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Jolie Lindley (who’s reportedly been on 20 HORRENDOUS blind dates)
+1: Jessica (sister)

$500: FEMA recommends that when assembling your family’s emergency preparedness kit, you incl. a one-gallon per person per day stockpile of what liquid?

A: Maple syrup
B: Bourbon
C: Nail polish remover
D: Water


$1K: Though its official slogan’s now “United Problem Solvers”, for yrs. UPS advertised its services by asking what Q?

A: “What can brown do for you?”
B: “Who doesn’t love purple?”
C: “Nothing wrong with magenta, am I right?”
D: “Is chartreuse even a color?”

“What can brown do for you?”$

$2K: A three-story Tudor Revival building, what ATL landmark’s a popular destination for “Gone with the Wind” fans?

A: Georgia Aquarium
B: Margaret Mitchell House
C: World of Coca-Cola
D: Six Flags Over Georgia

Margaret Mitchell House$

$3K: A blue bird species believed to be extinct in the wild, but amazingly spotted again in 2016- the Spix’s Macaw was the protagonist of what ’11 animated movie set in Brazil?

A: “Brave”
B: “RIO”
C: “UP”


$5K: At an event in Cleveland, OH in Jul. ’16, Caitlyn Jenner told the crowd “It was easy to come out as trans. It was harder to come out as…” what?

A: Republican
B: Lutheran
C: Country music fan
D: ebay junkie


$7K: Though his studio albums like “The Slim Shady LP” were all released w/ Parental Advisory stickers, which star says he DOESN’T allow cursing in his own home?

A: Jay-Z
C: 50 Cent
D: Kanye West


$10K: Which of the following words CANNOT be spelled using only the letters found in the names of the 50 states?



A: 35%
B: 9%
C: 52%
D: 4%


$20K: Instead of 911, what would you dial for help if your phone’s keypad was replaced by the 3X3 grid from the opening credits of “The Brady Bunch”?

A: Cindy-Greg-Greg
B: Greg-Cindy-Cindy
C: Bobby-Marcia-Marcia
D: Marcia-Bobby-Bobby

Bobby-Marcia-Marcia $

$30K: NOT counting its radio antennas, NASA says that Sputnik, the first-ever satellite in space, was about the size of which of the following?

A: Grape
B: Basketball
C: Volkswagen Beetle
D: Blue whale

FA: WALKED (A: Basketball)

QotD: In 1995 the name “Mumbai” was adopted as the official name of the Indian city formerly known as what?
A: Madras
B: Calcutta
C: Delhi
D: Bombay

Thousandaire: Matt Binkston

Now home to a COSTCO, the very first Price Club was opened in an old what?

A: Library
B: Shoe store
C: High school gym
D: Airplane hangar

FA: Airplane hangar$


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