VANESSA: 875

Each one’s $400 & Mary breaks up that streak to play Pathfinder for a Toyota Yaris iA (Std., Net, Note, AA).


AROMA deep fryer ($70 or $125)
Bissell 22V car vac ($90 or $150)
TT cool mist humidifier ($19 or $35)

#1: 9 & WIPEOUT (CAR: $18,624/Bissell 22V car vac: $150/TT cool mist humidifier: $35)

8. Mark Ford
IUFB #5: Pairs of POLAR smartwatches & trackers (A in front of CR)

Blair: 975/David: 1250/MARK: 925/Vanessa: 1200

W/ a diff. of $50 David plays S? for M.K. handbags (A)($4644) & a can-am DS 250 ($3522).
S?: Y

LAST PLAYER: Lanette Rousseve
LAST IUFB: Park & Sun Sports foosball (both at GPT)

Blair: 825/LANETTE: 622/Mark: 1225/Vanessa: 875

It’s the $700 one & Lanette plays VoP for LAWRY’S food, concert tickets & movie tickets and popcorn for a yr. & an Escape the Room party for 41 people, a total pkg. worth $6,707 (both at #3).
I: VITA CoCo lemonade coconut water, Dinty Moore beef stew & Popsicles

VITA CoCo: X8 = $19.92
Dinty Moore: X5 = $16.45
Popsicles: X3 = $11.97

SCSD #2:
Mary: QUARTER + 65 = .9
Lanette ($7,407): 20 X6
David ($9,466): 80 + 70

Podiums- Tom Ford sunglasses (R)
#1- Square Beachcomber LEEP 
#3- Chevy Sonic LT ($19,295)


CARLENE’S AROUND THE WORLD SHOWCASE (A at #2): Villa Margarita in Belize, Hotel R de Paris (incl. Louvre tour) & Orchid Hotel in Beijing (incl. evening sightseeing tour w/ dim sum dinner)

BID ON AROUND THE WORLD SHOWCASE: $29K (everybody went home)(ARP: $27,380) 

DBM: Jennifer & Sharea (both began w/ $300)
R1: TB- Raymond Weil watch ($1,095)
R2: M-C (Jennifer’s CT: $1,695)- Terranea overnight getaway ($1.5K)
R3: #3 (Sharea’s CT: $3,195)- Home theater incl. 55″ HDTV ($4K)
R4: SHAREA GAVE OVER THE SE- Sofa Design Gallery L.R. (Jennifer’s CT: $10,657)
FD (#2): NEITHER- 4n at Beaches Negril ($12,028)

3oaK: Dave
C (#1): Chevrolet Spark
ST (RB): Laundry rm. ($4,113)- O&D
R1: Q♠, 4♦ & Q♣
R2: 4♥, 4♣ & Q♥

Jacquelyn’s FD D: #1- Bigger ZONKAROO egg (SB: Diamonds by Angie gold ring = $3,650 + GOLDEN TICKET)

FD: #3- SSR/Benelli Caffenero motorscooters ($5,098) + GOLDEN TICKET

RW: Christina
C (#2): Volkswagen Beetle
TA: “Edward Scissorhands”, “SPACE JAM”, “The Mighty Ducks”, “101 DALMATIANS” & “Coyote Ugly”
STJ (#3): BULL BBQ & hammock + cooler ($4,409) + $500
“SPACE JAM”- ’96

Everybody in the audience this wk. also received an Otter Box GC.

ADoD: Joseph
Photo P: #2
FD: #2- $600 (SE: 4n at Hotel le Marais = $4,606)

BD (Jennifer):
SD (#3): Camping pkg. incl. bikes ($2,999)
MD (#2): 4n at The Dunstane Hotels ($9,445)- M.O.
BD (#1): $23,439

Allen: Anything dark brown ($200)- $
Joseph: Jonathan w/ pumpkins appears on Instagram instead of Tiffany w/ broken hearts- $

Three former champs Phillip Frankland Lee, Michelle Minori & Bobby Marcotte battled these three judges: Jet, Antonia & Carl. Each member of the winning trio won five large.
J: Justin, Catherine & Richard

Bobby: Crab & bacon mac ‘n cheese
Carl: Bacon wings w/ corn & bacon succotash
ADV.- Bobby (ability to switch their required ingredient w/ their opponent if they wanted):

CCR: Only three cans were avail. this time.
Jet (#1: RATTLESNAKE): Rattlesnake burger w/ French fries & rattlesnake aioli
Michelle (#3: HAGGIS- DECLINED INGREDIENT SWAP): Roasted chicken w/ haggis, potatoes & kale salad
ADV.- Michelle (two ingredients from one aisle)

Antonia: Steamed pork w/ pickled radish & crispy radish tops
Phillip: Pan-roasted foie gras, cauliflower puree & chilled grits

TOP 5: Michael, Shin, Brian, Zurcaroh & Samuel

KISS: “Detroit Rock City”
Glennis & BeBe: “I’m a Mess”/”Meant to Be”
Samuel: Swapped places w/ Mel B later
Courtney & The Struts: “Piece of My Heart”
Daniel & Placido Domingo: Duet from “The Pearl Fishers” 
Vicki & David Spade
Michael: “The Courage to Love” by Garth Brooks
Shin, Matt Iseman, Akbar & Tyra
Brian, Lindsey Stirling & Duo Transcend

5TH- Michael
4TH- Samuel
3RD- Brian
W- Shin

Chef Ramsay & co. visited each of the finalists’ families in an Expedition SUV. 

Ashley: Pan-seared red snapper w/ conch salad, malanga peppers & Aji coconut sauce
Cesar: Squid ink Infladita w/ lobster, dragon fruit salsa, caviar & roasted poblano sauce
Gerron: Nashville hot quail w/ fingerling salad & poached quail eggs

Ashley: Pan-seared guinea hen w/ black-eyed pea, collard green ragout & quince cognac sauce
Cesar: Pan-seared duck breast w/ charcoal, roasted veggies & almond mole
Gerron: Carabinero prawns w/ heirloom grits, shellfish au jus & crispy shallots

Last Course:
Gerron: Amaretto chess pie w/ raspberry coulis & popped sorghum 
Cesar: Flourless chocolate cake w/ tamarind caramel & spicy pepita brittle
Ashley: Orange Genoise w/ smoked chocolate ganache & glazed cherries