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“Millionaire” 5/25/17

$30K: W/ Beethoven one of its supposed victims, the superstition that a composer will die after finishing a certain symphony was called what?

A: Curse of the Fourth
B: Curse of the Twelfth
C: Curse of the Ninth
D: Curse of the Seventh

Curse of the Ninth$

$50K: Though they ALL held different jobs, what government outfit’s website lists Walt Disney, Conrad Hilton & Charles Lindbergh as former employees?

A: US Postal Service
B: Central Intelligence Agency
C: National Park Service
D: Internal Revenue Service


Raj Jain (Atherton, CA)

$500: Acc. to Allure magazine, it’s perfectly normal for an adult to have 1-4 what fall out per day?

A: Teeth
B: Eyelashes
C: Toenails
D: Kidney stones


$1K: A “hidden talent” that the creatures only seem to demonstrate in high humidity, which of these are you most likely to see a cockroach do during a heat wave?

A: Play water polo
B: Kayak
C: Do cannonballs off the high board
D: Fly


$2K: Said to predict future success, what psychological experiment gives 4-yr.-olds a choice of getting one desirable item immediately or two 15 min. later?

A: Marshmallow test
B: Broccoli test
C: Rotten apple test
D: Boiled cabbage test

Marshmallow test$

$3K: Pop stars Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez first met as 10-yr.-olds while auditioning to be “friends” of what singing-and-dancing kids’ show character?

A: Barney
B: Mister Rogers
C: Oscar the Grouch
D: Bill Nye the Science Guy


$5K: In an article titled “Death to Capitalism?”, The Wall Street Journal notes that ironically, you have to pay money to visit whose grave in London’s Highgate Cemetery?

A: Napoleon Bonaparte
B: Winston Churchill
C: Charles Darwin
D: Karl Marx

Karl Marx$

$7K: Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan & Adam Sandler are three examples Hollywood.com cites on its list of “The 10 Worst…” what “…in Movies”?

A: Self-Designated Stuntmen
B: Singing Performances
C: Cross-Dressing Roles
D: American Accents


B: 85%
Other choices: 5% a pop

Singing Performances$

$10K: When you open a yogurt, you might notice a pool of liquid floating on the top. What does it mostly consist of?

A: Pectin
B: Fat
C: Whey
D: Corn syrup


QotD: On which classic sitcom were the actors who played the main family’s “mom” & “dad” born on the exact same day: Jun. 21, 1947?
A: “The Cosby Show”
B: “Growing Pains”
C: “Everybody Loves Raymond”
D: “Family Ties”

To Continue Playing On Fri.: Famously mentioned in “Hamlet”, which of these’s an expression of fright known by the medical term “horripilation”?

A: Putting your head in the sand
B: Trembling in your boots
C: Your blood running cold
D: Your hair standing on end

Your hair standing on end$

“Millionaire” 5/24/17

$50K: You’d be most likely to see someone in which of the following professions wearing an aiguillette?

A: SCUBA diver
B: Military officer
C: Dentist
D: Football player

+1 & 50:50 (Alerick)- SCUBA DIVER & MILITARY OFFICER

Jill Smith (Norway, MI)

$500: At roughly 6’6″, what famous Russian leader was said to have stood literally head & shoulders above his contemporaries?

A: Peter the Great
B: Igor the Ginormous
C: Sergey the Sizeable
D: Dmitri the Dunkmaster

Peter the Great$

$1K: Acc. to RealSimple.com, you can keep unopened what for three yrs. after its “vintage date”, or for “20 to 100 years” if it’s “fine”?

A: Shrimp
B: Wine
C: Butter
D: Chicken


$2K: Which of these’s a SHOWTIME drama series based on the work of a groundbreaking researcher & NOT the name of a common college degree?

A: “Master’s of Applied Science”
B: “Master’s of Environmental Studies”
C: “Masters of Sex”
D: “Master’s of Landscape Architecture”

“Masters of Sex”$

$3K: In game design technology, the popular apps “Bejeweled Blitz”, “Candy Crush” & “Gummy Drop!” are ALL classified as what?

A: Simulated gambling games
B: Open world adventure games
C: Match-3 games
D: Fantasy violence games


A: 21%
B: 14%
C: 62%
D: 3%

Match-3 games$

$5K: Making a charge after the O.J. Simpson trial ended in ’95, what L.A. prosecutor turned to writing crime novels feat. fictional L.A. prosecutor Rachel Knight?

A: Kato Kaelin
B: Marcia Clark
C: Lance Ito
D: Robert Kardashian

Marcia Clark$

$7K: Which of the following’s BOTH the first name of the director of “Lost in Translation” & the name of Bulgaria’s capital city?

A: Siena
B: Valencia
C: Sofia
D: Victoria


$10K: Each boasting more followers than President Obama’s personal acct., the three twitter users w/ the biggest followings are ALL famous what?

A: Professional athletes
B: Journalists
C: Comedians
D: Singers


QotD: Which animal’s male reproductive organ’s actually one of its arms?
A: Newt
B: Octopus
C: Scorpion
D: Praying mantis

$20K: Acc. to a recent study of religion in the U.S. by Pew Research Center, about 1/5 Americans is what?

A: Catholic
B: Mormon
C: Lutheran
D: Jewish

FINAL HELP (Ranjanie)

“Millionaire” 5/23/17

$20K: If you let it go, a helium-filled rubber party balloon will generally float about how high above the ground before popping & falling back to earth?

A: 60ft
B: 600ft
C: Six miles
D: 60 miles

Six miles$

$30K: W/ some aquariums recently using to STOP using the term, what animal name does The New World Encyclopedia say’s often considered a misnomer?

A: Octopus
B: Blue whale
C: Galapagos giant tortoise
D: Jellyfish

FA: LEFT (A: Jellyfish)

Les Chun (S.F.)

$500: Playing on a term about dining discounts, a midnight showing on the day an anticipated sci-fi film’s released is called the early what special?

A: Nerd
B: Jock
C: Homecoming queen
D: Hall monitor


$1K: It may NOT make the younger siblings who get stuck there feel any better, but Esurance.com says that in today’s new cars, generally the safest place to sit’s where?

A: Driver’s seat
B: Front passenger seat
C: Rear seat middle
D: Rear seat window

Rear seat middle$

$2K: In the 1970s The Washington Post questioned the safety of what “fad” candy that famously blew open the doors of a delivery truck after being overheated?

C: Swedish Fish
D: JOLLY Ranchers


$3K: Though they only sell it to countries who agree to use it solely for peaceful purposes, Australia’s home to nearly a third of the world’s total supply of what?

A: Aluminum
B: Helium
C: Titanium
D: Uranium


$5K: At a staggering 13,615ft., what aptly-named Bolivian city’s nearly three times higher than Denver in elevation?

A: El Este
B: El Alto
C: El Antiguo
D: El Bajo

El Alto$

$7K: If you want to use the precise terminology, the ’80s New Wave band that recorded the hit “I Ran” should actually be called what?

A: “Male Homo Sapiens at Work”
B: “A Colony of Seagulls”
C: “Dexy’s Midnight Pronators”
D: “Talking Craniums”

“A Colony of Seagulls”$

$10K: Volunteers stuffed human hair into 50K pairs of pantyhose donated by Hanes in order to assist in the aftermath of what 2010 disaster?

A: Hurricane Sandy
B: Balinese tsunami
C: Chilean earthquake
D: Deepwater Horizon oil spill

Deepwater Horizon oil spill$

$20K: Measuring from the cities in their shows’ titles, which of these bravo “Real Housewives” lives nearest to “…of New York” star Bethenny Frankel?

A: Lisa Vanderpump
B: Tamra Barney
C: NeNe Leakes
D: Teresa Giudice


QotD: “Rope”, “Wedge” & “Stovepipe” are ALL varieties of what?
A: Furnaces
B: Skateboard tricks
C: Ladders
D: Tornadoes

To Return Wed.: People now call him “Your Holiness”, but childhood friends of Pope Francis knew him as what?

A: Tomas
B: Pablo
C: Jorge
D: Bruno


“Millionaire” 5/22/17

Isaac Hirsch (standup comedian in L.A.)
+1: Steve

$500: Acc. to a rule established in 1974, no matter how great your accomplishments are, you CAN’T be considered for a Nobel Prize if you’re NOT what?

A: Related to Alfred Nobel
B: A Green Bay Packers fan
C: Alive
D: At least seven months pregnant


$1K: Affectionately called “Mr. Trash Wheel”, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Water Wheel is a hydro-powered garbage interceptor that’s removed over 7.4M what?

A: Discarded Apple iPads
B: Abandoned 18-wheelers
C: Cigarette butts
D: Used waterbed mattresses

Cigarette butts$

$2K: It may sound fancier than our version, but Poisson Un, Poisson Deux, Poisson Rouge, Poisson Bleu was just the French title of a children’s book by whom?

A: J.K. Rowling
B: Dr. Seuss
C: Robert Louis Stevenson
D: Judy Blume

Dr. Seuss$

$3K: Adding the word “The” to which of these clothing brands produces the title of a classic ’70s Gene Hackman film?

A: Armani Exchange
B: French Connection
C: Wet Seal

“French Connection” $

$5K: The centerpiece of what Williamstown, KY tourist attraction that opened last yr. is about 510 ft. long, or 300 cubits?

A: Kentucky Derby Museum
B: Muhammad Ali Walk of Fame
C: World’s Largest Louisville Slugger
D: Noah’s Ark Encounter

Noah’s Ark Encounter$

$7K: Instead of using their real names, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer played Carly & Evelyn in the original pilot for what Comedy Central series?

A: “Another Period”
B: “Broad City”
C: “Idiotsitter”
D: “Workaholics”

“Broad City”$

$10K: If you want to be overly dramatic upon seeing the basket-clad bottle that Chianti wine’s traditionally presented in, you could scream what?

A: “It’s a calamity!”
B: “It’s a fiasco!”
C: “It’s a catastrophe!”
D: “It’s a debacle!”

“It’s a fiasco!”$

$20K: When the Dominion of Canada was formed in 1867, ALL BUT which of these were among Canada’s original four provinces?

A: Ontario
B: Quebec
C: Nova Scotia
D: British Columbia


A: 10%
B: 7%
C: 48%
D: 35%

Nova ScotiaAUDIENCED OUT (A: B.C.)

Daniel Kells

$500: Before they can get a driver’s license, citizens of many European countries are required to be trained in what?

A: Taekwondo
B: First aid
C: Calligraphy
D: Modern dance

First aid$

$1K: Whoopi’s character Sister Mary Clarence rejoined her religious order in the ’93 movie “Sister Act 2”, which had what subtitle?

A: “Back in the Habit”
B: “Back in the Bonnet”
C: “Back in the Yarmulke”
D: “Back in the Turban”

“Back in the Habit”$

$2K: W/ many people making it part of “wakin’ up”, what brand of ground coffee does The World Almanac say’s still America’s bestselling, despite the rise of competitors?

A: Folgers
B: Sanka
C: Chock full o’ Nuts


$3K: Much like the generally POOR-hitting pitchers in baseball, in what sport do the players known as “bowlers” tend to bat toward the end of the lineup?

A: Rugby
B: Cricket
C: Badminton
D: Croquet


$5K: Flavorwire includes Selina Meyer, Leslie Knope & Alicia Florrick on its list of “the Most Groundbreaking Female…” what in pop culture?

A: Doctors
B: Teachers
C: Scientists
D: Politicians


QotD: The B&O Railroad Museum is located NOT in OH, but in what other U.S. state hinted at in its name?

$7K: Known for his manly beauty, what god of the Sun, healing & prophecy has the name name in BOTH Greek & Roman mythology?

A: Bacchus
B: Neptune
C: Zeus
D: Apollo


A: 4%
B: 2%
C: 33%
D: 61%


To Come Back on Tues.: Which of the following questions DOESN’T have a two-word answer that could be abbreviated as A.A.?

A: “The University of Michigan is in what city?”
B: “Who played Hawkeye on ‘M*A*S*H’?”
C: “Who was America’s second First Lady?”
D: “What airline’s lounges are called Sky Clubs?”

“What airline’s lounges are called Sky Clubs?”$

“Millionaire” 5/19/17

$20K: Only one of the following can weigh less than a nickel. Which is it?

A: Standard DVD
B: The avg. ruby-throated hummingbird
C: The avg. human tongue
D: A standard McDonald’s ketchup packet

FINAL LL (Jim Watson from Catalina Island)
FA: McDonald’s ketchup packet (A: Avg. ruby-throated hummingbird)

Final Regular Player of Wk.: Brandon Trotter (Louisville)

$500: Expanded & reopened last yr., the Bay Area’s SFMOMA now ranks ahead of its equiv. in NY as America’s largest “Museum of…” what?

A: Modern Art
B: Monkey Anatomy
C: Mediocre Airports
D: Madeline Albright

Modern Art$

$1K: Based on the Flesch-Kincaid readbility index, which of these documents does the Los Angeles Times say’s written at a 17.8 grade level?

A: Superfudge
B: U.S. Constitution
C: Green Eggs and Ham

U.S. Constitution$

$2K: Which of the following’s NEITHER a device for making coffee, NOR a common type of women’s hairstyle, NOR the title of a Meg Ryan romantic comedy?

A: “French Twist”
B: “French Press”
C: “French Kiss”
D: “French Stewart”

“French Stewart”$

$3K: Before they were famous, Jennifer Lawrence & Channing Tatum BOTH modeled for what 124-yr.-old teen-centric chain, once known for its RACY catalogs?

A: Talbots
B: Abercrombie & Fitch
C: T.J. Maxx
D: L.L. Bean

Abercrombie & Fitch$

$5K: W/ one of ’em stretching nearly 24 miles, four of the five longest American what can be found in LA?

A: Bridges
B: Docks
C: Runways
D: Driveways


$7K: What was the most common name for U.S. baby girls in 2014 & ’15, more than a decade after sitcom couple Ross & Rachel spurred its rise to popularity?

A: Olivia
B: Emma
C: Isabella
D: Hannah


A: 19%
B: 69%
C: 7%
D: 5%


$10K: Incl. the four “play-in” games, how many total games are played in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, since it expanded to 68 teams in ’11?

A: 34
B: 67
C: 69
D: 136

FA: 34

QotD: In 2007 entrepreneur Mark Pincus used the name of his dog Zynga when he created a what?
A: Children’s fashion label
B: Airline
C: Online game co.
D: Brand of snack chips

Thousandaire: Cassandra Knipp

Under CA law, landlords can require tenants to pay a larger security deposit & take out a separate insurance policy if they own what?

B: Ugly carpets
C: A waterbed
D: Roller-skates

FA: HDTV (A: Waterbed)

“Millionaire” 5/18/17

$30K: One of the oldest continuously-inhabited places in America, the 1K-yr.-old AZ village of Orabi’s made up of members of what tribe?

A: Blackfeet
B: Cherokee
C: Hopi
D: Sioux


$50K: Despite being potentially DEADLY in its natural state, sodium azide’s commonly used in what lifesaving devices?

A: Airbags
B: Bulletproof vests
C: Pacemakers
D: EpiPens

LCLS (grandma Mary)

$100K: Better known for his paintings of soup cans, Andy Warhol once made a five-hr. movie showing only what?

A: A man sleeping
B: A rat in a maze
C: A flowing river
D: A television screen

FA: TV screen (A: Man sleeping)

Midori Hepburn (L.A.)

$500: Though some are working to change it, which statement about the many statues of historical figures in Central Park’s currently true?

A: They’re ALL made of chocolate
B: They’re ALL looking at their phones
C: They’re ALL men
D: They’re ALL NUDE except for socks

They’re ALL men$

$1K: As contact w/ your doctor could trigger a reaction, MayoClinic.org says to “be sure to tell” ’em before an exam if you’re allergic to what?

A: White coats
B: Latex
C: Scary-sounding words
D: Health insurance FRAUD


$2K: Founded in 1961, which of these is a popular Swedish manufacturer of baby items, whose products have been used by over 30M infants?

A: NewbornNadia
B: BabyBjorn
C: ToddlerT├śrsten
D: InfantIngrid


$3K: Before costarring in “New Girl”, what pair of celebrities went to high school together in Santa Monica?

A: Julie Bowel & Ty Burrell
B: Andre Braugher & Chelsea Peretti
C: Kaley Cuoco & Jim Parsons
D: Zooey Deschanel & Damon Wayans, Jr.

Zooey & Damon$

$5K: Watching three eps. of “Millionaire” back-to-back-to-back would be a sesquihoral activity- why?

A: It would last 1.5 hrs.
B: You would know half the answers
C: You would see 50 Q’s
D: It would happen during the daytime

It would last 1.5 hrs.$

$7K: A whopping 432K square ft. in size, which of the following’s several times larger than the other three combined?

A: Soccer field
B: Polo field
C: Football field
D: Lacrosse field

Polo field$

QotD: Acc. to federal regulations, which of these alcoholic spirits must be made from a grain mix that’s mostly corn?
A: Vodka
B: Bourbon
C: Rum
D: Tequila

To Come Back: One of the most MISHEARD song lyrics of all-time, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s hit “Blinded by the Light” included which of the following lines?

A: “Revved up like a deuce”
B: “Cut loose like a goose”
C: “Wrapped up like a tooth”
D: “You won’t like the truth”

“Revved up like a deuce”$

“Millionaire” 5/17/17

Carla Holt (81-yr.-old in Spokane)
+1: Don

$500: Acc. to TheKitchn.com, if you’re going to grill kabobs w/ thin, disposable wooden skewers, it might be a good idea to do what w/ ’em first?

A: Soak ’em in water
B: Insure ’em for millions of dollars
C: Carve your name into ’em
D: Have a sword fight

Soak ’em$

$1K: As children of the ’90s might now, the New Partridge Dictionary of Slang defined what term as “the very best, something that is very good”?

A: De grenade
B: Da bomb
C: Da land mine
D: Da Predator drone

Da bomb $

$2K: Meaning “pot-planted”, which of these terms ISN’T a botanical classification of tree, but rather than name of an art form?

A: Birch
B: Ginkgo
C: Bonsai
D: Mangolia


$3K: Sharing its name w/ the London district that’s home to the prime meridian, which city has the WSJ described as the capital of the hedge-fund boom?

A: Old Bridge, NJ
B: Greenwich, CT
C: Upper Darby, PA
D: Westchester, NY

Greenwich, CT$

$5K: Acc. to the late Adam Yauch, what “party” song was largely misinterpreted & actually started out as a goof on “Frat” music like “I Wanna Rock”?

A: “Party in the USA”
B: “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)”
C: “Get the Party Started”
D: “Party Rock Anthem”


A: 12%
B: 57%
C: 16%
D: 15%

“Fight for Your Right”$

$7K: Though in separate cemeteries, BOTH members of which famous pair were buried in Dallas, TX?

A: Orville & Wilbur
B: Laurel & Hardy
C: Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt
D: Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde$

$10K: Which of the following TV shows has its title written correctly, as it should NOT have a “The” at the beginning of it?

A: “Blacklist”
B: “Walking Dead”
C: “Big Bang Theory”
D: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”


Drew Bayers (Milford, CT)

$500: Which of the following ISN’T currently a member of the U.N.?

A: Swaziland
B: Switzerland
D: Thailand


$1K: If you’re trying to light a candle at the bottom of a tall glass, LifeHacker says a piece of uncooked what can work as a replacement for an extra-long match?

A: Kielbasa
B: Spaghetti
C: Banana
D: Mozzarella stick


$2K: Fittingly, which co. has its own fount called Bookerly, which is designed to help you read its Kindle screens faster & “with less eyestrain”?

A: amazon
C: Google
D: Microsoft


$3K: When you insert the letter “a” in a certain place, which of these terms spells a word that Merriam-Webster defines as your “sense of taste”?

A: Bowl
B: Plate
C: Saucer
D: Cup


$5K: What “Brave” singer took on the challenge of writing the music & lyrics for the ’16 Broadway musical “Waitress”?

A: Alicia Keys
B: Katy Perry
C: Ariana Grande
D: Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles$

$7K: While common in Europe for yrs., EMV chips are new to the U.S., where industry groups predict they’ll be found in over 98% of American what by ’18?

A: Automobiles
B: USPS first-class packages
C: Personal computers
D: Credit & debit cards

Credit & debit cards$

$10K: Said to have once told a fellow diner that his beloved Babou was just a normal cat he had painted over, Salvador Dali was known to travel w/ his pet what?

A: Ocelot
B: Marmot
C: Capybara
D: Marmoset


QotD: The Canadian Bill of Rights differs from the U.S. Bill of Rights in that it DOESN’T include which of these freedoms?
A: Freedom of the press
B: Right to bear arms
C: Freedom to religion
D: Right to assemble

$20K: While the Academy Award’s called the OSCAR, allegedly for its resemblance to a member’s uncle, what do the French call their equivalent, named for its sculptor?

A: Cesar Award
B: Benoit Award
C: Pierre Award
D: Jacques Award


A: 24%
B & C: 25% EACH
D: 26%