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“Catch 21” 1/17/20

Chrissy (who cooks Filipino food)
Deanna (PIT girl who owns multiple animals)
Raymond (licensed minister who plays the sax)

R1 BC:
Chrissy: 2♥
Deanna: K♥
Raymond: 3♣

Q1: What “Queen of Soul” was the 1st woman inducted into the Rock & Roll HoF?
Deanna: Aretha Franklin– 8♣; PASSES TO CHRISSY
Q2: In nature what color’s seen on the top edge of a rainbow?
Raymond: Red– 5♠; KEEPS
Q3: What sign of the zodiac’s represented by two fish?
Chrissy: Pisces– 10♠; FREEZES
Q4: Using long forks bread’s dipped into a shared pot of hot cheese in what French dish?
Deanna: Fondue– 9♣; PASSES
Q5: In what organ of the body would you find the cerebrum?
Raymond: Brain7♦
Q6: Mandated by the U.S. Constitution what population count’s conducted every 10yrs?
Raymond: Census– 5♣
RC: 3♥ & 4♠

R2 BC:
Chrissy: A♦
Deanna: 2♠
Raymond: 8♠

Q1: If your child needs braces on their teeth they need to see what type of dentist?
Chrissy: Orthodontist8♥; PASSES TO RAYMOND
Q2: A cowboy in charge of saddle horses lends his name to what brand of jeans (& Jeep model)?
Raymond: Rustler
Deanna: Wrangler– 6♠; BUSTS RAYMOND
Q3: The International Bartenders Assoc. says what fruit should garnish a Manhattan cocktail?
Deanna: Cherry8♦; KEEPS
Q4: What does the U stand for in USB?
Deanna: UniversalJ♦; FREEZES
RC: 2♥, 9♥, 9♣

HCP: Dracula’s castle was in what region of Romania?
Raymond: Pennsylvania
Deanna: Transylvania7♥; PASSES
Other card: 3♠

R3 BC:
Chrissy: 5♠
Raymond: 9♦

Q1: A dactylogram is a fancy word for what identification taken from people if they’re arrested?
Raymond: Fingerprint8♦; PASSES
Q2: Jacob Marley was the 1st ghost to visit which Charles Dickens character?
Raymond: Scrooge 3♦; PASSES
Q3: Sometimes found in an oyster what’s the birthstone for June?
Chrissy: Pearl5♥

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 9♦
#2: K♠
#3: 3♦

#1: A♠
#2: 10♥ (two PCs left)
#3: Q♥ (one PC left)
#4: 6♠; PLACES IN HAND #3
#5: 8♠; PLACES IN HAND #1
#6: Q♠ (no more PCs)
#8: 7♣- $2.5K (Next: 9♠)

“Catch 21” 1/16/20

Brendan (soccer-playing firefighter)
Lashonta (grandma who’s a Minnesota Vikings fan)
Lynne (golf-playing grandma)

R1 BC:
Brendan: 8♦
Lashonta: 3♣
Lynne: 5♣

Q1: Ho-Hos & Ding Dongs are made by what snack food co.?
Lashonta: Hostess– 7♠; KEEPS
Q2: SCotUS is the acronym for what?
Lynne: Dept. of Justice
Brendan: Supreme Court of the United States2♥; KEEPS
Q3: Among humans if a birth occurs before 37wks it’s considered what kind of baby?
Lynne: Premature7♦; PASSES TO BRENDAN
Q4: Jordan Peele earned an OSCAR for Best Original Screenplay for what horror film?
Brendan: “Get Out”– 8♠; PASSES TO LYNNE
Q5: Popular in the ’80s what footless knitted fashion items keep your calves & ankles toasty?
Brendan: Leg warmers– K♣ TO BUST LYNNE
Q6: A 2nd full moon within a calendar month’s known for what “colorful” moon?
Brendan: Blood
Lashonta: Blue– A♠

R2 BC:
Brendan: 5♣
Lashonta: 4♥
Lynne: 7♦

Q1: If you see a bobolink through binoculars what hobby are you enjoying?
Brendan: Birdwatching– 6♠
Q2: What New Yr.’s Eve destination in Manhattan’s known as “The Crossroads of the World”?
Lynne: Times SquareJ♥; PASSES TO LASHONTA
Q3: Born 250yrs ago what famous French general also found time to write a romance novel?
Brendan: Napoleon2♦; PASSES TO LYNNE
Q4: On what TV sitcom would you have found characters who worked at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co.?
Brendan: “The Office”– Q♠

R3 BC:
Brendan: Q♠
Lashonta: J♣

Q1: What narrow 35ft long flat-bottom boats are the traditional means of transportation in Venice, Italy?
Lashonta: Gondolas8♥; PASSES
Q2: Super Bowl Sun.’s the biggest day of the yr. for the consumption of what festive avocado dip?
Brendan: Guacamole– 6♠
Q3: Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page & John Bonham all climbed the “Stairway to Heaven” as what band?
Brendan: Led Zeppelin– K♠

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 8♥
#2: Q♦
#3: Q♣

#1: 3♥
#2: 6♦; PLACES IN HAND #2
#3: A♠
#4: 2♥ (one PC left)
#5: 8♦ (PCs gone)
#6: 2♦; PLACES IN HAND #2
#7: 7♠- $2.5K (Next: K♣)

“Catch 21” 1/15/20

Tito (gardener)
Chris (lighting fixture builder who likes to throw pizza parties)
Amanda (attorney & pro chess player in PHX who’s engaged)

R1 BC:
Tito: Q♣
Chris: 3♠
Amanda: 3♦

Q1: Red Riding Hood & American Beauty are hybrids of what flower?
Amanda: Rose– J♠; PASSES TO CHRIS
Q2: What celebrity chef & cookbook author’s famous for her “30-Minute Meals”?
Chris: Rachael Ray– 9♠; PASSES TO AMANDA
Q3: The commonly-broken clavicle’s better known as what?
Tito: Collarbone– 4♠; PASSES TO AMANDA
Q4: If you have Chuck Taylors on your feet you’re wearing what sneaker brand?
Amanda: converse2♥; PASSES TO CHRIS
Q5: Keri Russell & Matthew Rhys became a real-life couple while costarring on what hit TV series?
Amanda: “The Americans”8♦ TO BUST CHRIS
Q6: The paparazzi are members of what journalistic profession?
Amanda: Media
Tito: Photographers– 8♠

R2 BC:
Tito: K♥
Chris: 7♠
Amanda: J♦

Q1: In 2018 what Chinese tourist attraction hosted a record 37K visitors in just one day?
Tito: Great Wall9♦; PASSES TO CHRIS
Q2: How many periods are played in a regulation NHL game?
Amanda: ThreeA♥

R3 BC:
Tito: 8♠
Amanda: 2♥

Q1: Caraway seeds are usually found in what kind of bread?
Tito: Rye9♥
Q2: A poodle that stands no more than 10in is classified as what size?
Amanda: Toy7♦

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 9♣
#2: 3♠
#3: 2♦

#1: 7♦; PLACES IN HAND #2
#2: K♠ (one PC left)
#3: Q♣ (both PCs used)
#4: 7♣; PLACES IN HAND #1
#6: 6♣; PLACES IN HAND #3
#7: 4♥; PLACES IN HAND #1
#8: 2♠; PLACES IN HAND #3
#9: 6♥
#10: 2♥
#11: 10♣- WIPEOUT

“Catch 21” 1/14/20

Bobby (marketing professor)
Yvonne (Cape Coral, FL)
Jasmine (Inglewood, CA)

R1 BC:
Bobby: 6♦
Yvonne: 9♣
Jasmine: K♠

Q1: When she was 16 what singer of “My Heart Will Go On” sang for the pope in Montreal?
Yvonne: Celine Dion2♥
Q2: A common Thanksgiving tradition involves the breaking of the furcula which’s more commonly known as the turkey’s what?
Bobby: Wishbone– A♠; KEEPS
Q3: What wet & cold activity went viral in ’14 raising over $100M to help fight ALS?
Bobby: Ice Bucket Challenge9♦; KEEPS
Q4: Studs, chandeliers & barbells are three styles of what fashion accessory?
Jasmine: Earrings– 4♠; PASSES TO YVONNE
Q5: What movie rating warns parents that “some material may not be suitable for children”?
Bobby: PG-13
Jasmine: R
Q6: The Mercury, Sparks & Liberty are teams in what pro sports league that began in ’97 (& just finished a new CBA)?
Q7: What cosmetic that you can apply to your cheeks is also something that happens naturally to your cheeks when you’re embarrassed?
Yvonne: Blush10♥ TO BUST BOBBY
Q8: In ’11 MATTEL released a Barbie doll based on what female rapper who calls herself a “Barbie”?
Jasmine: Nicki MinajQ♥

R2 BC:
Bobby: 4♦
Yvonne: K♠
Jasmine: J♦

Q1: Besides Abigail Adams what other First Lady was also the mom of a U.S. President?
Bobby: Barbara Bush7♦
Q2: What’s the official language of the Netherlands?
Bobby: Dutch4♥; PASSES TO YVONNE
Q3: What Italian dessert consists of layers of espresso-dipped ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese & cocoa?
Yvonne: TiramisuA♥; KEEPS
Q4: In the traditional three R’s of education which word actually starts w/ R?
Bobby: Reading– 5♠; PASSES TO JASMINE
Q5: What type of leaf’s featured on Canada’s national flag?
Yvonne: Maple– 7♠ TO BUST JASMINE
Q6: In chess the castle’s also known as the what?
Bobby: Rook– Q♠

R3 BC:
Bobby: 2♣
Jasmine: 9♣

Q1: When a university professor takes a yr. off to study or travel it’s called a what?
Bobby: Sabbatical2♦
Q2: “Whatchoo talkin’ about, Willis?” was Arnold Jackson’s catchphrase on what classic sitcom?
Jasmine: “What’s Happening Now?”
Bobby: “Diff’rent Strokes”8♦; PASSES
Q3: On a typical cellphone dial screen the letters TUV are found on what number?
Bobby: 8K♦

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 6♥
#2: A♦
#3: 2♥

#1: 3♦; PLACES IN HAND #3
#2: 6♦
#3: 3♣ (two PCs left)
#4: 4♠; PLACES IN HAND #1
#5: 9♠ (one PC left)
#6: J♦ (CLEARS HAND #3)
#7: 8♦ (out of PCs)
#8: 5♥
#9: 10♥ (Next: K♣)

“Catch 21” 1/13/20

Tiana (enjoys refurbishing old furniture & clothing)
Michele (football fanatic in Columbia, SC)
Anwar (health & fitness lover)

R1 BC:
Tiana: 9♥
Michele: A♠
Anwar: Q♠

Q1: Earl Grey, oolong & chamomile are all types of what?
Anwar: Tea– K♣; FREEZES
Q2: If you love fashion you’ll know Saks has its flagship store on what NY street?
Michele: 5th Ave.– K♠

R2 BC:
Tiana: J♠
Michele: J♦
Anwar: 2♥

Q1: Giggling when squeezed what plush red Muppet toy was a holiday hit in the ’90s?
Tiana: (Tickle Me) ElmoK♦; FREEZES
Q2: When a lawyer works on a court case for free it’s known by what two-word Latin term?
Anwar: Pro bono2♦; PASSES
Q3: What extreme sport involves leaping from a tall place w/ elastic cords tied around the ankles?
Anwar: Bungee jumping8♦; KEEPS
Q4: President Truman kept a sign on his desk that read “The _____ stops here”
Anwar: Buck– 2♠; PASSES
Q5: In ’02 ebay acquired what popular online money transfer service?
Anwar: PayPal– 10♣
RC: K♣ & 9♦

R3 BC:
Tiana: J♠
Michele: 3♥

Q1: A member of The Who, Keith Moon was known for playing what instrument?
Michele: Drums– 5♣; PASSES
Q2: The three main ingredients in a pizza margherita are tomato, mozzarella & what green herb?
Michele: Basil– 3♠; PASSES
Q3: What North American marsupial’s known to “play dead”?
Tiana: Romeo
Michele: Kangaroo
Q4: 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide & 30 cubits high were the dimensions of what floating biblical object?
Tiana: (Noah’s) ArkFREEZES
RC: 8♣, 3♣, 6♦

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 10♦
#2: 7♦
#3: J♥

#1: 3♣; PLACES IN HAND #1
#2: 8♠
#3: 8♥ (one PC left)
#4: 6♠; PLACES IN HAND #3
#5: J♣ (other PC used)
#6: K♠- $2.5K (Next: 10♠)

“Catch 21” 1/10/20

Kim (marketing co. owner who’s visited over 41 countries)
Geoff (Tacoma)
Todd (nurse & college football fan in Salt Lake City)

R1 BC:
Kim: 6♥
Geoff: 2♣
Todd: 7♥

Q1: The cookie introduced in 1891 as the “Newton” contained what fruit filling?
Q2: Unhatched baby robins are protected from ultraviolet radiation by what color pigment in their eggs?
Todd: Blue8♦; PASSES TO KIM
Q3: An alternative to Christmas, “Festivus” was popularized on what ’90s sitcom?
Kim: “Seinfeld”– 3♠; PASSES TO GEOFF
Q4: While in high school S.E. Hinton wrote what young adult novel feat. Ponyboy Curtis?
Geoff: The Outsiders5♦; KEEPS
Q5: Every kid under 10 knows that Kristen Bell was the voice of what princess in “Frozen”?
Kim: Elsa
Geoff: AnnaA♦

R2 BC:
Kim: J♥
Geoff: Q♦
Todd: K♣

Q1: Chevron, handlebar & pencil are three types of what men’s facial fashion?
Kim: Mustache– 4♣; PASSES TO GEOFF
Q2: What MA vacation spot shares its name w/ a vodka & cranberry juice cocktail?
Geoff: Cape Cod– 4♠; FREEZES
Q3: A baseball pitcher records an “immaculate inning” if they strike out the side in how many pitches?
Todd: Nine5♥; PASSES
Q4: Helsinki is the capital of what country that borders Sweden & Norway?
Todd: Finland6♥
Q5: A cockapoo is a hybrid of what two dog breeds?
Todd: Poodle
Kim: Poodle & Cocker Spaniel4♥; FREEZES
RC: 7♥

R3 BC:
Kim: 3♥
Geoff: 5♥

Q1: Perhaps the most famous slogan in farming equipment’s “Nothing runs like a…” what?
Geoff: “…Deere”– 10♠; PASSES
Q2: The 1st permanent domed home in America was Monticello, the home of which U.S. President?
Kim: Jefferson– A♣; KEEPS
Q3: What blues-rock guitarist & singer’s known for the hits “Layla” & “Tears in Heaven”?
Geoff: Eric Clapton2♥; PASSES
Q4: Experts recommend putting what on your tires to add traction when driving through snow & ice?
Geoff: Chains 10♦

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 5♦
#2: Q♥
#3: 5♣

#2: K♥ (one PC left)
#4: 4♦ (other PC used)
#5: K♣
#6: 3♦; PLACES IN HAND #3
#7: 2♥; PLACES IN HAND #1
#8: 8♣- WIPEOUT

“Catch 21” 1/9/20

Jess (snowboarder & former figure skater in DET)
Clenique (adrenaline junkie)
Michael (Army National Guard vet who likes baking)

R1 BC:
Jess: A♣
Clenique: 7♦
Michael: 7♥

Q1: Don’t let your dog know that there are 206 what in the adult human body?
Jess: Bones10♥

R2 BC:
Jess: 6♥
Clenique: Q♠
Michael: 9♣

Q1: If you’re served some dim sum you’re most likely eating at what kind of restaurant?
Michael: Chinese– 8♠; PASSES TO CLENIQUE
Q2: Children use advent calendars to count down the days until what annual holiday?
Clenique: Christmas FREEZES
Q3: What band spent a record 87wks on the pop chart w/ their smash hit “Radioactive”?
Jess: Imagine Dragons– 5♣
Q4: Since 1938 what four words have appeared on all U.S. coins?
Michael: In God We TrustA♥; FREEZES
RC: 10♠

HCP: Used in soap what fragrant purple-flowered plant may have been Cleopatra’s secret weapon?
Clenique: Lavender4♦; PASSES
Other card: 5♦

R3 BC:
Jess: A♦
Clenique: 6♥

Q1: The Trevi Fountain’s located in which European city?
Clenique: Rome– 10♠
Q2: On “The Jeffersons” what type of business did George own?
Clenique: Dry cleaner– 8♠
Q3: Sometimes called “fairy floss” what spun sugar treat’s a staple at county fairs?
Clenique: Cotton candy– 7♠
Q4: In 1963 NY’s Idlewild Airport was renamed for what U.S. President?
Clenique: Jefferson
Jess: Kennedy– J♣

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: Q♥
#2: 6♦
#3: 4♣

#1: 5♦
#2: A♣
#3: 4♠; PLACES IN HAND #3
#4: J♣
#5: 3♦
#6: 6♠ (two PCs left)
#7: 5♥ (one PC left)
#8: 3♥ (out of PCs)
#9: K♠- W