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RL/GL (4min to shop):
Pete: Shrimp & grits w/ mushroom & bacon sauce topped w/ a poached egg
Bobby: Duck bacon Monte Cristo w/ duck confit hash & mango smoothie
Jay: Shakshuka w/ feta & naan spread
C-O- Jay

Bobby: $3
Pete: $3 & $5 (both chefs would get $11 to shop)

Bobby: Cream of mushroom soup w/ tomato, basil & mushroom grilled cheese
Pete: Tomato soup & grilled cheese w/ a grilled romaine salad
$20K- Bobby

FP (for the championship belt & an additional $5K):
Bottom row: DIET SODA
Top row: DINNER

Carl: Mole pork chops w/ tomatillo salsa & roasted corn
Bobby: Chocolate pulled chicken sandwich w/ poutine
W- Carl


“Guy’s Grocery Games” 4/1/18

RETURNED TONIGHT: Sam, Crystal, John & Jay

John: Bacon, lettuce & avocado taco w/ cream sauce
Crystal: Patty melt w/ Swiss & Thousand Island
Sam: Latkes w/ bacon & spicy date chutney
Jay: Shepherd’s pie w/ beef gravy & green peas
C-O- John

Crystal: $15
Sam: $13.99
Jay: $10 (because he completely missed; if he had scored anything he would’ve received an extra $5)¬†

Crystal: Mexican tater tot poutine w/ chorizo gravy
Jay: Lahm Bi Ajin
Sam: Dan Dan noodles w/ chorizo
C-O- Crystal

OUMU: Lasagna & eggs/bacon/hash browns 
Sam: Eggs in purgatory w/ fried potato chips
Jay: Duck confit hash lasagna w/ a fried egg on top
W- Jay

“Guy’s Grocery Games” 3/25/18

RETURNED: Peter, Domenica, Aristo & Bobby “The Butcher”

O/U: OVER ($4)
Bobby: Filet Mignon & mushroom quesadilla w/ lobster pico de gallo
Aristo: Naan gyro w/ lamb, goat yogurt & French fries
Domenica: Berkeley burrito
Peter: Naan pizza w/ red sauce, burrata, Calabrian chilis, Italian sausage & salame- C-O

Shopping time: 3:30
Country: INDIA

Domenica: Chicken curry w/ sour cream & onion potato chips & raita
Bobby: Chicken Tikka Masala w/ potato chip crust, sumac cilantro yogurt & fried cauliflower
Aristo: Stewed goat w/ sweet ‘n spicy rice pilaf & ground chickpea chips- C-O

Bobby: Chipotle chicken chili chicken Parm
Domenica: Pork & beans chili w/ chicken Parmesan topping
ADV.- Bobby

“Guy’s Grocery Games” 3/18/18- START OF ALL-STARS TOURNEY

COMPETING TONIGHT: John C., Lou, Jazz & Panini Pete (the winner of each preliminary ep. instantly wins $10K)
J: Troy, Aarti & Carl

LR (20min):
Pete: Southern pimento cheeseburger
Lou: Bourbon BBQ bacon burger w/ granny apple blue cheese slaw
Jazz: Green curry burger
John: Southwest cheeseburger w/ green chiles & habanero
C-O- Jazz

BB: $16
Lou: The rosarito crepe
John: Fried bread Navajo taco
Pete: Southern swamp stew
C-O- Lou

Order Up Mashup: Mac ‘n cheese & fried chicken have to be combined somehow.
Pete: Mac & bird BBQ bowl
John: Mac ‘n cheese-stuffed fried chicken w/ steamed artichokes
ADV.- Pete

“Guy’s Grocery Games” 1/29/17

For tonight only, the market was changed to have ingredients from all over the country. And some aisles were OFF-LIMITS the whole show.

Zane: Seafood marinara
Adam: Poached lobster tail w/ demi-glace lentils
Bobby: Lobster succotash w/ pan-roasted salmon
Lou: Seared seafood trio w/ creamy garlic butter
C-O- Lou & Zane

$20K Rd. (#3-8): MIDWEST
Bobby: BBQ-rubbed rib-eye w/ truffled green bean casserole & blue cheesy grits
Adam: Pork chops w/ stewed greens, butter beans & corncake
W- Bobby

BR (WEST– #1-2 & seafood): The winner would receive a championship belt (Aaron May took Carl’s place at the judging table).
Bobby: Sesame-crusted sea bass w/ stir-fried veggies
Carl: Roasted halibut w/ crab chimichurri & avocado puree
W- Carl

“Guy’s Grocery Games” 1/22/17

Andres Barrientos (Miami Smokers)(5/27/16)
Bobby Marcotte (Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery in Raymond, NH)(10/14/16)
Claudette Hutchinson (Spice Island Grill in CO Springs)(1/1/16)
Louie Finnan (Louie & the Redhead Lady)(1/24/11)

ABC: U, S & A
Bobby: Steak & cheese sandwich feat. sourdough
Claudette: Sauteed ackee w/ andouille sausage & dumplings (also incl. avocado)
Andres: Open-faced sausage sandwich & apple crumble
Louie: Mardi Gras pasta w/ veggies & andouille sausage
C-O- Claudette

BB: $14.02
Bobby: Chicken meatball stroganoff w/ sour cream & fried Brussels sprouts
Louie: Sauteed pork cutlet w/ potatoes, cream sauce & Creole seasoning
Andres: Chicken-fried pork cutlet w/ mashed potatoes, green beans & bacon
C-O- Andres

Bobby: Cashew-crusted sweet & sour fried chicken w/ canned ham fried rice
Louie: Grilled chicken w/ pineapple spam fried rice

#1: A kitchen essential made of thin-rolled sheets of metal (ALUMINUM FOIL- got it from his station)
#2: Anchovy-based sauce named for the English shire in which it was first bottled (WORCESTERSHIRE)
#3: Vegetable in the thistle family that has a heart (ARTICHOKE)
#4: This is considered the world’s most expensive spice by weight (SAFFRON)
#5: Salt-cured meat whose name’s Italian for “ham” (PROSCIUTTO)- W IN 1:11

“Guy’s Grocery Games” 1/15/17

Adam Sappington (The Country Cat in POR, OR)(9/2/13)
Heather Ludzack (The Brick House Cafe and Catering in Cable, WI)(11/7/14 & 11/27/15)
Michell Sanchez (Latin House Burger & Taco Bar in MIA; he was born in Cuba)(4/25/14)
Tye Rhone Bauer (Bauer’s 66 1/2 in Modesto; orig. worked in real-estate)(4/22/16)

Adam: Poached pork loin & chorizo mayo sandwich on potato latkes
Tye Rhone: Linguica & duck egg breakfast sandwich on waffles
Heather: Patty melt w/ pomegranate onions on garlic bread
Michell: Skirt steak sandwich w/ bechamel on pizza dough
C-O- Tye Rhone

Aisle Off-Limits: #5

Heather: Sriracha honey shrimp pasta w/ avocado cream sauce
Adam: Trio of seafood- branzino, halibut & clams
Michell: Lobster & scallop linguine Alfredo w/ a candied jalapeno sauce
C-O- Heather

Michell: Lobster mac & cheese
Adam: Chicken Parmesan
W- Adam

#1: Treats served to Egyptian royalty long before they were roasted & served w/ chocolate on graham crackers (MARSHMALLOWS)
#2: Legumes commonly used to make hummus (GARBANZO BEANS/CHICKPEAS)
#3: An American corn-based whiskey that shares its name w/ the Kentucky county that made it popular (BOURBON)
#4: Snack food reportedly invented after a NYer COMPLAINED his fried potato slices were too thick (POTATO CHIPS)
#5: Produce item popular in Mexican food originally nicknamed an “alligator pear”- DRAGONFRUIT WRONG (A: AVOCADO)