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“Millionaire” 4/13/18

$20K: Later improving on his own world record, in 1989 Cuban athlete Javier Sotomayor became the first & so far only person to break what track & field barrier?

A: 3min mile
B: 8ft high jump
C: 20ft pole vault
D: 30ft long jump


A: 22%
B: 36% (LEFT)
C: 29%
D: 13% (LEFT)

8ft high jump$

$30K: W/ the oldest of his still-existing creations dating to 1720 Bartolomeo Cristofori was the largely-forgotten inventor of which musical instrument?

A: Guitar
B: Violin
C: Piano  
D: Trombone

FA: BAILOUT (A: Piano)

Todd Konkel (Sterling, VA)
Restaurant of the Day: Bacchanal Buffet

$500: Though only 8″ in diameter the world’s most expensive pizza costs a reported $12K & is topped w/ ALL BUT which of these high-end ingredients?

A: Lobster
B: Caviar
C: Pink sea salt


$1K: Acc. to the Atlantic immediately after its introduction at the Hilton Hong Kong in ’74 which hotel amenity caused a 500% increase in drink sales?

A: Valet parking
B: Complimentary bathrobe
C: Free WiFi
D: Minibar


$2K: Which of these’s a a real-life gigantic outdoor version of a popular indoor game played w/ five oversized dice in a bucket?

A: Yardzee
B: Corntield Twister


$3K: En que idioma esta escrita esta pregunta?

A: Japanese
B: French
C: Spanish
D: German

Spanish SI

$5K: Which of these’s a star of the sketch comedy “Portlandia” on IFC & NOT a top cagefighter in the UFC?

A: Anderson Silva
B: Conor McGregor
C: Fred Armisen
D: Chuck Liddell

Fred Armisen$

$7K: Which of the following official U.S. airport codes represents the airport that’s located the furthest west of the four?



QotD: The award-winning Bacchanal Buffet serves more guests in a yr. than the population of which state?

$10K: After studying cosmetology who worked as a beautician until his song “Maybelline” became his first Rock & Roll single?

A: Chuck Berry
B: Muddy Waters
C: Bo Diddley
D: Little Richard

Chuck Berry$


“Millionaire” 4/12/18

$10K: If you’ve just had Tommy John Surgery your occupation’s most likely what?

A: Professional mover
B: Baseball player
C: Firefighter
D: Ballet dancer


A: 1%
B: 92%
C: 7%

Baseball player$

$20K: Though you might expect it to start w/ “Thou Shalt”, in Exodus 20, verse 2 of the King James Bible, the actual first word of the first of the Ten Commandments was what?

A: On
B: Honor
C: Remember
D: I


$30K: A financial whiz as well as a former notoriously hard partier, what band’s bassist Duff McKagan was an early investor in STARBUCKS, Microsoft & amazon?

A: Metallica
B: Aerosmith
D: Guns ‘N Roses

Guns ‘N Roses$

$50K: Though she later withdrew under pressure from the military which woman ran for V-P on her hubby’s ticket?

A: Imelda Marcos
B: Eva Peron
C: Winnie Mandela
D: Suzanne Mubarak

FA: Marcos (A: Peron)

Jonathan Laubinger (Bridgewater, MA)
Restaurant of the Day: Gordon Ramsay Steak

$500: Yelp Eat24, in partnership w/ the San Francisco tech co. Marble, has started testing a service that delivers food via what unusual method?

A: Robots
B: Catapults
C: Fax machine
D: Trained possums


$1K: In the article “Yes, You Eated Gogurt for Bekfast!” (no typos), Slate claimed that doing what could be harmful to a child’s development?

A: Hugging ’em
B: Clothing ’em
C: Providing ’em w/ healthcare
D: Mimicking their grammatical mistakes

Mimicking their grammatical mistakes$

$2K: Acc. to its designer a bite mark was added to what co.’s iconic logo to prevent it from looking like a different kind of fruit?

A: Chiquita
B: Apple
C: Tropicana
D: Fruit of the Loom


$3K: When his body was sent to France for restoration in the 1970s who was issued a passport by Egypt that listed his occupation as “King (Deceased)”?

A: Genghis Khan
B: Caesar Augustus
C: Ramses II
D: Henry VIII

Ramses II$

$5K: Titled after a highly-acclaimed hip-hop double album “All Eyez On Me” was a ’17 biopic starring Demetrius Shipp, Jr. as what late rap legend?

A: Nate Dogg
B: Tupac Shakur
C: Jam Master Jay
D: Notorious B.I.G.

Tupac Shakur$

$7K: Only one of these choices spells a valid English word if you repeat a single letter from the word “millionaire” in ALL three of its blanks- which is it?

A: _ _ E _
B: _ U _ _
C: _ _ I _
D: _ _ O _

_ U _ _$

QotD: Sticky toffee pudding is the top-selling dessert at Gordon Ramsay Steak- what fruit gives it its signature flavor?
A: Apples
B: Figs
C: Dates
D: Oranges

$10K: In the Electoral College which of the following states has more electors than the other three combined?



“Millionaire” 4/11/18

Danna Clements (OAK)
Restaurant of the Day: GIADA at The Cromwell

$500: Which of the following’s a Chinese restaurant in S.F. & NOT a martial art?

A: Jiu-Jitsu
B: Taekwondo
C: Karate
D: Kung Food

Kung Food$

$1K: A warehouse in Laurierville, Quebec’s home to the global strategic reserves of what edible viscous substance valued at over $1200 a barrel?

A: Hair gel
B: Suntan lotion
C: Maple syrup
D: Elmer’s glue

Maple syrup$

$2K: Appropriately the Greek word “elephas” was once used to refer to what material?

A: Wood
B: Glass
C: Gold
D: Ivory


$3K: Led by Debbie Harry what group that’s been around for a very long time released a single titled “Long Time” in ’17?

A: Blondie
B: The B-52s
C: The Go-Gos
D: The Pretenders


$5K: A leader in education reform what RI senator oversaw the ’72 creation of a popular college grant program that bears his name?

A: William Wickenden
B: Lincoln Chafee
C: Claiborne Pell
D: Sheldon Whitehouse

Claiborne Pell$

$7K: Which of the following cos. DOESN’T feat. a sailing ship in its logo?

A: Cutty Sark whiskey
B: Mayflower moving
C: Old Spice cologne
D: Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises$

$10K: Visiting the Tanglewood Music Center & Edith Wharton’s home are two activities suggested under “What to Do” on what website?

A: Ozarks.org
B: Poconos.org
C: Berkshires.org
D: Cascades.org


A: 29%
B: 18%
C: 49%
D: 4%


$20K: Though it spawned the movie w/ the biggest domestic box office gross ever when adjusted for inflation what book’s author was paid just $50K for the film rights?

B: The Godfather
C: Gone with the Wind
D: The Exorcist


Charlie Branson

$500: Thanks to the ’10 Affordable Care Act what do restaurants w/ more than 20 locations now have to post about the food on their menus?

A: How tasty it is
B: What color it is
C: How many calories it has
D: What it rhymes w/

How many cal. it has $

$1K: In ’17 CNN Money reported that the avg. cost for a married U.S. couple to do which of these things was about $233K?

A: Hire a wedding photographer
B: Go on a honeymoon
C: Raise a child
D: Mail thank-you notes

Raise child$

$2K: Simultaneously welcoming travelers & celebrating local cuisine Baltimore-Washington Int’l Airport’s home to a 500lb stained glass what?

A: Crab
B: Orange tree
C: Avocado
D: Squirrel


$3K: Just like PEPSI becomes PPS, three of these are bestselling soda brands w/ their vowels & any spaces removed- which one’s NOT?



QotD: One of the signature dishes at GIADA is the sunrise polenta waffles- what vegetable’s polenta made from?
A: Corn
B: Carrots
C: Cauliflower
D: Onions

$5K: Equally adept at portraying BOTH heroes & villains English actor Ian McKellen has famously played which of the following pairs of roles?

A: Gandhi & Darth Vader
B: Gandalf & Magneto
C: Superman & Adolf Hitler
D: Robin Hood & Genghis Khan

Gandalf & Magneto $

$7K: Although they’re ALL made of metal which of these household items is the only one that would strongly attract a magnet?

A: Lead pipe
B: Cast-iron skillet
C: Aluminum foil
D: Brass candlestick

Cast-iron skillet$

“Millionaire” 4/10/18

$7K: Michigan St. researchers found that in 2016 which of these bachelor’s degrees yielded jobs w/ the highest starting salaries- an avg. of $62,428/yr.?

A: Psychology
B: Accounting
C: Advertising
D: Electrical Engineering

Elec. engineering$

$10K: “Bowl”, “ascender”, “junction”, “fillet” & “serif” are ALL important terms to know if you’re doing which of these crafts?

A: Knitting
B: Photography
C: Calligraphy
D: Scrapbooking

LCLS (mom)

$20K: The “Seinfeld” ep. “The Invitations” famously SHOCKED audiences upon its first airing in ’96- why?

A: It had people SWEARING
B: It criticized the President
C: It KILLED off a supporting character
D: It feat. NUDITY

FA: WALKED (A: It KILLED off a supporting character)

Brian Becker (Union City, NJ)
Restaurant of the Day: BLT Steak

$500: Offering menu items like “Big Macks” which of these’s a fast food restaurant in Iraq that blatantly rips off a popular American chain?

A: MaDonal
B: Burger Sultan
C: Wendeez
D: International Border Checkpoint of Pancakes


$1K: Having debuted it in an 1832 production of the ballet “La Sylphide” Marie Taglioni was widely credited as the first woman to wear what?

A: Suit of armor
B: Tutu
C: Pantsuit
D: VR headset


$2K: Inspiring the English word “ditto” the Italian word “detto” means what?

A: Said
B: Warm
C: Eaten
D: Handsome


$3K: In ’17 the website Zillow.com announced a $1M prize to anyone who could improve the algorithm it uses to determine what?

A: Election prices
B: Home prices
C: Future weather patterns
D: Movie box office totals

Home prices$

$5K: A FRAUD involving international postage coupons netted what man $15M before he got caught & his name became assoc. w/ pyramid schemes?

A: Charles Ponzi
B: Frank Abagnale
C: Bernie Madoff
D: Victor Lustig


$7K: Which of these’s an idea for a TV show that was jokingly pitched on a British sitcom & is NOT an actual program that has aired on U.S. TV?

A: “Dating Naked”
B: “Monkey Tennis”
C: “Skating With Celebrities”
D: “Who’s Your Daddy?”


A: 11%
B: 49%
C&D: 20% EACH

“Monkey Tennis”$

QotD: BLT Steak is known for its gruyere popovers! What gives popovers their signature rise?
A: Steam
B: Yeast
C: Salt
D: Butter

$10K: Which institution was founded as Brown’s Schoolhouse in Randolph Co., NC in 1838 before being renamed & moved elsewhere in the state?

A: William & Mary
B: Villanova
C: Vanderbilt
D: Duke

LAST LL (John)
FA: BAILED (A: Duke)

“Millionaire” 4/9/18

On Las Vegas Restaurant Wk., when somebody reached the $5K mark they would receive a free dinner somewhere.
Mon. Restaurant: Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The LINQ
David Vaughn (writer in Union, NJ)

$500: Showcasing ’em in a large tank of water it’s common for a seafood restaurant to allow you to choose your own what?

A: Lobster
B: Biscuits
C: Pizza toppings
D: Busboy


$1K: If you were a medieval French king what part of your castle would you be referring to if you were discussing the “pont-levis”?

A: The drawbridge
B: The TV rm.
C: The indoor basketball court
D: The yoga studio


$2K: Currently exactly 1/3 of which of these groups is made up of graduates of Princeton?

A: Pro Football HoF inductees
B: Rikers Island inmates
C: U.S. Supreme Court Justices
D: HOOTERS waitresses

U.S. Supreme Court Justices$

$3K: A study in The Journal of Investigative Dermatology suggests that large doses of what vitamin the body creates from sunlight may help ease the pain from sunburn- A, B, C or D?

$5K: Intended as a nod to George Takei who originated the role, what crew member in the ’16 movie “STAR TREK BEYOND” was the film franchise’s first openly-gay character?

A: Spock
B: Kirk
C: Sulu
D: Chekov


A: 6%
B: 4%
C: 80%
D: 10%


$7K: Which of these’s NOT a drupe?

A: Plum
B: Apple
C: Cherry
D: Peach


$10K: Known for the #1 album “This One’s For You” which country star’s name sounds like a statement about a gospel author w/ good personal hygiene?

A: Matthew Showers
B: Mark Shaves
C: Luke Combs
D: John Flosses

Luke Combs$

$20K: Named after someone who accomplished the same feat almost 20yrs earlier, in 2016 a robot named “Eldrick” did what?

A: Hit a hole-in-one
B: Bowled a 300
C: Hit a 600ft HR
D: Ran 100m in 9.5 sec.

+1 (Joe)
Ran 100m in 9.5 sec.L

Kitanna Belnap (Pocatello, ID)

$500: By definition if a waiter in a nice restaurant tells you “Bon appetit” he’s saying what?

A: Enjoy your meal
B: Love your shirt
C: Can I give you my head shot?
D: Sorry about the botulism

Enjoy your meal- $

$1K: In ’17 QVC bought what similarly-themed cable channel for $2.1B (or just four easy payments of $525M!)?

B: Discovery
D: Comedy Central

HSN- $

$2K: Researchers now believe flight jacket buttons & a jar of anti-freckle cream found on Nikumaroro may have belonged to what person missing since 1937?

A: Jimmy Hoffa
B: Amelia Earhart
C: Bigfoot
D: Waldo

Earhart- $

$3K: The Huffington Post reported that at its ’17 Family Day event some FBI employees were seen wearing t-shirts w/ which slogan in honor of their former boss?

A: Bannon is my boy
B: Comey is my homey
C: Jared is my jam
D: Rex is my dawg

Comey is my homey- $

QotD: Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The LINQ is known for its creatively-named dishes- what’s Donkey Sauce?
A: BBQ sauce
B: Hot sauce
C: Aioli
D: Ketchup

$5K: Though better known by his stage name which of the following rappers has an alliterative real name?

A: Dr. Dre
B: Lil Wayne
D: Jay-Z


A: 16%
B: 9%
C: 60%
D: 15%


“Millionaire” 3/12/18

$50K: If your body’s covered w/ ephelides you have what?

A: Chickenpox
B: Goosebumps
C: Freckles
D: Measles

FA: O&D (A: Freckles)

Richard Riggle (Tempe)

$500: In the Bible’s book of Genesis what phrase was used to describe how the animals boarded Noah’s ark before the flood?

A: Two-by-two
B: In crazy costumes
C: Alphabetically by last name
D: First-come first-served


$1K: Key to BOTH respiration & digestion the pharynx is located in the throat along w/ what other body part that rhymes w/ “pharynx”?

A: Warynx
B: Larynx
C: Zarynx
D: Schmarynx


$2K: Acc. to data from Quantcast three of these websites have an audience that’s more than 85% female. Which one’s audience is more than 85% male?

A: astrology.com
B: bravotv.com
C: comicbookmovie.com
D: weddingwire.com


He had snowboarding injuries about 5yrs ago.

$3K: Once the home of Tennessee Williams, Judy Blume & Robert Frost, what scenic locale was said to have “inspired more writers per capita than any other American city”?

A: Key West
B: Peoria
C: Duluth, MN
D: Plano


A: 63%
B: 14%
C: 12%
D: 11%

Key West$

$5K: One of the rare English words to have five consec. vowels, if you’re “queueing” you’re doing what?

A: Playing billiards
B: Waiting in line
C: Cooking on an outdoor grill
D: Signaling an actor to make their entrance

Waiting in line$

$7K: In ’17 Beyonce & Jay-Z revealed their new twins’ names which are what combination of an honorific title & an ancient poet?

A: Mister & Dante
B: Lord & Plato
C: Sir & Rumi
D: Esquire & Aristophanes

Sir & Rumi $

$10K: Taken from Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” what piece of music does the European Union use as its national anthem?

A: “Ode to Joy”
B: The “Hallelujah” chorus
C: “1812 Overture”
D: “Spring”

FA: WALKED (A: “Ode to Joy”)

Rhonda Laster (graphic artist in BUF)

$500: A bottle of champagne is kept chilling in the fridge at UC-Berkeley’s Allen Telescope Array in the event the stargazing scientists there discover what?

A: Bottle opener
B: Cure for loneliness
C: Intelligent alien life
D: A middle-aged man who looks good in shorts

Intelligent alien life $

$1K: The namesake of one of the co.’s oldest brands what Scottish inventor who helped found General Motors died nearly penniless in ’29?

A: Liam Nissan
B: David Buick
C: Goldy Honda
D: Francis Scott Kia


$2K: Which of these birds lays eggs about the size of tic-tacs?

A: Vultures
B: Emus
C: Hummingbirds
D: Bald eagles


QotD: An emergency device known as a “bang stick” is often carried during which of these activities?
A: SCUBA diving
B: Mountain climbing
C: Skydiving
D: Bungee jumping

$3K: In 2007 Robert Mondavi was part of the inaugural class inducted into what HoF located in Napa Valley?

A: Blacksmiths Hall of Fame
B: Vintners Hall of Fame
C: Butchers Hall of Fame
D: Cobblers Hall of Fame

Vintners HoF$

$5K: If a Japanese-American says “ohayou” to you in the capital city of OH what are they saying & where?

A: “Good morning” in Columbus
B: “Goodbye” in Cincinnati
C: “Thank you” in Cleveland
D: “What time is it?” in Akron

+1 (Randy)
“Good morning” in Columbus $

“Millionaire” 12/11/15

Alex Dickson (admin. assistant in Carroll Gardens, NY)
+1: Rafe

$500: Catering to women a major retail chain operates hundreds of stores across the U.S. w/ what name?

A: Lady Office DEPOT
B: Lady PetSmart
C: Lady Foot Locker
D: Lady Outback Steakhouse

Lady Foot Locker$

$1K: Acc. to OxfordDictionaries.com “a person or thing that is spectacularly unsuccessful or disordered” is commonly called a what?

A: Tepid shambles
B: Hot mess
C: Lukewarm disarray
D: Room temperature chaos

Hot mess$

$2K: Though it’s NOT clear if real pirates ever actually spoke it National Geographic says stereotypical “pirate talk” first became popularized thanks to what Disney film?

A: “The Little Mermaid”
B: “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”
C: “Treasure Island”
D: “High School Musical 3”

“Treasure Island”$

$3K: Because he was born in Johannesburg TIME once called Dave Matthews “perhaps the only white pop star…who could legitimately claim to be…” what?

A: Asian-American
B: South American
C: Native American
D: African-American


$5K: Acc. to WebMD it’s normal to have between 10-40 melanocytic nevi by adulthood which are more commonly known as what?

A: Teeth
B: Moles
C: Fingers
D: Black hairs


$7K: Causing millions to choose between #whiteandgold & #blueandblack a ’15 viral phenomenon was spawned by what simple question?

A: What color is this car?
B: What color is this flag?
C: What color is this cat?
D: What color is this dress?

What color is this dress?$

$10K: Most commonly made from grapes, which of the following alcoholic beverages derives its name from a Dutch word meaning “burnt wine”?

A: Brandy
B: Bourbon
C: Liqueur
D: Tequila


A: 40%
B: 41%
C: 15%
D: 4%


$20K: Expanding your options beyond KILLING your stepdad the “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style adaptation of what Shakespeare play had over 100 possible endings?

A: “Macbeth”
B: “King Lear”
C: “Hamlet”
D: “Othello”


$30K: Ruling the Dominican Republic for three decades what director’s rumored to have in one election received more votes than there were voters?

A: Rafael Trujillo
B: Augusto Pinochet
C: Simon Bolivar
D: Fulgencio Batista

FA: WALKED (A: Trujillo)

QotD: In 1947 which famous fashion house introduced its bamboo-handled bag, still one of its most popular & iconic designs?
A: Gucci
B: Prada
C: Louis Vuitton
D: Hermes

Thousandaire: Kenneth Norris
Some people believe that a pack of nauseated airborne buzzards were to blame for what freak event that made headlines in 1876?
A: Delaware Twig-nado
B: Pennsylvania Seashell Swarm
C: Kentucky Meat Shower
D: Ohio Rock Storm

FA: Kentucky Meat Shower