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“Millionaire” 5/31/18

Ian Manka (L.A.)

$500: Named for its co-founder’s mom the frozen seafood brand Mrs. Paul’s lists ALL of these as ingredients in its fish sticks EXCEPT what?

A: Alaska pollock
B: Breadcrumbs
C: Vegetable oil
D: Mr. Paul

Mr. Paul$

$1K: What mystic syllable & sacred manta often overheard in yoga classes appears at the beginning & end of most Sanskrit prayers?

A: Ow!
B: Oy!
D: Om


$2K: What music legend’s complete works were recently released in a massive 200-CD box set incl. a “bonus track” written w/ his contemporary Antonio Salieri?

A: Michael Jackson
B: Elton John
C: Mozart
D: Justin Bieber


$3K: In addition to its NOTORIOUS Rabbit Fence Australia also built a 134-mile-long barrier to control the migration of what 2nd-tallest bird in the world?

A: Emu
B: Vulture
C: Condor
D: Pelican


$5K: Though it’s popular casual wear today the Breton top was orig. part of the uniform of the French Navy & was required to feat. exactly what?

A: 16 diamonds
B: 21 stripes
C: 44 polka-dots
D: 64 checkered squares

21 stripes$

$7K: Judging by their occupational surnames ancestors of Michael Fassbender & which other actor were likely BOTH engaged in the profession of barrelmaking?

A: Adam Sandler
B: Shia LaBeouf
C: Bradley Cooper
D: Jeremy Renner


$10K: Acc. to the most recent statistics there are nearly 114M what in the U.S., down from a high of more than 137M in 2008?

A: Trees
B: Registered cars
C: Smartphones
D: McDonald’s restaurants

Reg. cars$

$20K: Finally stepping down for health reasons in Feb. 2008 Fidel Castro served as the leader of Cuba during how many different U.S. presidencies?

A: Eight
B: Nine
C: 10
D: 11

+1 (Patrick)

$30K: Discussing the store’s bestselling bookcases IKEA president Lars Petersson said “In spite of the fact that people seem not to buy books anymore, they buy…” what?



A: 30%
B: 18%
C: 39%
D: 13%


QotD: While “the bends” refers to joint pain “the chokes” & “the staggers” are names for the respiratory & neurological symptoms of what?
A: Vertigo
B: Diabetes
C: Decompression sickness
D: Syphilis

$50K: In a 2012 study the NIH analyzed almost 140K deliveries & found that on avg. first-time moms spend how long in labor before giving birth?

A: 1.5 hrs.
B: 3.5 hrs.
C: 6.5 hrs.
D: 10.5 hrs

LCLS– 6.5 HRS. & 10.5 HRS.
WALKED (A: 6.5 hrs.)


“Millionaire” 5/30/18

John Lance (Dayton)

$500: Playground to NY’s rich & famous the Long Island resort known as The Hamptons incl. ALL BUT which of these places?

A: East Hampton
B: Southampton
C: Bridgehampton
D: Honey-Baked Hampton

Honey-Baked Hampton$

$1K: In “The Little Drummer Boy” after the boy played his best for the newborn King the baby acknowledged his skills how?

A: By throwing two bucks in his hat
B: By smiling at him
C: By offering him a recording contract
D: By booing & yelling “Take some lessons!”

By smiling at him$

$2K: The recent SELF article “Misty on Pointe” profiled the grueling workout regimen of Misty Copeland, a celebrated what?

A: U.S. senator
B: Disc jockey
C: Ballet dancer
D: Forest ranger

Ballet dancer$

$3K: Three of the following list an OSCAR-winning Best Picture w/ one of the words in its title replaced by an antonym- which one DOESN”T?

A: “No Country for Old Men”
B: “American Ugliness”
C: “Live Hard”
D: “The Healed Locker”

“Live Hard”$

$5K: To conserve the habitat of creatures like the orangutan animal rights groups urge parents to buy Halloween candy made w/ 100% sustainable what?

A: Palm oil
B: Almonds
C: High-fructose corn syrup
D: Gelatin


A: 47%
B: 15%
C: 38%
D: 10%

Palm oil$

$7K: As was the case in 2016 the latest that a federal Election Day can be held is on what date?

A: 11/4
B: 11/6
C: 11/8
D: 11/10


$10K: Inspired by a classic EMINEM hit what word does OED define as “An overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity”?

A: Debbi
B: Ken
C: Stan
D: Erica


$20K: In 1981 Roberto Goizueta became the 1st Latino CEO of a Fortune 500 firm when he took the top job at what co. w/ the stock symbol KO?

B: ConAgra
C: Coca-Cola
D: Colgate-Palmolive


$30K: While A’s by far the most common last letter in the names of the world’s countries what’s the 2nd-most common last letter?

A: N
B: O
C: E
D: D


QotD: What popular game’s avail. in sets of different sizes incl. “double six”, “double nine” & “double twelve”?
A: Billiards
B: Dominoes
C: Backgammon
D: Darts

$50K: What future Victoria’s Secret “Angel” was discovered in the early ’90s after taking a modeling course w/ her twin sister Patricia?

A: Naomi Campbell
B: Gisele Bundchen
C: Elle Macpherson
D: Tyra Banks

WALKED (A: Gisele)

“Millionaire”- 16TH S.F.

Heather Legg (real estate agent in NSH)

$500: What was the name of the ’90s girl group behind hits like “Wannabe”?

A: The Spice Girls
B: The Seasonings Sisters
C: The Savory Singers
D: The Condiment Clan

The Spice Girls$

$1K: Because being away from the job makes it hard to hide embezzlement the FDIC strongly suggests that who be forced to take 2wk vacations?

A: Dog groomers
B: Bankers
C: New Yorker cartoonists
D: Monks


$2K: You may smell like a baby koala the next time you catch a cold because the Australian Koala Foundation says that due to their diet they smell like what?

A: VICKS DayQuil
B: Eucalyptus cough drops
C: Vitamin C tablets
D: VICKS VapoRub

Eucalyptus cough drops$

$3K: A recent off-Broadway “remix” or hip-hop version of what Shakespeare play feat. the two-faced Iago was advertised w/ the slogan “Moor Money, Moor Problems”?

A: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
B: “Romeo & Juliet”
C: “Othello”
D: “The Tempest”


A: 21%
B: 8%
C: 45%
D: 26%


$5K: On what retro sitcom does Wendi McLendon-Covey often wear actual ’80s sweaters & pantsuits mailed in by the show creator’s mom?

A: “Fresh Off the Boat”
B: “New Girl”
C: “The Goldbergs”
D: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”

“The Goldbergs”$

$7K: What do the capitals of NV, MO, OK & UT ALL have in common?

A: They were founded in the 20th C.
B: They have populations under 100K
C: They’re ALL located at the same latitude
D: Their names end in “City”

“City” $

$10K: FatSecret.com says if you’re on a low-carb diet you’ll want to avoid what fruit which packs a whopping 34g of carbohydrates in one cup of slices?

A: Pear
B: Banana
C: Apple
D: Pineapple

LLs GONE (mom Joyce)- BANANA & APPLE

$20K: When the Red Sox & Cubs won World Series after droughts of 86 & 108yrs what front office exec. was credited w/ breaking TWO legendary curses?

A: Brian Sabean
B: Sandy Alderson
C: Billy Beane
D: Theo Epstein

FA: Sabean

QotD: “Cutthroat” is a popular three-person version of what game?
A: Pool
B: Checkers
C: Table tennis
D: Bowling

Thousandaire: Dana Lopez
A person w/ “sinus inversus” might place his hand on the right-hand side of his chest when saying the Pledge of Allegiance since his what are laterally inverted?
A: Nostrils
B: Vertebrae
C: Organs
D: Digits

FA: Vertebrae (A: Organs)

“Millionaire” 5/29/18

Sebastian Davis (engineer from NSH who’s living in an RV)

$500: Claiming it coats her throat & helps her vocal chords Selena Gomez has revealed that she drinks a bit of what before going on stage?

A: Jet fuel
B: Olive oil
C: Liquid-Plumr
D: Rattlesnake venom

Olive oil$

$1K: After a TUMULTUOUS ’16 facebook gave users a guide on “How to Spot” what in ’17?

A: False news
B: False teeth
C: False modesty
D: False starts

False news$

$2K: Borrowed from the Ojibwa Native American tribe, fittingly, what does the word “michigami” roughly translate to in English?

A: Tall mountain
B: Big valley
C: Great lake
D: Giant forest

Great lake$

$3K: Just days after MLK, Jr. was SHOT a teacher wrote Charles Schultz asking him to add a black character to Peanuts, leading to the creation of whom?

A: Franklin
B: Sally
C: Schroeder
D: Marcie


A: 92%
B: 2%
C: 6%


$5K: Often described as “string-like” where on your body would you find your frenulum linguae?

A: In your nose
B: On your ear
C: Between your front teeth
D: Under your tongue

Under your tongue$

$7K: Ironically what Red Sox player said before the ’86 World Series that his NIGHTMARE was “letting the winning run score with a ground ball between your legs”?

A: Pete Rose
B: Cal Ripken, Jr.
C: Bill Buckner
D: George Brett


$10K: FOX has announced plans to broadcast a live version of what famous musical?

A: “Cats”
B: “Avenue Q”
C: “A Chorus Line”
D: “Rent”


$20K: Which warm “sister planet” of Earth revolves on its axis so slowly its days last longer than its yrs.?

A: Mercury
B: Venus
C: Mars
D: Jupiter

MercuryL (A: Venus)

Ellen Portilla (Thousand Oaks)

$500: In the title of the classic NBC drama “ER” what did the letters stand for?

A: Elevator racing
B: Emergency room
C: Enraged Romanians
D: Elephant rollerbladers

Emergency rm.$

$1K: In a quote often attributed to Mark Twain which sport was described as “…a good walk spoiled”?

A: Tennis
B: Football
C: Golf
D: Surfing


A: 2%
B: 1%
C: 94%
D: 3%


$2K: 50 Cent credits Sharon Osbourne for coining what nickname of his after she called him that at the BET Awards in ’04?

A: Fiddy
B: Diddy
C: Kitty
D: Whoopi


$3K: Because of its spelling which of these words refers to only a male & NOT a female?

A: Employee
B: Mannequin
C: Pedestrian
D: Fiance

MannequinTHOUSANDAIRED OUT (A: Fiance)

QotD: Since Wookiee fur DOESN’T exist, to make Chewbacca for the orig. “STAR WARS” they primarily used the hair of what animal?
A: Koala
B: Tiger
C: Camel
D: Yak

Thousandaire: Kaylee Price (attends Michigan St.)
Anglicans & Roman Catholics celebrate the feast day once known as Hallowmas on the 1st of what month?
A: Apr.
B: Nov.
C: Sept.
D: Jan.

FA: Nov.

“Millionaire” 3/13/18

$7K: The title of what TV host’s ’16 memoir Born a Crime referred to the fact that he was born to a black mom & white dad in apartheid South Africa?

A: Steve Harvey
B: RuPaul
C: Trevor Noah
D: Wayne Brady

Trevor $

$10K: In which area of the home would you be most likely to regularly use the chemical compound sodium hypochlorite?

A: Bedroom
B: Laundry rm.
C: Office
D: Dining rm.

Laundry rm.$

$20K: If an official Spalding NBA basketball could be separated like a tangerine along its black lines how many sections would there be?

A: Four
B: Six
C: Eight
D: 12

WALKED (A: Eight)

Dan Marsh (craps dealer)

$500: Also called “a bicycle built for two” a tandem bicycle typically has its riders sitting in which position?

A: Back-to-back
B: Face-to-face
C: One behind the other
D: On each other’s laps

One behind the other$

$1K: Which common English word means “I hear” in Latin?

A: Audio
B: Video
C: Cardio
D: Fabio


$2K: In an attempt to attract younger viewers organizers of the 2024 Paris Olympics have considered adding eSports also known as competitive what?

A: Online shopping
B: Video gaming
C: Internet trolling
D: Day trading

Video gaming$

$3K: “Martinis & Medicine” was a DVD box set that incl. ALL 11 seasons of what classic TV series set in a mobile Army surgical hospital?

A: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
B: “The Jeffersons”
C: “Laverne & Shirley”
D: “M*A*S*H”


$5K: Borden’s mascot Elsie the Cow was “married” to a bull w/ what name who later became the face of the co.’s chemical products division?

A: Ronald
B: Sam
C: Elmer
D: Tony


$7K: Which two months of the yr. were named after Roman goddesses?

A: Mar. & Apr.
B: May & Jun.
C: Jul. & Aug.
D: Sept. & Oct.

May & Jun.$

$10K: The difference between which of the following foods DOESN’T have to do w/ the plants’ species but simply their ripeness at the time they were harvested?

A: Green & black olives
B: Zucchini & yellow squash
C: Black & pinto beans
D: Cauliflower & broccoli

Green/black olives$

$20K: Regarding the first four letters of its name why was the popular arcade game called Skee-Ball?

A: It’s short for “basketball”
B: It’s the creator’s last name
C: The ball flies up like a ski jumper
D: It stands for “Sloped Kids’ Elongated Entertainment”

The ball flies up like a ski jumper$

$30K: If you have ALL of your adult teeth incl. your wisdom teeth what percentage of ’em are molars?

A: 12.5%
B: 25%
C: 37.5%
D: 50%


A: 14%
B: 43%
C: 34%
D: 9%


QotD: Jetta & Scirocco being two examples Volkswagen’s known for naming its cars after well-known what?
A: Ocean trenches
B: Wind currents
C: Fault lines
D: Tectonic plates

$50K: Of these characters in OSCAR-winning movies which one DIDN’T appear in the film until the 47min mark, the longest wait out of all of ’em?

A: Hannibal in “The Silence of the Lambs”
B: Han Solo in “STAR WARS”
C: Bubba in “Forrest Gump”
D: The Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz”

LCLS (sister Karen)
FA: Bubba (A: Han Solo)

“Millionaire” 2/29/16

Matt Wellenbach (Somerville, MA)
+1: Dad Andy

$500: Though it might sound like a LAME superhero what actual agricultural magazine’s aimed at “potato growers, packers, shippers and processors”?

A: National Hog Farmer
B: Backyard Poultry
C: Spudman
D: Corn and Soybean Digest


$1K: Now commonly used to describe an overly-critical person what term was once reserved for the act of removing lice eggs from one’s scalp?

A: Nitpicking
B: Handwringing
C: Headbanging
D: Kneeslapping


$2K: Acc. to the WSJ some online forums recommend SCOLDING what in front of your pet so they DON’T feel threatened by their latest technology purchase?

A: iRobot Roomba
B: Apple iPhone
C: amazon Kindle
D: Apple watch


$3K: Ironically after starring in two films on the subject Johnny Depp admitted that because of a childhood allergy he’s NOT a big fan of what?

A: Pizza
B: Strawberries
C: Almonds
D: Chocolate


$5K: Because they can overcompensate for daytime fasting w/ nighttime bingeing the LA Times reports that Muslims often gain weight during what month?

A: Muharram
B: Safar
C: Ramadan
D: Rajab


$7K: It takes about 3hrs by train to make what trip from a neighborhood in London to a city in Belgium?

A: Geneva to Geneva
B: Rotterdam to Rotterdam
C: Waterloo to Waterloo
D: Ravenna to Ravenna

Waterloo to Waterloo$

$10K: As an homage to the computer language it used how was the Hotmail email service stylized upon its debut in ’96?

A: hOTmaIL
B: hotmAIL
C: HoTMaiL
D: HOtMAil


A&D: 1% EACH
B: 2%
C: 96%


$20K: Released in ’58 the first Christmas song to top the Billboard Hot 100 was credited to what fictional characters?

A: The Peanuts Gang
B: The Chipmunks
C: The Looney Tunes
D: Minney & Mickie Mouse

The Peanuts GangFA

Maurice Coleman (BAL, MD)

$500: Acc. to legend when Lady Godiva rode NAKED to save her townsfolk from taxes who was the one looky-loo who DIDN’T shutter their windows?

A: Nervous Nellie
B: Peeping Tom
C: Tricky Dick
D: Agoraphobic Angie

Peeping Tom$

$1K: Offering larger items incl. blouses, slacks & jumpers, in 1992 the USPS unveiled specialized uniforms for their mail carriers who are what?

A: Over 6.5ft tall
B: Extremely fashion-conscious
C: Over the age of 75
D: Pregnant


$2K: Salon.com explores the history of what movie genre’s signature soundtrack in an article subtitled “Boom-Chicka-Wah-Wah”?

A: Historical documentaries
B: X-rated movies
C: Science fiction
D: Bollywood films

X-rated movies$

$3K: Due to its “highly integrated cast” what classic children’s show was BANNED in MS for a number of wks. in the early ’70s?

A: “Rocky and Bullwinkle”
B: “Lassie”


$5K: BOSCH credits Albert Kaufmann of Switzerland w/ inventing what in the 1940s when he put a serrated blade into the needle slot of his wife’s sewing machine?

A: Deli slicer
B: Electric jigsaw
C: Tattoo gun
D: Paper shredder

Elec. jigsaw$

QotD: Bonnie Parker helped break Clyde Barrow out of jail to become partners in crime but left what family member to languish in prison?
A: Brother
B: Father
C: Husband
D: Nephew

$7K: Often boasting the best views what theatrical seating section’s named for the expectation that its attendees will look nice?

A: Tuxedo row
B: Dress circle
C: Tiara tier
D: Lipstick loge

Dress circle$

“Millionaire” 5/18/18

Monya De (primary care physician in Santa Monica)

$500: While most people in his line of work use one the legendary composer Leopold Stokowski preferred to do his job w/o what?

A: Baton
B: Starter pistol
C: Ventriloquist dummy
D: Parachute

Baton $

$1K: Back when cannons were on wheels on warships an unsecured one could roll around & injure sailors, inspiring what term for a dangerously-uncontrollable thing?

A: Loose cannon
B: Wacky cannon
C: Confetti cannon
D: Nick Cannon

Loose cannon$

$2K: When Denny’s closed for Christmas in ’98 ending its 24hr service for the 1st time ever many mgrs. discovered they needed to buy what?

A: Door locks
B: Cash registers
C: Dumpsters
D: Salt shakers

Door locks$

$3K: While the overall leader of the Tour de France wears a yellow jersey the winner of the mountain stage wears the “maillot a pois rouges”, a white jersey w/ what?

A: Green diamonds
B: Red dots
C: Blue flowers
D: Black stripes

Red dots $

$5K: Based on a movie what Broadway musical’s numbers incl. “Ohmigod You Guys”, “Bend and Snap” & “The Harvard Variations”?

A: “Hairspray”
B: “Sister Act”
C: “Newsies”
D: “Legally Blonde”

“Legally Blonde”$

$7K: The Park City, UT-based co. Skullcandy specializes in what items usually worn on or near the skull?

A: Earrings
B: Sunglasses
C: Hair clips
D: Headphones


$10K: Popular in Britain what classic artery-clogging dish consists of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter usually served w/ gravy?

A: Frog on the log
B: Toad in the hole
C: Newt in the boat
D: Lizard on the grass

Toad in the hole $

$20K: In 2016 the boundaries of the South China Sea were clarified after a prolonged legal battle between China & what country?

A: Thailand
B: The Philippines
C: Sri Lanka
D: South Korea

South KoreaLEFT ALL LLs ON BOARD (A: The Philippines)

Kevin Daniels (beer vendor in HOU)

$500: Symbolizing the hope for good fortune on voyages a ship’s christening ceremony traditionally involves a bottle of what being smashed over the hull?

A: Suntan lotion
B: Champagne
C: Ketchup
D: Body glitter


$1K: Hong Kong’s leading stock market index’s known as the “Hang…” what?

A: Tough
B: Over
C: Seng
D: A right at the corner


$2K: Known to same as “The King of Tears” Nashville legend Bobby Braddock (co-)wrote ALL BUT which of the following songs?

A: “Hard Times”
B: “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”
C: “He Stopped Loving Her Today”
D: “What Does the Fox Say?”

“What Does the Fox Say?”$

$3K: Which of these’s the artistic-sounding name of a famously scenic desert located in AZ?

A: Ceramic
B: Painted
C: Chiseled
D: Woven


$5K: Animal Farm, Infinite Jest & The Hunger Games ALL appear on the Wikipedia page entitled “List of…” what?

A: Dystopian Literature
B: Novels w/ Talking Animals
C: Books Longer Than 1,000 Pages
D: Stories About Archery


A: 69%
B: 7%
C&D: 12% EACH

“…Dystopian Literature”$

$7K: It was thought that Kevin Spacey’s character on “House of Cards” was named after what AL politician who declined the chance to run as Woodrow Wilson’s V-P?

A: Davison Palmer
B: Oscar Underwood
C: Mortimer Kirkman
D: James Bartlet


QotD: By definition people w/ the medical condition anosmia have a hard time doing what?
A: Crying
B: Chewing
C: Blinking 
D: Smelling

Thousandaire: Alyssa Ardman (grad student in speech & language pathology from PHI)
What grocery store brand donates ALL profits after taxes to various charities?
A: Stouffer’s
B: Newman’s Own
C: Pepperidge Farm
D: Sargento

FA: Pepperidge Farm