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“America Says”- 3RD S.F.

Redemption Game: Teacher Mentors (at intercity HS) v. Midwest Charmers (Rockford, IL churchgoers)

#1: Welcome to America Slurps! Our soup of the day’s __________________
Clam chowder, chicken noodle (#1), minestrone, vegetable, tomato, French onion & lobster bisque
#2: People sometimes make funny faces when they ____________
Cry, dance, fart & laugh
Jamie Pickups (#1 started w/ S): Scream (A: Sneeze, eat lemons & see babies)

#1: My 5-yr.-old son’s obsessed w/ ____________
Cars (#1), LEGOS & video games
Margo Pickups: SPIDER-MAN (A: Superheroes, dinosaurs, cartoons & “POKEMON”)
#2: When I think about HBO I think about __________________
“Game of Thrones”, cable, TV & movies
Jamie Pickups (satc, BLL & TS): “Top Shop”

#1: A place w/ the word “island” in the name is _________ Island
Treasure, Fantasy (#1) & Rhode
Margo Pickups: Gilligan’s, Coney, Long & Ellis
#2: I couldn’t find our flyswatter so we took care of the fly w/ a ___________
Newspaper (#1), shoe, book, broom, towel & magazine (Didn’t need: Tissue)

#1: My husband & I each have our own side of the c_____
#2: To get ready for a big tournament Serena Williams has to stock up on _________
RacquetsL (A: Carbs)
#3: Something that’s only sticky on one side’s ___________
Tape, stamps (A: BAND-AIDS)

“America Says” 1/27

Baseball Moms: Jane, Shannon, Kelly & Michelle
The Eguns (Nigerians): Effy, Rashidat (mom), Azuka (dad) & Aaliyah (cousins)

#1: Even though I know I bought some I can never find ____________ when I need ’em
Batteries (#1)
Effy Pickups: Tissues (A: Toothpicks, BAND-AIDS, scissors, matches, stamps & tape)
#2: Most hotels offer their guests complimentary ___________
WiFi, mints & soap
Jane Pickups (#1 started w/ B): Breakfast, coffee, peanuts (A: Shampoo & parking)

#1: My neighbor’s ___________ is pretty loud
Dog (#1), lawnmower, voice, party, music & motorcycle
Effy Pickup (began w/ T): Toilet (A: Truck)
#2: When someone says Miami I think of __________
Beach (#1), Florida, heat & Sun
Jane Pickups: Vice, party town (A: Palm trees & Dolphins)

#1: In spy movies they always hide a listening device in a ___________
Lamp (#1) & phone
Effy Pickups: Necklace, toilet bowl (A: Teddy bear, briefcase, plant & clock)
#2: I could last on “SURVIVOR” even if it were set someplace really harsh like __________________
Sahara Desert, Amazon Jungle & Alaska
Jane Pickup to End Game (#1 led off w/ an A): Death Valley (The rest: Antarctica, The Outback & The Everglades)

#1: B_____ are always better once you’ve broken ’em in
#2: I can’t hear the word cage w/o thinking of ________
Nicolas & bird
#3: When the werewolf’s mother saw him she told him he desperately needed a _________
Haircut, bathL (A: Manicure)
#4: I usually buy _______ by the dozen
Eggs, donuts, bagels (A: Wings)

“America Says” 1/24/20

The Starks (fashion/design lovers): Jessica (who’s getting married this Summer), Melvina (mom), Julia (sister) & Mike (brother-in-law)
The Caregivers (senior living community): Lindsey (marketing director), Bonnie (exec. director), Luciano (marketing director) & Brandon (resident program director)

#1: I could eat an entire _______________ pie in one sitting
Pumpkin, lemon meringue, apple (#1), rhubarb & cherry
Lindsey Pickups: Pecan & pizza
#2: ____________________ is my favorite Christmas movie
“Elf”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” (#1), “White Christmas”, “A Christmas Story” & “The Santa Clause”
Jessica Pickups: “Home Alone” & Bad Santa”

#1: Forget guitars my favorite instrument in a bluegrass band’s the ___________
Banjo (#1), piano & harmonica
Lindsey Pickups: Washboard, shaker (A: Spoons & bass)
#2: I never pick up my phone when I’m ___________________
Sleeping, in the bathroom, driving (#1), bathing & eating
Jessica Pickups: With company & in conference (A: In church)

#1: A ___________________ would be a great business to open near a high school
Jessica Pickups (#1 was PJ): Food truck, candy store, pizza joint, computer store (A: Convenience store, McDonald’s, STARBUCKS & mall)
#2: When I hear the word “wax” I think of a __________
Car & candle (#1)
Lindsey Pickups to W or L: Bee, museum, surfboard, lips & beauty (A: Brazilian)

#1: Congratulations you’ve won! That means you’ll receive a c_____
#2: When I hear the word “screwdriver” I always think of __________
Cocktail L (A: Tools)
#3: You need a lot of __________ if you’re going to be a rock climber
Strength, ropes (A: Courage)

The Bagpipers (members of Pasadena Scottish Pipe & Drum Band): Iona, Jennifer, Nick & Leilani
The Right-Swipers: Katie, Cameron (boyfriend), Kara (her boyfriend’s named Jack) & Doug

#1: I bet Superman bumped into a lot of __________________ when he was 1st learning to fly
Birds (#1), buildings, airplanes & telephone poles
Katie Pickups: Mountains, trees & clouds
#2: My kitchen counter has a big jar of ________________
Peanut butter, cookies (#1), sugar & flour
Iona Pickups: Dog treats, coins (A: Pickles & coffee)

#1: If ____________________ is starring in a film I know it’s going to be a box office smash
Tom Cruise (#1), Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt & Dwayne Johnson
Katie Pickups (SB & JR): Sandra Bullock & Jeremy Renner
#2: One of the perks of belonging to a country club’s the _____________
Golf course, food & tennis
Iona Pickups (short P for #1): Connections (A: Pool, networking, clubhouse & spa)

#1: A _________ is something you can tap
Keg (#1), drum, phone & finger 
Katie Pickups: Pen, shoe & watch (A: Window)
#2: I just cast a _____________
Fishing line, movie, spell & play
Iona Pickups to At Least Tie: Vote, net & script (A: Shadow)
SD: A home office wouldn’t be complete w/o a c________
Iona: Computer

#1: I feel good about myself when I s_____
#2: ______ is thicker than water
BloodL (A: Syrup)
#3: A __________ has a stinger
Bee, wasp & stingray
#4: When I hear the word “spare” I think of ________
Change, bowling, room (A: Ribs)

“America Says” 1/23/20

Redemption Game: Restaurant Staff (the restaurant’s in Beverly Hills) v. Science Geeks

#1: I got tossed out of the bowling alley while trying to bowl w/ a _________ball
Basket (#1) & cannon
Jeff Pickups: Soccer, whiffle (A: Wrecking, beach, disco & meat)
#2: The European city w/ the most beautiful architecture’s ___________
Prague, London, Paris (#1), Rome, Venice, Barcelona & Berlin

#1: I love that __________ comes in so many flavors
Ice cream (#1), yogurt, gum & candy
Jeff Pickups: Soda, chocolate (A: Beef jerky & coffee)
#2: You can’t have a baby shower w/o ___________________
Games, a pregnant woman (#1), gifts, friends, diapers & balloons
Terry Pickup (tiny C): Cake

#1: My favorite bald fictional character’s ________________
Mr. Clean (#1), Charlie Brown, Dr. Evil & Elmer Fudd
Terry Pickups: Homer Simpson, Kilroy (A: Lex Luthor & Kojak)
#2: I’m so excited to go to the _______________ fair
Renaissance, state (#1), county, job, world’s, science & book

#1: When I think of a character w/ a red nose the 1st thing that comes to mind’s R________
#2: They cover up the ______ at the stadium when there’s no game
Grass & seats
#3: If you spend enough money at a casino they might give you a free _______
Night, drinkL (A: Buffet)
#4: When I think about sharks I think about ____________
“JAWS”, teeth, ocean & Shark Week

The Card Players: Lydia, Tameca, Joseph & Ayeesha
Mahjong Masters: Stephanie, Daniel (hubby), Elma (mom) & Stacie (baby sister)

#1: We hired a great _______________ for my 4-yr.-old’s birthday party
Ventriloquist, clown (#1) & face painter
Stephanie Pickups: Magician, bouncy house, barn animal (A: Balloon artist & princess)
#2: If you’re planning a day at the pool you might take along your ______________
Bathing suit, floaties, sunscreen, towel (#1) & sunglasses
Lydia Pickups: Ball (A: Cooler & book)

#1: A word that often comes before “line” is __________
Finish (#1) & fishing
Stephanie Pickups: Bottom, dotted, base (A: Checkout, border & assembly)
#2: If you’re rich enough to live in a mansion you probably also have a ______________
Yacht, maid (#1) & butler
Lydia Pickups: Electric car (A: Expensive car, chauffeur, gardener & cook)

#1: My favorite movie about thieves is _____________________
“Aladdin”, “ocean’s eleven” (#1), “Robin Hood” & “The Godfather”
Lydia Pickups: “The Pirate’s Peninsula” (A: “Bonnie and Clyde”, “The Pink Panther” & “Home Alone”)
#2: When I picture Mt. Rushmore I think of _______________________
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, South Dakota & L (Unsaid #1: Presidents/Others: Thomas Jefferson & mountains)

#1: David Beckham makes me think of s______
#2: It always takes too long for my __________ to arrive
Check & packages
#3: Besides the actors a film’s credits also incl. the name of the _________
Director, producer & writer
#4: My new age aunt’s home is decorated w/ ______________
FlowersNOTHING ELSE (A: Crystals, candles & wind chimes)

“America Says” 1/22/20

Puppy People: Thomas, Julia (girlfriend), Brooke & Robert
The Wine Lovers: Joanne, Shana, Susan & Vivian

#1: I’d take the subway a lot more if they had _______________ in the train cars
Bathrooms, air conditioning, food, WiFi & television
Joanne Pickups (#1 was MS): More space (A: More seats & cocktails)
#2: My wife needs to ________________ every night
Sleep (#1), read, bathe & exercise
Thomas Pickups: Brush her teeth, pray & floss

#1: A type of bar that has nothing to do w/ drinks is a ________bar
Crow, candy, handle & protein
Joanne Pickups (#1 started w/ S): Sand (Unsaid #1: Sushi/Others: Salad & gold)
#2: I hope we have a lot of ____________ at our wedding
Friends (#1), presents, music, dancing & champagne
Thomas Pickups: Cake & happiness

#1: A submarine’s probably equipped w/ ___________
Periscope, sonar (#1) & radar 
Joanne Pickups: Oxygen, passengers (A: Torpedoes, propellers & missiles)
#2: I make my famous Thanksgiving stuffing w/ bread but it’s also got __________ in it
Celery, mushrooms, onions (#1), cranberries & sausage
Thomas Pickups to At Least Tie it Up: Raisins & sage

#1: B______ often get twirled
#2: I look forward to the Sun. newspaper just for the ______________
BLANKED (A: Coupons & book reviews)
#3: If mechanics wore perfume it might be called eau d’________
Oil, gasoline & grease
#4: I accidentally stole a pen from the ________
DMV (A: Hotel, waiter & cashier)

Softball Squad (co-ed): Maggie, Katy, Jess & Elyse
Ba Dunka Dunks (basketball players): Alexis, Kelly, Elizabeth & Amy

#1: My favorite thing to make from apples is ___________
Pie (#1), applesauce & dumplings
Alexis Pickups: Cider, juice, turnovers & butter
#2: Many people have ______________ next to their toilet
Toilet paper (#1), plunger, magazines, books & wastebasket
Maggie Pickups: Matches & bible (A: Brush)

#1: Whenever there’s a movie w/ royalty in it _________________ should play the queen
Helen Mirren (#1), Oprah, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep & Queen Latifah
Alexis Pickups (AJ & JA): Julie Andrews & Angelina Jolie
#2: A word you often hear before “field” is _________
Baseball (#1), football, soccer, out, left, wheat & corn

#1: The 1st thing my lips touch in the morning’s _____________
Toothbrush (#1), water bottle & spouse 
Maggie Pickups: Coffee cup, cocoa (A: ChapStick, pillow & dog)
#2: If you really want to attract a man wear a perfume that smells like __________
Flowers (#1), pizza, beer & L (Left: Vanilla, new car, bacon & steak)

#1: Somebody help! My hands are full & my b____ itches
#2: When I think of the company Apple I think of ____________
Steve Jobs & iPhones
#3: People are always trying to get out of ________
Work, chores & tickets
#4: If you want to change a tire you’re going to need a ____________
Tire iron, jack, wrench & spare tire

“America Says” 1/21/20

Fitness Crew: Lisa, JJ (hubby), Gaby & Eduardo (Gaby’s boyfriend)
The Rock Climbers: Ciaran, Hayden, Brian & Noah

#1: My kid’s so sweet! She made a __________ for me
Valentine, card (#1), necklace & drawing
Ciaran Pickups: Breakfast (A: Bracelet, cake & meal)
#2: In the Winter I spend a lot more $ on ____________ than I do in the Summer
Heat (#1), electricity, gas, clothes & firewood
Lisa Pickups: Coffee & scarves (A: Soup)

#1: If you went up into my attic right now you might find ______________________
Spiders & cobwebs
Ciaran Pickups (#1 was a short D): Dust, books (A: Christmas decorations, insulation, boxes & mice)
#2: When I want my kids to have a healthy snack other than fruit I give ’em _____________
Nuts (#1), carrots, yogurt, granola bars & oatmeal
Lisa Pickups: Cheese & hummus

#1: A ____________ often whistles
Coach, bird, referee & train (#1)
Lisa Pickups: Teapot, gym teacher & whale (A: Wind)
#2: When I think of Microsoft I think of _____________
XBOX, Windows, computers (#1), Bill Gates & software
Ciaran Pickups to W or L: Word & technology

#1: If you’re a VIP you may be able to enter a n_________ through the back door
#2: I bet it’s hard for a _______ store employee not to play w/ their own products
AppleL (A: Sports)
#3: Besides the beach a place where you can find sand’s a(n) ____________
Desert (A: Hourglass & aquarium)

Lawn Bowlers: Jamie, Darin, Stacey & Dave (Stacey’s brother)
The Poker Family: Kyle, Kristina (wife), Cory (identical twin brother) & Michael

#1: My grandma loves facebook. She’s always posting pictures of ____________
Dogs, babies, food, grandkids (#1) & herself
Kyle Pickups: Gardens (A: Grandpa & flowers)
#2: When I think of the Navy I think of ___________________
Uniforms, water, boats (#1), sailors & submarines
Jamie Pickups: Aircraft carriers & blue

#1: Vegetarians can still enjoy a cookout if they put _________________ on the grill
Veggie burgers, zucchini, mushrooms (#1), eggplant, tofu, corn & tomatoes
#2: It’s always helpful when you get a little extra support from your __________
Friends, bra, boss, spouse (#1), kids, parents & coworkers

#1: You’re most likely to see a gown at a ____________
Wedding (#1), prom, ball, bridal shop & hospital
Kyle Pickups: Graduation & party (A: Pageant)
#2: Sometimes I have to warm up my _______
Car, hands (#1), coffee, feet & food
Jamie Pickup to Advance to BR or Not: Voice (Other: Muscles)

#1: As a kid I built a lot of model r_______
L (A: Rockets)
#2: _______ comes in nuggets
Chicken & gold
#3: If you’re the _______ in a small town you probably get recognized all the time
Mayor, sheriff (A: Mailman)

“America Says” 1/20

Military Friends: Rick (Air Force), Amanda, Benjamin (Army) & Michael
Game Night Gals: Anita, Liz (sister), Jessica (cousin) & Suzette

#1: Three people’s probably too many if you’re on a ___________
Date (#1) & bike
Anita Pickups: Horse, unicycle, kayak, motorcycle & helicopter (A: Honeymoon)
#2: When I think of a potato I think of a(n) ________ potato
Baked (#1), mashed, sweet, hot & roasted
Rick Pickups: Idaho & couch

#1: My grandma just turned 100 & she still ________s everyday
Drink (#1), swim, walk & exercise
Anita Pickups: Drive, knit & cook
#2: People often have a(n) __________ removed
Mole (#1), wart & tattoo
Rick Pickups: Appendix, tooth, birthmark & cuff (A: Cast)

#1: When I think of Eddie Murphy I think about ___________________
Comedy (#1), “Dr. Doolittle”, “Coming to America” & “Nutty Professor”
Rick Pickups: “SHREK” (A: Donkey, “GUMBY” & “SNL”)
#2: In addition to regular bathing suits some people wear ________ at the beach
Speedos, bikinis, hats, towels & wetsuits
Anita Pickup to End Game (#1 starts w/ S): Swimsuits (A: Shorts & cover-ups)
SD: Even though it won’t talk back I always talk to my d___
Rick: Dog

#1: I hung a TV above the m______
#2: You would expect to see ____________ behind a pharmacy counter
Drugs & pharmacists 
#3: A groom’s best man always provides the ______________
Ring, bachelor partySKIPPED W/ :51 REMAINING
#4: My kid’s a little league legend- I was so proud of his 1st ______________
Home run, pitch, trophy & championship
For $15K W/ :20 Left (S______): Speech

Lady Leaders (mgrs. & owners): Natasha, Carly, Vergi & Anica
Dads of Daughters: Jason, William, Max & Blue

#1: My grandparents say the secret to a long marriage’s to ________________ everyday
Kiss (#1) & eat together
Jason Pickups: Say “I love you”, laugh, talk, party (A: Forgive & pray)
#2: I don’t like it when my ___________ is too tight
Belt, jeans, underwear & bra (#1)
Natasha Pickups: Collar, suit (A: Seatbelt & shoe)

#1: I would love to go see __________________ in concert just to check out the dance moves
Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake (#1), Usher, Paula Abdul & Lady GaGa
Jason Pickups: Bruno Mars & Beyoncé 
#2: You know you’re down south if _____________ is on the menu
Grits (#1), fried chicken, hushpuppies, okra & sweet tea
Natasha Pickups: Cornbread (A: Crawfish & catfish)

#1: On Halloween you might see a kid in costume holding a ___________
Bucket (#1)
Natasha Pickups: Pumpkin, wand, pitchfork (A: Pillowcase, flashlight, glowstick & sword)
#2: My husband & I are so wild for one another we’re getting matching __________
Shirts, cars, tattoos (#1), pajamas & rings (Not necessary: Haircuts & robes)

#1: A p_________ has spikes
#2: It’s a lot of work to maintain my __________
NEITHER (A: Abs & checkbook)
#3: A good map will have __________ on it
NOTHING (A: Mileage, scale & landmarks) 

“America Says” 1/17/20

Art Lovers: Paul, April, Kimberly & Louheed
Mom Squad: Jessica, Valerie, Summer & Carrie

#1: Woo-hoo! I just got a raise so I’m going to splurge on ___________
Vacation, new car & jewelry
Jessica Pickups (#1 started w/ C): Cruises (A: Clothes, dinner, drinks & shoes)
#2: My favorite song by The Beatles is ___________________
“Yellow Submarine”
Paul Pickups (#1 was JH): “Come Together”, “Hey Jude”, “Yes, Ma’am” (A: “Twist and Shout”, “Yesterday”, “Let it Be” & “Help”)

#1: I always turn up the _________________ to its highest setting
Heater (#1), air conditioner, volume & hairdryer
Jessica Pickups: Fan, bass (A: Brightness & blender)
#2: You usually only see __________ at night
Bats, raccoons, stars (#1), owls & lights
Paul Pickups: The Moon & fireflies

#1: Growing up my favorite schoolyard game was ____________
Tag (#1), hopscotch, Red Rover, dodgeball & kickball
Jessica Pickups: Tetherball & softball
#2: I know a lot of people love it but I never eat _________
Sushi (#1), oysters, liver, octopus & escargot
Paul Pickup to W or L: Eggplant (Other: Lobster)

#1: A s_________ squirts water
#2: ______ usually breaks when you drop it
Glass & china
#3: I know I shouldn’t fall asleep during _________ but I can’t help it
Movies, lecturesL (A: Church)
#4: I always hoard the extra ___________ they give you w/ takeout food
Napkins (A: Sauce, chopsticks & mints)

The Correias (part of Portugese family from Point Loma, San Diego): Jennifer, Stephanie (aunt), Chris (uncle) & Michelle (cousin)
The Preachers: Israel, Brent, Antonio & JC

#1: My kid will only eat red foods so we buy a lot of _____________
Apples (#1) & beets 
Israel Pickups: Strawberries, cherries, ketchup, tomatoes & raspberries (A: Radishes)
#2: I found an old __________ bag in my garage
Laundry, trash, gym & golf (#1)
Jennifer Pickups: Sleeping, duffle & pickleball (A: Punching)

#1: A word that often comes before “point” is _________
Ball (#1), game & on
Israel Pickups: Needle, cat (A: Breaking, check & power)
#2: You always see _____________ on the field at a college football game
Referees, cheerleaders (#1), mascots, players & coaches
Jennifer Pickups: Goals (A: Grass & bands)

#1: It’s a tough job to clean up after a(n) __________
Party & parade
Jennifer Pickups (#1 began w/ T): Tornado (A: Toddler, elephant, teenager, concert & horse)
#2: When I watch the Olympics ____________ looks so easy I think I could do it
Javelin, long jumpELIM. (Unsaid #1: Curling/Also not given: Gymnastics, swimming, bobsled & skiing)

#1: An h_________ has curves 
L (A: Hourglass)
#2: I wish they had ___________ when I was a teenager
Internet & cellphones
#3: Oh no the electricity went out! Do we have any ___________?
Candles, flashlights & batteries
#4: If you want to work on Wall St. it helps to know a lot about ________
Stocks, finance, banking (A: Math)

“America Says” 1/16/20

Antique Collectors: Patricia, Diana, Elaine & Rob (Elaine’s hubby)
Campus Pastors (SDSU): Brandon, Isaac, Christina & Michael

#1: My grandma’s so cool she’s taking classes in __________dancing
Line, square, tap, ballroom (#1) & hip-hop
Brandon Pickups: Swing (A: Salsa & belly)
#2: I can never remember when ___________ Day happens every yr.
Presidents’, Labor (#1), Memorial & Veterans
Patricia Pickups: Groundhog, Career (A: Columbus & Election)

#1: Renovating an old home would take a lot of ___________
Money (#1), time, paint, demolition, patience & work
Brandon Pickup (short W): Wood
#2: Whenever someone wins a big award on TV they always thank their _________
Parents (#1), spouse, god, producer & teachers
Patricia Pickups: Fans & audience (A: Agent)

#1: An animal w/ a color in its name is the ______________
Black panther, yellow jacket, blue jay (#1) & red panda
Brandon Pickups: Greyhound (A: Grey wolf, goldfish & red fox)
#2: One of the best singer-songwriters of all-time’s ________________
Billy Joel, Elton John (#1), Prince, John Lennon, Paul McCartney & Dolly Parton
Patricia Pickup to W or L (AF): Aretha Franklin

#1: You’ve got to be good at b_________ to be on “American Ninja Warrior”
#2: After 12 months of dating my girlfriend told me she needs a _________
BreakL (A: Proposal)
#3: If you’re going to play Santa Claus at a party it helps if you’re ________
Chubby, bearded & happy
#4: When I think about astrology ___________ comes to mind
Birthdays, horoscope, signs & planets

Redemption Game: The Runners (the ladies on this team are all daughters, I think) v. The Navy (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians)

#1: The movie genre that NETFLIX is always recommending for me’s ______________
Drama, action, comedy (#1), horror, documentaries & romance
Mark Pickup (starts w/ F): Foreign (A: Fantasy)
#2: At home I like to leave love notes for my husband on the ______________
Refrigerator (#1), nightstand, kitchen table & mirror
Ken Pickups: Pillow, dresser & cabinet (A: Counter)

#1: Every cooking competition show has a _______
Judge (#1), winner, host & chef
Mark Pickups: Prize, spice (A: Stove & clock)
#2: A word that often comes before “key” is _________
House (#1), car & answer
Ken Pickups: Turn, low, road (A: Skeleton & room)

#1: Something that I hated as a kid but love as an adult’s __________
Naps & asparagus
Ken Pickups (#1 starts w/ B): Broccoli, shower (A: Spinach, seafood, coffee & liver)
#2: For his birthday we bought my father-in-law a new ________coat
Leather, rain, Winter (#1), fur, trench & sport (Unnecessary: Wool)

#1: Other than Spain, Spanish’s the official language of M______
#2: I got a splinter in my finger while building a __________
Birdhouse & deck
#3: A _______ runs on a track
Train, horse & runner
#4: It’s so bright out I need an _________ to protect my eyes from the Sun
Sunglasses, hat, visor & umbrellaREEDEMED IN :23

“America Says” 1/15/20

Fantasy Football Pals: Brian, JP, Bo & Robert
Weekend Travelers: Jenn, Johana, Randy (Johana’s brother) & Mimi

#1: It would be weird for my husband to _________ w/ his eyes closed
Drive (#1), eat, talk, walk, watch TV & shave
Jenn Pickup (tiny R): Read
#2: I put all my old __________ in a storage unit
Furniture (#1), clothes, pictures & books
Brian Pickups: Records, toys & televisions (A: Trophies)

#1: I love watching a great athlete ________ the ball
Hit (#1), kick, pitch, shoot, dribble & dunk
Jenn Pickup (short S): Steal (A: Spike)
#2: Kids are always selling ________________ for their high school fundraisers
Candy (#1), wrapping paper, popcorn, raffle tickets & cookies
Brian Pickups: Car washes & marshmallows (A: Magazines)

#1: People often quote lines from the movie __________________
“The Godfather”, “STAR WARS”, “DIE HARD”, “Forrest Gump”, “THE TERMINATOR” & “Princess Bride”
Jenn Pickup (starts w/ S): “SUPERMAN” (A: “Scarface”)
#2: I’m not happy when a restaurant charges extra for ___________
Water (#1), bread, cheese, condiments & L (A: Guacamole, refills & parking)

#1: An a__________ will make noise if you squeeze it
#2: I always like to wish people a happy __________
Birthday & new yr.
#3: The most famous river in the world’s probably the ____________ River
Nile, Amazon & Mississippi
#4: I’ve been always great at solving ___________
Crosswords, problems, riddles & Sudokus

The Math Wizards (teachers/tutors): Christian, Karen, Zachary & Kristi
The Investment Firm: Bridget, Katie, Natalie & Kristen

#1: A word that often follows “cold” is __________
Weather (#1) & beer
Bridget Pickups: Shower, mountain (A: Shoulder, medicine, feet & brew)
#2: My wife likes it when I keep my __________ nearly trimmed
Beard (#1), hair, nails, mustache & eyebrows
Christian Pickups: Lawn & hedge

#1: When I think about reindeer I think of ____________
Santa Claus, Christmas (#1), antlers, sleighs, Rudolph, snow & Alaska
#2: My favorite Will Smith movie’s __________________
“MEN IN BLACK” (#1), “INDEPENDENCE DAY”, “Hitch” & “Wild, Wild West”
Christian Pickups: “I Am Legend”, “BAD BOYS” & “Aladdin”

#1: My kid gets really bored when she’s in a _____________
Timeout, car (#1), waiting rm., school & library
Bridget Pickups: Church & play (A: Plane)
#2: I booked a _________ this morning
Trip, flight (#1), hotel, haircut & OUT (A: Manicure, massage & cruise)

#1: Every school bus has s_____ on it
#2: When I’m in the bathroom I try to avoid getting _________ in my eyes
Hairspray & perfume
#3: Driving over ____________ makes for a really bumpy ride
Potholes, gravel & cobblestone
#4: I keep all my __________ on my computer
PasswordsNO MORE (A: Music, finances & homework)