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“Millionaire” 11/2/15

Sean & Catherine Lowe (DAL)(Micaela’s Army)
+1: Regina

$500: In a ’15 hit Maroon 5 sang “You show me good loving/Make it all right/Need a little sweetness in my life/Your…” what “Yes, please”?

A: Splenda
B: High-fructose corn syrup
C: Raw unfiltered local organic honey
D: Sugar


$1K: A ’15 Webby Award winner for weirdness, what site helps gives the illusion you’re in a relationship by sending you voicemails & texts?

A: MadeUpMoms.com
B: InvisibleGirlfriend.com
C: BogusBoss.com
D: ImaginaryStockBroker.com


$2K: Acc. to HowStuffWorks.com a snoozing PA baker accidentally invented the popular “hard” version of what?

A: Pretzels
B: Popcorn
C: Omelettes
D: Marshmallows


$3K: In ’15 after a local body of water was found to be at near-record-low levels the website for a UT newspaper ran a feature titled what?

A: “Lake Inferior”
B: “Lake Small-hoe”
C: “The Not-As-Great Salt Lake”
D: “Lake Michi-gone”

“The Not-As-Great Salt Lake”$

$5K: Asking prospective leads to sing a few bars of “Ease On Down the Road” or “Home”, in ’15 nBV held an open casting call for its live broadcast of what musical?

A: “A Chorus Line”
D: “The Wiz”


A: 11%
B: 4%
C: 5%
D: 80%

“The Wiz”$

$7K: W/ her marriage to Kris Humphries lasting just 72 days, about how much longer was Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West upon their first anniv.?

A: Three times
B: Five times
C: Seven times
D: Nine times

Five times$

$10K: One of the fastest jet aircraft ever built, NASA’s X-43A could fly at about 7K mph, meaning it would theoretically take it how long to travel from NYC to L.A.?

A: 6min
B: 20min
C: 1hr
D: 2hrs


$20K: Wedding website TheKnot.com claims that it can be bad luck for your engagement ring to feature a what since it resembles a tear?

A: Sapphire
B: Pearl
C: Emerald
D: Cubic zirconia


$30K: Which series of words from the NATO phonetic alphabet corresponds to the letters of the distress signal SOS?

A: September, Opal & September
B: Scotch, Orange & Scotch
C: Sierra, Oscar & Sierra
D: Shirley, Ova & Shirley

Sierra, Oscar & Sierra$

QotD: “Creating friendships from the inside out” is the motto of an innovating online dating site catering to whom?
B: Prisoners
C: Senior citizens
D: Zoologists

$50K: W/ less than half the fatality rate of the most lethal occupation, which of these is NOT in the top 10 of Bloomberg’s most recent list of deadliest jobs in America?

A: Aircraft pilot
B: Logger
C: Garbage collector
D: Police officer

FA: Aircraft pilot (A: Police officer)


“Millionaire” 10/30/15

$7K: Like Nik Wallenda did on his trek across the Grand Canyon, tightrope walkers will often carry a long pole to lower their what?

A: Center of gravity
B: Terminal velocity
C: Heart rate
D: Wind resistance

Center of gravity $

$10K: Granted in 1876 the U.K.’s first registered trademark, featuring a single triangle, belongs to whom?

B: British Petroleum
C: Bass Ale
D: Bunberry

Bass Ale$

$20K: W/ a plot that hinges on a fight about water, what classic L.A. film did Marketwatch recently call “perhaps more timely than ever”?

A: “Rebel Without a Cause”
B: “The Graduate”
C: “Valley of the Dolls”
D: “Chinatown”


$30K: The word “scavenger” comes from an Old English term used to refer to what occupation?

A: Tax collector
B: Lawyer
C: Gravedigger
D: Bounty hunter

FINAL LLs (wife Eileen)

A: 26%
B: 3%
C: 46%
D: 25%

FA: WALKED (A: Tax collector)

Lillian Africano (Deal, NJ)
+1: David (son)

$500: WikiHow’s article “How to Apply Makeup” says that after washing & moisturizing your face you should first apply your concealer & next apply your what?

A: Foundation 
B: Vinyl siding
C: Support beams
D: Fiberglass insulation


$1K: Selling “beans that are a little less perfect”, ads for what irregular candies tout ’em as being “just as good at about half the price”?

A: Starburt
B: Belly Flops
C: Mr. Badbars
D: Reese’s Pieces of Junk


A: 11%
B: 70%
C: 4%
D: 15%

Belly Flops $

$2K: Considered even harder to win than the American version, the “Two Thousand Guineas”, “The Derby” & the “St. Leger” make up the British what?

A: Triple Crown of Horse Racing
B: World Series of Eating Championships
C: Super Bowl of Gymnastics Competitions
D: Grand Slam of Quilting Bees

Triple Crown of Horse Racing$

$3K: What sequel to Louisa May Alcott’s most famous work was subtitled “Life at Plumfield with Jo’s Boys”?

A: Little House in the Suburbs
B: To Resurrect a Mockingbird
C: Little Men
D: Uncle Tom’s 4th Floor Walkup

Little Men$

$5K: What singer’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV became a Top 10 Billboard hit?

A: Paula Abdul
B: Mariah Carey
C: Whitney Houston
D: Janet Jackson


$7K: Currently written in their English-language versions which of these countries’ names can be changed to its native name by replacing just one letter w/ another?

A: Spain
B: Brazil
C: Germany
D: Italy


$10K: Acc. to lifehacker.com you can rid your inbox of large amounts of spam by searching for & deleting all the messages w/ what word?

A: Hello
B: Reply
C: Unsubscribe
D: Attachment

FA: Hello (A: Unsubscribe)

QotD: There’s NO real need to stick to a recipe when making what Chinese dish since it just means “assorted pieces”?
A: Lo mein
B: Chow fun
C: Chop suey
D: Shumei

Thousandaire: Rofu Thom
While rules PREVENT U.S. Presidents from keeping most gifts from foreign governments, they can keep gifts from U.S. citizens as long as they do what?
A: Write a long thank you note
B: Pay any required taxes on ’em
C: Only use ’em on Jul. 4
D: NEVER unwrap ’em

FA: Pay any required taxes on ’em

“Millionaire” 10/29/15

$30K: Which of these Mexican dishes got its name from a Spanish word meaning “little sash” or “little belt”?

A: Fajitas
B: Tamales
C: Enchiladas
D: Quesadillas

FA: Tamales (A: Fajitas)

Tamara Stephens (Dawson Springs, KY)

$500: After a teammate shoots a free throw even if he misses it’s traditional for NBA players to do what?

A: Write ’em a nice note
B: Bake ’em a cake
C: Share a favorite Oprah movie
D: Give ’em a high-five


$1K: Peter the Great, Mahatma Gandhi & Theodore Roosevelt were some of Henry Kissinger’s choices for his list in Forbes of the seven what?

A: Tallest people in history
B: Most powerful people in history
C: Happiest people in history
D: Most kissable people in history

Most powerful people in history$

$2K: Acc. to Vegetarian-Nation.com pescatarians are “vegetarians” who still eat fish. What are “vegetarians” who still eat poultry called?

A: Crustaceatarians
B: Pollotarians
C: Porcinatarians
D: Bovitarians


$3K: Because back in ’95 he was the first customer to order a book from their website, what Seattle-based co. named a building in John Wainwright’s honor?

A: ebay
B: Google
C: Zappos
D: amazon

amazon $

$5K: Though there ISN’T a single W in it, which series of Spanish words translates to the proverbial “Five W’s” of journalism?

A: Yo, Tu, Usted, Nosotros & Ellos
B: Me, Te, Lo, Se & Nos
C: Quien, Que, Cuandro, Donde & Por Que
D: Soy, Eres, Es, Somos & Son

Quien, Que, Cuandro, Donde & Por Que$

$7K: Fitting for the man who played Al Bundy on “Married…with Children” Ed O’Neill’s star on the HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame’s located where?

A: In front of a library
B: In front of a post office
C: In front of a high school
D: In front of a shoe store

In front of a shoe store $

$10K: Falling into line w/ much of the rest of the world, in 2015 Japan passed a law lowering the legal age to do what from 20 to 18?

A: Join the military
B: Vote
C: Drive an automobile
D: Drink alcohol


A: 19%
B: 37%
C: 15%
D: 29%


$20K: Thanks to a French explorer who inspired the names of BOTH, in Maine you can drive your what to what?

A: Pontiac to Pontiac Lake
B: Peugeot to the Peugeot River
C: Cadillac to Cadillac Mountain
D: Maserati to the Maserati Forest

Peugeot to the Peugeot RiverL (A: Cadillac to Cadillac Mountain)

Mark Pagliarulo (Salem, MA)

$500: Popular w/ the elderly, Freedent gum was advertised w/ what tagline?

A: “Won’t stick to most dental work”
B: “Won’t rust your tongue stud”
C: “Skateboard on over and buy some today”
D: “Bieber chews it!”

“Won’t stick to most dental work”$

$1K: The U.S. Postal Service’s famous unofficial motto claims that its “couriers” will NOT be stopped by “snow nor rain nor heat nor…” what?

A: “Chafed thighs”
B: “Bureaucratic red tape”
C: “Gloom of night”
D: “Zombie apocalypse”

“Gloom of night”$

$2K: To better reflect “the world girls see around them”, in ’15 Mattel announced a design change that will finally enable Barbie to wear what?

A: Overalls
B: Flats
C: Top hats
D: Scarves


QotD: Though he DIDN’T write the famous “I’m not a crook” line, what TV personality was a speechwriter for President Nixon?
A: Larry King
B: Dennis Miller
C: Ben Stein
D: Jerry Springer

$3K: Because historically it was payday, when the buildings held the most money, the FBI says banks are still most likely to be ROBBED on what day of the wk.?

A: Mon.
B: Wed.
C: Tues.
D: Fri.


$5K: Accused of acting like a “sultan”, what country’s leader recently built a 1K-rm. presidential palace in a protected forest in Ankara?

A: Turkey
B: Pakistan
C: Russia
D: The Philippines


“Millionaire” 10/28/15

$3K: The founder of a famous Swiss co., Rodolphe Lindt was credited w/ inventing the conche, a machine used in the process of making what?

A: Rope
B: Chocolate
C: Beer
D: Rubber


$5K: In lieu of real cigarettes director Rob Reiner had his young actors smoke lettuce leaves while shooting what classic ’80s movie?

A: “Stand By Me”
B: “The Outsiders”
C: “Weird Science”
D: “Back to the Future”

“Stand By Me”$

$7K: “Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular” was one of the many self-appointed titles of what dictator?

A: Mobutu Sese Seko
B: Idi Amin
C: Moammar Gadhafi 
D: Robert Mugabe

Idi Amin$

$10K: To help close out his 33yrs in late night who played David Letterman’s favorite song “Everlong” under the show-ending montage on his last “LATE SHOW”?

A: R.E.M.
B: U2
C: Foo Fighters
D: Bon Jovi

50:50– U2 & FOO FIGHTERS
FA: U2

Oskar Hallig (former cosmetics co. worker in South Egremont, MA)
+1: Jamie Lloyd

$500: While the U.S. President’s official plane’s Air Force One, the BOEING 777 used by Pope Benedict XVI was commonly known as what?

A: Shepherd One
B: Blacksmith One
C: Cobbler One
D: Town Crier One

Shepherd One$

$1K: The HGTV.com article titled “Realtor’s Top 10 Tips for Wowing Buyers” said many realtors travel w/ what to help add a pleasant aroma when showing homes?

A: Their dirty laundry
B: Spoiled tuna fish
C: Toaster ovens
D: Wet sheepdogs

Toaster ovens$

$2K: Noting that it “begins in the Spring” & “leaves you to face the fall alone”, A. Bartlett Giamatti wrote that what national pastime “is designed to break your heart”?

A: Hockey
B: Baseball
C: Basketball
D: Football


A: 7%
B: 71%
C&D: 11% EACH


$3K: Thanks to their love of wallowing in mud, pigs inadvertently give themselves a natural defense against what common ailment?

A: Influenza
B: Colic
C: Headaches
D: Sunburn


$5K: On Jun. 1, 2015 who broke President Obama’s world record set 3wks earlier when she gained 1M new twitter followers in 4hrs & 3min?

A: Kate Upton
B: Katie Couric
C: Katy Perry
D: Caitlyn Jenner


$7K: Meaning “Doom of the Gods”, Ragnarok was the end of the world as told by what mythological tradition?

A: Greek
B: Roman
C: Norse
D: Egyptian


$10K: In ’08 an auction of what famous performer’s memorabilia incl. a black & blue jumpsuit that said “GFOS” & a red one that said “Sex”?

A: Mick Jagger
B: Ray Charles
C: James Brown
D: Steven Tyler

James Brown$

QotD: A natural substance called annatto is often added to cheddar cheese to do what?
A: Dye it orange
B: Speed up aging
C: Reduce its odor
D: Remove bacteria

$20K: Because it’s “not any longer a community”, Aristotle thought a city SHOULDN’T have over 100K people, meaning he’d probably DISAPPROVE of what state capital?

A: Hartford
B: Olympia
C: Annapolis
D: Frankfort


“Millionaire” 2/14/18

Amelia Hershberger (Albany)

$500: First seen in “BACK TO THE FUTURE II” & named by TIME as one of the “Best Inventions of 2016”, Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 is a shoe that does what?

A: Time travels
B: Reads minds
C: Self-laces
D: Converts into a DeLorean


$1K: W/ a bunch of ’em sometimes referred to as a “hand” because of their shape, what fruit’s name is thought to come from an Arabic word meaning “finger”?

A: Plum
B: Grape
C: Banana
D: Mango


$2K: To help prevent brain injuries in athletes scientists are studying what bird that DOESN’T get concussions despite its frequent rapid head collusions?

A: Eagle
B: Penguin
C: Woodpecker
D: Hummingbird


$3K: In 2016 a Catholic archdiocese in Scotland designed a service that matches Catholics w/ the nearest available confessional- an app that’s been nicknamed what?

A: Sindr
B: Shazam of Shame
C: I Forgive YouTube
D: Pinterest for Penances


A: 74%
B: 2%
C: 4%
D: 20%


$5K: The “curves and edges” of what swimsuit model-turned-food guru inspired her husband John Legend’s romantic hit single “All of Me”?

A: Chrissy Teigen
B: Brooklyn Decker
C: Gigi Hadid
D: Bar Refaeli


$7K: In which of these countries do nearly 100% of residents live in an urban environment?

A: Japan
B: Singapore
C: Israel
D: France


$10K: In feature films Meryl Streep has played characters w/ ALL BUT which of these first names?

A: Miranda
B: Barbara
C: Karen
D: Margaret


$20K: If a person born in 2017 lived as long as Methuselah did according to the Bible, what yr. would he live until?

A: 2216
B: 2557
C: 2986
D: 5019


$30K: Though dozens of other nations have since followed suit, 50yrs ago the U.S. became the very first country to legally require what?

A: Wearing seatbelts in cars
B: Warrants for home searches
C: Health warnings on cigarettes
D: Military draft

Health warnings on cigarettes$

$50K: On Nov. 22, 1963 Walter Cronkite fought back tears to report that “President Kennedy died at…” what “Central Standard” time?

A: 11:45 AM
B: 1 PM
C: 2:30 PM 
D: 4:15 PM

LAST LL (hubby Jason)

QotD: While it sounds like a modern creation which of the following words was actually used as far back as 1936?
A: Infotainment
B: Crowdsource
C: Guesstimate
D: Bromance

Thousandaire: Heidi Eichmuller (Mitchell, SD)
Due to security concerns following the attack on Pearl Harbor, in ’42 which college football game was moved from Pasadena to Durham, NC?
A: Sugar Bowl
B: Cotton Bowl
C: Fiesta Bowl
D: Rose Bowl

FA: Sugar Bowl

“Millionaire” 2/6/18

$10K: What mythical creature did Roman philosopher Lucretius say could NOT actually exist because the horse-half would age much faster than the man-half?

A: Griffin
B: Centaur
C: Sphinx
D: Hydra


$20K: Only a handful of Presidents have had names where their first initial’s the same as their last. How many of those have come after Calvin Coolidge?

B: One
C: Two
D: Three


$30K: It’s tradition for ALL nine Supreme Court justices to shake hands w/ each other before entering the chamber. When they do, how many handshakes take place in total?

A: 24
B: 36
C: 72
D: 81


Keara Kelleher (14)(Brooklyn Park, MN)

$500: Founded in ’39 what’s the name of the sports organization that provides 2.4M kids w/ the opportunity to play baseball & softball each yr.?

A: Little League
B: Baby Ball
C: Imps in the Outfield
D: Brats with Bats

Little League$

$1K: Introduced last Spring the limited-edition soft drink Pepsi Fire was advertised as having the flavor of what?

A: A burning building
B: Volcanic ash
C: Toxic smoke
D: Cinnamon


$2K: In Jul. ’16 @ReadingRainbow fittingly sent a congratulatory tweet to Dr. Carla Hayden, the first woman & African-American to hold what federal job?

A: Surgeon General
B: Secretary of Defense
C: Librarian of Congress
D: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Librarian of Congress$

$3K: Playing against type, Julia Roberts portrayed an evil queen in the ’12 movie “Mirror, Mirror”, which was a retelling of what classic fairy tale?

A: Cinderella
B: Snow White
C: Rapunzel
D: Hansel & Gretel

Snow White$

$5K: W/ a relationship dating back to the Revolutionary War what country’s often described as “America’s oldest ally”?

A: Italy
B: Australia
C: France
D: Mexico


$7K: Assuming you DON’T go first what’s the maximum number of turns you can have in a standard game of tic-tac-toe- three, four, five or six?

$10K: Which of the following things happened first?

A: The first Instagram post
B: The first facebook like
C: The first twitter hashtag
D: The first text message

Text message$

QotD: One source of funding for students at Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute is the Nasir Jones what?
A: Hiphop Fellowship
B: Astrophysics Scholarship
C: Political Science Award
D: Women’s Studies Prize

$20K: Enticing future space miners, what asteroid named for the Greek goddess of the soul do astronomers believe may contain over $10K quadrillion worth of metals?

A: 15 Venus
B: 16 Psyche
C: 17 Luna
D: 18 Nemesis

CUT (A: 16 Psyche)

$20K Q #2: Which animal’s cited as an example in Britannica’s article on “pinnipeds” which are “shaped like torpedoes” w/ “wide torsos and narrower hindquarters”?

A: Stingray
B: Walrus
C: Seahorse
D: Octopus

StingrayL (A: Walrus)

“Millionaire” 2/5/18

Henry Huschke (14)(Traverse City, MI)

$500: Acc. to Euclid’s theorem there are infinitely many what?

A: Lame cable channels
B: Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
C: Annoying YouTube celebrities
D: Prime numbers

Prime numbers$

$1K: Earning a spot on Forbes‘ 2017 “Top-30 Under-30” list, 19-yr.-old inventor Ann Makosinski’s known for her invention of a flashlight powered by what?

A: Leprechauns
B: A team of horses
C: Black magic
D: The heat from your hand

Heat from your hand$

$2K: Derived from the Latin root “vorare” the suffix “-vore” is used to form words that tell us what about an animal?

A: What they eat
B: How big they are
C: What color they are
D: How many legs they have

What they eat$

$3K: Which of the following’s a phrase found in the title of a “Hunger Games” movie & NOT a variety of Mountain DeW?

A: “Live Wire”
B: “Code Red”
C: “Catching Fire”
D: “Pitch Black”

“Catching Fire”$

$5K: Imagine you flip a coin nine times & ALL nine times it comes up heads- what are the chances it will come up heads on the 10th flip?

A: 10%
B: 50%
C: 90%
D: 99.99%


$7K: In nature what’s typically yellow, green or orange?

A: Octopus ink
B: Firefly light
C: A robin’s egg
D: A giraffe’s tongue

Firefly light$

$10K: Named for the wife of Perseus in Greek mythology what closest large galaxy to ours is predicted to merge w/ the Milk Way in about 4B yrs.?

A: Andromeda
B: Isis
C: Medusa
D: Cassiopeia


$20K: If you put ALL of Santa’s reindeer incl. Rudolph in alphabetical order which reindeer would come exactly in the middle?

A: Dancer
B: Cupid
C: Donner
D: Dasher


A: 13%
B: 18%
C: 45%
D: 24%

DonnerAUDIENCED OUT (+1: Dad)

David Gold (13)(Port Washington, NY)

$500: Boasting over 300K graduates a McDonald’s-run “university” offers students degrees in what area of study?

A: Paleontology
B: Psychobiology
C: Nanotechnology
D: Hamburgerology


$1K: Finish this line sung by the Von Trapp children in “The Sound of Music”- “So long, farewell”:

A: “Auf Wiedersehen, what’s poppin’?”
B: “Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye”
C: “Auf Wiedersehen, you feel me?”
D: “Auf Wiedersehen, Felicia!”

“Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye”$

$2K: While it only cost a quarter when it opened in ’27, the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster’s now 40 times as expensive w/ a single ride costing how much?

A: $8
B: $10
C: $12
D: $18


$3K: On what website will you find links to several tourist attractions said to have inspired the animators of PIXAR’s “Brave”?

A: VisitSaudiArabia.com
B: VisitScotland.com
C: VisitSouthKorea.com
D: VisitSpain.com

VisitScotland.com $

$5K: Which of the following’s NOT true of the word “deed”?

A: It’s a palindrome
B: It’s spelled w/ letters in the musical alphabet
C: It’s polysyllabic
D: It can be BOTH a noun & a verb


A: 2%
B: 4%
C: 71%
D: 23%

It’s polysyllabic$

QotD: Made famous by Johnny Cash the song “A Boy Named Sue” was written by what children’s author?
A: Dr. Seuss
B: Maurice Sendak
C: Shel Silverstein
D: Roald Dahl

$7K: Which of these geographical features DOESN’T touch the U.S. state in its name?

A: Lake Michigan
B: Colorado River
C: Gulf of California
D: Massachusetts Bay

+1 (dad) & CUT (A: Gulf of California)

$7K Q #2: To find the second number of seconds in a yr. you’d multiply 60 X 60 X 24 X what?

A: 12
B: 30.5
C: 52
D: 365