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1/21/18 Quick News & Notes

-“Full Frontal” is doing a piece called “The Apology Race”.
-Last night’s “SNL” GS sketch was titled “What Even Matters Anymore”.
-Mark DeCarlo was the host of a “JUMBLE” pilot in ’94 produced by Stone-Stanley Productions. The top prize was $10K.
-“Millionaire” has been RENEWED for S17.


“Millionaire” 10/16/15

Tenysa Santiago (sign language interpreter in Laurel, MD)
+1: Coworker Devon

$500: Saying “Short answer: cheese grease is ruining everything”, The Atlantic’s CityLab recently published an article answering what question?

A: “Why can’t I train my pet hamster?”
B: “Why can’t I live in The White House?”
C: “Why can’t I recycle a pizza box?”
D: “Why can’t I buy gin at HOME DEPOT?”

“Why can’t I recycle a pizza box?”$

$1K: Removing the space between the words in the title of what film produces the name of a popular brand of car battery?

A: “Home Alone”
D: “Pretty Woman”


$2K: A person can walk down Ruby Tuesday Drive in Dartford, England, the hometown of two members of what band?

A: Men at Work
B: The Village People
C: The Rolling Stones
D: The Go-Go’s

The Rolling Stones$

$3K: For those trying to find the perfect place to propose, USA TODAY suggests Mexico’s Playa del Amor, which happens to translate to what?

A: Promise Lake
B: Lover’s Beach
C: Forever Canyon
D: Mount Commitment

Lover’s Beach$

$5K: What hockey team has outfitted its stadium w/ two Tesla coils in order to produce a certain very fitting special effect every time they score?

A: Hurricanes
B: Sabres
C: Avalanche
D: Lightning


$7K: Although he lived in Cuba for yrs., BBC News says the only time Hemingway met Fidel Castro was at an event involving what favorite Hemingway sport?

A: Bowling
B: Fishing
C: Swimming
D: Golf


$10K: Likely causing a lot of BAD breath in the process, Americans are said to eat around 2lbs of garlic every yr., or about how many 1/5th-ounce cloves?

A: Eight
B: 60
C: 160
D: 800


$20K: A particular fan of work by Charles & Ray Eames, in what field did Ice Cube earn a certificate from a Phoenix trade school before forming N.W.A.?

A: Oil painting
B: Landscape design
C: Abstract sculpture
D: Architectural drawing

Architectural drawing$

$30K: Because of an Inuit belief that they’re left-handed a polar bear’s shown lifting its left arm on the coat of arms of what country?

A: Russia
B: Norway
C: Greenland
D: Finland

FA: BAILOUT (A: Greenland)

QotD: Acc. to legend when he was born in 1879 what thinker’s misshapen unusually-large head caused his mom to worry that he might NOT be normal?
A: Albert Einstein
B: Jonas Salk
C: Carl Sagan
D: Thomas Edison

Thousandaire: Midori Sanchez
The Federal Highway Administration mandates that conventional STOP signs must be how many in. wide?
A: 10
B: 20
C: 30
D: 40

FA: 10 (A: 30)

$7K: Animators at PIXAR took an in-house graduate level ichthyology course in preparation for which of their famous movies?

A: “a bug’s life”
C: “Monsters, Inc.”
D: “Cars”


$10K: Rarely seen w/ her in public, whose husband of 49yrs made his living running an asphalt-paving business in Nashville?

A: Reba McIntyre
B: Cher
C: Dolly Parton
D: Aretha Franklin


$20K: Acc. to legend what Lord Protector of England showed their contempt for a famous document of civil rights by calling it the “Magna Farta”?

A: Oliver Cromwell
B: King Henry VIII
C: King George III
D: Queen Victoria

Oliver Cromwell$

$30K: What common Vietnamese surname’s the name of its last ruling royal family, Ho Chi Minh’s birth name & the name of its current PM?

A: Singh
B: Park
C: Tanaka
D: Nguyen


$50K: Acidity, sugar content & a lack of water are factors in a Smithsonian article about what item’s so-called “eternal shelf life”?

A: Honey
B: Wine
C: Orange juice
D: Figs

50:50 & AtA– HONEY (72%) OVER WINE

$100K: Considered the first song transmitted from space, in 1965 astronaut Thomas P. Stafford sang what tune to Mission Control?

A: “Happy Together”
B: “Oh, Pretty Woman”
C: “Jingle Bells”
D: “Good Day Sunshine”

LCLS (father)
FA: “Good Day Sunshine” (A: “Jingle Bells”)

QotD: While most Romans wore the typical off-white version what solid color of toga could only be worn by generals & the Emperor?
A: Purple
B: Yellow
C: Green
D: Blue

Thousandaire: Jonah Fine (rabbi & MS teacher)
In ’14 Krispy Kreme began offering a Stay Puft Marshmallow doughnut to celebrate what film’s 30th Anniv.?
A: “WarGames”
B: “Ghostbusters”
C: “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”

FA: “Ghostbusters”

C #12: Each new black jacket chef had to cook their signature dish w/ a famous HoF athlete. The “King of the Hill” format was used.
#1: Nick & Jordyn Wieber
#2: Robyn & Reggie Miller- UNSEATED FIRST DUO
#3: Milly & Ricky Williams- UNSEATED SECOND DUO
#4: Michelle & Candace Parker- UNSEATED THIRD DUO
#5: Benjamin & Shawne Merriman- L
REWARD: Helicopter ride & dinner at 71 Above (Brought on Reward: Nick)
PUNISHMENT: Deep cleaning day

DS #10:
Notable Guests: Jonathan Kite (“2 Broke Girl$”), Matthew Moy (“2 Broke Girl$”) & Wyclef Jean
W- Michelle
L- Robyn (Also on Bottom: Milly)

Beberly (9)(Hackensack): “Let’s Get Loud”
Joziah (14)(Frisco): “That’s What I Like”
Jake (13)(MIA): “Timber”
SG: Sydney Sierota
W- Joziah

Makani: Abigail (13) & Jason Drucker (FREE2LUV)
Nalu: Sophia (12) & Michael Campion (Race to Erase MS)
Ahi: Aziah (11) & Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Wags and Walk)

T: Squid-Words, Volca-Nose & Pele’s Curse
W- Nalu

G1: Toni (deli waitress in Sherman Oaks; orig. from NY)

$1K: If you find yourself LOST in lollipop woods or stick in molasses swamp, chances are you’re playing what popular board game?
$2K: Kevin Hart was the voice of a crazed rabbit named “Snowball” in what animated movie?
G: “Trolls” (A: “The Secret Life of Pets”)
Saved?: Y
$2K Q #2: Every yr. thousands of tourists come to Ireland & wait in line to do what to the Blarney Stone?
G: Kiss
$5K: “Home on the Range” began “Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam” & what two animals played?
G: Deer & antelope
$10K: In 2016 it took three months & over 12K runners to carry what from Greece to its final destination in Brazil?
G: Olympic Flame
$25K: In the “Super Mario Bros.” VG series Mario & Luigi worked primarily in what profession?
G: Pizza
Saved?: Y
$25K Q #2: What well-known character was known as a professor of archaeology, an expert on the occult & an obtainer of rare antiquities?
$50K: Acc. to a famous quote by Alexander Pope “To err is human; to forgive is…” what?
G: “…divine”CALLS IT A NIGHT

G2: EB (Austin woman in between jobs)

$1K: Found in most playgrounds a teeter-totter’s more commonly known as a what?
G: See-saw
$2K: In the movie “Tangled” what fairy tale princess had a magical head of hair that was 70ft long?
G: Rapunzel
$5K: If you have halitosis you have a condition more commonly known as what?
G: Dry scalp (A: Bad breath)
Saved?: Y
$5K Q #2: In one of her hit songs Taylor Swift sang “This time I’m telling you, I’m telling you, we are never ever ever…” doing what?
G: “…Getting Back Together”
$10K: On the reality TV series “Deadliest Catch” the people on the show are trying to catch what?
G: Crabs
$25K: A popular rhyme for remembering how many days are in each month of the yr. began “Thirty days hath September”. What month came next in the rhyme?
G: Apr.
$50K: Believe it or not Superman, Chewbacca & Abraham Lincoln ALL appeared in what ’14 movie?
G: “The LEGO Movie”
$75K: If you’re in Britain about to have some bangers & mash, the mash are potatoes but what’s a banger?
G: Sausage (good thing she nailed that one, because the kids MISSED it)- G.O.