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“America Says” 1/17/20

Art Lovers: Paul, April, Kimberly & Louheed
Mom Squad: Jessica, Valerie, Summer & Carrie

#1: Woo-hoo! I just got a raise so I’m going to splurge on ___________
Vacation, new car & jewelry
Jessica Pickups (#1 started w/ C): Cruises (A: Clothes, dinner, drinks & shoes)
#2: My favorite song by The Beatles is ___________________
“Yellow Submarine”
Paul Pickups (#1 was JH): “Come Together”, “Hey Jude”, “Yes, Ma’am” (A: “Twist and Shout”, “Yesterday”, “Let it Be” & “Help”)

#1: I always turn up the _________________ to its highest setting
Heater (#1), air conditioner, volume & hairdryer
Jessica Pickups: Fan, bass (A: Brightness & blender)
#2: You usually only see __________ at night
Bats, raccoons, stars (#1), owls & lights
Paul Pickups: The Moon & fireflies

#1: Growing up my favorite schoolyard game was ____________
Tag (#1), hopscotch, Red Rover, dodgeball & kickball
Jessica Pickups: Tetherball & softball
#2: I know a lot of people love it but I never eat _________
Sushi (#1), oysters, liver, octopus & escargot
Paul Pickup to W or L: Eggplant (Other: Lobster)

#1: A s_________ squirts water
#2: ______ usually breaks when you drop it
Glass & china
#3: I know I shouldn’t fall asleep during _________ but I can’t help it
Movies, lecturesL (A: Church)
#4: I always hoard the extra ___________ they give you w/ takeout food
Napkins (A: Sauce, chopsticks & mints)

The Correias (part of Portugese family from Point Loma, San Diego): Jennifer, Stephanie (aunt), Chris (uncle) & Michelle (cousin)
The Preachers: Israel, Brent, Antonio & JC

#1: My kid will only eat red foods so we buy a lot of _____________
Apples (#1) & beets 
Israel Pickups: Strawberries, cherries, ketchup, tomatoes & raspberries (A: Radishes)
#2: I found an old __________ bag in my garage
Laundry, trash, gym & golf (#1)
Jennifer Pickups: Sleeping, duffle & pickleball (A: Punching)

#1: A word that often comes before “point” is _________
Ball (#1), game & on
Israel Pickups: Needle, cat (A: Breaking, check & power)
#2: You always see _____________ on the field at a college football game
Referees, cheerleaders (#1), mascots, players & coaches
Jennifer Pickups: Goals (A: Grass & bands)

#1: It’s a tough job to clean up after a(n) __________
Party & parade
Jennifer Pickups (#1 began w/ T): Tornado (A: Toddler, elephant, teenager, concert & horse)
#2: When I watch the Olympics ____________ looks so easy I think I could do it
Javelin, long jumpELIM. (Unsaid #1: Curling/Also not given: Gymnastics, swimming, bobsled & skiing)

#1: An h_________ has curves 
L (A: Hourglass)
#2: I wish they had ___________ when I was a teenager
Internet & cellphones
#3: Oh no the electricity went out! Do we have any ___________?
Candles, flashlights & batteries
#4: If you want to work on Wall St. it helps to know a lot about ________
Stocks, finance, banking (A: Math)

“America Says” 1/16/20

Antique Collectors: Patricia, Diana, Elaine & Rob (Elaine’s hubby)
Campus Pastors (SDSU): Brandon, Isaac, Christina & Michael

#1: My grandma’s so cool she’s taking classes in __________dancing
Line, square, tap, ballroom (#1) & hip-hop
Brandon Pickups: Swing (A: Salsa & belly)
#2: I can never remember when ___________ Day happens every yr.
Presidents’, Labor (#1), Memorial & Veterans
Patricia Pickups: Groundhog, Career (A: Columbus & Election)

#1: Renovating an old home would take a lot of ___________
Money (#1), time, paint, demolition, patience & work
Brandon Pickup (short W): Wood
#2: Whenever someone wins a big award on TV they always thank their _________
Parents (#1), spouse, god, producer & teachers
Patricia Pickups: Fans & audience (A: Agent)

#1: An animal w/ a color in its name is the ______________
Black panther, yellow jacket, blue jay (#1) & red panda
Brandon Pickups: Greyhound (A: Grey wolf, goldfish & red fox)
#2: One of the best singer-songwriters of all-time’s ________________
Billy Joel, Elton John (#1), Prince, John Lennon, Paul McCartney & Dolly Parton
Patricia Pickup to W or L (AF): Aretha Franklin

#1: You’ve got to be good at b_________ to be on “American Ninja Warrior”
#2: After 12 months of dating my girlfriend told me she needs a _________
BreakL (A: Proposal)
#3: If you’re going to play Santa Claus at a party it helps if you’re ________
Chubby, bearded & happy
#4: When I think about astrology ___________ comes to mind
Birthdays, horoscope, signs & planets

Redemption Game: The Runners (the ladies on this team are all daughters, I think) v. The Navy (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians)

#1: The movie genre that NETFLIX is always recommending for me’s ______________
Drama, action, comedy (#1), horror, documentaries & romance
Mark Pickup (starts w/ F): Foreign (A: Fantasy)
#2: At home I like to leave love notes for my husband on the ______________
Refrigerator (#1), nightstand, kitchen table & mirror
Ken Pickups: Pillow, dresser & cabinet (A: Counter)

#1: Every cooking competition show has a _______
Judge (#1), winner, host & chef
Mark Pickups: Prize, spice (A: Stove & clock)
#2: A word that often comes before “key” is _________
House (#1), car & answer
Ken Pickups: Turn, low, road (A: Skeleton & room)

#1: Something that I hated as a kid but love as an adult’s __________
Naps & asparagus
Ken Pickups (#1 starts w/ B): Broccoli, shower (A: Spinach, seafood, coffee & liver)
#2: For his birthday we bought my father-in-law a new ________coat
Leather, rain, Winter (#1), fur, trench & sport (Unnecessary: Wool)

#1: Other than Spain, Spanish’s the official language of M______
#2: I got a splinter in my finger while building a __________
Birdhouse & deck
#3: A _______ runs on a track
Train, horse & runner
#4: It’s so bright out I need an _________ to protect my eyes from the Sun
Sunglasses, hat, visor & umbrellaREEDEMED IN :23

“America Says” 1/15/20

Fantasy Football Pals: Brian, JP, Bo & Robert
Weekend Travelers: Jenn, Johana, Randy (Johana’s brother) & Mimi

#1: It would be weird for my husband to _________ w/ his eyes closed
Drive (#1), eat, talk, walk, watch TV & shave
Jenn Pickup (tiny R): Read
#2: I put all my old __________ in a storage unit
Furniture (#1), clothes, pictures & books
Brian Pickups: Records, toys & televisions (A: Trophies)

#1: I love watching a great athlete ________ the ball
Hit (#1), kick, pitch, shoot, dribble & dunk
Jenn Pickup (short S): Steal (A: Spike)
#2: Kids are always selling ________________ for their high school fundraisers
Candy (#1), wrapping paper, popcorn, raffle tickets & cookies
Brian Pickups: Car washes & marshmallows (A: Magazines)

#1: People often quote lines from the movie __________________
“The Godfather”, “STAR WARS”, “DIE HARD”, “Forrest Gump”, “THE TERMINATOR” & “Princess Bride”
Jenn Pickup (starts w/ S): “SUPERMAN” (A: “Scarface”)
#2: I’m not happy when a restaurant charges extra for ___________
Water (#1), bread, cheese, condiments & L (A: Guacamole, refills & parking)

#1: An a__________ will make noise if you squeeze it
#2: I always like to wish people a happy __________
Birthday & new yr.
#3: The most famous river in the world’s probably the ____________ River
Nile, Amazon & Mississippi
#4: I’ve been always great at solving ___________
Crosswords, problems, riddles & Sudokus

The Math Wizards (teachers/tutors): Christian, Karen, Zachary & Kristi
The Investment Firm: Bridget, Katie, Natalie & Kristen

#1: A word that often follows “cold” is __________
Weather (#1) & beer
Bridget Pickups: Shower, mountain (A: Shoulder, medicine, feet & brew)
#2: My wife likes it when I keep my __________ nearly trimmed
Beard (#1), hair, nails, mustache & eyebrows
Christian Pickups: Lawn & hedge

#1: When I think about reindeer I think of ____________
Santa Claus, Christmas (#1), antlers, sleighs, Rudolph, snow & Alaska
#2: My favorite Will Smith movie’s __________________
“MEN IN BLACK” (#1), “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, “Hitch” & “Wild, Wild West”
Christian Pickups: “I Am Legend”, “BAD BOYS” & “Aladdin”

#1: My kid gets really bored when she’s in a _____________
Timeout, car (#1), waiting rm., school & library
Bridget Pickups: Church & play (A: Plane)
#2: I booked a _________ this morning
Trip, flight (#1), hotel, haircut & OUT (A: Manicure, massage & cruise)

#1: Every school bus has s_____ on it
#2: When I’m in the bathroom I try to avoid getting _________ in my eyes
Hairspray & perfume
#3: Driving over ____________ makes for a really bumpy ride
Potholes, gravel & cobblestone
#4: I keep all my __________ on my computer
PasswordsNO MORE (A: Music, finances & homework)

“America Says” 1/14/20

The Weekend Crew: Eric, Sam, Doug & Dan
Book Club Gals: Freida, Janice, Adrienne & Helen

#1: I love eating biscuits w/ _______
Gravy (#1), butter, honey, jelly, cheese & chicken
Freida Pickup (starts w/ M): Milk
#2: My new _________ really ties this living rm. together
Rug (#1), sofa, TV, lamp & table
Eric Pickups: Painting & curtains

#1: My kid’s better at ____________ than I am
Video games, sports (#1), math & dancing
Freida Pickups: Cooking (A: Computers, languages & drawing)
#2: A common phrase is “________ your mind”
Speak, lose, clear (#1), free & make up
Eric Pickups: Blow & only on

#1: When I think of “LAW & ORDER” I think of __________________
Crime, New York, lawyers & SVU (#1)
Freida Pickups: Mariska Hargitay, defense (A: Theme song & drama)
#2: It took a while but I finally got my _________ permit approved
Work, driving, building, fishing & hunting
Eric Pickups for W or L: Parking & learning (A: Liquor)

#1: My teen always seems to have plenty of h________
#2: I like to listen to ________ music when I work out
RockL (A: Country)
#3: My dog’s a little confused- he keeps thinking my leg’s his ____________
Girlfriend, fire hydrant (A: Pillow) 

The Ohio Alums (Ohio St.): Ashley, Brett (Ashley’s hubby), Danea & Devon (Danea’s hubby)
The Firefighters: Chad, Tyler, Tony & Adam

#1: I like to put ___________ on my hot dog
Mustard (#1), ketchup, relish, mayo, peppers & cheese
Chad Pickup (starts w/ S): Sauerkraut
#2: Be careful handling that _________________, you could poke your eye out
Knife (#1), fork, pencil & stick
Ashley Pickups: Sword, piece of sharp (A: Pair of scissors & eyeliner)

#1: When we’re in front of the TV my wife likes to ________________ instead of watching the show
Sleep, cuddle, talk (#1) & read
Chad Pickups: Call friends (A: Check facebook, crochet & kiss)
#2: On a road trip w/ the cartoon character ___________________ their voice would really annoy me
Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck (#1), Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd
Ashley Pickups: Piglet (A: Woody Woodpecker, Bullwinkle & Popeye)

#1: I can’t believe my sister packed her _____________ for this camping trip
Makeup (#1), hairdryer, curling iron & laptop
Chad Pickups: Dress, hats (A: Perfume & heels)
#2: The word “bone” makes me think of a ______bone
Dog (#1), wish, funny & collar
Ashley Pickup to Go to Endgame or Not: Tail (Not needed: Milk & back)

#1: You can always find c_______ at an army surplus store 
L (A: Canteens)
#2: A ________ is something that might be tinted
Window & lens
#3: I love to sleep a lot. I think in a previous life I was a _______
Sloth, bear (A: Hamster)

“America Says” 1/13

300th Aired Game:
The Mathletes (math tutors/teachers): Jessica, Andrew, Evan & Youngkun
The Scientists (neuroscientists): Kelsey, Veronica, Caroline & Margot

#1: My favorite topping at the frozen yogurt shop’s the __________________
Sprinkles (#1), chocolate, whipped cream, cookie dough, nuts, coconut & strawberries (:15 SWEEP)
#2: Hey, if you’re going out, can you get me a roll of ____________________?
Toilet paper (#1), paper towels, tape & wrapping paper
Jessica Pickups: Quarters, sushi (A: LIFESAVERS & stamps)

#1: They usually sell __________ at a highway truck stop
Gas (#1), candy, jerky, soda & maps
Kelsey Pickups: Sandwiches (A: Souvenirs & coffee)
#2: I use a special cloth to clean my _________________
Car, glasses (#1), computer screen, mirrors, jewelry & silverware
Jessica Pickup (short S): Shoes

#1: When I go to the racetrack I like to pick the horse w/ the best _______
Name (#1), number, color, jockey & hair
Kelsey Pickups: Record & owner (A: Odds)
#2: ________________ is a cartoon character so well-known they’ve probably been on a postage stamp
Mickey Mouse (#1), Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, “SCOOBY-DOO” & L (A: Charlie Brown, Bart Simpson & Snoopy)

#1: My father-in-law refers to the bathroom as the J____
#2: I’m going back to _______
SchoolSKIP W/ :43 LEFT
#3: Around my house the ________ piles up so quickly 
Dishes, laundry & dust
#4: You can’t make a local newscast w/o a _______________
Reporter, weatherperson, camera & mic
Pickup W/ :05 Left (starts w/ B): L (A: Basics)

Pool Sharks: Frank, Liz, Laura & Vera
Concert Coworkers: Derrick, Demetria (wife), Shaneka & Marcella

#1: A(n) _________ is something that flies through outer space
UFO (#1), meteor, comet, asteroid, satellite & rocket
Derrick Pickup (small A): Alien
#2: There were no whales on our whale-watching tour but we saw plenty of _________
Dolphins (#1), fish, seals & water
Frank Pickups: Seagulls, pelicans (A: People & waves)

#1: My fingers were all sticky after I ate that ________________
Cotton candy (#1), ice cream cone & donut
Derrick Pickups: Honey, cinnamon roll, popcorn (A: Buffalo wing & popsicle)
#2: It takes a while to get the hang of a new _________
Car, bike & job (#1)
Frank Pickups: Language, route (A: Recipe, phone & sport)

#1: My mom loves collecting commemorative __________
Plates (#1), spoons, stamps & coins
Derrick Pickups: Pins, fixtures (A: Figurines & glasses)
#2: If you went inside a barn you might see a ___________
Horse (#1), pig, chicken, bale of hay & owl
Frank Pickups to Force Sudden Death: Pitchfork & tractor
SD: On an archaeological expedition you might dig up some b_____
Frank: Bones

#1: When I think of the Grand Canyon I think of A_______
#2: ________ can be stretched
SpandexL (A: Taffy)
#3: If you’re going to work as a school nurse you’re going to bed _____________
Thermometers, stethoscope & patience
#4: We always had _____________ at my high school pep rallies
Mascots, cheerleaders (A: Bonfires & megaphones)

“America Says” 1/10/20

Billiard Ladies: Lita, Sara, Kristen & Hallie
Book Buddies (unconventional book club): Eleza, Erin, Armie & Aerin

#1: I hope I see _________________ when I go to the North Pole
Santa Claus (#1), elves, reindeer, Northern Lights, polar bears, penguins & icebergs
#2: There’s nothing better than a nice juicy ____________
Burger, steak (#1), orange, watermelon, apple & book
Lita Pickup (small P): Pear

#1: When it comes to hobbies _________ seems like it takes a lifetime to master
Knitting, chess & golf (#1)
Eleza Pickups: Violin, piano (A: Painting, fishing & karate)
#2: If I were going to build a pirate ship I’d be sure to include a ____________
Plank (#1), cannon & flag
Lita Pickups: Poop deck, mast, crow’s nest & galley

#1: My neighbor borrowed my ______________ & now I’ll probably never get it back
Lawnmower (#1), air mattress & shovel
Eleza Pickups: Rake, ladder, plunger & skateboard (A: Snow blower)
#2: I worked hard to have this ___________
Life, home (#1), body & L (A: Retirement, vacation, degree & tan)

#1: S_____ is a country that seems like it’s always packed w/ tourists
#2: My __________ has keys on it
Piano & keyboard
#3: It helps to have a ________ if you want to be a NASCAR driver
License, sponsor & crew
#4: When I think of the Three Little Pigs I think of __________
Bricks, straw, wolf & fairytales

Comic Book Crew: Lori, Candiss, Justin (Candiss’ hubby) & Melinda
Soccer Support (nonprofit soccer organization): Kelly, Jesse, Vitelio & Luis

#1: I haven’t been to a(n) __________________ since I was a kid
Amusement park, skating rink & circus (#1)
Kelly Pickups: School, toy store, park (A: Playground & sleepover)
#2: Your _________________ might require installation
Air conditioning, internet, TV (#1), cable & software
Lori Pickups: Dishwasher & wiring (A: Windows)

#1: My spouse & I share a(n) _____________
Bed (#1), car, bank account & toothbrush
Kelly Pickups: Room (A: Address, razor & life)
#2: Other than food _______________ is something you can find in a can
Tennis balls & oil (#1)
Lori Pickups: Shaving cream, hairspray, paint, spray paint (A: Shoe polish & trash)

#1: When I hear the word “ginger” I think of __________________
Redheads (#1), spices, beer & ale
Kelly Pickups: Snaps (A: “Gilligan’s Island”, cookies & sushi)
#2: A word that often follows “deep” is ________
Dish, water (#1), end, thought & L (A: Sleep, space & south)

#1: E________ music often has no lyrics
L (A: Elevator)
#2: You need _________ in order to be a good dog trainer
Patience & treats
#3: When it comes to exercise I bet mermaids aren’t that good at ______________
Running, jumping jacks (A: Cycling)

“America Says” 1/9/20

Karate Moms: Diane, Jennifer, Kim & Maria
Bartending Crew: Olga, Sean, Geri & Nicole

#1: There isn’t a lot of elbow room here. This ___________ is packed
Elevator, bar (#1), subway, restaurant & airplane
Olga Pickups: Concert & theater
#2: A(n) ________ is the best place for people watching
Zoo, airport & mall (#1)
Diane Pickups: Beach, park, concert (A: Casino & bench)

#1: My favorite TV show that’s all about food’s _________________________
“Chopped”, “Top Chef” (#1), “Iron Chef” & “Hell’s Kitchen”
Olga Pickups: “MasterChef”, “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” & real roast (A: “Rachael Ray”)
#2: I’m going on my 1st college tour & can’t wait to check out the _____________________
Dorms (#1), cafeteria, fraternity houses, campus, gym & library
Diane Pickup (short C): Clubs

#1: We’re going to name our baby _________ because the name works for a boy or a girl
Taylor, Sam, Chris & Jordan (#1) 
Diane Pickups: Alex, Pat & Jaden (A: Jamie)
#2: Before people communicated by texting they used to use _________________
Telephones (#1), letters, pagers, email & telegrams
Olga Pickups for W or L: Smoke signals & carrier pigeons 

#1: G______ get thrown at weddings
#2: You see a lot of nervous people at a ___________
Courthouse & hospital
#3: In books medieval knights do a lot of _____ing
JoustL (A: Rid- & duel)
#4: I’d be twice as happy if I doubled the size of my ______________
Bank account (A: Paycheck, closet & muscles)

The Rockers (Hard Rock CAFE workers): Oliver, Charles, Jessica & Zach
Hippie Gals: Kimberly, Stephanie, Mimi & Jeanne

#1: When I’d play hide & seek at home as a kid I’d always hide in the ______________
Closet (#1), basement, garage & laundry room
Kimberly Pickups: Cellar (A: Curtains, pantry & shower)
#2: My ________________ turns on automatically
Coffeemaker, sprinkler, air conditioner, heat (#1) & dishwasher
Oliver Pickups: Headlights & night-light

#1: When I think of a type of tag I think of a _______tag
Dog, clothing, price (#1) & name
Kimberly Pickups: License (A: Luggage, freeze & laser)
#2: A __________ is something a lot of people have engraved
Bracelet, tombstone & ring (#1)
Oliver Pickups: Watch, plate (A: Necklace, trophy & plaque)

#1: If I could spend the day w/ Oprah I’d ask her about ______________
Books, Gayle & Stedman (#1) 
Kimberly Pickups: Family (A: Her childhood, losing weight, investing & fame)
#2: My favorite sports team named after a type of cat is _________
Bengals, Jaguars, Panthers (#1), Cougars, Wildcats, Lions & Tigers

#1: When I think of a tuxedo p____ comes to mind
#2: I sit under a _______________ when I go outside to avoid getting a sunburn
Beach umbrella & tree
#3: My favorite movie w/ a robot character’s _________________
#4: I’m always telling my kids to turn off the _____________
Water, lights, video games (A: Music)