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“Millionaire” 2/6/18

$10K: What mythical creature did Roman philosopher Lucretius say could NOT actually exist because the horse-half would age much faster than the man-half?

A: Griffin
B: Centaur
C: Sphinx
D: Hydra


$20K: Only a handful of Presidents have had names where their first initial’s the same as their last. How many of those have come after Calvin Coolidge?

B: One
C: Two
D: Three


$30K: It’s tradition for ALL nine Supreme Court justices to shake hands w/ each other before entering the chamber. When they do, how many handshakes take place in total?

A: 24
B: 36
C: 72
D: 81


Keara Kelleher (14)(Brooklyn Park, MN)

$500: Founded in ’39 what’s the name of the sports organization that provides 2.4M kids w/ the opportunity to play baseball & softball each yr.?

A: Little League
B: Baby Ball
C: Imps in the Outfield
D: Brats with Bats

Little League$

$1K: Introduced last Spring the limited-edition soft drink Pepsi Fire was advertised as having the flavor of what?

A: A burning building
B: Volcanic ash
C: Toxic smoke
D: Cinnamon


$2K: In Jul. ’16 @ReadingRainbow fittingly sent a congratulatory tweet to Dr. Carla Hayden, the first woman & African-American to hold what federal job?

A: Surgeon General
B: Secretary of Defense
C: Librarian of Congress
D: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Librarian of Congress$

$3K: Playing against type, Julia Roberts portrayed an evil queen in the ’12 movie “Mirror, Mirror”, which was a retelling of what classic fairy tale?

A: Cinderella
B: Snow White
C: Rapunzel
D: Hansel & Gretel

Snow White$

$5K: W/ a relationship dating back to the Revolutionary War what country’s often described as “America’s oldest ally”?

A: Italy
B: Australia
C: France
D: Mexico


$7K: Assuming you DON’T go first what’s the maximum number of turns you can have in a standard game of tic-tac-toe- three, four, five or six?

$10K: Which of the following things happened first?

A: The first Instagram post
B: The first facebook like
C: The first twitter hashtag
D: The first text message

Text message$

QotD: One source of funding for students at Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute is the Nasir Jones what?
A: Hiphop Fellowship
B: Astrophysics Scholarship
C: Political Science Award
D: Women’s Studies Prize

$20K: Enticing future space miners, what asteroid named for the Greek goddess of the soul do astronomers believe may contain over $10K quadrillion worth of metals?

A: 15 Venus
B: 16 Psyche
C: 17 Luna
D: 18 Nemesis

CUT (A: 16 Psyche)

$20K Q #2: Which animal’s cited as an example in Britannica’s article on “pinnipeds” which are “shaped like torpedoes” w/ “wide torsos and narrower hindquarters”?

A: Stingray
B: Walrus
C: Seahorse
D: Octopus

StingrayL (A: Walrus)


“Millionaire” 2/5/18

Henry Huschke (14)(Traverse City, MI)

$500: Acc. to Euclid’s theorem there are infinitely many what?

A: Lame cable channels
B: Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
C: Annoying YouTube celebrities
D: Prime numbers

Prime numbers$

$1K: Earning a spot on Forbes‘ 2017 “Top-30 Under-30” list, 19-yr.-old inventor Ann Makosinski’s known for her invention of a flashlight powered by what?

A: Leprechauns
B: A team of horses
C: Black magic
D: The heat from your hand

Heat from your hand$

$2K: Derived from the Latin root “vorare” the suffix “-vore” is used to form words that tell us what about an animal?

A: What they eat
B: How big they are
C: What color they are
D: How many legs they have

What they eat$

$3K: Which of the following’s a phrase found in the title of a “Hunger Games” movie & NOT a variety of Mountain DeW?

A: “Live Wire”
B: “Code Red”
C: “Catching Fire”
D: “Pitch Black”

“Catching Fire”$

$5K: Imagine you flip a coin nine times & ALL nine times it comes up heads- what are the chances it will come up heads on the 10th flip?

A: 10%
B: 50%
C: 90%
D: 99.99%


$7K: In nature what’s typically yellow, green or orange?

A: Octopus ink
B: Firefly light
C: A robin’s egg
D: A giraffe’s tongue

Firefly light$

$10K: Named for the wife of Perseus in Greek mythology what closest large galaxy to ours is predicted to merge w/ the Milk Way in about 4B yrs.?

A: Andromeda
B: Isis
C: Medusa
D: Cassiopeia


$20K: If you put ALL of Santa’s reindeer incl. Rudolph in alphabetical order which reindeer would come exactly in the middle?

A: Dancer
B: Cupid
C: Donner
D: Dasher


A: 13%
B: 18%
C: 45%
D: 24%

DonnerAUDIENCED OUT (+1: Dad)

David Gold (13)(Port Washington, NY)

$500: Boasting over 300K graduates a McDonald’s-run “university” offers students degrees in what area of study?

A: Paleontology
B: Psychobiology
C: Nanotechnology
D: Hamburgerology


$1K: Finish this line sung by the Von Trapp children in “The Sound of Music”- “So long, farewell”:

A: “Auf Wiedersehen, what’s poppin’?”
B: “Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye”
C: “Auf Wiedersehen, you feel me?”
D: “Auf Wiedersehen, Felicia!”

“Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye”$

$2K: While it only cost a quarter when it opened in ’27, the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster’s now 40 times as expensive w/ a single ride costing how much?

A: $8
B: $10
C: $12
D: $18


$3K: On what website will you find links to several tourist attractions said to have inspired the animators of PIXAR’s “Brave”?

A: VisitSaudiArabia.com
B: VisitScotland.com
C: VisitSouthKorea.com
D: VisitSpain.com

VisitScotland.com $

$5K: Which of the following’s NOT true of the word “deed”?

A: It’s a palindrome
B: It’s spelled w/ letters in the musical alphabet
C: It’s polysyllabic
D: It can be BOTH a noun & a verb


A: 2%
B: 4%
C: 71%
D: 23%

It’s polysyllabic$

QotD: Made famous by Johnny Cash the song “A Boy Named Sue” was written by what children’s author?
A: Dr. Seuss
B: Maurice Sendak
C: Shel Silverstein
D: Roald Dahl

$7K: Which of these geographical features DOESN’T touch the U.S. state in its name?

A: Lake Michigan
B: Colorado River
C: Gulf of California
D: Massachusetts Bay

+1 (dad) & CUT (A: Gulf of California)

$7K Q #2: To find the second number of seconds in a yr. you’d multiply 60 X 60 X 24 X what?

A: 12
B: 30.5
C: 52
D: 365


“Millionaire” 2/9/18

$20K: Because it’s easily divisible by every integer between one & ten what did Plato consider to be an ideal number?

A: 1,880
B: 3,450
C: 5,040
D: 7,770


$30K: Though it was supposed to cure his fever what toxic element w/ the symbol Sb may have FATALLY POISONED Mozart?

A: Antimony
B: Arsenic
C: Bismuth
D: Tungsten


$50K: Argentina’s greater in area than Belgium. Belgium has more people than Canada. Canada has more islands than Denmark. How many of those statements are true?

A: NONE of the above
B: One of the above
C: Two of the above
D: ALL of the above

50:50– TWO & ALL
Two of the above$

$100K: Which of the following words does Thesaurus.com list as a synonym for “synonym”?

A: Metonym
B: Ananym
C: Demonym
D: Allonym

FINAL LL (dad)
FA: Allonym (A: Metonym)

Preston Ellis (Humble, TX)

$500: Which of these ISN’T one of the three branches of the U.S. federal government?

A: Executive
B: Legislative
C: Judicial
D: Olive


$1K: The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom of a chemical element’s equal to its what?

A: Phone number
B: Lucky number
C: Atomic number
D: Social Security number

Atomic number $

$2K: What classic fortune-telling toy was orig. developed as a promotional product for the Brunswick Billiards company?

A: Magic 8-Ball
B: Vanishing Cue Stick
C: Krazy Korner Pocket
D: Baby’s First Triangle Rack

Magic 8-Ball $

QotD: What element was probably a hit w/ teens in Ancient Rome because due to its drying properties it was used as an effective form of acne treatment?
A: Copper
B: Beryllium
C: Potassium
D: Sulfur

$3K: Named for an Aztec god & noted for the wavy branches of gills that grow from its head, the amphibian called the Axolotl is also commonly known as what?

A: Mexican salamander
B: German seal
C: Australian lizard
D: Egyptian pufferfish

Mexican salamander$

$5K: The letter “c” in Einstein’s famous formula E = mc² refers to the speed of light as it passes through what?

A: Water
B: Air
C: Glass
D: Vacuum

THOUSANDAIRED OUT W/ WATER (& he eliminated the right answer of vacuum right away)

“Millionaire” 2/8/18

$7K: When reciting the Pledge of Allegiance how many times will you say a preposition- seven, eight, nine or 10?

$10K: Which of the following nations has 22 official languages incl. Sanskrit, Urdu & Kashmiri?

A: Iran 
B: Egypt
C: India
D: Nigeria


$20K: Containing one person & NO neutrons, protium is the most common isotope of what element?

A: Carbon 
B: Helium
C: Hydrogen
D: Oxygen


$30K: Who was the 1st President elected who was born in the 20th C.?

A: Eisenhower
C: Truman


Yash Kadadi (14)(ATL)

$500: Every 60-110 min. Old Faithful spews thousands of gallons of what into the air?

A: Water
B: Confetti
C: Espresso
D: Salad dressing


$1K: Where would you be most likely to practice your “bumping”, “setting” & “spiking”?

A: In a library
B: On a volleyball court
C: In a courtroom
D: On an alien spaceship

Volleyball court$

$2K: The fittingly-named butterfly Polygonia interrogationis has markings on the underside of its wings that resemble what type of punctuation?

A: Exclamation points
B: Quotation marks
C: Semicolons
D: Quotation marks

Question marks$

$3K: In ’16 a New York Times review of the “Angry Birds” movie described the plot as “nonaeronautic feathered creatures getting around via…” what?

A: Rocket ship
B: Skateboard
C: Catapult
D: Subway


$5K: Bored math students may know that typing what number on a calculator spells out the name of a tech giant when flipped upside-down?

A: 5317
B: 0.7734
C: 376006
D: 378163771


QotD: In a 1980s book psychologist Dan Kiley coined what term to refer to men who WON’T grow up?
A: Peter Pan Syndrome
B: Winnie-the-Pooh Complex
C: Huck Finn Phenomenon
D: Don Quixote Disorder

$7K: Which of these’s a notable location in Norse mythology & NOT in Greek mythology?

A: Mt. Olympus
B: Elysian Fields
C: Tartarus
D: Valhalla


$10K: If she opts to run, “Selenators” can vote for Selena Gomez to become a U.S. senator in ’22 when she reaches what minimum age of eligibility?

A: 25
B: 28
C: 30
D: 35


A: 25%
B: 39%
C: 26%
D: 10%


$10K Q #2: Showing tense or possibility, “am”, “is”, “are”, “was”, “were”, “be”, “being” & “been” are among the words nicknamed what?

A: Cooperative nouns
B: Friendly adjectives
C: Helping verbs
D: Supportive exclamations

Helping verbs$

“Millionaire” 2/7/18

Tyler Fritz (12)(VA Beach)

$500: Which of the following DOESN’T appear on Conde Nast Traveler’s recent list of “The Most Beautiful Castles in Europe”?

A: Neuschwanstein Castle
B: Cenonceau Castle
C: Hohenzollern Castle
D: A White Castle restaurant

White Castle restaurant$

$1K: The first step to DELETING an Apple iPhone app, approx. how long do you need to press on an icon before it starts to jiggle?

A: One nanosecond
B: Two seconds
C: 30 seconds
D: A couple hrs.


$2K: Players attempt to capture their opponent’s pieces by jumping over ’em diagonally in the game of “konane”, which is also known as what?

A: Hawaiian Poker
B: Hawaiian Checkers
C: Hawaiian Chutes & Ladders
D: Hawaiian Twister

Hawaiian Checkers$

$3K: In ’69 which of these people submitted a $33.31 expense voucher listing his points of travel as “Cape Kennedy, Fla., Moon, Pacific Ocean, Hawaii”?

A: Johnny Carson
B: Buzz Aldrin
C: Richard Nixon
D: Mick Jagger


$5K: Which of these sharks enjoys enhanced stereoscopic vision thanks to its eyes being located on the ends of its distinctive cephalofoil?

A: Tiger
B: Hammerhead
C: Great white
D: Leopard


$7K: Going from top to bottom what symbol’s missing from this specific column on the periodic table- He, Ne, Ar, __, Xe, Rn, Og?

A: Na
B: Hg
C: Kr
D: Fe


$10K: Described by BUZZFEED as the “most unlikely fandom of 2017”, the term “Mayllennials” refers to young voters who support what country’s PM?

A: Australia
B: Great Britain
C: Canada
D: Sweden

CUT (A: G.B.)

$10K Q #2: Which of the following usually means “child” when it appears at the beginning of a word & “related to learning” when it appears at the end?

A: Neo
B: Juve
C: Natal
D: Pedia

+1 (dad Todd)

$20K: Which one of the following math equations gives the SMALLEST number?

A: 10 + 9 – 8 + 7 – 6 + 5 – 4 + 3 – 2 + 1
B: 10 – 9 + 8 – 7 + 6 – 5 + 4 – 3 + 2 – 1
C: 10 X 9 ÷ 8 X 7 ÷ 6 X 5 ÷ 4 X 3 ÷ 2 X 1
D: 10 ÷ 9 X 8 ÷ 7 X 6 ÷ 5 X 4 ÷ 3 X 2 ÷ 1


Hayley Minter (14)(Wake Forest, NC)

$500: Tropical rainforests are composed of four layers incl. ALL BUT which of the following?

A: Forest floor
B: Understory
C: Canopy
D: Cheesy topping

Cheesy topping$

$1K: Kaplan Test Prep offers study guides for ALL BUT which of these tests?

C: Personality


$2K: Narrated by Jason Bateman the ’14 Danish-American film “Beyond the Brick” was a so-called “Brickumentary” about the global reach of what toy?

B: Frisbee
C: Slinky
D: Teddy bear


QotD: Hurling ’em off the tallest building in Cambridge, every October at what MA college partake in the annual Pumpkin Drop?
A: Stanford
B: Yale
D: Duke

$3K: Given that IHOP serves about 700M pancakes per yr., for something to be truly selling like hotcakes approx. how many must be sold per day?

A: 1.3M
B: 1.9M
C: 2.4M
D: 2.8M


$5K: Able to reach a top speed of 93.01 petaflops, Sunway TaihuLight is the name of the world’s fastest what?

A: Yacht
B: Computer
C: Racehorse
D: Jet plane

CUT (A: Computer)

$5K Q #2: Since they were often used to study insects & other tiny creatures, early versions of what device were also known as “flea glasses”?

A: Gyroscope
B: Periscope
C: Stethoscope
D: Microscope


“Millionaire” 12/22/17

$50K: Located at about 42°N, the southernmost point in Canada is at approx. the same latitude as what state’s northern border?


O&D (A: CA)

Clayton Finney (Pompano Beach, FL)(15-yr.-old future engineer)

$500: A veteran of more than a dozen PIXAR feature films, John Ratzenberger voiced what animated piggy bank in ALL three “TOY STORY” movies?

A: Hamm
B: Chickenn
C: Beeff
D: Goatt


$1K: Predating Lara Croft by 3K yrs. National Geographic noted that what crime is “as old as the Pharaohs”  has recently WORSENED in Egypt & Syria?

A: Tomb raiding
B: Telemarketing fraud
C: Car theft
D: Computer hacking

Tomb raiding$

$2K: Horses have a system of ligaments, tendons & muscles known as a “stay apparatus”, which allows ’em to do what?

A: Sleep while standing
B: Eat while running
C: Whinny while rolling
D: Kick while jumping


A: 95%
D: 5%

Sleep while standing$

$3K: Ironically NOT true about the word itself, what adjective describes a word that’s spelled the way it sounds?

A: Funetic
B: Phonetic
C: Fahnetic
D: Phanetique


$5K: What novel has been called a more realistic version of The Coral Island, a book where boys got stranded on an island but everything worked out in the end?

A: Last of the Mohicans
B: Lord of the Flies
C: Call of the Wild
D: Oliver Twist

Lord of the Flies$

$7K: If Sam buys a $400 Apple iPhone from the Apple Store at 25% off & then sells it to Suzy for 30% off what he paid, how much will Suzy pay for the phone?

A: $100
B: $210
C: $220
D: $270


$10K: Similar to the 3-headed Cerberus of Greek mythology, the legendary Norse figure Garm, guardian of the gates of the underworld, is what type of creature?

A: Lion
B: Bear
C: Horse
D: Dog


QotD: When Jimmy Kimmel was a radio DJ in CA, what future star worked for him as a teenaged intern?
A: Zach Galifianakis
B: Carson Daly
C: Dave Chappelle
D: Ryan Seacrest

$20K: Captain Christopher Jones was at the helm of which of these historic crafts?

A: Hindenburg
B: Mayflower
D: Enola Gay

CUT (A: Mayflower)

$20K, Take #2: Of the various types of blood vessels which take oxygen-poor blood back to the heart?

A: Arteries
B: Veins
C: Capillaries
D: Cilia

+1 (17-yr.-old older sister Chase)
FA: Arteries (A: Veins)

“Millionaire” 12/21/17

Claire Goodman (14)(Mt. Prospect, IL- geography bee champ)

$500: Acc. to an old saying, a student who’s studying late through the night is doing what?

A: Burning the midnight oil
B: Watching the 1AM infomercials
C: Eating the 2AM Hot Pocket
D: Checking the 3AM facebook updates

Burning the midnight oil$

$1K: The preamble to the U.S. Constitution stated that the famous document was ordained & established for ALL BUT which of these reasons?

A: To form a more perfect union
B: To insure domestic tranquility
C: To secure the blessings of liberty
D: To give its framers an excuse to party in Philly

To give its framers an excuse to party in Philly$

$2K: Which “SESAME STREET” character was said to have weighed more than 572 lbs. when he was born & wears shoe size 65GGG?

A: Snuffleupagus
B: Grover
C: Elmo
D: Oscar the Grouch


$3K: Which of the following’s BOTH the avg. annual high temperature in Cleveland, OH & the measurement of each internal angle of an equilateral triangle?

A: 15°
B: 45°
C: 60°
D: 90°


$5K: Incl. J & U, when capitalized in their block letter form how many letters in the alphabet feat. BOTH curved & straight lines?

A: Six
B: Eight
C: 10
D: 12


$7K: What is, or was, a brachioradialis?

A: A muscle in the forearm
B: An intense hailstorm
C: A type of dinosaur
D: An ancient timekeeping device

Muscle in forearm$

$10K: In Gulliver’s Travels Gulliver went on four adventures- who did he meet in the land of Brobdingnag?

A: Tiny people
B: Sorcerers
C: Immortals
D: Giants


A: 5%
B: 13%
C: 17%
D: 65%


$20K: If taking 10K steps is roughly equivalent to walking five miles, about how many steps would it take to walk one complete lap around the equator?

A: 5M
B: 50M
C: 500M
D: 5B

+1 (dad Steve)

QotD: Which of these adjectives is NOT one of the 12 featured in the Boy Scout Law?
A: Careful
B: Clean
C: Reverent
D: Cheerful

$30K: Last yr. which of these was renamed in honor of Yuri Oganessian?

A: The last element on the periodic table
B: The World Chess Championship trophy
C: The capital of Belarus
D: The Russian Space Agency

CUT (A: Last element on the periodic table)

$30K, Take #2: Which of the following’s NEITHER a stage of mitosis NOR a type of rock NOR a type of foot bone?

A: Metaphase
B: Metatarsal
C: Metaphysical
D: Metamorphic