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“Millionaire” 9/20/17

$100K: During WWII, so children would be less frightened of their government-issued gas masks, a model was specially created to look like whom?

A: Mickey Mouse
B: Popeye
C: Buck Rogers
D: Peter Pan

Mickey Mouse$

$250K: While orig. there was just Pep-O-Mint, over the yrs. LIFE SAVERS have been avail. in ALL BUT which of the following flavors?

A: Vanill-O-Nut
B: Vi-O-Let
C: Choc-O-Mint
D: Cin-O-Mon


A: 2%
B: 84%
C: 13%
D: 1%

FA: WALKED (A: Vanill-O-Nut)

Andrea Sutterfield (Diamond Bar)

$500: Which of these’s the only topping you’re actually likely to find on Panera Bread’s so-called “Everything” bagel?

A: Wet leaves
B: Poppy seeds
C: Monkey fur
D: Nuclear waste

Poppy seeds$

$1K: His willingness to engage in battle alongside the men he commanded earned future President Zachary Taylor what DISRUPTIVE nickname?

A: “Old Rough and Ready”
B: “Old Soft and Gooey”
C: “Old Hot and Sweaty”
D: “Old Weak and Flabby”

“Old Rough and Ready”$

$2K: When a supermarket’s doors open, that strong blast of air you feel blowing down from above’s meant to serve several purposes, incl. which of these?

A: Keep flies out
B: Mess up shoplifters’ hair
C: Chill you so you buy lots of soup
D: Blow your coupons out of your car

Keep flies out$

$3K: Based on evidence found in “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater”, Peter could’ve conceivably been charged w/ what imaginary crime?

A: Grand Theft Tuffet
B: Involuntary Eggslaughter
C: Unlawful Pumpkin Shell Imprisonment
D: Wool Trafficking

Unlawful Pumpkin Shell Imprisonment$

$5K: By definition, a country that’s a genontrocracy is ruled by whom?

A: Foreigners
B: Women
C: The military
D: Old men

Old men$

QotD: Which of these grooming products got its name because it was orig. made w/ apples?
A: Cologne
B: Pomade
C: Mascara
D: Shampoo

To Return Next Day: W/ over 14M thumbs up, the most-liked YouTube video of all-time’s the music video for “See You Again”, the tribute to actor Paul Walker feat. whom?

A: Drake
B: Wiz Khalifa
C: Justin Bieber
D: Adele


A: 9%
B: 69%
C: 6%
D: 16%

Wiz Khalifa$


“Millionaire” 9/19/17

John Davis (SEA- recent med school grad)

$500: Acc. to legend, a HOLLYWOOD tradition was born in ’27 when actress Norma Talmedge accidentally did what on a visit to to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre?

A: Paid $10 for popcorn
B: Snuck into an R-rated movie
C: Stepped in wet cement
D: Told Clark Cable NOT to text during the film

Stepped in wet cement$

$1K: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Thumb War & I’ve Got Your Nose ALL appear on Wikipedia’s list of what?

A: DISCONTINUED Olympic events
B: Less-popular casino games
C: Best Picture winners
D: Hand games

Hand games$

$2K: DON’T believe the jewelry ads- which of the following gems actually WON’T last forever, as entropy will eventually cause it to decay into graphite?

A: Opal
B: Diamond
C: Sapphire
D: Ruby


$3K: James Corden has sung along w/ superstars like Adele & Lin-Manuel Miranda during his commute to “The Late Late Show” in what popular segment?

A: “Carpool Karaoke”
B: “Express Bus Beatboxing”
C: “Snowmobile Showtunes”
D: “Ferry Boat Falsettos”

“Carpool Karaoke”$

$5K: Inside the name of Iquitos, a town called Peru’s “gateway to the Amazon”, you’ll find the name of what neighboring country’s capital city?

A: Argentina
B: Panama
C: Brazil
D: Ecuador


$7K: In total, the 1990s consisted of how many days?

A: 3,650
B: 3,652
C: 3,654
D: 3,656


$10K: Of the NFL’s 32 teams, a total of seven team names, more than any other, end w/ what three letters?

A: -ans
B: -ers
C: -ins
D: -ngs

-ers $

$20K: Through you probably SHOULDN’T be handling it in the first place, the EPA notes that two tablespoons of what heavy liquid weigh about a pound?

A: Hydrochloric acid
B: Mercury
C: Kerosene
D: Motor oil

Mercury $

$30K: Born Paul Hewon, U2’s Bono got his stage name from Bonavox, a Dublin shop that sold what items typically geared to an older crowd?

A: Wheelchairs
B: Hearing aids
C: Orthopedic shoes
D: Vitamins

+1 (Kenji)
Hearing aids$

QotD: What cellphone maker’s name translates to English as “three stars”?
C: verizon

To Return: In its study-of-flight emergencies from 2008-10, the New England Journal of Medicine found the most common ailment was syncope, also known as what?

A: Heart attack
B: Respiratory failure
C: Fainting
D: Seizure


“Millionaire” 9/18/17

Andy Kraut (NY)

$500: Although there are NO official FDA guidelines for what constitutes a “superfood”, most understand it to be any food w/ what characteristic?

A: It’s rich in vitamins & antioxidants
B: It gives you x-ray vision
C: It’s impervious to bullets
D: It wears a tiny cape

Rich in vitamins & antioxidants$

$1K: Acc. to the lyrics of Justin Timberlake’s hit song “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”, he has ALL of the following things EXCEPT for what?

A: Sunshine in his pocket
B: Good soul in his feet
C: Hot blood in his body
D: Mom jeans on his hips

Mom jeans on his hips$

$2K: Exemplified by “Hello Kitty”, the Japanese artistic style & cultural aesthetic known as “Kawaii” puts an emphasis on what quality?

A: Grandiosity
B: Cuteness
C: Seriousness
D: Masculinity


$3K: Though she dismisses a book that claims she had a crush on him, Barbra Streisand did attend Brooklyn’s Erasmus High School w/ what future chess champ?

A: Andre Agassi
B: Bobby Fischer
C: Phil Mickelson
D: Scott Hamilton


A: 2%
B: 97%
D: 1%


$5K: Archaeologist David Wright says it was over-grazing by domesticated animals that turned the once-lush oasis of north Africa into what largest desert in the world?

A: Gobi
B: Sahara
C: Mojave
D: Kalahari


$7K: Possibly the first-ever “fake news”, what 6th C. “secret history” of Byzantine emperor Justinian’s private life sounds like an English word for an unverified story?

A: Anecdota
B: Kronikos
C: Satyricon
D: Allegora


$10K: Ben & Jerry’s I.C. feat. two flavors w/ late-night talk show hosts on their labels: Americone Dream w/ Stephen Colbert & what?

A: Jimmy Kimmel Carammel
B: Bill Mars Bar Crunch
C: The Tonight Dough
D: Cocoa O’Brien

The Tonight Dough$

$20K: Which of the following’s the only one that’s more than one sentence long?

A: Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
B: U.S. Presidential Oath of Office
C: Second Amendment
D: Poem on the Statue of Liberty

Poem on the Statue of Liberty$

$30K: In 2017 what country broke barriers by becoming the first in Asia to strike down laws PROHIBITING same-sex marriage?

A: South Korea
B: Malaysia
C: Taiwan
D: India

FA: WALKED (A: Taiwan)

QotD: By definition, a pontoon plane’s equipped to do which of the following?
A: Deploy bombs
B: Fly upside-down
C: Land on water
D: Fly at high altitudes

Thousandaire: Alexia Amast (Longwood, FL)
Typically sold bone-in & popular w/ BBQ enthusiasts, the pork shoulder’s confusingly also known as a what?
A: New York fanny
B: Chicago derriere
C: Boston butt
D: New Orleans tuchus

FA: N.O. tuchus (A: Boston butt)

“Millionaire” 9/15/17

$20K: Going by the U.N.’s official spelling, which country’s one of the only three in the world whose capital city starts w/ three consec. consonants?

A: Libya
B: Haiti
C: Cambodia
D: Czech Republic


$30K: Acc. to the Canvas Design School’s blog, the most popular Instagram filter in the U.S.- which is the first choice to the right of the “Normal” setting- is what?

A: Aden
B: Lark
C: Clarendon
D: X-Pro II

FA: WALKED (A: Clarendon)

Daniel Donahue (L.A.)(writer)

$500: Which of these’s a Grammy-winning song recorded by Shania Twain & NOT a book written by Mark Twain?

A: Pudd’nhead Wilson
B: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
C: Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
D: The Prince and the Pauper

“Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”$

$1K: On Senate.gov, you can find the recipe used daily to make the Senate cafeteria’s signature dish “The Famous Senate Restaurant…” what?

A: Sex Scandal Succotash
B: Legislative Gridlock Grilled Cheese
C: Illegal Campaign Contribution Carrot Cake
D: Bean Soup

“…Bean Soup”$

$2K: What popular blog started by Pascale Lemire feat. signs that say things like “I tried to eat the brown throw pillow” & “I pooped in the neighbour’s garden”?

A: People of Walmart
B: Dog Shaming
C: First World Problems
D: PerezHilton

Dog Shaming$

$3K: Acc. to quartz.com, over the past 60 yrs. the need for which of these occupations has completely disappeared due to automation?

A: Elevator operator
B: Window washer
C: Court stenographer
D: Parking attendant


A: 82%
B: 7%
C: 9%
D: 2%

Elevator operator$

$5K: Believed to be Earth’s oldest-living vertebrate (& also an Icelandic delicacy), scientists recently discovered an approx. 400-yr.-old what?

A: Eurasian tundra reindeer
B: Emperor penguin
C: Galapagos tortoise
D: Greenland shark

Greenland shark$

$7K: What star of FX’s “Atlanta” actually has roots in the city, having grown up in its suburb of Stone Mountain?

A: Donald Faison
B: Donald Glover
C: Donnie Wahlberg
D: Don Johnson

Donald Glover$

$10K: To win the jackpots in the Powerball & Mega Millions lotteries, you must match the special Powerball & Mega Ball, which are what colors respectively?

A: Orange & silver
B: Blue & green
C: Red & gold
D: Black & gray

FA: Blue & green

QotD: Consumed by an est. 90% of North American adults each day, what does The Atlantic claim to be “the world’s most popular drug”?
A: Aspirin
B: Nicotine
C: Caffeine
D: Alcohol

Thousandaire: Lindsay Carlson (Rancho Cucamonga)
In a scene from a classic HS movie, what did the teacher played by Ben Stein say repeatedly while taking the class roll?

A: “McLovin? McLovin?”
B: “Wooderson? Wooderson?”
C: “Bueller? Bueller?”
D: “Spicoli? Spicoli?”

FA: “Bueller? Bueller?”

“Millionaire” 9/14/17

Kelly-Marie Jones (bar trivia master in Ventura)

$500: “La berceuse”, the French term for “lullaby”, can also refer to what household item that’s commonly sat upon while singing a lullaby?

A: Stove
C: Vacuum cleaner
D: Rocking chair

Rocking chair$

$1K: In a ’70s ad for equal pay, what character REFUSED to help defuse a bomb & told her partner “I’ve worked for you a long time and I’m paid less than Robin”?

A: Joanie Cunningham
B: “Lassie”
D: Jane Jetson


$2K: Acc. to The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs, the saying “You break it, you buy it” is often referred to as the what?

A: Pottery Barn rule
B: Petco decree
C: Barnes & Noble law
D: McDonald’s clause

Pottery Barn rule$

$3K: Many believe the ’81 song “Double Dutch Bus” may have been the inspiration behind the “-izzle” language made famous by what rapper?

A: LL Cool J
B: Biz Markie
C: Ice Cube
D: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg$

$5K: If we made you buy vowels like they do on that other GS, which of these world capitals is the only one you’d need to buy a U to complete?

A: H_V_N_
B: J_K_R_T_
C: C_R_C_S


$7K: What’s the face value of the currently-circulating U.S. coin that incl. an image of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau on its “heads” side?

A: Dime
B: Quarter
C: 50¢
D: $1


A: 9%
B: 19%
C: 43%
D: 29%

FA: 50¢

Ren Peir (BKN)

$500: As Canada’s still part of the Commonwealth, upon request its government will mail any Canadian a free photo portrait of what famous Brit?

A: Benedict Cumberbatch
B: Scary Spice
C: Gordon Ramsay
D: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II$

$1K: In critiquing a writer’s work, F. Scott Fitzgerald was said to have told ’em “Cut out all these…” what, because they’re “…like laughing at your own joke”?

A: Exclamation points
B: Verbs
C: Italian words
D: Emojis

“…exclamation points”$

$2K: Experienced by 70% of the population, hypnagonic jerks are the alarming spasms that happen when you’re in bed trying to do what?

A: Finish a crossword puzzle
B: Find the TV remote
C: Say your prayers
D: Fall asleep

Fall asleep$

$3K: Named in Eater.com’s article on ’17 food trends, what turnover w/ meat, vegetables or fruit gets its name from the Spanish for “to cover in bread”?

A: Burrito
B: Empanada
C: Tostada
D: Enchilada


A & C: 9%
B: 76%
D: 6%


$5K: When Nicki Minaj raps about her desire for a man who made “…more money last year than Mr. Drummond”, she likely means Phillip Drummond, who’s what?

A: The CEO of General Motors
B: Owner of the Knicks
C: The dad from “Diff’rent Strokes”
D: Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

+1 (Chris)
Dad from “Diff’rent Strokes”$

$7K: Said to look “like gray and brown had a baby”, what “new direction” in “beautiful neutrals” did Sherwin-Williams pick as its  ’17 Color of the Yr.?

A: Indulgent Puce
B: Breezy Vermillion
C: Audacious Chartreuse
D: Poised Taupe

Poised Taupe$

QotD: Standing majestically in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty faces in what direction?
A: Northeast
B: Southeast
C: Southwest
D: Northwest

To Return: In 1971 a memorial to Gus Grissom, Ed White, Roger B. Chaffee, Yuri Gagarin & Vladimir Komarov was left where?

A: At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean
B: In the Sahara Desert
C: On the Moon
D: At the North Pole

On the Moon $

“Millionaire” 9/13/17

Tyler’s a teacher.

$10K: Since 1886, about 40% of the gold mined worldwide has come from Witwatersrand Basin, which is found in what country?

A: India
B: South Africa
C: Brazil
D: Australia

South Africa$

$20K: What comes next in this sequence: Harvey Milk, Bad Blake, King George VI, George Valentin, ___________?

A: Napoleon Bonaparte
B: William Shakespeare
C: Abraham Lincoln
D: Thomas Edison

Abraham Lincoln$

$30K: 16th C. Italian scientist Bartolomeo Eustachi was the namesake of an anatomical structure most closely assoc. w/ which body part?

A: Eye
B: Nose
C: Ear
D: Mouth


$50K: National Geographic reports that about 4K people have summited Mt. Everest, meaning that more people have reached the top than done what?

A: Run in the NYC Marathon
B: Become an Eagle Scout
C: Won Olympic gold medals
D: Been a U.S. senator

Been a senator$

$100K: While it takes the Earth 24 hrs. to make one full rotation on its axis, about how long does it take the Sun, at its equator, to do the same thing?

A: 25 hrs.
B: 25 days
C: 25 months
D: 25 yrs.

50:50– DAYS & MONTHS

QotD: Of ALL the 12 zodiac signs, which one’s symbolized by the creature w/ the most legs?
A: Capricorn, the goat
B: Cancer, the crab
C: Scorpio, the scorpion
D: Gemini, the twins

$250K: Which of the following people was alive during the lifetimes of BOTH the 2nd President (Adams) & the 40th (Reagan)?

A: Karl Marx
B: Charles Dickens
C: Harriet Tubman
D: John D. Rockefeller

FINAL LL (Ginny)
FA: WALKS (A: Tubman)

“Millionaire”- 16TH S.P.

Richard Banks (CHI)
+1: Uncle (also a chef)

$500: Which of these WASN’T a word that Edgar Allan Poe rhymed w/ “nevermore” in “The Raven”, but rather a line of appliances sold by Sears?

A: Implore
B: Outpour
C: Explore
D: Kenmore


$1K: An invasive species from Eastern Europe wrecking havoc on the Great Lakes, zebra mussels are identified by what distinctive pattern on their shell?

A: Stripes
B: Polka dots
C: Hashtags
D: Dollar signs


$2K: On which of these websites will you find the articles “6 Workout Tips You Need to Know for Ramadan” & “5  Products to Get Your Skin Eid Ready”?

A: Jewishteen.com
B: Catholicgal.com
C: Muslimgirl.com
D: YoungandBuddhist.com


$3K: Developed in conjunction w/ Oklahoma University, TOTO was a portable data-gathering device designed to be put in the middle of a what?

A: Earthquake
B: Hurricane
C: Tornado
D: Volcano

Tornado $

$5K: Born Juaquin Malphurs, what rapper’s stage name was partially inspired by his childhood love of Fozzie Bear from “The Muppets”?

A: Wiz Khalifa
B: Waka Flocka Fame
C: Ghostface Killah
D: Fetty Wap

Waka Flocka Fame$

$7K: Dubbed “breakfast for the 1%”, a Wall St.-area Denny’s offers the $300 “Grand Cru Slam”, a normal meal w/ what expensive addition?

A: Beluga caviar
B: Dom Perignon champagne
C: Filet Mignon
D: Whole Maine lobster

AtA & +1

A: 45%
B: 38%
C: 11%
D: 6%

Dom Perignon $

$10K: Becoming a fashion staple among young women, what brand was founded in 1978 by an Australian surfer living in southern CA?

B: Forever 21
C: MAC Cosmetics
D: American Apparel


$20K: Though it starts & ends at sea level as it stretches from San Francisco to NJ, what highway reaches an elevation of 8,640 ft. on WY’s Sherman Hill?

A: I-10
B: I-40
C: I-80
D: I-90

LCLS– I-80 & I-90

Audrey Watkins-Fox (Schenectady, NY)
+1: Mom

$500: “Give food and water”, “Appear less threatening” & “Offer space for…exploration” are ALL tips WikiHow gives for how to gain the trust of what?

A: Supermodel
B: Hot dog vendor
C: Probation officer
D: Cat


$1K: Instead of taking just one for the team, Hughie Jennings took 287, becoming MLB’s all-time leader for what PAINFUL ballpark mishap?

A: Getting hit by a pitch
B: Being egged during the national anthem
C: Falling down the dugout steps
D: Burning his mouth on hot nacho cheese


$2K: When the Canadian Security Intelligence Service joined twitter in ’16, its first tweet jokingly noted “Now it’s your turn to…” what?

A: Tax us
B: Regulate us
C: Follow us
D: Immunize us

“…follow us”$

$3K: One day when aerobics teacher Alberto Perez FORGOT his music for class, he played his own salsa & merengue tapes, inadvertently inventing what fitness craze?

A: Spinning
B: Zumba
C: Jazzercise
D: Pilates

Zumba $

$5K: “The Blues Brothers”, “The French Connection” & “Bullitt” were ALL represented on IGN’s list of the “Best…” what “…in Movies”?

A: Love Scenes
B: Special Effects
C: Car Chases
D: Group Singing Performances

“…Car Chases…”$

$7K: Though it may seem GROSS to leave it there, many doctors recommend that you DON’T remove cerumen from your body- what’s cerumen better known as?

A: Dandruff
B: Earwax
C: Fingernail dirt
D: Nose hair


QotD: Set aside for the planting of trees, National Arbor Day’s usually celebrated on the last Fri. of what month?
A: Apr.
B: Jul.
C: Sept.
D: Dec.

$10K: Acc. to UrbanDictionary.com, which adjective’s used to describe a person who’s socially conscious & politically aware?

A: Sus
B: Turnt
C: Woke
D: Lit

Woke $

To Come Back: While the others were each home to two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, what present-day country feat. just the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

A: Turkey
B: Iraq
C: Egypt
D: Greece

50:50– TURKEY & IRAQ