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“Millionaire” 11/22/17

James Coker (comedian in BKN)

$500: In a popular saying, a sudden unexpected win is referred to as “Snatching victory from the…” what?

A: Jaws of defeat
B: Armpits of loss
C: Bellybutton of humiliation
D: Thigh gap of disaster

“…jaws of defeat”$

$1K: If you constantly have trouble figuring out which way the fitted sheet goes on your bed, Lifehacker.com suggests you do what?

A: Call 911
B: Burn it in your backyard
C: Note which bed corner gets the tag
D: Never sleep again

Note which bed corner gets the tag$

$2K: Clunkers incl. Coke II, “BiC for Her” pens & Google Glass are ALL pieces feat. in Sweden’s new Museum of what?

A: Google Products
B: Historical Writing Implements
C: Classic Soft Drinks
D: Failure


$3K: The 54 in the name of the legendary Manhattan disco Studio 54 was inspired by what?

A: The club’s max. capacity
B: The avg. age of its patrons
C: Its address
D: The yr. disco started

Its address$

$5K: Not to be confused w/ the band who scored a ’98 hit w/ “One Week”, the flowers called Belladonna Lilies are commonly known by what provocative name?

A: Winking Violets
B: Naked Ladies
C: Forget-Me-Naughties
D: Daisy Dukes

Naked Ladies$

$7K: Which of the following’s NEITHER the name of a Nobel Prize-winning author NOR a type of tie NOR a popular brand of pasta?

A: Bellow
B: Bolo
C: Barlowe
D: Barilla


A: 56%
B: 10%
C: 31%
D: 3%


Susan Jann (Bristol, PA)

$500: At CAESARS PALACE rubbing the Statue of David’s big toe is said to bring you what?

A: Good luck
B: Athlete’s foot
C: A tax audit
D: Odd looks from security

Good luck$

$1K: Decades after the song was released the Nat’l Music Publishers Assn. moved to “correct the record” by giving a co-writing credit for John Lennon’s “Imagine” to whom?

A: Lady GaGa
B: Carrie Underwood
C: Yoko Ono
D: Weird Al Yankovic

Yoko Ono$

$2K: Boasting more than 8.5M users Grubhub.com is a website where customers can order what?

A: Food
B: Hubcaps
C: Insect larvae
D: Husbands

Food $

$3K: For a mere $18.5K a yr. you can drive a brand new luxury car every month thanks to a subscription service from what division of General Motors?

B: Buick
C: Cadillac
D: Chevrolet


$5K: In the finale of which popular NBC show did the graduates of Bayside High travel to Vegas to watch Kelly & Zack finally get hitched?

A: “The Wonder Years”
C: “SAVED by the BELL”
D: “Freaks and Geeks”

“SAVED by the BELL”$

$7K: Which phrase best applies to the biological & personal identification of a “cisgendered” person?

A: Female identifying as male
B: Male identifying as female
C: Female identifying as female
D: NO gender identification preference

Female identifying as female$

$10K: In what Central American country was the longstanding Somoza dynasty overthrown by the Sandinistas in 1979?

A: Panama
B: El Salvador
C: Guatemala
D: Nicaragua

Nicaragua $

$20K: After the orig. version of the team moved to Baltimore & became the Ravens in ’96, which team rejoined the NFL under its own name three yrs. later?

A: Houston Oilers
B: Cleveland Browns
C: Indianapolis Colts
D: L.A. Rams

AtA & 50:50

A: 10%
B: 37% (LEFT)
C: 31% (LEFT)
D: 22%


QotD: The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak is the nemesis of what children’s cartoon character?
A: “Strawberry Shortcake”
B: “Rainbow Brite”
C: “My Little Pony”
D: “Smurfette”

$30K: In the ’16 animated movie “Kubo and the Two Strings” the hero Kubo played music on what traditional stringed Japanese instrument (that usually has three strings)?

A: Koto
B: Shamisen
C: Taiko
D: Shakuhachi


$50K: Just like NY’s largest city is NYC, the most populous city in three of these states also contains the state’s name- which one is NOT?


FA: VA (A: IA)


“Millionaire” 11/20/17

Cameron Mathison (Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation)

$500: In a famous parable from the book of Luke, what biblical delicacy was served at the celebration honoring the return of the Prodigal Son?

A: Meat lover’s pizza
B: Six-foot party sub
C: Ice cream cake
D: Fatted calf

Fatted calf$

$1K: The U.K. PM’s official residence’s 10 Downing Street. What other government official’s residence’s next door at 11 Downing St.?

B: “Mary Poppins”
C: The Chancellor of the Exchequer
D: Ebeneezer Scrooge

Chancellor of the Exchequer$

$2K: Acc. to the Mayo Clinic getting rid of your carpeting & replacing it w/ hardwood can be a good move if you’re suffering from what respiratory ailment?

A: Toothache
B: Asthma
C: Vision loss
D: Male-pattern baldness


$3K: Founded by two Harvard Business School students (& apparent “BATMAN” fans), Hello Alfred is an on-demand service for people who need what?

A: Architect
B: Butler
C: Mechanic
D: Personal trainer


$5K: In Oct. ’16 Kim Kardashian was famously the victim of a jewel heist while staying at a swanky hotel located on Rue Tronchet in which city?

A: Rome
B: Berlin
C: Barcelona
D: Paris


$7K: Lundo, Marto, Merkredo, Jaudo, Vendredo, Sabato & Dimanco are what?

A: 7 Seas in Mandarin
B: 7 Days of the Week in Esperanto
C: 7 Deadly Sins in Latin
D: Snow White’s 7 Dwarfs in Italian

7 Days of the Wk. in Esperanto$

$10K: The ’17 Academy Awards ended a 14yr streak of someone winning either a Best Actor or Best Actress OSCAR for playing a what?

A: Musician
B: Criminal
C: Political figure
D: Real-life person

Real-life person$

$20K: What Italian designer made his first pair of shoes in 1907 at the age of nine for his sister to wear to her confirmation?

A: Gianni Versace
B: Salvatore Ferragamo
C: Giorgio Armani
D: Manolo Blahnik


$30K: Separated by only 41 miles what two U.S. state capitals are closest to each other?

A: Hartford & Albany
B: Boston & Providence
C: Oklahoma City & Topeka
D: Salem & Sacramento

OUT OF LLs (Debbie St. John)

A: 3%
B: 90%
C: 7%

BOS & Providence $

QotD: During mating season what animal’s males engage in high-speed headbutting competition?
A: Black bear
B: Llama
C: Mountain lion
D: Bighorn sheep

$50K: Which of these things often seen in STARBUCKS is closest in function to the Middle Eastern item known as a zarf?

A: Apron
B: Cardboard cup sleeve
C: Tip jar
D: Wooden stir stick

FA: BAILED (A: Cardboard cup sleeve)

“Millionaire” 11/17/17

Amanda Wylie (Franklin, MA)(13)

$500: Which of these is NOT worn by the Statue of Liberty?

A: Robe
B: Sandals
C: Crown
D: Nose ring

Nose ring$

$1K: Acc. to the Humane Society website you should mix hydrogen peroxide, baking soda & dishwashing liquid if you want to do what to your dog?

A: Make it invisible
B: Triple its size overnight
C: De-skunk it
D: Turn it into a cat

De-skunk it$

$2K: Toys modeled after which movie villain make use of U.S. Trademark #77419252, described as “the sound…created by breathing through a SCUBA tank regulator”?

A: Lord Voldemort
B: Hannibal Lecter
C: Darth Vader
D: Freddy Krueger

Darth Vader $

$3K: Which of these numbers, whose square root’s 11, equals the world record for the most scoops of I.C. ever balanced on one cone?

A: 101
B: 111
C: 121
D: 131


$5K: In total how many sets of double letters are there in the names of the states that have Nashville & Boston as their state capitals?

A: Three
B: Four
C: Five
D: Six


Pranav Arunandhi (Rochester Hills, MI)(14)

$500: Thought to have inspired the name of a Dr. Seuss character, the French word “grincheux” means what in English?

A: Generous
B: Gigantic
C: Grumpy
D: Garlicky


$1K: Causing fierce debate, an A was recently added to the school curriculum acronym STEM to make it STEAM- what does the A represent?

A: Acupuncture
B: Arts
C: Alchemy
D: Animal training

Arts $

$2K: As “SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK!” told us: “Every person you can know, and every place that you can go, and anything that you can show, you know they’re…” what?

A: Nouns
B: Verbs
C: Adjectives
D: Curse words


$3K: Inspired by the term for a baby kangaroo or koala, OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE DOESN’T offer its young diners a kids menu, but a what?

A: Hatchling Menu
B: Joey Menu
C: Whelp Menu
D: Pup Menu

Joey Menu$

$5K: The answer to which of the following equations is NOT one?

A: 64-32-16-8-4-2-1
B: 100 + (1-100)
C: 1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1
D: 1+2-3+4-5+6-7+8-9


$7K: After Stephen Douglas accused him in a debate of being two-faced, who was said to have replied “Honestly, if I were two-faced, would I be showing you this one”?

A: Ulysses S. Grant
B: Abraham Lincoln
C: T. Roosevelt
D: Andrew Jackson


$10K: “Because you’ve incited the formation of lachrymal agent syn-Propanethial S-oxide” was an explanation for why you do which of these things?

A: Get a headache after eating ice cream
B: Cry when chopping onions
C: Sneeze when inhaling pepper
D: Pass gas after eating beans

Cry when chopping onions $

$20K: Three of these choices are definitions of words that can be created by removing the last letter of a U.S. state capital. Which one is NOT?

A: A selling of goods at bargain prices
B: The 8th month of the Gregorian calendar
C: The last name of “STAR WARS'” Kylo
D: A white bird used as a peace symbol

Kylo’s last name$

QotD: Though they DON’T offer classes about fangs, Transylvania University’s an actual school located in what U.S. state?

$30K: As written below, which of the following is NOT entirely made up of symbols from the periodic table of elements?

A: B U N C H
B: Dy N Am I Te
C: C Ho Co Ho Li C
D: Ci Ta Ti O N

C Ho Co Ho Li CL (A: Ci Ta Ti O N)

“Millionaire” 11/16/17

$5K: Though he did grad school at his hometown’s Univ. of Oslo, what wintry country’s Crown Prince Haakon Magnus got his undergrad degree from UC-Berkeley?

A: Denmark
B: Sweden
C: Norway
D: Finland


$7K: If a circular pizza’s cut into eight equal slices across the middle, the tip of each slice will form what angle?

A: 15°
B: 30°
C: 45°
D: 60°

30°UNDER (A: 45°)

Demetri Sedita (TAM)(13- started environmental cleaning project)

$500: Which was invented first?

A: Wireless internet
C: Video conferencing
D: The wheel


$1K: Which of these’s the only choice that matches a chemical element w/ the actual person it’s named after?

A: Lawrencium: Jennifer Lawrence
B: Nickel: Nick Jonas
C: Copernicium: Nicolaus Copernicus
D: Selenium: Selena Gomez


$2K: What children’s TV series told of a famous pooch’s early life before he grew into a 25ft behemoth?

A: “Pluto & Pals”
B: “Clifford’s Puppy Days”
C: “Lil’ Snoopy”
D: “Honey, I Shrunk Scooby-Doo”

“Clifford’s Puppy Days”$

$3K: When spelled backwards which of the following words DOESN’T become a verb?



$5K: A novelty t-shirt sold online urges voters to elect MARVEL’s Steve Rogers President in ’20. If he were to win, who would be our Commander-in-Chief?

C: “Wolverine”
D: “Daredevil”


A: 3%
B: 91%
C: 1%
D: 5%


$7K: If you toss a standard 20-sided die what are the odds that you’ll roll a prime number?

A: 5%
B: 10%
C: 20%
D: 40%


$10K: Before the Panama Canal the quickest sea route from NY to S.F. was the 14K-mile slog around what rocky headland near South America’s Tierra del Fuego?

A: Cape of Good Hope
B: Iberian Peninsula
C: Cape Horn
D: Rock of Gibraltar

CUT (A: Cape Horn)

$10K, Take #2: Designed to reach into the mounded “homes” of its prey, what animal tongue’s so long that it’s anchored to its breastbone?

A: Panda
B: Anteater
C: Goat
D: Hummingbird


QotD: During Banned Books Wk. in 2006 a TX HS received a request to BAN what book that’s about BANNING books?
A: The Catcher in the Rye
B: The Great Gatsby
C: Moby-Dick
D: Fahrenheit 451

$20K: By definition what does a eukaryote have that a prokaryote DOESN’T?

A: Oxygen
B: Spine
C: Nucleus
D: Teeth


$30K: A lasting legacy from the days when we were ruled by England, ALL BUT which of the following states are named after British royals?


SCWON’T RETURN (A: LA- +1 was his mom)

“Millionaire” 11/15/17

$250K: Certainly a bizarre term, a “bezoar” is another word for what?

A: The end of a sidewalk
B: A cat’s hairball
C: A wrinkle on a shirt
D: A round of applause

OUT OF LLs (dad)

A: 15%
B: 42%
C: 16%
D: 27%

Cat’s hairball$ (they took a break before revealing whether he answered right)

$500K: Though now assoc. w/ Barack Obama, who used the actual word “change” more than any other President in his inaugural address?

A: T. Roosevelt
D: George H.W. Bush


Ally Brown (Dover, NH)(10)

$500: For those who DON’T have time to type the whole thing, the texting acronym “IDC” stands for what common phrase?

A: I deserve Cheerios
B: I don chaps
C: I don’t care
D: I doodle cats

I don’t care $

$1K: Though we know ’em better by Spanish names, in English whose three famous ships could be called “The Girl”, “The Pint” & “The Saint Mary”?

A: Christopher Columbus
B: Ulysses
C: Blackbeard the Pirate
D: Marco Polo

Columbus $

$2K: Likely a hit w/ chemistry majors, a popular t-shirt jokes that you should “never trust” what because “they make up everything”?

A: Atom
B: Statue
C: Hamster
D: Cheese danish


QotD: In a classic Milton Bradley game players who correctly answered a series of questions were invited to “Go to the…” what?
A: End of the road
B: Head of the class
C: Front of the line
D: Top of the heap

$3K: When he was introduced to readers in the 1940s what children’s literary character went by “Zozo” in England to avoid sharing his name w/ their king?

A: Peter Rabbit
B: Curious George
C: Babar
D: Pat the Bunny


A: 4%
B: 85%
C: 10%
D: 1%

Curious George$

“Millionaire” 11/14/17

Shiva Oswal (Cupertino, CA)(13- got perfect score on the math section of the SAT when he was 11)

$500: A geologist would likely be LEAST helpful for answering questions about which of the following?

A: Granite boulders
B: Precious stones
C: Igneous rocks
D: Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles$

$1K: A subtle hint that he’s one of the good guys, the name of which of these characters from the “TRANSFORMERS” movies roughly translates to “Best First”?

A: Rampage
B: Devastator
C: Optimus Prime
D: Bonecrusher

Optimus Prime$

$2K: Whose website incl. an FAQ section that answers such Q’s as “Why isn’t that alligator moving, is it dead or fake”?

A: Gateway Arch
B: Central Park
C: Dodger Stadium
D: Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park$

$3K: In chemistry class you can enjoy all the primary colors just by observing sulfur, since it turns blue, is yellow when solid & melts into what color liquid?

A: Orange
B: Violet
C: Green
D: Red

Red $

$5K: Popular at Chipotle, carnitas consists of crisp shredded roast pork & literally means what in Spanish?

A: Little pieces
B: Little meats
C: Little strings
D: Little mouthfuls

Little meats $

$7K: Which of the following fictional comic book characters has won a Pulitzer Prize?

A: Bruce Wayne
B: Clark Kent
C: Tony Stark
D: Bruce Banner

CUT (A: Clark Kent)

$7K, Take #2: Allowing users to exercise free speech on their wall posts, acc. to a VA court, “liking” something on facebook is now protected by the what?

A: First Amendment
B: Second Amendment
C: Third Amendment
D: Fourth Amendment


$10K: Now that the test has reverted from a 2400-pt. scale back to a 1600-pt. scale, which of these represents a perfect SAT score in Roman numerals?



$20K: There has NEVER been a U.S. President whose last name has either started or ended w/ which of the following letters?

A: D
B: P
C: Y
D: I


$30K: Which of the following is NOT an anagram for the closest planet to the Sun, NOR subatomic particles the Sun creates, NOR ALL of space & time?



$50K: Which of the following countries DON’T border each other at all?

A: Uruguay & Paraguay
B: Romania & Bulgaria
C: Afghanistan & Pakistan
D: Niger & Nigeria

Uruguay & Paraguay$

QotD: Though he’s synonymous w/ “Thug Life”, who studied ballet in HS & starred as The Mouse King in “The Nutcracker”?
A: Tupac Shakur
B: The Notorious B.I.G.
C: Ice Cube
D: Eazy-E

To Play For At Least $250K Tomorrow: If the Earth’s 4.54B-yr. history were condensed into a single yr., Jesus WOULDN’T show up until New Yr.’s Eve at approx. what time?

A: One hr. before midnight
B: 15 min. before midnight
C: One min. before midnight
D: 15 sec. before midnight

:15 before midnight$

“Millionaire” 11/10/17

$20K: Though it might be hard to believe, Pensacola’s in the same time zone as which of these cities?

A: Fargo
B: Casper
C: Boulder
D: Santa Fe


$30K: Which branch of the military boasts the most members who’ve risen to the rank of Commander-in-Chief, aka President of the U.S.?

A: Army
B: Navy
C: Air Force
D: Marines


$50K: Your corpus callosum is what connects the two halves of which of these together?

A: Heart
B: Brain
C: Lungs
D: Kidneys


$100K: Truly coming down to earth, Buzz Aldrin briefly worked as a what after leaving NASA?

A: HS basketball coach
B: Insurance claims adjuster
C: Burger King mgr.
D: Car salesman

FA: HS basketball coach (A: Car salesman)

Linda Mansolillo (A.F. biochemical science officer & Major in Santa Monica)

$500: Safety.com says if you want to deter burglars from robbing your home, you’re better off getting a small dog instead of a big dog because small dogs what?

A: Kill the burglar w/ cuteness
B: Can make a citizen’s arrest
C: Bark uncontrollably at visitors
D: Know karate

Bark uncontrollably at visitors$

$1K: Though it’d probably drive its employees insane today, in amazon.com’s early days what happened in the office every time a sale was made?

A: A bell rang
B: 1K doves were released in the break rm.
C: A robot dumped Gatorade on everybody
D: Jeff Bezos removed an article of clothing

A bell rang$

$2K: Dragging the overall GPA down, the person who finishes in the bottom of their class at the U.S. Naval Academy is aptly nicknamed the what?

A: Boatswain
B: Quartermaster
C: Anchorman
D: Gunner’s Mate


$3K: Which variety of pepper usually DOESN’T contain capsaicin & therefore ISN’T spicy?

A: Jalapeno
B: Cayenne
C: Bell
D: Chili


$5K: Despite being his fierce rival in the late ’70s & early ’80s Bjorn Borg was a guest at what athlete’s wedding to singer Patty Smyth in ’97?

A: Wayne Gretzky
B: John McEnroe
C: Jack Nicklaus
D: Greg LeMond


A: 16%
B: 77%
C: 1%
D: 6%

McEnroe $

$7K: To spur tourism, in 1966 Chile renamed its Isla Mas a Tierra after what Daniel Defoe novel, inspired by the true story of a man stranded there?

A: Robinson Crusoe Island
B: Billy Budd Island
C: Doctor Zhivago Island
D: David Copperfield Island

+1 (Katie)
Robinson Crusoe Island$

$10K: W/ a price tag of $13M, America’s newest, largest & most expensive aircraft carrier’s named after what 38th President?

A: Reagan
B: George H.W. Bush
C: Carter
D: Ford

ReaganFA (even though one person did get to the upper tier on that wk., $25K was still donated to DAV)

QotD: The Revenue Cutter Service was an early name for the U.S. government organization that eventually became the what?
A: Coast Guard
B: Air Force
C: Central Intelligence Agency
D: Secret Service

Thousandaire: Matthew Duffer (A.F. vehicle operator orig. from Decatur, IL)
If your Air Force buddy tells you to “Check your six”, what should you do?
A: Look behind you
B: Examine your zipper
C: Hide your boat
D: Keep an eye on your half-dozen children

FA: Look behind you