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“Chopped” 8/28/18

J: Chris, Amanda & Myron

A: Bacon-wrapped smoked donuts, pork porterhouse, corn shoots & pimento cheese
Stephanie: Pork nachos w/ corn shoot relish
Boots: Memphis-rubbed BLT
Leonard: Pork steak w/ smoked pimento cheese-bacon sauce & corn shoot slaw
Adam: Pork steak w/ pimento cheese-bacon grits
C- Leonard

E: Charcoal cocktail, baby turnips, mashed potato sundae & standing rib roast
Boots: Ribeye w/ charcoal Memphis molasses BBQ sauce
Adam: Ribeye w/ turnip green & charcoal chimichurri
Stephanie: Steak w/ turnip potato mash
C- Adam

D: Tiered cornbread cake, marshmallow spread, figs & candy-filled piñata
Stephanie: Sopapilla I.C. sandwich w/ fig-infused drizzle
Boots: Orange & whiskey-soaked cornbread w/ grilled figs


“Chopped” 8/21/18

All From TX:
Carlo Casanova (KG Cookers pitmaster in San Antonio)
Sloan Rinaldi (pitmaster/owner)
Esaul Ramos (2M Steakhouse pitmaster/owner in S.A.)
Leonard Botello (Truth BBQ pitmaster/owner in Brenham)
J: Chris, Alex & Ernest Servantes

A: Short ribs, spicy meal worms, toast & okra
Carlos: South TX chimichurri short rib on toast crostini
Esaul: Grilled short rib w/ okra pico de gallo
Sloan: Spiced grilled short rib w/ mealworm-encrusted fried okra
Leonard: Grilled-smoked short rib crostini w/ okra pico de gallo
C- Sloan

E: Chile con queso, rainbow carrots, deep-fried BBQ sauce & beef brisket
Esaul: Ground brisket & chorizo taco w/ chile con queso
Leonard: Brisket hash w/ deep-fried BBQ aioli
Carlos: Beef brisket burger w/ carrot salad
C- Carlos

D: Beef sausage, ruby red grapefruit, pecan cake & Blue Moon Belgian-style wheat ale
Leonard: Beef fat puff w/ grilled ruby red grapefruit & candied walnut
Esaul: Beef fat vanilla pudding w/ pecan cake & Belgian-style white ale syrup

“Chopped” 8/14/18

All From Memphis:
Walter Crutchfield, Jr. (Crutchfield’s BBQ pitmaster/owner)
Melvin “Boots” Johnson (Queens Bully EC)
Ernie Mellor (Hog Wild- Real Memphis BBQ pitmaster/owner)
Claire Campbell (UBONS pitmaster)
J: Scott, Chris & Melissa Cookston 

A: BBQ nachos, eggplant, Tennessee whiskey & pork tenderloin
Boots: Grilled pork tenderloin w/ mole sauce
Ernie: Pork nachos w/ whiskey & honey mustard sauce
Claire: Ginger & whiskey eggplant w/ garlic & ginger pork
Walter: Grilled pork tenderloin w/ Tennessee whiskey glaze
C- Claire

E: Chicken legs, string beans, fool’s gold loaf & quick cook grits
Ernie: Grilled chicken w/ PB&J grits
Walter: Blackened chicken w/ jelly grits & fried green beans
Boots: Grilled chicken w/ cheese grits & P.B. BBQ sauce
C- Walter

D: Blueberry buckle, peaches, honeycomb candy & Memphis BBQ sauce I.C.
Boots: Blueberry buckle turnover w/ BBQ I.C. sauce
Ernie: Blueberry buckle patty w/ honeycomb W.C.
IN- Boots

“Chopped” 8/7/18

From NC:
Melanie Dunia (The Pit EC)
Adam Hughes (Old Colony Steakhouse pitmaster in Edenton) 
Jerry Stephenson, Jr. (Redneck BBQ Lab owner/pitmaster in Johnston Co.)
Christopher Prieto (Prime BBQ owner/fire maker in Knightdale)
J: Marc, Chris & Elizabeth Karmel 

A: Pork cracklins, brook trout, cone cabbage & white vinegar powder
Jerry: Pork cracklin trout w/ slaw
Adam: Grilled trout taco w/ slaw
Melanie: Grilled trout w/ warm cabbage slaw
Christopher: Cracklin-encrusted trout w/ slaw
C- Jerry

E: Pork butt, collard greens, applesauce & liver pudding
Adam: Pork medallion w/ mom’s BBQ sauce & liver pudding hash
Melanie: Grilled pork butt over liver pudding w/ apple BBQ sauce
Christopher: Whole hog w/ carne frita collard greens & apple BBQ sauce
C- Christopher

D: Strawberry sonker w/ milk dip, sweet tea, Moravian cookies & sweet potatoes
Adam: Sweet potato pudding w/ strawberry fluff
Melanie: Strawberry sonker wonton w/ sweet potato puree
IN- Adam

“Chopped” 7/31/18

Representing K.C.:
Jeremy Williams (pitmaster/co-owner of Fergolicious BBQ- started out as competition judge)
Katey Magee (23)(Q39 chef/pitmaster)
Craig Carter (Ultimate Tailgate pitmaster)
Stephanie Wilson (The Slabs pitmaster/co-owner)
J: Geoffrey, Amanda & Moe 

A: Burnt ends, nettles, double-cut pork chops & gingerbread cookie sandwiches
Stephanie: Stephy-style lettuce wraps w/ nettle pico de gallo
Craig: Pork chop w/ nettle & burnt end hash
Jeremy: Burnt end & pork taco w/ nettles
Katey: Chipotle-nettle-grilled sausage crostini
C- Jeremy

E: Strip steak, green tomatoes, soda pop & spicy black beans
Craig: Marinated strip steak w/ charred broccoli
Katey: Grilled strip w/ sweet/spicy black bean sauce
Stephanie: “Wow Up Your Cow!” strip steak w/ BBQ glaze
C- Craig

D: Pig ears, banana pudding, pineapple & pound cake 
Katey: Grilled pound cake w/ warm pineapple salad
Stephanie: Sweet & spicy fruit salad w/ pound cake
IN- Stephanie

“Chopped” 8/29/17

J: Marc, Amanda & Chris

A: Rack of wild boar, grilled French toast packets, pickled carrots & cerveza pequena
Stephen: Grilled wild boar loin w/ pickled carrot puree
Megan: Beer-marinated pork chop w/ red wine reduction
Joe: Charred wild boar w/ cerveza honey glaze
Big Jim: Beer-basted wild boar chop w/ grilled pickled carrot- C

E: Venison leg, fiddlehead ferns, heirloom tomatoes & s’mores skillet
Megan: Venison & chorizo burger w/ tomatoes & fiddlehead butter
Joe: Venison roulade stuffed w/ tomatoes & fiddlehead ferns
Stephen: Venison duo w/ smoked tomato sauce
C- Megan

D: Deep-fried margaritas, starfruit, giant gummy bear & corn chips
Joe: Smoked margarita & horchata pudding w/ corn chip & chili crumble
Stephen: Grilled margarita fritter w/ gummy bear cream
W- Joe

“Chopped” 8/22/17

Marco Niccoli (priv. chef in Salt Lake City)
Joanna Dunn (chef & culinary instructor in Grand Rapids)
Nikki Martin (priv. chef)
“Big Jim” Stancil (pitmaster & caterer in Oxford, GA)
J: Chris, Maneet & Aaron Franklin

A: Lamb loin chops, habaneros, Okinawa sweet potatoes & mezcal
Marco: Seared lamb tostada w/ smoked queso fresco- CUT BOTH HANDS
Joanna: Papas Bravas w/ habanero salsa & mezcal lamb chop
Nikki: Pistachio-crusted lamb chop w/ strawberry salsa
Big Jim: Grilled lamb loin chop w/ spicy Okinawa sweet potatoes

E: Boneless rib-eye roast, Romanesco cauliflower steaks, morel mushrooms & onion candy
Nikki: Coffee-crusted rib-eye w/ polenta & gremolata
Big Jim: Rib-eye w/ beer-basted morels & onion candy Romanesco
Joanna: Smoked rib-eye w/ pan-fried morels & Romanesco
C- Nikki

D: Churros, mesquite powder, Scamorza cheese & dragon fruit
Big Jim: Smoked dragon fruit & cheese cobbler w/ churro crumble
Joanna: Toasted churro w/ Scamorza sauce & smoked raspberries
W- Big Jim