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“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/23/18

Deal #1: Doris
Passed up 1st: #1 (TAKE A DIP)- Strong Spa + swimwear
Passed up 2nd: #2 (STOP & STARE)- H.T. + KuKuRuZa food
Passed up last: BB- T-W kitchen & D.R.
SE (CROSS A LINE)- Trip to Pinnacle Hotel + $1K

Paloma: E- 8
Stephen: B- 7
Jennifer: C- 5

R2 (SB): rypien office
Stephen: G- 9
Paloma: f- 2

C: KIA Rio
Dealer: A- 3
Stephen: H- 4 (STOPPER!: I)

Jeffrey’s Debate FD D: $600 (#1: YAMAHA TW-200/SB: Beetz headphones)

Joan’s Box of $20s Guess: $700
FD: GBSmartphones (A: $3320)

Giveaway Deal:
Cordero: $1K (BB)- W/D pkg. incl. hamper & laverie GC ($4,064)
Delaney: #3- Trip to Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

TGE: Isabelo
C: White maZDa3
K: #11, #9 & #6- $900 (#15 was way late)(A: #12)

Mike Check: Brenda (each song was either by Michael Jackson or George Michael)
“You’re Not Alone”: M.J.- $
“Monkey”: G.M.- $
“Ben”: M.J.- $
FD: $2K (SB– 1/2 THE $: Trip to Nashville + compact music player & headphones = $6,380/#3– ALL-IN: Z Flyer)

BD (Doris):
SD (#2): Treadmill pkg.- M.O.
MD (#3): GE kitchen pkg.
BD (#1): Chevrolet Trax LS

Corina: Pen(cil)(s), up to three- M-O
Everett: Wayne puckering up in front of Jonathan appears on Instagram instead of somebody dressed as a squid- $
Sevin: Contact lenses ($500)- $
Roderick: Two business cards- $


“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/20/18

Robin: #1- Trip to Sandals South Coast (RED: THREE)
Joshua: #2- Hay truck (BLUE: 45)

GBoGH: Dezmond
C: ’18 Toyota Yaris iA
R: 3 ($500 Milk AND eggs GT), 3 (SB: PRADA handbags), 4 & 3- BAILED

Wayne’s TC: Tiffany
I: GoalZero generator
FD: SB- Wayne’s dot candy painting (Generator: $2K + CASH EQUIV.)

Jonathan’s FD D: $2100 (#2)- Blue Kawasaki Ninja

SND: Dana
C (#1): Subaru Impreza

Mirror: X
Two credit cards: Y (#6)
Makeup brush: Y (#2)
P: #7
ST (BB): Skiing/snowboarding pkg.- Z (CAR: #5)

Deal #5: Kylee
Rejected 1st: $5 BANKROLL = $925
Rejected 2nd: SB- Apple watches & iPhone7s ($4,046)
Rejected 3rd: #2- Trip to Smugglers’ Notch
#3- Home theater + $1.5K POSTMATES GC

Two-Rd. Version of the Ca$hbox Deal w/ the Mini Vault:
Calvin: SE #1- Sedona grill pkg.
Ernestina: SE #2- Pop-up car (MV: $2200)

BD (Dezmond):
SD (#1): Patio Heaven pkg.
MD (#3): YAMAHA WaveRunner
BD (#2): Trip to BYD Lofts + $12K- W

Jaye: Pen(cil) or crayon ($200)- $
Maribel: Toothbrush (J)- X
Connie: After closing eyes correctly predict the gumball color she was pointing at on her outfit (T)($300)- SHE SAID RED BUT IT WAS BLACK

“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/18/18

Deal #1: Ann-Marie, Evan & Marilyn
#3: Evan- Lawnmower car
BB: Ladies- 49″ HDTV + TV Lift Cabinet (SB: Date nights for a yr. + laverie = $3,009/Giant E.: Trip to the Scarlet)

0 to 80: Laura
C: Chevrolet Cruze LS
D: (30), (BACK-TO-BACK 10s) &…(S!)

Christopher’s FD D: #3- Kitchen (There Was a Stack of 225…$1s)
Nina’s FD D: #1- Trip to Marriott Resort Frenchman’s Reef & Morningstar ($7,560)(GB: Bug candy)


Deal #4:
Rachel: Lollipop ring- 4n at The Landing (M-C: Vacation to ZONKY TONK)
Tammie: BB- Music rm. (Shane diamond ring: $500 Neiman-Marcus GC = $1,895)

PD #2

GR: Blake & Kelsie
C: Ford Fiesta SE
P: #4, #7, #1, #3, #5, #8 & #6- PD #3

TC: Cynthia ($4K)
Items to Choose From (had to choose something that was nationally introduced before this millennium): Tamagotchi, Roomba & Nintendo GAME BOY Advance
P: Roomba
FD: #1- M.K. acc. & 100% Pure skincare (Sole Correct Item: Tamagotchi)

BD (Tammie):
SD (#3): Surfing pkg.
MD (#2): rypien office- M.O.
BD (#1): Nissan Rogue Sport

Ron: Wayne jumping on Cat appears on Instagram instead of Cat reading from Wayne’s diary- $ (Wayne then upped it from $300 to $500 because Ron brought a “LET’S MAKE A PIZZA” box)
Theresa: Hand fan (T)($500)- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/16/18

Deal #1:
Casey: SE- Donkey dollars
Richard: BB- SSR Buccaneer + helmets
Lacie: LUNCHBOX- Trip to Rincon Beach Resort ($10,068)

SfC: Sandra
#3: $1
#7: $2
#10: $2

Joseph Conti’s FD D: #3- GAME ROOM GUYS rm. (“Hold on baby!”: $500)

JBH: Wendell

#1: Will it be a memorable experience?
#2: Can it be driven?
#3: Does it come w/ an electrical cord?
#4: Can I wear it?
#5: Should it be used outside the home?

#2- N
#4- N
#5- Y
FD: BB (NO clues for that)- T-W kitchen & D.R. (M-C: Century Cruise)

Deal #4: Lindsay & James (both had $700 to begin)
#2 ($500: OUTSIDE THE HOME): Lindsay- Camping gear + $1K (CT: $3,726)
#3 (ALL-IN: INSIDE THE HOME): James- Office ($4,406)
FD (#1): James- Velcro L.R.

GFaS: Ranamore
C (#1): Toyota Corolla iM

Surf & turf: SURF$
Central Park & Central Perk: CENTRAL PARK$
Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart: SNOOP DOGG$
Z’s REMOVED: #10, #3 & #6$2K

Cynthia’s $5K GC Letter Choice: B
FD: BB- Burberry acc. ($4,048)(B: .00)

BD (Richard):
MD (#2): Cal Spa & rypien patio set
BD (#1): FIAT 500X

“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/13/18

Deal #1:
$1K Rd. (Kyle): BB- Three-wheel scooters
$1250 Rd. (Linda): #1- Trip to Platinum Hotel & Ferrari racing experience
Alsa’s Rd.: #3- Fast-food rm. (GE: $2,200.00)

0 to 80: Ashley
C: Subaru Impreza

Dylan’s $100 Bill Number C: 8
FD: #1- Dig. suite (SN: 97126830)

HD: Gayle
HA: Travel photographer, tire salesman & Mr. Cuthbert
Travel photographer- Y
Mr. Cuthbert- N
FD: SB (clues attached)- Trip to Robert’s Grove + club glove USA luggage ($9,031)(TB: Zurtle photo)


Deal #4: Nicole & Daniel
Nicole: $1K (BB)- Elec. pkg.
Daniel: #3- Barbeques Galore Turbo & patio furn. ($3,297)
FD (SB): Daniel- Meat loafers

LOTTO: Leslie
C (#1): FIAT 500 Lounge
P: #1, #3 & #5
STJ (#2): Trio of bikes

#5: CAR
#1 & #3: WAYNE ($5K)(Left in P.B.: $32.01/OTHER CAR: #2)

Rebecca’s FD D: M-C- Aquarium of the Pacific VIP tour ($2,154)($5K Real/Fake: $400)

CM M-U: Eric v. Jessica
W- Eric ($1.5K)

BD (Gayle):
SD (#3): SAMSUNG W/D + yr.’s worth of Life sheets
MD (#2): Trip to The Square COPENHAGEN
BD (#1): Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE- W

SOLE AIRED QD (Latonya): Pen- $ (if she also had a checkbook the payoff would’ve been doubled)

“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/12/18

Anibal: $– 8
Danielle: $– 6
Cary: $– 7

Cary: $– 3
Anibal: $1

FP: $
FD: #2- Trip to Smugglers’ Notch ($: 4)


Deal #2: Sharea
SB- BULL BBQ + Lobster Gram
#2- HDTV trio
BB- Donkey dishwasher

Eric’s FD D: “HELP!” by The Beatles- $500 TAKL GC & 4n at Hudson New York ($5,554)(SE: Donkey dollars)
Sheryl’s FD D: TB- Brooklyn BrewShop.com & Farm Steady supplies & Everyday California wear ($1,126)(#1: “ALPINE SKI” machine, Street Hopper, TASTYKAKE + $1200)

Deal #4:
Rachael: GBThree-wheel scooter + helmet
Manavi: #2- Sewing rm. pkg.
Margie: BEACH BAG- Celestyal Cruise (SB: Cactus toys)

PD #2

PaD: Frank & Kelly
C (#1): Hyundai Elantra
#7: 6
#5: 4
#1: Z
#2: 6
#8: Z (OTHER 4: #3)

Last Normal Deal:
Dale: BB ($500 BONUS CASH)- SEA-DOO 2up
Regina: BLACK BOX- BREITLING watch & Pacific Dive Training lessons + $20 ($10K)(SB: Apple MacBook + GAMEFLY)

PD #3

BD (Cary):
SD (#3): Trip to Basecamp Hotel
MD (#2): Kitchen w/ cookware- M.O. 
BD (#1): Chevrolet Spark + THE LOT

$500 QD (Jose): Earbuds (J)- $

“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/11/18

WTB: Amanda & Cassandra (Navy Chief)
R1: BB- Wind-up car
R2: #2- APT 2B D.R. + DINE W/ 9
FD (#1): Amanda- Trip to Hyatt Centric Times Square + haven spa experience & helicopter tour

GR: Johnathan & Sherie
C: FIAT 500c
THREE & OUT (P: #2, #3 & #7)

Terry’s FD D: SB- Jellybean purse (9,759 Peruvian Sol = $3K)

HD: Ricardo
HA: Candyman, real estate agent & Bernard
Bernard- N
Candyman- Y
FD: #1- Home theater (#2: Chocolate fondue H.T.)

Blindfolded Predictor: Chad
Held the Paddles: Nancy & Stephanie
1. If you’re gonna watch TV w/ him, which would he rather watch- college sports or cable news?
2. If you were to catch him on vacation in HI, would he be laying out on the beach or snorkeling in the ocean?
3. Where would you be more likely to run into him- at a bar or at the gym?

Nancy: $1K
Stephanie: BB- Beauty pkg.
Chad: $1.5K (#3)- Trip to RIU Reggae

TTD: Ty-quila
C (#1): Honda Fit
1. 5/4 
2. 4/1
3. 2/6
4. 6/4- $1.5K

Sammy’s FD D: SB- Apple elec. pkg. ($3,747)(#3: GE kitchen/SEEN IT SE: Wind-up car)

BD (Amanda):
SD (#3): Treadmill pkg. ($2,988)- ALL TRADERS WENT HOME
MD (#1): YAMAHA TW 200 + helmet
BD (#2): Victoria Cruise, THE OTHER PRIZES + $3K IN AN ENVELOPE

SOLE AIRED QD (Freddie & Cameron): From 1-25, guess the number written on a card held by Tiffany (Cameron guessed 22; Freddie guessed 17)($200)- 22