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Brian Wood (HOU)
+1: Laura (girlfriend)

$500: Which of the following WASN’T one of the topics covered in Edward Gibbon’s landmark work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?

A: Invasion of Gaul by Attila
B: The Schism of the Donatists
C: Relaxation of Discipline
D: The Introduction of the Selfie Stick

The Introduction of the Selfie Stick$

$1K: Featuring an animal carrying an iconic NY food in a subway station, what was the name of the ’15 viral video CNN called “our newest obsession”?

A: “Pizza Rat”
B: “Lobster Bat”
C: “Gumbo Cat”
D: “Chicken Teriyaki Gnat”

“Pizza Rat”$

$2K: Though it takes longer in some places than others, data from ProPublica says Americans’ avg. visit to what location lasts two hrs. & 15 min.?

A: Emergency rm.
C: Post office
D: Church confessional


$3K: Acc. to his career stats on espn.com, the NBA’s all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar successfully completed only one what?

A: Free-throw
B: Dunk
C: Three-pointer
D: Pass

Three-pointer $

$5K: Using your weight, how long it takes you to run up some stairs & the total height of the stars you climbed, you can calculate your own what?

A: Voltage
B: Horsepower
C: Center of gravity
D: Volume

Horsepower $

$7K: Even releasing an album called “Modern Times”, Bob Dylan claimed to have been inspired by what actor, saying “he influences me, even in the way I sing”?

A: Buster Keaton
B: Charlie Chaplin
C: Douglas Fairbanks
D: Rudolph Valentino


A: 6%
B: 54%
C: 17%
D: 23%


$10K: If you were to win the $1M today & we gave you the whole thing in $100 bills, about how much would it weigh?

A: 2lbs
B: 22lbs
C: 220lbs
D: 2200lbs


$20K: Before studying at Harvard, what high schooler co-published the paper A Simple Method To Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar?

A: Jennifer Lawrence
B: Keira Knightley
C: Hilary Swank
D: Natalie Portman


$30K: Alluding to its humble beginnings in a New Bern pharmacy, “Born in the Carolinas” was a slogan once used by what brand?

A: pepsi
C: Yoo-hoo
D: A.1.

OUT OF LLs– pepsi & A.1.
FA: A.1.

QotD: As it’s believed to BOTH relax one’s fingers & slow one’s heart rate, alcohol’s considered an ILLEGAL performance-enhancing drug in which NCAA sport?
A: Softball
B: Football
C: Women’s Volleyball
D: Men’s Rifle

Thousandaire: Stine Hortezuela

The largest of the five Great Lakes, which of these could easily hold ALL the water in the other four?

A: Lake Ontario
B: Lake Huron
C: Lake Superior
D: Lake Michigan

FA: Michigan (A: Superior)


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