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“Common Knowledge” 8/23

The Reserves: William, Allen & Carissa (Air Force)
The Hollanders: Erin, Marilyn (mom) & Andrew (brother)

Etiquette: Acc. to the Etiquette Scholar website when is it proper to wait until every person at the table’s served before eating your meal- at a table of eight or less, seated at the host’s table or always?
COMMON ANSWER WAS ALWAYS- X (A: At table of eight or less)
Symbols: Often seen on packages what does the symbol where a package’s held by two hands mean- handle w/ care, hazardous materials or keep off ground?
Housekeeping: What kitchen staple can be used to get stains out from a shirt that has been washed & dried- apple juice, coconut oil or vinegar?
Our Bodies: Which of these things does the CDC say you should do every hour that your child’s in a swimming pool- check lifeguard’s location, reapply their sunscreen or give ’em a 15-min. rest?

Arts & Crafts: Which type of paint takes the longest to dry- oils, acrylics or watercolor?

Ladies: Oils
Andrew: Watercolor
At the Gym: Acc. to Men’s Health which of these exercises is best for your back- sit-ups, planking or incline leg presses?
In the Kitchen: Reader’s Digest recommends which of the following as the best way to slice bread- from the top-down, from the bottom-up or from side-to-side?

Erin: Top-down
Teammates: Side-to-side
Business: Brazil’s the world’s largest exporter of which commodity- hazelnuts, lumber or coffee?
William: Coffee
Rest of trio: Lumber

WIR: Sports, Calendar, Animal Kingdom & Our Government
Calendar: The rhyme teachers use to help kids remember the # of days in months goes “30 days hath September, April, June and…” what other month?
Hollanders: November
Sports: Which pro sport’s hall of fame can you visit in Canton?
Reserves: Baseball
Hollanders: Basketball
Our Government: What’s the standard age when senior citizens become eligible for Medicare benefits?
Hollanders: 65

1st: Erin
#1: What’s the slogan for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assoc.- “Beef. It’s what for dinner.”, Beef. The meat you eat.” or “What’s your beef?”?
“Beef. It’s what for dinner.”
#2: What NYC street name’s synonymous w/ the advertising industry- 5th Ave., Madison Ave. or Park Ave.?
PASSED (A: Madison Ave.)
#3: Approx. how many total days pass between full moons- seven, 30 or 90?
90 (A: 30)
2nd: Marilyn
#4: Which of these noodles is an egg noodle- lo mein, udon or glass?
Lo mein
#5: If you’re monozygotic you’re which of the following- colorblind, an identical twin or a redhead?
Identical twin
#6: Which of these animals is extinct- dodo, whooping crane or Tasmanian devil?
#7: A Swedish story revealed that heart attacks are most likely to occur on what day of the wk.- Mon., Wed. or Sat.?
#8: Which of these department stores is the oldest- Sears, macy’s or J.C. Penney?
Sears (A: macy’s)
#9: What was the 1st yr. the NY Times began printing color pictures on its pages- 1953, 1973 or 1993?
’53 (A: ’93)

(This was an earlier-taped ep.)

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