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“Chopped” 1/30/18

J: Scott, Alex & Chris

A: Rattlesnake, pomelo, golden snack cakes & grilled avocado
Sarah: Pan-fried rattlesnake w/ avocado & snack cake spread
Ken: Golden rattlesnake fritter w/ grilled avocado & pomelo puree
Lynnae: Rattlesnake taco w/ pomelo pico de gallo
Winnette: Rattlesnake Buljol w/ avocado crema & “fried bake”
C- Ken

E: Lamb ribs, red currants, hard-boiled quail eggs & Far Far
Lynnae: Island sticky lamb ribs w/ Hawaiian mac salad
Winnette: Roasted lamb Coo Coo w/ currant chutney
Sarah: Crispy lamb ribs w/ currant & cherry couscous
C- Winnette

D: Confetti frosting, soft-shell almonds, deep-fried champagne & Rambutan
Sarah: Deconstructed I.C. sandwich
Lynnae: Doughnuts w/ chocolate ganache & crème anglaise
W- Sarah

“Chopped” 1/23/18

Jeremy Fogg
Winnette McIntosh Ambrose (Souk & the sweet lobby pastry chef/owner in D.C. who prev. won on “Cupcake Wars” & was born/raised in Trinidad)
Michael Gillet (red rock exec. pastry chef in Vegas)
Keris Kuwana (exec. pastry chef)
J: Scott, Marc & Geoffrey

A: Lamb noisette roast, ginger liqueur, forelle pears & cinnamon roll dough
Winnette: Stuffed “bake” w/ jerk lamb & ginger liqueur reduction
Michael: Baked lamb w/ pear/liqueur puree & fried pastry
Keris: Mushroom & lamb quiche w/ ginger pear salad
Jeremy: Lamb & pear wellington w/ salad & liqueur vinaigrette- C

E: Smoked turkey legs, roasted head of cauliflower, spaghetti rings & shredded phyllo dough
Winnette: Turkey curry paratha w/ cauliflower choka
Keris: Turkey en croute w/ cauliflower tzatziki
Michael: Cauliflower, white bean & smoked turkey cassoulet
C- Keris

D: Banana curd, caneles, freeze-fried blueberries & hot chocolate
Michael: Banana curd meringue w/ chocolate I.C.
Winnette: Blueberry cake w/ banana-hot chocolate sauce & meringue
W- Winnette

“Chopped” 1/16/18

Manny Slomovitz (EC at Great American Ballpark)
Griffin Paulin (Mirin chef/owner in LOU)
Joe Passanante (chef de cuisine at citi FIELD)
Ken Harvey (Loews Ventana Canyon EC in Tucson)
J: Marc, Alex & Geoffrey

A (15min): Torch lollipops, edamame, neonata & raw oysters
Manny: Oyster po’boy & torch lollipop neonata sauce
Ken: Oyster w/ torch mignonette neonata relish & edamame puree
Griffin: Raw oysters w/ torch lollipop neonata & edamame relish
Joe: Oyster shooter w/ neonata gastrique & edamame gremolata
C- Manny

E (25min on clock for this rd. & the final rd.): Dover sole, frozen corn on the cob, poblanos & sandia loca
Griffin: Pan-cooked Dover sole w/ mango & watermelon couscous
Joe: Fish tacos w/ corn & mango succotash & poblano salsa
Ken: Dover sole w/ creamed corn & sandia espuma
C- Joe

D: Whole coconut, duck fat upside-down cake, cheddar cheese I.C. & nopales
Ken: Cactus & cheddar duck fat fritter w/ pineapple sauce
Griffin: Fried apple pie & cheddar w/ duck fat crumble
IN- Ken

“Chopped” 1/9/18

Lynnae Oxley-Loupe (Sugars Barbecue chef & pitmaster)
Jay Ducote (chef/restaurateur who was the S11 R-U of “food network STAR”)
Maria Mazon (BOCA Tacos y Tequila EC/restaurateur in Tucson)
Eric Thomas (The Rolling Grill chef/pitmaster in ATL)
J: Marc, Amanda & Chris

A: White BBQ sauce, pie crust, mangoes & bone-in strip steaks
Jay: Grilled steak salad w/ mango-white BBQ sauce vinaigrette
Maria: Grilled steak gordita w/ herb salad
Eric: Grilled steak w/ johnny cake & white mango sauce
Lynnae: NY Strip w/ romaine, mango salsa & Parmesan croustade
C- Maria

E: Spatchcocked chickens, cucumber kimchi, red cabbage & cheese puffs
Lynnae: Chicken breast w/ sweet/sour cabbage & kimchi pakoras
Eric: Grilled fried chicken w/ cabbage, kimchi & cheese puff Gremolata
Jay: Chicken w/ kimchi slaw & cheese puff mac ‘n cheese- C

D: Mini marshmallows, grilled lemon lemonade, zucchini & pig pickin’ cake
Eric: Zucchini-blueberry cobbler w/ lemon cream sauce
Lynnae: Pig pickin’ cake w/ zucchini & pecan caramel
IN- Lynnae

“Chopped” 1/2/18

Anthony Serrano (El Palacio Mexican Restaurant EC/owner in Chandler, AZ)
Sarah Wade (Lulu’s EC in BOS)
Abel Gonzales (Republic Ranch chef/partner in DAL)
Allen Nguyen (Bayou Hot Wings chef/partner in N.O.)
J: Scott, Alex & Geoffrey

A: Alligator, lotus root, deep-fried cherry punch & pesto sauce
Abel: Deep-fried alligator everything dumpling
Sarah: Butter-fried gator & lotus chips w/ sweet pesto mustard
Anthony: Chorizo pesto alligator tostada
Allen: Gator pesto mascarpone beignet
C- Abel

E: Skate wings, dill pickles, funnel cakes & haggis in a can
Anthony: Butter & bacon-poached skate enchilada w/ haggis
Allen: Skate two ways w/ haggis dashi & fried pickle
Sarah: Pan-fried skate wing w/ haggis & funnel cake stuffing
C- Anthony

D: Deep-fried bacon-wrapped chocolate bars, strawberries, matcha powder & purple sweet potato ravioli
Sarah: Sweet potato doughnuts w/ matcha strawberry I.C.
Allen: Matcha doughnut w/ strawberry & chocolate sweet potato