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“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/22/18

Emily: BB- Music rm. ($3,875)
Ervin: $1K (M-C)- “I Am So ZONKY”
Scarlett: STOCK- PD ($4.5K)(#3: Z TVs)

SND: Karman
C (#1): Ford Focus SE
Items Needed: Pen, tissue & gum/mint- HAD NONE OF THOSE
P: #6
ST (#2): Camping gear ($3,146)- PULLED OUT (#4: CAR/#6: $1K)

Brooke’s FD D: SB- Candy dispensers (Whatever Happened to Baby Gray?: $2850)

DMaD: Manisha & Amit
FD: SB- Trip to Fireside Resort

DFEO: Melanie & Kim Key
R1: #1- SAMSUNG W/D pkg. ($3,252)
R2: #3- Home theater ($4,850)
FD (Giant E.): NEITHER- PD #2 (Mangum P.I.)

Timeline (#2): Isaiah
T: Las Hadas
C: Black KIA Rio
R1 O: “E.R.” (’94), “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (’96) & “King of Queens” (’98)- $
Last Title: “Behind the Music”
FA: ’97- PD #3

Alison’s FD D: Nikon 24.2mp- $100 (T: $1,600)(BB: Benelli motorscooter + helmets = $3,649)

BD (couple):
SD (#2): Office ($4,626)
MD (#1): $6,770
BD (#3): Trips to Sandals Royal Bahamian & nhow MILANO- W

Debora: Clip/bobby pin (T)($200)- $
Morgan (“INDIANA JONES”): Knew Lawrence Kasdan wrote the first movie of character’s series (J)($500)- $ (could’ve instead tried to figure out who directed that movie for $300)


“Let’s Make a Deal”- 9TH DEALY AWARDS

One Dealy Would Win Somebody This (#1): Jeep Compass Latitude

Krystil’s FD D: RBPretzels & P.B. roller coaster
Keisha’s FD D: GBTrip to Park Plaza

Best Use of Prop: Susan Burden (retired teacher)
Dealy C: #5
FD: #5- $500 (#2: Outdoor game pkg. = $6,307)

CP: Lisa
C: Blue maZDa3

C: Nicole Kidman, Jodie Foster, Sigourney Weaver & Charlize Theron
Q: OSCAR winners for Best Actress in a Leading Role
G: Nicole, Jodie & Charlize

Outstanding Eyewear: Jenton Verdon
Dealy C: #3
FD: #3- $350 (BB: L.A. Ballet experience)

David’s Song Battle FD D: TB- Trip to V Heavens (M-C: “It’s a Hard ZONK Life”)

HtHfaCG: Dustin Baron Plotkin & Jordan Henry (Best Headwear)
Dustin: #2
Jordan: #3
O: $500, $1K, $1200, $1300, $1.5K, $1700, $2K & $2200- JORDAN
#2- Volkswagen Jetta (#3: Mobile D.R. set)

Feat. Item in Next Deal: Swag Bag
Natalie: #2- Beach pkg. + $1K
Andre: BB- SAMSUNG W/D + baskets & $2K (Swag Bag: Z apple watch)

PD #2

Best Representation of an Animal: Luann Su
Dealy C: #8
FD: #8- $700 (SB: Diamonds by Angie diamond ring = $3,300/CUV: #4)

BD (Keisha):
SD (#3): sofamania L.R.
MD (#2): SEA-DOO GTS- M.O.
BD (#1): Trip to Sandals Ochi Beach + $12K

Aljandra: Lipstick that’s NOT red (J)- NO LIPSTICK AT ALL
Antonique: Chap-Stick or lip gloss (T)- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/18/18

John: #2- MODLOFT office
Veronica: SB- Ketchup & mustard popsicles
Christine: BB- Motorscooters
Jessica: $700 (#1)- Trip to naia Belize

CR: Justin & Alexis
C: Chevrolet Trax
#15: $200
#9: EMPTY (FP: #7)

Good/Bad News: Lucinda (painter orig. from the Virgin Islands)
FD: BB- Laundered $ (SE: $5K.00 check)

Gary’s FD D (Colonel Sanders): #1 (TWO OF SAME PRIZE)- Home theater ($3,478)

GNO: Katelin & Megan
Megan: $1.5K (SB)- Titanium sunglasses + La Casa del Camino getaway
Katelin: #2- Fast-food race cars

RttF: Coco
#1: LG W/D pkg.
#2: Trip to Hilton BROOKLYN NEW YORK
#3: ’18 KIA Soul
D: 2♣, A♦, 2♥, 5♣, 3♥, 5♦, 7♦WALKED

Know the Cast: Patricia
#1: Whose favorite TV show growing up was “FULL HOUSE”?
G: Jonathan (A: Tiffany)
#2: Who won an award for “Most Improved Freshman Band Member”?
G: Jonathan
#3: Who played 3B on their HS all-star baseball team?
G: Wayne
WALKED (SB: The Gourmandise School classes + kamikoto knife set = $3,795)

BD (Gary):
SD (#1): BBQ/patio pkg. + Omaha Steaks GC
MD (#2): Apple elec. suite + $500 LAMPS PLUS GC- M.O. & EVERYONE SENT PACKING
BD (#3): Subaru Crosstrek + Pure Cycles pkg.

Amanda & Cassie: Snack (gum or mints DIDN’T count)($200)- LOLLIPOP ACCEPTED
Michael: Thought 5,002 ft. were in a mile (J)- 5,280 FT., ACTUALLY
Shana: Unused tea bag (T)($500)- $
Skyler: RPS against J- FAILED

“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/17/18

Travel Agency (very similar to Passport Stamps, except travel jackets were used):
Joy: BB- Home entertainment pkg. (RED: Z)
Mallory: GREENTrip to the Breakers (SB: Hot sauce mouthwash)
Riley: #2- Cal Spa & rypien patio set ($8,729)


FKD: Daryl & Rita
C: Chevrolet Cruze LT
K: #3
STJ (#1): Kitchen + $500 Milk AND eggs GC- TWO OFF

FTL: Richard & Florence
Rejected 1st: SB (TICK-TOCK)- Movado watches ($4,290)
Rejected 2nd: M-C (TAKE OFF)- Trip to RIU Republica

Florence: #3- Lime car
Richard: SE (OPEN-AIR)- Beach cruiser pkg.

Annie’s FD D: $500 (#1)- Off-road vehicle pkg.

SfC: Ernesto
#4: $1
#7: $2
#2: $3

Madyson’s FD D: SB- Laura’s Jewelry rose gold earrings & KIMPTON Shorebreak HOTEL WG (SE: $200 American Express GC)

PD #2

BD (Mallory):
SD (#1): $2,111
MD (#3): Bedroom + Passion Roses & $2K Lumber Liquidator$ GC
BD (#2): Dodge Journey- W

Kai: Less than $20 (J)- $
Jill: Plastic baggy (T)- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/16/18

Deal #1:
Sean: #1- Sunlighten sauna + party station
Stephanie: BB- Jet-skis
Joy: Tory Burch purse (instead of $3K)- Trip to Black Pearl (T: $10,204)

A: Ingrid
C: Honda Civic
R: A ($1100), R ($1200) & Z

Allen: #3- JOHNNY CASH
FD: SB (NO CLUES)- Frizz bee (BB: 4n at Gaylord Texan + Skyway luggage = $4,770)

PaD: Dawn
C (#1): Ford Fiesta SE
WIPEOUT (#2 & #4)
#7- 6 (if she chose the other 6 on her final pick, she would receive $1K)
#6- 6

Stephanie’s FD D: BB- Home theater (Money clip = $535)
Helen’s FD D: #3- Giant couch (#2: Kitchen incl. VORWORK thermomix)

Guess the Trip By Its Mileage: Kurt
Mileage: 5,130
Destination Possibilities: Scotland, Maui & Aruba
STJ (BB): iPads + one-yr. plan- REJECTED (A: SCOTLAND)

BD (Sean):
SD (#2): APT 2B D.R.- M.O.
MD (#1): Piaggio Liberties
BD  (#3): Subaru Crosstrek

Lorine: Anything green ($200)- $
Bryon: Compass (J)($500)- $
Kerri: Tissue (T)- $
Next-to-top row: First to show 60¢ ($200)- A GUY DID IT

“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/15/18

Deal #1:
Tedra: #1- M.K. acc. + 100% Pure skincare
Sadie: #2- Pure Cycles pkg.
Michael: The glasses on Jonathan’s wig- PD (trip to N.O.)(BB: CAMELTON)

MoU: Erin
C: Black KIA Rio HB
R: 5 ($400), ANOTHER 5 ($500), 1 ($1K), 6PLUNGED BY $1750

HL: Casssandra
HA: Transportation Mgr., Bank Mgr. & Moe
Transportation Mgr.- N
Moe- Y
FD: BB (NO CLUES THERE)- PD #2 (trip to the Flamingo)(#2: ZONKY-Os)

GR: Renee
C: Toyota Yaris iA
P: #7, #4, #3

$800 SS: Brenda & Antoinette
RB: NEITHER- Home theater
GB: BOTH- Elite Helicopter Tour (CT for both: $3,250)
FD (#2- $7.5K OR ZONK): Brenda- Model T

Mike’s Withdrawn ATM Amts.: $200, $300 & $500 (LB: $600, $700 & $2400)
BB- Exercise pkg. incl. Gold’s Gym membership ($3,648)

BD (Michael):
SD (#2): BULL BBQ + Lobster Gram
MD (#3): Motorscooters
BD (#1): Volkswagen Golf Alltrack- FINALLY GIVEN AWAY!

Maya: Green crayon ($500)- $
Caleb: Thought Michael’s statement of saying he had a 50/50 shot during the BD of the Day was False (J)- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/12/18

Four Prizes Deal:
Joshua: #3- Softub, patio loungers & MARGARITAVILLE pkg.
Cynthia: SE- Swiss Cheese Alps
Nicole: #1- Kitchen

TGE: Kayla
C: FIAT 500 Lounge
K: #6, #12, #10, #8 & #13- BUSTED (A: #11)

David’s FD D: BB- Moto Guzzi motorcycle (3,558 Norwegian Krona = $450)
Deborah’s Withdrawn ATM Amts.: $200, $400 & $800- QUIT FOR GOOD (LB: $1K & $1200)(#2: Trip to Matterhorn Focus Design Hotel Zermatt)

RW: Jill Ragee Downing (thyroid cancer survivor)
C: Nissan Sentra (she has a ’82 wagon)
Titles Avail.: “You’ve Got Mail”, “Liar Liar”, “Cast Away”, “American Pie” & “The Sixth Sense”
G: “American Pie” & “The Sixth Sense”
STJ (BB): eShakti fashions, Joelle Hawkins handbags & PureCeuticals skincare + $1K- IT’S OVER! IT’S ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OVER!!!!!!!!!

FD: #1- Home theater ($6,199)
Gabriel: 3/2 (IT’S FOR YOUR BOOTY OR)
FD: $500 (#3)- PD (brick L.R.)

$800 SS: Jamie
RB (HALF): SOOTHE massages for a yr. & Passion Roses (CT: $2,920- she’s a spa mgr., BTW)
GB: Smartphone & tablet + stylus (CT: $4,618)
SB: NO MORE- Trip to Hyatt Regency New Orleans ($6,010)

BD (Tyler):
SD (#1): Home recording studio + Skill Success online music lessons
MD (#2): rypien L.R.
BD (#3): Trip to The Wickaninnish Inn Tofino, Canada ($10,754) + EVERYTHING ELSE- 3-2 BD WK. AGAIN!

Carolina: Remembering where the BD trip was to (J)- MONTREAL
Jazmyn: Three coffee beans (T)($500)- X