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“Let’s Make a Deal” 9/21/17

Bad news- this ep. WASN’T part of SP Wk. (the first taped ep.’s been rescheduled for 10/6). Good news- the BD of the Day here’s worth $35K+.

FKD: Tanisha
C: Subaru Impreza ($20,215)
P: #4
STJ (#1): interior designs L.R. ($6,165) + $600- BAILED (A: #1- instead of walking to the car, they pushed the unlock buttons on the keys & the lights turned red around the car if it wasn’t the right key)

Couple: David & Sheree
Rejected 1st: SB (3)- Candy acc.
Rejected 2nd: BB (2)- KYMCO Like 200i & Honda Metropolitan ($4,948)
Rejected Last: TB (1)- SUBARU
SB- Jewelry ($3K- they also get engaged)

SfC: Victor
#1: $3
#10: $1
#7: $1
#3: $1
#5: OTHER $3
For $5K: #8: Y
#2: G.O.

Deal #4: Kelly (nonprofit worker dressed as pirate), Denise (teacher) & Devante (international pro dancer dressed as hippie)
$1K Rd. (Devante): BAILED (#2)- Snowman L.R.
$1250 Rd. (Denise): BB- REN-A-ZONKCE Painting
Kelly: #1- SCHWINN AirDyne pkg. ($1,829)(GE: $7K.00)

James’ Mindreading FD D (Albany, OR- Air Force vet & retired computer co. worker for 14 yrs. dressed as slot machine; also was a teacher for six yrs.): $1.5K (#3)- Trip to The Reefs RESORT & CLUB in Bermuda ($8,748)

Last Regular D: Dylan (Car Pong): For each of three movie titles, two brothers were given & he had to decide which one appeared in a movie; a correct answer won the corresponding prize.
“The Hunger Games” (Chris or Liam Hemsworth): LIAM (Tablet computer = $1,199)
“Old School” (Luke or Owen Wilson): LUKE (Kitchen = $4,246)
“BEETLEJUICE” (Alec or Stephen Baldwin): ALEC ($2K Bloomingdale’s GC)

SD (#3): Camping equip. ($2,564)
MD (#2): River Terrance Inn getaway ($6,494)
BD (#1): Ford Fiesta SE & Toyota Yaris 5dr ($35,030)- W

SOLE AIRED QD (David): Picture of anybody BUT himself (T)- $


“Let’s Make a Deal” 9/20/17

SURPRISE BD OF THE DAY (#1): 5n trip to Hotel Q! & BMW 235i ($45,348)

Deal #1:
Alyssa: #3- Giant crib
Vladimir: BB- Game rm. ($3,245)
Terri: SB- Wk. at Oxygen Jungle Villas ($5,648)

0 to 80: Mary (who said she has a broken car)
C: Honda Fit
D: (S!), (30), (10) &…PD

Sabine’s FD D: #3- VESPAs ($7,998)(SE: SURPRISE BD)

DBM: Ernest & Mona
SB: PASSED TO MONA- W/D + cabinets (CT: $4,404)
SE: Ernest- $3K Bloomingdale’s GC (Mona’s CT: $4,904)
FD (#2): Ernest- 5n in Lake Como, Italy + $2K ($8,200)

3oaK: Bradley & Kelsey
C (#3): ’18 KIA Soul ($18,865)

Row #1: Q♠, 4♦ & Q♥
Row #2: Q♣, 4♥ & 4♣- CRASH

MMB: Sonya
Blue Side: ?205
Red Side: ?365
FD: RED SIDE2365 (Blue: 4205/BB: Candy acc./SE: SURPRISE BD)

BD (Sabine):
SD (#2): BBQ/patio pkg. ($3,585)
MD (#1): Home theater ($8,699)- X
BD (#3): Greek cruise & trip to Japan + $2K ($22,736)

Fallon: Thought Jonathan’s right fist had the $100- $
Samuel: Remembering BOTH Z’s (T)- $200

“Let’s Make a Deal” 9/19/17

StCNO: ’18 Jaguar XE 25t Premium (Std., Paint)($39,885)(they had to spell out WINNER)
Emma (HS grad): GE– $100
Vincent (8th Grade science teacher who had a birthday): SE

Emma: #3- W
Vincent: #5- E
Emma: #1- N
Vincent: #4- R
G.O. W/ AN EXTRA $1K EACH (#7: I/#8: N)

CeCe’s FD D (librarian): $1K (SB, LESS THAN $5K: $4,999/CURTAIN #1, OVER $100: 200 lbs. of confetti = $1,308/CURTAIN #2, BETWEEN $100-$10K: 4n at Rekjavik = $6,130/SE: JAGUAR)

Evelyn’s Song Battle FD D: BB- Hot-rod car (M-C: 4n at JW Marrott Camelback Inn = $4,628)

CP: Randy
C: DUH (the Jag)

C: SNICKERS, Nestle CRUNCH, 5th AVENUE & Baby Ruth
Q: Candies containing peanut (butter)

Feat. Item in Next Deal: Flowers
Courtney: #1- 4n at Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole ($6,716)
Evan: #2- Giant couch
Marla: FLOWERS- $2,800

Joni’s FD D: RBiPhone7 Plus w/ one-yr. plus ($2,469)(SB: Cooking classes worth $1,200…& kitchen = $9,396)

BD (Courtney):
MD (#1): APT 2B L.R. ($7,152)
BD (#2): Jeep Wrangler Sport (Std., A/C, AT, Wheels)($28,780)

$500 QD (Brandi): Pair of dice- $

Now you can see why today’s show was mostly pre-empted by President Trump.

“Let’s Make a Deal”- AIRED 9TH S.P.

SURPRISE BD OF THE DAY (#2): One-wk. trips to Hotel Colon, the Breakers & Cape Town ($34,573)

Deal #1:
Bruce (personal trainer): BB- Home theater ($3,598)
Melissa (graphic designer in Anaheim): $1200 (SB)- George Thompson diamond ring ($6,549)
Cindy (belly dancer & Zumba instructor): SE- TRIO OF TRIPS

GBoGH: Lauren (Reston, VA native dressed as unicorn; orig. from State College, PA)
C: Toyota Corolla LE ($19,820)
$1K GT: Firehouse Subs
R: 2, 3, 4, 2 (#1: Gym pkg. = $3,312) & 5- PD

Antonio’s FD D (birthday): #2- DUCATI Scrambler motorcycle ($8,995)($300 or $3K SE: $300)- PD #2

SB Gauntlet: Lauren & Heidi (former’s an artist, latter’s a Special Ed teacher- they’ve been married for two yrs. & have moved from IA to MA & their grandma just turned 101)(rainbow)
RB: PENTAX 20mp ($599)
GB: $2K amazon.com GC- BAIL
BB: 4n at Plaza Hotel Casino Bingo in Vegas ($2,928)
YB: Fur plates

Devin (Mesa): D- 4
Josiah (sales worker): A- 3
Paige (black mouse): B (for dog Bell)- 2

R2 (#3): Kitchen ($6,562)
Josiah: E- Z
Devin: H- 7

C (#1): Mitsubishi Mirage G4 ($16,185)
Devin: G- 6
Dealer: f- CAR (Z: I)

TC: Aurelia (must pick something that came out after ’94 for $3K)
Items Avail.: Furby, Nintendo 64 & Bop-it
P: Nintendo 64
FD: BB (T-W kitchen & D.R.)

BD (Antonio):
SD (#3): Office ($4,556)- TM
MD (#2): Spa ($7,300)
BD (#1): Volkswagen Golf Alltrack ($27,770)

Charles: Guess what suit his selected playing card is that Tiffany was holding; said Hearts- $ (J♥)
Mary: Thought top color on her unicorn horn was blue (J)- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 3/22/17

Jillian: BB- Designer clothing + $500 macy’s GC ($3K)
Neshea: TB- Haier kitchen
Alonso: $2K (#2)- Trip to The Club Barbados

FCW: Leahnah & Jonathan

T (SB): Diamond/emerald earrings
#2: TIFFANY ($500: #1)

J (#3): Racing rm. (Wayne read the plug)
#4: $750 ($1K: #2)

W (#1): Mitsubishi Lancer
BAILED (#1: WAYNE/#4: $2K/#5: $500)

Deal #3:
Shakira: #2- Music rm.
Deanna: M-C- “Let Me Let Me Brady” (MV: $7K)

Dana’s Trip Envelope P: SE- Trip to Hotel Aria (GE: Trip to The Palms/SB: Canon camera/camcorder pkg./BE: Trip to the Center of the Earth)
Troy’s FD D: $2300 (#3)- Kawasaki Ninja

WWtAMCQfCaP: Curbrinder

#1: How much was in the MV- $7K, $2.5K or $555?
DR: $7K
#2: Where was the Z trip to- Center of the Earth, Planet ZONK or Swiss Cheese Alps?

DR: Center of the Earth
#3: What was the make of the first car offered on this ep.- Ford, Mitsubishi or maZDa?
DR: Mitsubishi

BAILED (#1: Toyota Yaris/#2: Giant crib)

Kimberly’s FD D: $1K (SB: YSL acc./BB: SAMSUNG elec. suite)

BD (Dana):
SD (#3): Grilling pkg.- TM
MD (#2): Trip to NZ
BD (#1): Honda CR-V & urban biking pkg.

“Let’s Make a Deal” 3/21/17

GBoGH: Durrad
C: Honda Fit
$500 GT: macy’s
R: 4, 6, 3, 2- BAILED

Deal #2:
Lauren: SE- Date w/ ZONKZILLA
Adrienne: $1.5K (TB)- Trip to Hotel Shocard

WTB: Karen & Jordan
Rejected in R1: SB (KEEPS YOU CONNECTED)- Nikon camera + laptop/tablet hybrid ($3,199)
Rejected in R2: #3 (KEEPS YOU FULL)- Kitchen ($5,374)
FD: #1 (MOBILE)- Grass beetle (Purse & male messenger bag: $7K EACH)

L: Anthony
C (#2): FIAT 500 Easy
P: #3, #8 & #6
ST (SB): Outdoor kitchen pkg.- BAILED (#1 & #8: CAR/#3 & #6: JONATHAN’S P.B.)

Louanne’s FD D: #1- Pirate ship (M-C: “Change” by John Waite: Veronica Malibu makeover + $3K NORDSTROM SS = $5,151/TB: Trip to Embassy Suites Dorado del Mar Beach Resort = $4,713)

Teresa’s FD D: SB- Butter pumps
Irving’s FD D: $1K (BB)- Office

BD (Rufus):
SD (#1): Schwinn Air Dyne & BOWFLEX Max Trainer w/ home spa pkg.
MD (#2): SONY PS4 rm.- X
BD (#3): Trip to Coral Sea Resort & KIA Forte

$500 QD (Sarah): Pocket magnifying glass- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 3/20/17

MoU: Valren & Roberto
C: Nissan Versa Plus

#3: $400
#4: $600
#2: $1.5K

Shadi: SB- Trip to Kinzie Hotel (Big Daddy’s Cereal: $3.5K)
Tamiko: #1- IKEA kitchen
Tamiko: $1K (#3)- SAME NISSAN

Vernon’s FD D: #2- Giant couch (SB: Leica camera & Apple MacBook Pro = $4,244)
Brianna’s FD D: BB (SEVEN ITEMS)- Purses ($7,700)(SE: Pig Pen Spa)


FD: CD #2- $500 (GB: ROLEX)

Victoria: #4- TEXAS BLUES (again, continued prayers to that state)
FD: #4- $900 (CURTAIN #2: Trip to The Havannah)

GFaS: Glenn
C: Chevrolet Cruze

Macaroni & cheese & cheesecake: MACARONI & CHEESE X
“MELROSE PLACE” & “90210”: “90210”$
Queen Elizabeth & Queen Latifah: QUEEN LATIFAH$
Z’S REMOVED: #10 & #15Z (A: #13)

Final Regular D:
Janika: SB- Moss pumps ($50: x50)
Maria: BB- Game rm. setup (x50: $5)

BD (Brianna):
SD (#1): Patio Heaven furn. + games
MD (#2): SEA-DOO- X
BD (#3): Trips to Regatta Inn & Calabash Cove + $5K

$500 QD (Nadine): Hair curler (T)- $