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“Chopped” 8/29/17

J: Marc, Amanda & Chris

A: Rack of wild boar, grilled French toast packets, pickled carrots & cerveza pequena
Stephen: Grilled wild boar loin w/ pickled carrot puree
Megan: Beer-marinated pork chop w/ red wine reduction
Joe: Charred wild boar w/ cerveza honey glaze
Big Jim: Beer-basted wild boar chop w/ grilled pickled carrot- C

E: Venison leg, fiddlehead ferns, heirloom tomatoes & s’mores skillet
Megan: Venison & chorizo burger w/ tomatoes & fiddlehead butter
Joe: Venison roulade stuffed w/ tomatoes & fiddlehead ferns
Stephen: Venison duo w/ smoked tomato sauce
C- Megan

D: Deep-fried margaritas, starfruit, giant gummy bear & corn chips
Joe: Smoked margarita & horchata pudding w/ corn chip & chili crumble
Stephen: Grilled margarita fritter w/ gummy bear cream
W- Joe


“Chopped” 8/22/17

Marco Niccoli (priv. chef in Salt Lake City)
Joanna Dunn (chef & culinary instructor in Grand Rapids)
Nikki Martin (priv. chef)
“Big Jim” Stancil (pitmaster & caterer in Oxford, GA)
J: Chris, Maneet & Aaron Franklin

A: Lamb loin chops, habaneros, Okinawa sweet potatoes & mezcal
Marco: Seared lamb tostada w/ smoked queso fresco- CUT BOTH HANDS
Joanna: Papas Bravas w/ habanero salsa & mezcal lamb chop
Nikki: Pistachio-crusted lamb chop w/ strawberry salsa
Big Jim: Grilled lamb loin chop w/ spicy Okinawa sweet potatoes

E: Boneless rib-eye roast, Romanesco cauliflower steaks, morel mushrooms & onion candy
Nikki: Coffee-crusted rib-eye w/ polenta & gremolata
Big Jim: Rib-eye w/ beer-basted morels & onion candy Romanesco
Joanna: Smoked rib-eye w/ pan-fried morels & Romanesco
C- Nikki

D: Churros, mesquite powder, Scamorza cheese & dragon fruit
Big Jim: Smoked dragon fruit & cheese cobbler w/ churro crumble
Joanna: Toasted churro w/ Scamorza sauce & smoked raspberries
W- Big Jim

“Chopped” 8/15/17

“Big Moe”
Flip Wise (EC)
Lee Ann Whippen (EC/pitmaster who beat Bobby Flay on “Throwdown”)
Stephen Coe (chef/pitmaster in BOS)
J: Marc, Alex & Marcus

A: Bison t-bone steaks, Sargento provolone, blue masa dough & frozen daiquiri
Stephen: Grilled bison taco w/ pico de gallo & daiquiri crema
Lee Ann: Apple-smoked bison w/ blue masa toast
Flip: Grilled t-bone frico tapa w/ charred salsa
Big Moe: Cognac-basted bison w/ masa
C- Lee Ann

E: Duck breast, haricot verts, sushi & ash ice cream
Flip: Korean-Mexican Bibimap
Big Moe: Ash-glazed duck breast w/ seasoned green beans
Stephen: “Field & stream” grilled orange duck w/ salmon & tuna poke
C- Big Moe

D: Birthday cake, lardo, Meyer lemons & candy fruit kabobs
Stephen: Grilled French toast w/ pecan crumble & lemon spread
Flip: Strawberry-pecan torta w/ chile chocolate sauce
IN- Stephen

“Chopped” 8/8/17

Jeff Bannister (pitmaster)
Joe Johnson (chef de cuisine)
Ro Daniel (EC in Scottsdale)
Richard Fergola (BBQ champ)
J: Scott, Tiffany Faison & Marc

A: Stuffed trotters, fennel, smoked water & razor clams
Jeff: Grilled clam w/ fennel & trotter hash
Richard: Smoked razor clam & stuffed trotter salad
Ro: Smoked clam & trotter broth w/ pickled fennel & polenta
Joe (he cut himself in this rd.): Crispy pork trotter w/ razor clam, tomato & fennel ragout- SAFE
C- Richard

E: Rabbit saddle, celery snowflake leaves, purple artichokes & pork belly
Ro: Grilled rabbit w/ pork belly & grilled artichokes
Joe: Stuffed rabbit w/ balsamic reduction & artichoke/celery salad
Jeff: Braised rabbit w/ grilled pork & arugula/celery leaf salad

D: Honey chipotle beans, red velvet whoopie pies, cape gooseberries & pig’s ear pastries
Joe: Crispy bean cake w/ whoopie pie mousse & fruit coulis
Ro: Berry cobbler w/ mascarpone & whoopie pie mousse
IN- Joe

“Chopped” 8/1/17

Craig Verhage (also insurance agent & avid hunter)
Megan Day
Andy Husbands
Lori Frazee
J: Marc, Alex & Myron

The only payoff comes in the finale & the tourney winner will take home $50K & go on a Beringer’s Napa Valley dream vacation.

A: Pork shoulder, rainbow chard, Cabernet Sauvignon & watermelon pie
Megan: “Money Muscle” pork medallions w/ grilled rainbow chard
Craig: “Money Muscle”-sausage kebob w/ BBQ Cabernet glaze
Lori: “Money Muscle” pork taco w/ Cabernet-watermelon chard
Andy: Grilled pork rainbow chard salad w/ watermelon nuoc cham
C- Lori

E: Bloody Mary ice pops, beef ribs, vegan lobster & petit vegetable crudites
Craig: Bloody Mary-glazed short rib w/ lobster sauce-dressed salad
Andy: Beef rib “three ways” tostada
Megan: Bloody Mary short rib steak w/ vegan lobster slaw
C- Craig

D: Brownie batter, sweet plantains, strawberries & uni
Andy: Strawberry-uni fool w/ bourbon plantains & brownie crumble
Megan: Berry brownie uni dream
IN- Megan