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FF: Emily Pilkington, Tony Montano, Gina Campbell & Jacob Warnecke
IUFB #1: Monster Digital VR camera pkg. (R)

JACOB: 700/EMILY: 751/TONY: 500/GINA: 1

It’s just $540, so Tony plays Eazy Az 1-2-3.
(1): LG 75″ 3-D 4K HDTV + soundbar & subwoofer (R)- WIPEOUT ($3800)
(2): 6prs DvF shoes (M)
(3): FLYScooter (both)

5. Wendy Nunnery
IUFB #2: NordicTrack elliptical (M at SS)

Jacob: 901/Emily: 950/WENDY: 1325/Gina: 900

Emily plays TTM for a MINI Hardtop (Std., Paint, Stripes, Antenna, Locks).
RP: $13,980, $15,140, $16,285, $17.5K, $18,870, $20,132, $21,480 &…$22,855- “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” (ARP: $22,595)

6. Royce Shockley
IUFB #3: 2pc Shelfbag luggage (R at RS)

Jacob: 651/ROYCE: 525/Wendy: 650/Gina: 800

Price: $6…98- Jacob can PaP for the KHS mountain bikes & Canadian Rockies tour (both in front of CR) worth $5,686.
I: Six Hostess Mini Pies apple, evol Teriyaki Chicken, OXI CLEAN detergent, Silver Spring Horseradish Sauce, Wet Ones (40) & PICTSWEET chopped spinach

SCSD #1:
Tony: H-D + 20 = .7
Jacob ($6,384): 20 + 85
Emily ($23,894): .8

7. Arvin Eisenbraun
IUFB #4: DELL laptop (R in Clam)

ARVIN: 800/Royce: 950/Wendy: 1305/Gina: 1100

Now that TTM was conquered today, I wonder how much of a doozy Cu is for Wendy in terms of a ’17 Honda HR-V (Std., Mats)(#2).


CBP: $40,896

T1: $ (2)(7)(4)(5)(8)
T2: $ (2)(1)(9)(7)(8)
T3: $ (2)(1)(6)(2)(8)OOPS

8. Amelia Martin
IUFB #5: Whirlpool range + 9pc Cookworld cookware (M at #5)

Arvin: 1800/Royce: 1901/AMELIA: 1900/Gina: 1.5K

Royce runs up the steps for P! even though they haven’t done the SPs yet.

Aicok travel fabric steamer (32): 3- $35
West Bend Popcorn on Demand popper (40): 0
Swingline Optima Grip elec. stapler (91): 1- $93
Electric carving knife, fork & case (67): 6- $27

#1: 0 (L)
#2: 10K
#3: 100 (L)

FINAL PLAYER: Allison Wright
FINAL IUFB: Pairs of Streethopper Bluetooth speakers & FiiO X1 audio players (R in Clam)

Arvin: 500/ALLISON: 850/Amelia: 879/Gina: 1K

The cost: Merely $700- Arvin’s asked if he should be CoG to the round Beachcomber LEEP + two Home Styles chaise lounges, umbrella & six towels (#2).
G: GOING ($7139)

SCSD #2:
Arvin: .9
Wendy: 20 + 45 = .65
Royce ($12,763): 65 + 40

#4- 5n at Cape Codder (R in front of CR)
#1- Verdanza Hotel (M)
#3- Toyota Yaris iA


L- Trip to Flamingo (M)
R- 8pc Jack & Kate SPade acc.
I- Bayliner element

BID ON TRIP/BOAT SHOWCASE: $32,300 (ARP: $25,672)

Bad news for Arvin…for real this time- he WSD’d by $199, so that simply ends the game.


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/11/17" (4)

  1. Oh my god, we got a double over. Disappointing ending to a okay show. 3 games won among them was $10K in Plinko & That’s Too Much win with a Car. Double Over ends the run of Showcase Winners. Folks, it happens every once in a while, we get a Double Over I hate to see it. What you gonna do?

    My rating: 6

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      Luckily, the Big Deal was won prior to a double overbid since LMAD aired before TPIR in your area. That’s tough luck that Wendy was shot down by El Cheapo in Cover Up. Let’s hope we don’t want to see a $100K loss.
      Today’s FFBC contestant: Gina
      Grade: C-

  2. Charles Shen said:

    Should offer Toyota 86 instead of Yaris bc of cheap showcases. One of showcase should be at least 32K. If we see DOB tomorrow, it would become worst of the week.

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      I’m sure that Michael Taylor doesn’t do a technical for Arvin having a smallest overbid.

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