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“America Says” 8/23/19

Workout Warriors: Luci, Lauren, Stacey & Callista
The Do-Gooders: Kelly, Michelle, Caren & Anne

#1: A __________ can be wound up
Clock, watch & toy
Kelly Steal: Knot (A: Music box, Spring, top & kid)
#2: My kitchen could really use a new ___________
Sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, counter, floor & cook
Luci Steal (it happened to be the top answer starting w/ S): Stove

#1: The internet has changed the way I ____________
Communicate, shop, read news, work & research
Kelly Steal (PB & D___): Pay bills & date
#2: When I think of “FINDING NEMO” I think of _________
Dory, fish & turtles
Luci Steal: Anime (A: Animation, Disney, family & Ellen)

#1: __________ can be really cheesy
Luci Steal: Jokes, macaroni, movies, boyfriends (A: Sitcoms, Cheetos & burgers)
#2: A _______________ has a rim around it
Basketball hoop & tire
Kelly Steal to W or L: Glass, can, toilet & volcano (Leftover: Canyon)

#1: You CAN’T make salsa w/o t________
#2: I rarely see a ______ w/o a collar on
Dog & priest
#3: I get uncomfortable whenever my wife wants to __________ in public
Kiss, hold hands L (A: Dance)
#4: My kids really HATE it when I give ’em _________
Medicine & chores (A: Lectures & haircuts)

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