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“Ca$h Cab” 5/5/09

G1: Newman & Benji (Chelsea Market)(BtG: 44)

#1: Meaning “spindle-shaped” in French, what’s the term for the main body of an aircraft?
#2: Acc. to the USDA, what sour, dairy-based biscuit ingredient’s also a good thirst-quencher?
#3: Centuries before it founded Georgetown University, what Catholic order briefly owned a feudal fiefdom in Japan?
#4: Meaning “cut the brain” in Greek, what surgical procedure has been described as one of the WORST crimes in medical history?
RLC: Name four of the top five music retailers based on 2007 market share.
iTunes, amazon.com, Walmart & TARGET (Leftover: Best Buy)

Sole $200 Q: What was the one-word slogan of IBM?
FA: “Eureka!” (A: “Think”)($850)

G2: Piper & Jennifer (Nobu NY)(BtG: 40)

#1: The opposite of “supinated”, what type of foot results in wear and tear near the big toe of a shoe?
#2: Established as a kingdom in 1701, what European state spearheaded the unification of Germany under Otto Von Bismarck?
Bavaria (A: Prussia)
#3: A fixture of dictionary pronunciations, the “schwa” resembles an upside-down version of what letter?
U (A: E)
#4: Meaning “to gape” in Latin, what term refers to a planned break in the programming schedule of a TV series?

Sole $200 Q: A popular pastime in Tokyo, what vertical variety of pinball’s said to have ties to organized crime?
FA: Keno (A: Pachinko)

DR: Carrie, Kristin, Andy & Justin (45th & 10th)(BtG: 30)
LOST $400


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