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“Millionaire”- 15TH S.F.

Errol Krass (Olney, MD)
+1: Scott (son)

$500: Dubbed the “smile ball”, Japanese researchers have recently developed a genetically-engineered onion that DOESN’T do what?

A: Let you touch it
B: Make you cry
C: Obey the law of gravity
D: Fit in a regular-sized grocery store

Make you cry$

$1K: In Dante’s Inferno, the words “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” were inscribed above the entrance to what?

A: Wrigley Field
B: Hell
C: The DMV
D: A speed-dating event


$2K: Said to be “sharper” than its previous design, J. Crew sells a style of what women’s clothing called “No. 2”?

A: Pencil skirt
B: Turtleneck sweater
C: Loafer
D: Stocking cap

Pencil skirt$

$3K: An article in the journal Nature says that because of human actions that began thousands of yrs. ago & continue today, we’ve effectively CANCELED the next what?

A: Meteor strike
B: World war
C: Ice age
D: Global health epidemic

Ice age $

$5K: Named after an Aztec god, the Xoloitzcuintli is a distinctive dog breed that’s also known by what simpler name?

A: Mexican Hairless
B: Peruvian Purple Tongue
C: Bolivian Big-Pawed
D: Argentinian Fluffytail

Mexican Hairless$

$7K: W/ the premiere of “Full Frontal”, in ’16 what comedienne joined Chelsea Handler in launching one of the few late-night talk shows hosted by a woman?

A: Mindy Kaling
B: Wanda Sykes
C: Samantha Bee
D: Sarah Silverman

AtA & +1

A: 7%
B: 23%
C: 38%
D: 32%

Sam Bee$

$10K: Which of these universities is located in the U.S. state that comes first alphabetically among all 50?

A: Duke
B: Auburn
C: Rutgers
D: Baylor

FA: Baylor

Thousandaire: Eric Bajado

A building at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx’s known as the birthplace of what music genre?

A: Folk
B: Hip-Hop
C: Blues
D: Techno

FA: Blues (A: Hip-Hop)

QotD: What’s the real first name of movie director Spike Lee?
A: Jasper
B: Louis
C: Shelton
D: Byron

Thousandaire #2: Padi Alcacio

After scoring a TD, Cam Newton pantomimes ripping his shirt open like what fictional character for whom he’s nicknamed?

B: Mr. Spock
C: Ebeneezer Scrooge
D: “Mary Poppins”


“Millionaire” 6/1/17

Brian Wood (HOU)
+1: Laura (girlfriend)

$500: Which of the following WASN’T one of the topics covered in Edward Gibbon’s landmark work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?

A: Invasion of Gaul by Attila
B: The Schism of the Donatists
C: Relaxation of Discipline
D: The Introduction of the Selfie Stick

The Introduction of the Selfie Stick$

$1K: Featuring an animal carrying an iconic NY food in a subway station, what was the name of the ’15 viral video CNN called “our newest obsession”?

A: “Pizza Rat”
B: “Lobster Bat”
C: “Gumbo Cat”
D: “Chicken Teriyaki Gnat”

“Pizza Rat”$

$2K: Though it takes longer in some places than others, data from ProPublica says Americans’ avg. visit to what location lasts two hrs. & 15 min.?

A: Emergency rm.
C: Post office
D: Church confessional


$3K: Acc. to his career stats on espn.com, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar successfully completed only one what?

A: Free-throw
B: Dunk
C: Three-pointer
D: Pass

Three-pointer $

$5K: Using your weight, how long it takes you to run up some stairs & the total height of the stars you climbed, you can calculate your own what?

A: Voltage
B: Horsepower
C: Center of gravity
D: Volume

Horsepower $

$7K: Even releasing an album called “Modern Times”, Bob Dylan claimed to have been inspired by what actor, saying “he influences me, even in the way I sing”?

A: Buster Keaton
B: Charlie Chaplin
C: Douglas Fairbanks
D: Rudolph Valentino


A: 6%
B: 54%
C: 17%
D: 23%


$10K: If you were to win the $1M today & we gave you the whole thing in $100 bills, about how much would it weigh?

A: 2lbs
B: 22lbs
C: 220lbs
D: 2200lbs


$20K: Before studying at Harvard, what high schooler co-published the paper A Simple Method To Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar?

A: Jennifer Lawrence
B: Keira Knightley
C: Hilary Swank
D: Natalie Portman


$30K: Alluding to its humble beginnings in a New Bern pharmacy, “Born in the Carolinas” was a slogan once used by what brand?

A: pepsi
C: Yoo-hoo
D: A.1.

OUT OF LLs– pepsi & A.1.
FA: A.1.

QotD: As it’s believed to BOTH relax one’s fingers & slow one’s heart rate, alcohol’s considered an ILLEGAL performance-enhancing drug in which NCAA sport?
A: Softball
B: Football
C: Women’s Volleyball
D: Men’s Rifle

Thousandaire: Stine Hortezuela

The largest of the five Great Lakes, which of these could easily hold ALL the water in the other four?

A: Lake Ontario
B: Lake Huron
C: Lake Superior
D: Lake Michigan

FA: Michigan (A: Superior)

“Millionaire” 5/31/17

Kimberly Ewertz (Army vet & member of a police detective agency)
+1: Paul (coworker)

$500: At STARBUCKS, which of these ISN’T a type of milk you can ask a barista to add to your coffee?

A: Coconut
B: Whole
C: Soy
D: Milk of Magnesia

Milk of Magnesia $

$1K: Suggesting that most of us need to be more active, a survey by Reebok reveals that the avg. person spends nearly 30% of their life doing what?

A: Eating protein bars
B: Sitting down
C: Running ultra-marathons
D: Drinking kale smoothies

Sitting down $

$2K: Though the title was changed to “Miss America” the next yr., the 1st winner of Atlantic City’s famous pageant was named “The Most Beautiful…” what “…in America”?

A: Bathing Girl
B: Mob Mistress
C: Craps Shooter
D: Disgruntled Hotel Maid

Bathing Girl$

$3K: Though many pregnant women feared contracting it in 2016, which of these illnesses was first discovered in Uganda nearly 70 yrs. ago?

A: Ebola
B: Avian flu
C: Zika virus


$5K: If they all wanted to catch a game together, the entire population of which of these places could easily fit inside Pasadena’s Rose Bowl?

A: Poland
B: Greenland
C: Thailand
D: Ireland

Greenland $

$7K: Appointed in ’15, which of these is the 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense & NOT a member of the Backstreet Boys?

A: Kevin Richardson
B: Ashton Carter
C: A.J. McLean
D: Howie D.


Andy Stein (Astoria, NY)

$500: In 1997 Sister Nirmala Joshi became head of the Missionaries of Charity congregation, succeeding what late Nobel Peace Prize winner?

A: Mother Teresa
B: Uncle Buck
C: Grampa Simpson
D: Cousin Itt

Mother Teresa$

$1K: Helping its users book overnight pet stays for cheaper than a kennel, the app Rover is often described as which of these?

A: facebook for goldfish
B: LinkedIn for parakeets
C: airbnb for dogs
D: Snapchat for gerbils

airbnb for dogs$

$2K: Famous drummer Ernesto Antonio Puente & former Motown boy band member Toriano Adaryll Jackson share what nickname?

A: Cheeto
B: Frito
C: Tito
D: Dorito

Tito $

$3K: Featuring a photo of its namesake on the tongue, what trendy sneaker was named after a tennis player, NOT a basketball player?

A: Converse Chuck Taylor
B: adidas Stan Smith
C: NIKE Air Jordan

adidas Stan Smith$

$5K: Considered by the ancient Greeks to be the “Chief” of the nine Muses, who was the inspirational goddess NOT of circus music, but rather epic poetry?

A: Clio
B: Thalia
C: Calliope
D: Terpsichore

Calliope $

$7K: Those hoping to see a superhero flick will be SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED by ALL BUT which of these movies?

A: “Wonder Boys”
B: “Kiss of the Spider Woman”
C: “Ghost Rider”
D: “Rain Man”


A: 14%
B: 5%
C: 69%
D: 12%

“Ghost Rider”$

$10K: Often meaning “you’re welcome”, which of the following phrases originated in Sydney in the 1960s & has been called Australia’s national motto?

A: My pleasure
B: Forget it
C: You betcha
D: No worries

No worries$

QotD: Acc. to Real Simple, you can help keep brown sugar from hardening by putting what in the bag?
A: Pinto beans
B: Marshmallows
C: Small pebbles
D: Breath mints

$20K: Which of these Vegas hotel attractions is taller than the actual site it replicates?

A: Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower
C: The Luxor’s Sphinx
D: NY, NY’s Statue of Liberty


“Millionaire” 5/30/17

Bryce Dahl (Mapleton, UT)
+1: Dave Harding

$500: In a famous Irving Berlin song popularized by Ella Fitzgerald, the singer sang about ALL BUT which of the following blue things?

A: “Blue skies smilin’ at me”
B: “Bluebirds singing a song”
C: “Blue days all of them gone”
D: “‘Blue Bloods’, starring Tom Selleck”

“‘Blue Bloods’, starring Tom Selleck” $

$1K: As advanced recommendations are recommended, the National Park Service suggests you call 1-877-LADY-TIX if you want to do what popular tourist activity?

A: Go to a Lady GaGa concert
B: Visit the Statue of Liberty
C: Have lunch w/ the First Lady
D: See a collection of female parasites

Visit the Statue of Liberty$

$2K: Though you might be frightened by its eight legs & menacing-looking claws, which of these is an actual creature that’s rarely harmful to humans?

A: Pseudoscorpion
B: Sortaseal
C: Kindakangaroo
D: Bougsbuffalo


$3K: GQ has called what once-divided European capital “the coolest city on the planet” thanks to its clubs, Tiergarten Park & Brooklyn-like neighborhood of Kreuzberg?

A: Athens
B: Berlin
C: Rome
D: Lisbon


$5K: Acc. to one theory of the word’s origin, early 20th C. workers would “sabotage” machinery by throwing in sabots, which were fittingly what type of shoe?

A: Clogs
B: Sandals
C: Moccasins
D: Galoshes


$7K: Of the five “Reaction” emojis facebook added to its “Like” button in ’16, which one’s to the immediate right of the “Love” button?

A: Angry
B: Haha
C: Sad
D: Wow

SadNO MORE (A: Haha)

Kerry O’Connell (IND)

$500: Which of the following’s one of “15 Hilarious Church Signs” found on the web & NOT one of the actual Ten Commandments?

A: Thou shalt not kill
B: Thou shalt not steal
C: Thou shalt not commit adultery
D: Thou shalt not park here

Thou shalt not park here$

$1K: NOT returned until 221 yrs. later, which of these books did George Washington check out from a NY library in 1789?

A: What to Expect When You’re Expecting
B: The Law of Nations
C: Who Moved My Cheese?
D: The South Beach Diet

The Law of Nations$

$2K: Each Spring, a MD arts council hosts an event called PEEPshow, where local artists display their “masterpieces” made primarily w/ what?

A: Popsicle sticks
B: Chewing gum
C: Marshmallow candies
D: Cinderblocks

Marshmallow candies$

$3K: W/ its four vibrant colors that illuminate like disco lights, it’s fitting that the game Simon had its ’78 release party at what former NYC hotspot?

A: The Cotton Club
B: Tavern on the Green
C: Studio 54
D: The Russian Tea Room

Studio 54$

$5K: Of all the appliances tracked by the U.S. Census Bureau, which of these is the most ubiquitous, found in 99.2% of American households?

A: Refrigerator
B: Washing machine
C: Air conditioner
D: Landline telephone


$7K: On Billboard.com’s list of all the “Songs of the Summer” since ’59, what #1 song was performed by an artist w/ the last name of Summer?

A: “Bette Davis Eyes”
B: “Time After Time”
C: “Bad Girls”
D: “Physical”

“Bad Girls”$

$10K: You will NOT find two adjacent U.S. states whose names begin w/ which of these pairs of letters?

A: F&G
B: L&M
C: O&P
D: T&U


$20K: What’s Baltusrol?

A: Scottish castle
B: Brand of shaving products
C: NJ golf course
D: Culinary school


A: 46%
B: 13%
C: 30%
D: 11%

Scottish castleAUDIENCED OUT (A: NJ golf course)

QotD: The famous train robber Butch Cassidy headed up a loosely-organized group of outlaws known as what?
A: The Motley Crew
B: The Ragtag Pack
C: The Rough Gang
D: The Wild Bunch

Thousandaire: Stephanie Badgley

A muselet is the wire cage often seen on bottles of what?

A: Soda
B: Milk
C: Champagne
D: Seltzer

FA: Champagne

“Millionaire” 5/29/17

$100K: Good for one last joke, what comedian’s children reportedly found a note after he died asking that he be “buried on top of Marilyn Monroe”?

A: George Burns
B: Groucho Marx
C: Jackie Gleason
D: Milton Berle


$250K: While rushing to swear in LBJ aboard the Air Force One in ’63, federal judge Sarah Hughes did what?

A: Boarded the WRONG plane
B: Had him raise his left hand
C: Left her eyeglasses in her car
D: Added “So help me God” to the oath

FA: G.O. (A: Added “So help me God”)

Newbie: Lou Castaneda

$500: Founded in London in the 1970s, what restaurant’s music memorabilia collection began w/ an item from regular Eric Clapton, who wanted to “mark his spot”?

A: Hard Rock CAFE
B: Smooth Jazz Steakhouse
C: Christian Metal Pizza Snack
D: Adult Contemporary Taqueira

Hard Rock CAFE$

$1K: Created by Joseph Stalin in 1944, the Order of Maternal Glory 1st Class was a Soviet award given to women who did what?

A: Wrote nine novels
B: Killed nine bears
C: Won nine world chess championships
D: Had nine children

Had nine children$

$2K: The article “Best Cruises for Non-Cruisers” says you can avoid seasickness by taking what inland voyage, as it involves calmer waters & more time spent onshore?

A: Caribbean cruise
B: River cruise
C: Around-the-world cruise
D: Transatlantic cruise

River cruise$

$3K: What McDonald’s sandwich was invented by a Cincinnati franchisee who wanted to drum up more Fri. business in a heavily Catholic neighborhood?

A: McRib
B: Egg McMuffin
C: McChicken
D: Filet-O-Fish


$5K: What NBC variety show that debuted in ’16 starred two former “SNL” cast members– one who was there from ’00-7 & the other from ’84-5?

A: “Tina & Eddie”
B: “Maya & Marty”
C: “Amy & Chevy”
D: “Cheri & Billy”

“Amy & Chevy”

QotD: What urban metropolis is widely recognized as the only major U.S. city founded by a woman?
A: S.F.
B: Miami
C: Portland
D: Minneapolis

Thousandaire: Dayjenay Baker

What country’s version of the nursery rhyme “Old Macdonald” was adapted to “All Baba Has a Farm”?

A: Russia
B: Brazil
C: Turkey
D: Thailand

FA: Thailand

“Millionaire” 5/26/17

$30K: Sung before a final line containing the song’s title, “To be a rock and not to roll” was the next-to-last line in what classic rock song?

A: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”
B: “Stairway to Heaven”
C: “My Generation”
D: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

FA: “My Generation”

Final Player of Wk.: Jon Tucker (Henderson)

$500: Developed by microbiologist Maurice Hilleman, the MMR vaccine’s designed to prevent ALL BUT which of the following?

A: Measles
B: Mumps
C: Rubella
D: Bacne


$1K: In which of the following classic fairy tales did a legume play a central role?

A: The Princess and the Pretzel
B: The Princess and the Pea
C: The Princess and the Prime Rib
D: The Princess and the Pork Lo Mein

The Princess and the Pea$

$2K: Thanks to their extensive root systems & their leaves’ ability to bend, what resilient tropical trees are known for withstanding hurricanes & even tsunamis?

A: Palm
B: Fir
C: Birch
D: Bonsai


$3K: Though it’s largest city’s America’s third-most populous, what state’s second-largest city Aurora has only about 200K people?



$5K: Which country’s flag features a hexagram?

A: U.K.
B: South Korea
C: Israel
D: Switzerland


$7K: As the D in its abbrev. indicates, signing the common type of legal contract known as an NDA PROHIBITS you from doing what?

A: Destroying something
B: Delaying something
C: Disclosing something
D: Denying something

Disclosing something$

$10K: W/ a platform of “Free Gas For Everyone”, who ran a MOCK campaign for President in 1980, promising to make “Life’s Been Good” the new national anthem?

A: Eddie Van Halen
B: James Taylor
C: Joe Walsh
D: Slash


A: 14%
B: 32%
C: 50%
D: 4%

Joe Walsh $

$20K: In one of live TV’s most INFAMOUS moments, Steve Harvey INCORRECTLY declared Miss Colombia as Miss Universe ’15, when the actual winner was whom?

A: Miss Poland
B: Miss Australia
C: Miss Egypt
D: Miss Philippines

+1 (Chris)
Miss Philippines$

$30K: ALL BUT one of the following portions are equal in quantity. Which is the odd one out?

A: Two sticks of butter
B: A cup of butter
C: 500 grams of butter
D: Half a lb. of butter

500g of butter$

QotD: What artist once compared the pocketwatches in one of his most famous paintings to the sight of Camembert cheese melting in the Sun?
A: Warhol
B: Picasso
C: Pollock
D: Dali

$50K: An extremely-rare disorder, trichophagia can make a person do what usually-inhuman act?

A: Grow horns
B: Lay an egg
C: Cough up a hairball
D: Hibernate for the Winter


“Millionaire” 5/25/17

$30K: W/ Beethoven one of its supposed victims, the superstition that a composer will die after finishing a certain symphony was called what?

A: Curse of the Fourth
B: Curse of the Twelfth
C: Curse of the Ninth
D: Curse of the Seventh

Curse of the Ninth$

$50K: Though they ALL held different jobs, what government outfit’s website lists Walt Disney, Conrad Hilton & Charles Lindbergh as former employees?

A: US Postal Service
B: Central Intelligence Agency
C: National Park Service
D: Internal Revenue Service


Raj Jain (Atherton, CA)

$500: Acc. to Allure magazine, it’s perfectly normal for an adult to have 1-4 what fall out per day?

A: Teeth
B: Eyelashes
C: Toenails
D: Kidney stones


$1K: A “hidden talent” that the creatures only seem to demonstrate in high humidity, which of these are you most likely to see a cockroach do during a heat wave?

A: Play water polo
B: Kayak
C: Do cannonballs off the high board
D: Fly


$2K: Said to predict future success, what psychological experiment gives 4-yr.-olds a choice of getting one desirable item immediately or two 15 min. later?

A: Marshmallow test
B: Broccoli test
C: Rotten apple test
D: Boiled cabbage test

Marshmallow test$

$3K: Pop stars Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez first met as 10-yr.-olds while auditioning to be “friends” of what singing-and-dancing kids’ show character?

A: Barney
B: Mister Rogers
C: Oscar the Grouch
D: Bill Nye the Science Guy


$5K: In an article titled “Death to Capitalism?”, The Wall Street Journal notes that ironically, you have to pay money to visit whose grave in London’s Highgate Cemetery?

A: Napoleon Bonaparte
B: Winston Churchill
C: Charles Darwin
D: Karl Marx

Karl Marx$

$7K: Russell Crowe, Pierce Brosnan & Adam Sandler are three examples Hollywood.com cites on its list of “The 10 Worst…” what “…in Movies”?

A: Self-Designated Stuntmen
B: Singing Performances
C: Cross-Dressing Roles
D: American Accents


B: 85%
Other choices: 5% a pop

Singing Performances$

$10K: When you open a yogurt, you might notice a pool of liquid floating on the top. What does it mostly consist of?

A: Pectin
B: Fat
C: Whey
D: Corn syrup


QotD: On which classic sitcom were the actors who played the main family’s “mom” & “dad” born on the exact same day: Jun. 21, 1947?
A: “The Cosby Show”
B: “Growing Pains”
C: “Everybody Loves Raymond”
D: “Family Ties”

To Continue Playing On Fri.: Famously mentioned in “Hamlet”, which of these’s an expression of fright known by the medical term “horripilation”?

A: Putting your head in the sand
B: Trembling in your boots
C: Your blood running cold
D: Your hair standing on end

Your hair standing on end$