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“Millionaire” 9/20/17

$100K: During WWII, so children would be less frightened of their government-issued gas masks, a model was specially created to look like whom?

A: Mickey Mouse
B: Popeye
C: Buck Rogers
D: Peter Pan

Mickey Mouse$

$250K: While orig. there was just Pep-O-Mint, over the yrs. LIFE SAVERS have been avail. in ALL BUT which of the following flavors?

A: Vanill-O-Nut
B: Vi-O-Let
C: Choc-O-Mint
D: Cin-O-Mon


A: 2%
B: 84%
C: 13%
D: 1%

FA: WALKED (A: Vanill-O-Nut)

Andrea Sutterfield (Diamond Bar)

$500: Which of these’s the only topping you’re actually likely to find on Panera Bread’s so-called “Everything” bagel?

A: Wet leaves
B: Poppy seeds
C: Monkey fur
D: Nuclear waste

Poppy seeds$

$1K: His willingness to engage in battle alongside the men he commanded earned future President Zachary Taylor what DISRUPTIVE nickname?

A: “Old Rough and Ready”
B: “Old Soft and Gooey”
C: “Old Hot and Sweaty”
D: “Old Weak and Flabby”

“Old Rough and Ready”$

$2K: When a supermarket’s doors open, that strong blast of air you feel blowing down from above’s meant to serve several purposes, incl. which of these?

A: Keep flies out
B: Mess up shoplifters’ hair
C: Chill you so you buy lots of soup
D: Blow your coupons out of your car

Keep flies out$

$3K: Based on evidence found in “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater”, Peter could’ve conceivably been charged w/ what imaginary crime?

A: Grand Theft Tuffet
B: Involuntary Eggslaughter
C: Unlawful Pumpkin Shell Imprisonment
D: Wool Trafficking

Unlawful Pumpkin Shell Imprisonment$

$5K: By definition, a country that’s a genontrocracy is ruled by whom?

A: Foreigners
B: Women
C: The military
D: Old men

Old men$

QotD: Which of these grooming products got its name because it was orig. made w/ apples?
A: Cologne
B: Pomade
C: Mascara
D: Shampoo

To Return Next Day: W/ over 14M thumbs up, the most-liked YouTube video of all-time’s the music video for “See You Again”, the tribute to actor Paul Walker feat. whom?

A: Drake
B: Wiz Khalifa
C: Justin Bieber
D: Adele


A: 9%
B: 69%
C: 6%
D: 16%

Wiz Khalifa$


John Davis (SEA- recent med school grad)

$500: Acc. to legend, a HOLLYWOOD tradition was born in ’27 when actress Norma Talmedge accidentally did what on a visit to to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre?

A: Paid $10 for popcorn
B: Snuck into an R-rated movie
C: Stepped in wet cement
D: Told Clark Cable NOT to text during the film

Stepped in wet cement$

$1K: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Thumb War & I’ve Got Your Nose ALL appear on Wikipedia’s list of what?

A: DISCONTINUED Olympic events
B: Less-popular casino games
C: Best Picture winners
D: Hand games

Hand games$

$2K: DON’T believe the jewelry ads- which of the following gems actually WON’T last forever, as entropy will eventually cause it to decay into graphite?

A: Opal
B: Diamond
C: Sapphire
D: Ruby


$3K: James Corden has sung along w/ superstars like Adele & Lin-Manuel Miranda during his commute to “The Late Late Show” in what popular segment?

A: “Carpool Karaoke”
B: “Express Bus Beatboxing”
C: “Snowmobile Showtunes”
D: “Ferry Boat Falsettos”

“Carpool Karaoke”$

$5K: Inside the name of Iquitos, a town called Peru’s “gateway to the Amazon”, you’ll find the name of what neighboring country’s capital city?

A: Argentina
B: Panama
C: Brazil
D: Ecuador


$7K: In total, the 1990s consisted of how many days?

A: 3,650
B: 3,652
C: 3,654
D: 3,656


$10K: Of the NFL’s 32 teams, a total of seven team names, more than any other, end w/ what three letters?

A: -ans
B: -ers
C: -ins
D: -ngs

-ers $

$20K: Through you probably SHOULDN’T be handling it in the first place, the EPA notes that two tablespoons of what heavy liquid weigh about a pound?

A: Hydrochloric acid
B: Mercury
C: Kerosene
D: Motor oil

Mercury $

$30K: Born Paul Hewon, U2’s Bono got his stage name from Bonavox, a Dublin shop that sold what items typically geared to an older crowd?

A: Wheelchairs
B: Hearing aids
C: Orthopedic shoes
D: Vitamins

+1 (Kenji)
Hearing aids$

QotD: What cellphone maker’s name translates to English as “three stars”?
C: verizon

To Return: In its study-of-flight emergencies from 2008-10, the New England Journal of Medicine found the most common ailment was syncope, also known as what?

A: Heart attack
B: Respiratory failure
C: Fainting
D: Seizure


GJ: Joe

Jason: Uni custard w/ prawns, clams & miso vinaigrette
Eboni: Pan-seared scallops w/ charred Romanesco, rainbow chard & pea puree
Dino: Squid ink capellini w/ calamari, clams & cherry tomatoes

Jason: Tofu skin-wrapped black cod w/ bay scallops, Maitake mushrooms & cucumber-pea tendril sauce
Dino: Rack of lamb w/ lamb belly-sunchoke caponata & balsamic glaze
Eboni: Honey-glazed duck breast w/ sweet potato mash, collard greens & crispy heirloom carrots

Dino: Pistachio Tiramisu w/ orange mascarpone cream, espresso caviar & pistachio tuile
Eboni: Chocolate orbit cake w/ macadamia crumble & passion fruit coulis
Jason: Black Sesame Japonaise w/ chocolate yuzu mousse & berry shiso coulis

W- Dino

G1: Wards (Naomi, Roman, Valerie, Ronnie & Ron) v. Nelsons (Ryan, Angela, Joelle, Travis & Andrew)

R1 (men): “When I get to heaven, I sure hope they have lots of…” what?:

#1: Hot kinky chicks (49)(Ryan)
#7: Beer/booze (4)(Naomi)

Nelsons: Food/Cheez Whiz (#2- 13), TVs, cars, furniture
Naomi Steal: Sports/fishing- #3 (9)(T4: Weed/good doobage & family/friends- 7 each/T6: Guys/bros/Sole BA: T.P./when I poo-poo- 3)

R2: Name a pop star who makes men whistle when she twerks:

#1: Miley Cyrus (53)(Roman)

Wards: Beyonce (#2- 11), Shakira, J-Lo (#3- 5), Nicki Minaj (ONE OF THREE BAs- 3), Rihanna, Tina Turner
Ryan Steal: Katy Perry- ANOTHER BA (#4: Britney Spears/Last BA: Madonna)

Double: Name a word that rhymes w/ “hubby”:

#2: Chubby (31)(Joelle)
#3: Bubby (11)(Valerie)

Nelsons: Tubby (TA- 36), nubby (BA- 6), cubby (8)- NO-STRIKE SWEEP

TRIPLE: Name something that’s thicker than water:

#2: Oil (15)(Ronnie)
X- Gravy (Travis)

Wards: Blood (TA- 60), mud, milk, wine
Ryan Steal to W Crown or Not: Syrup- W (9)(Not needed: Pudding- 4)

#1: Acc. to men on the scale, how sensitive are you?
#2: Something people smell before they buy it.
#3: Which country do you think has the best NUDE beaches?
#4: A place where people leave an extra house key.
#5: Something that’s put on teeth.

Joelle: 4 (12), fruit (31), France (28), under the mat (45) & whitener (4)
Travis: 2, Brazil (21) & toothpaste (52)
Unsaid #1: 8

Bad news- this ep. WASN’T part of SP Wk. (the first taped ep.’s been rescheduled for 10/6). Good news- the BD of the Day here’s worth $35K+.

FKD: Tanisha
C: Subaru Impreza ($20,215)
P: #4
STJ (#1): interior designs L.R. ($6,165) + $600- BAILED (A: #1- instead of walking to the car, they pushed the unlock buttons on the keys & the lights turned red around the car if it wasn’t the right key)

Couple: David & Sheree
Rejected 1st: SB (3)- Candy acc.
Rejected 2nd: BB (2)- KYMCO Like 200i & Honda Metropolitan ($4,948)
Rejected Last: TB (1)- SUBARU
SB- Jewelry ($3K- they also get engaged)

SfC: Victor
#1: $3
#10: $1
#7: $1
#3: $1
#5: OTHER $3
For $5K: #8: Y
#2: G.O.

Deal #4: Kelly (nonprofit worker dressed as pirate), Denise (teacher) & Devante (international pro dancer dressed as hippie)
$1K Rd. (Devante): BAILED (#2)- Snowman L.R.
$1250 Rd. (Denise): BB- REN-A-ZONKCE Painting
Kelly: #1- SCHWINN AirDyne pkg. ($1,829)(GE: $7K.00)

James’ Mindreading FD D (Albany, OR- Air Force vet & retired computer co. worker for 14 yrs. dressed as slot machine; also was a teacher for six yrs.): $1.5K (#3)- Trip to The Reefs RESORT & CLUB in Bermuda ($8,748)

Last Regular D: Dylan (Car Pong): For each of three movie titles, two brothers were given & he had to decide which one appeared in a movie; a correct answer won the corresponding prize.
“The Hunger Games” (Chris or Liam Hemsworth): LIAM (Tablet computer = $1,199)
“Old School” (Luke or Owen Wilson): LUKE (Kitchen = $4,246)
“BEETLEJUICE” (Alec or Stephen Baldwin): ALEC ($2K Bloomingdale’s GC)

SD (#3): Camping equip. ($2,564)
MD (#2): River Terrance Inn getaway ($6,494)
BD (#1): Ford Fiesta SE & Toyota Yaris 5dr ($35,030)- W

SOLE AIRED QD (David): Picture of anybody BUT himself (T)- $

COMPETED IN 1ST EP.: Cordell (LaPlace, LA), David (DAL), My-Hanh (SEA) & John Gabriel Palmer (Studio City)
J: Jose & Justin

David: Chilaquiles fried ravioli- R-U
My-Hanh: Wonton ravioli- W
Cordell: Ravioli w/ crawfish tails
John: Ravioli w/ Pomodoro sauce- L (cook at specialty restaurant)

David: Sangria poached egg over falafel (soccer coach w/ dog named Bug)
My-Hanh: Steamed bun w/ chickpea sauce (operates a hair salon called Mynt)
Cordell: Fried chicken hummus wrap (has worked at two Ritz-Carltons, one in Buckhead, GA)
W- David

COMPETED IN 2ND EP.: Adam, Devin (Ft. Hood, TX), James (Newcastle, England) & Sara (Glowing Rock, NC)
J: Alison Roman & Alex

James: Chicken vindaloo pizza- R-U
Sara: Spring vegetable pizza
Adam: White pizza w/ ranch pesto- W
Devin: Chicken bacon ranch flatbread pizza- L (Dev Hancock Events priv. chef/owner)

Adam: Seared salmon w/ avocado three ways (digital media co. brand strategist)
James: Fried fish tacos (reg. nurse)
Sara: Avocado ceviche (Millstone Bake House chef/owner in Davidson, NC)
W- Adam

Darwell Yeager (Darwell’s To-Go EC/owner in Pearl, MS who’s also a trained pro wrestler)
Jayda Atkinson (catering chef in N.O.)
John Powali (Dig Inn chef)
Jess Dunne (North Fork Roasting Co. chef/owner in Southold, NY w/ fiancee Jenni- they converted that from a 1930s home)
J: Marc, Amanda & Geoffrey

A: Fried chicken, rainbow chard, fingerlings & bacon grease
Jayda: Uptown hash w/ chicken & pancetta
Darwell: Chopped chicken salad w/ garlic-steamed potatoes
John: Pulled chicken hash w/ sunny-side egg & pickled chard
Jess: Smokin’ chicken grilled cheese w/ potato salad
C- Jayda

E: Meatloaf mix, heirlooms, chanterelles & mac ‘n cheese
John: Four-cheese mac ‘n cheese w/ chanterelle meatloaf mix meatballs
Darwell: Heirloom tomato & chanterelle etouffee
Jess: Mac-stuffed burger w/ chanterelle & tomato chutney
C- Darwell

D: PB&J sandwiches, strawberries, vanilla wafers & chocolate milk
Jess: PB&J crumble & chocolate milk I.C.
John: PB&J crouton w/ chocolate milk I.C.
W- John