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“Chopped” 2/18/20

J: Scott, Amanda & Giorgio

A: Mixed oca, seaweed salad, paw-paw brandy & cod milt
David: Cornmeal-encrusted cod milt w/ seaweed & paw-paw brandy grits
Kristina: Pan-fried cod milt w/ seaweed & brandy sauce
Eli: Cod milt croquette w/ cabbage & seaweed slaw
Fernanda: Spiced cod milt w/ seaweed aioli & oca salad
C- Eli

E: Octopus corn dogs, pink variegated lemons, Tomahawk steaks & potluck potato casserole
Kristina: Grilled Tomahawk steak w/ potluck potato puree
Fernanda: Peppered Tomahawk steak w/ mushroom-potato sauce
David: Chicken-fried Tomahawk steak w/ octopus/potato hash
C- Kristina

D: Yogurt soda, carved melons, serrano ham & ice cream tacos
Fernanda: Melon & soda yogurt gazpacho w/ candied serrano
David: Ice cream taco cake w/ buttermilk-taco ice cream

“Chopped” 2/11/20

Last Returnees: Erin Smith, Eli Dunn, Laura Gonzalez & Joshua Moore
J: Scott, Alex & Christian

A: Geoduck, cucumber kimchi, Spring onions & biscuits & sausage gravy
Joshua: Geoduck Milanese w/ sausage gravy & Spring onion emulsion
Eli: Geoduck-sausage clam cake w/ Spring onion & kimchi tartar sauce
Erin: Mediterranean geoduck crudo w/ cucumber kimchi yogurt & flatbread
Laura: Geoduck tostada w/ black bean-biscuit sauce
C- Erin

E: Squab, chocolate fish, poblanos & canned jackfruit
Eli: Seared squab & grits w/ jackfruit & roasted poblano salad
Laura: Squab Chile relleno w/ sweet tomato sauce
Joshua: Pan-roasted squab w/ jackfruit-chocolate reduction & polenta
C- Joshua

D: Dessert pizza, sun-dried bell peppers, huckleberries & purple sweet potatoes
Laura: Deconstructed dessert pizza cake w/ huckleberry & sweet potato mousse
Eli: Huckleberry cobbler w/ sweet potato frozen yogurt & streusel 

“Chopped” 2/4/20

Tonight’s Returnees: Kristol, Matt Migliore, Kristina & Rashad
J: Chris, Ayesha Nurdjaja (EC) & Marc

A: Chicken hearts, spaghetti ring ice pops, black Summer truffles & avocado fries
Matt: Marinated chicken hearts w/ avocado fry miso mash
Kristol: Creamy polenta w/ buttermilk-fried chicken hearts
Kristina: Fried chicken hearts w/ avocado-truffle puree 
Rashad: Chicken heart slider w/ avocado mayo- C

E: Fried chicken bao, turkey breast, horseradish leaves & instant lemon pudding mix
Kristol: Turkey scallopini w/ horseradish leaf & lemon pesto
Kristina: Turkey breast w/ lemon-horseradish risotto
Matt: Turkey breast roulade w/ braised horseradish leaf

D: Babka cheesecake, pickled cherry blossoms, canary melon & bacon brittle
Kristina: Cheesecake babka French toast w/ melon compote & bacon crumble
Kristol: Chocolate bacon-dipped babka zeppole w/ canary melon puree 
IN- Kristina

“Chopped” 1/28/20

Competed This Wk.: Megan Day, Kevin Templeton, David Thomas & Nick LaRosa
J: Chris, Angie & Scott

A: Cotenne, red frilly mustard greens, cookie butter & zito lungo
David: Sauteed mustard greens w/ cotenne-cookie butter sauce
Kevin: Pig skin pasta & mustard greens w/ cookie butter vinaigrette
Megan: Smoked raspberry salad w/ red wine-cookie butter pasta
Nick: Mustard zito lungo pasta w/ mushroom & cookie butter cream- SOLE WOMAN OUT

E: Tilefish, pickled sausage, corn on the cob & freeze-dried ice cream
David: Pan-seared tilefish w/ pickled sausage succotash
Nick: Chipotle tilefish w/ Mexican street corn & sausage escabeche
Kevin: Brown butter tilefish w/ potato hash & sweet corn sauce
C- Nick

D: Caesar salad cake, strawberry gochujang, quince & instant coffee powder
Kevin: Coffee-mascarpone Napoleon w/ candied quince & berries
David: Buttermilk-Caesar salad cake & quince bread pudding
IN- David

“Chopped” 1/21/20

1st in This Tourney: Cory, Fernanda, Gregory & Brittany
J: Chris, Jamie Bissonnette & Maneet

A: Chicken-stuffed watermelon, mushroom ketchup, egg roll wrappers & bok choy
Brittany: Chicken & miso soup w/ bok choy & wontons
Gregory: Roasted bok choy & chicken salad
Cory: Chicken salad w/ bok choy slaw & crispy egg roll wrappers
Fernanda: Asian Caesar salad w/ pickled shallots
C- Cory

E: Lamb neck, natto, white nectarines & street corn nachos
Gregory: Lamb neck & natto tagine w/ white nectarine sauce
Fernanda: Spiced lamb meatballs w/ natto & tomato sauce
Brittany: Lamb neck & street corn Bolognese 
C- Gregory

D: Longan fruit, matcha cream puffs, chocolate coconut almonds & chow mein noodles
Brittany: Deconstructed coconut custard pie
Fernanda: Sweet & tart Napoleon w/ lime-matcha sauce
IN- Fernanda

“Chopped Junior” 6/28/17

J: Marc, Maneet & Marcus

A: Ground camel, tomato candy, baby kale & earthworm jerky
Tavia: Spiced camel taco w/ tomato mint sour cream sauce
Buck: Camel meatballs w/ kale saute & earthworm marinara sauce
Isabella: Camel Tom Kha Gai soup w/ tomato candy chili sauce
Aidan: Camel-stuffed burger w/ spicy ketchup- C

E: Goat leg, succotash, cream puffs & sweet cherry ketchup
Buck: Cherry-glazed goat w/ Asian slaw & wasabi mashed potatoes
Isabella: Seared goat leg w/ succotash salad & cream puff sauce
Tavia: Cherry goat w/ sauteed asparagus & potato gratin- C

D: Pavlova, freeze-dried blueberries, sparkling cider & cherimoya
Isabella: Banana & cherimoya turon w/ pavlova whipped cream
Buck: Deconstructed mixed berry tart w/ cherimoya whipped cream

“Chopped Junior” 6/20/17

RETURNED: Haley, Aidan Friedson (12- 12/8/15)(BNX), Emma & Jack P.
J: Marc, Maneet & Dale

A: Jonah crab claws, red finger chiles, pomelo & Parker House rolls
Jack: Deconstructed Po’boy crostini w/ pickled apple & finger chile slaw
Emma: Pomelo & crab salad on a toasted garlic Parker House roll
Aidan: Jonah crab & purple potato chips
Haley: Crab tacos & pomelo tomato salsa w/ Mexican crema sauce
C- Emma

E: Venison tenderloin, micro pea greens, Maitake mushrooms & cheesy tortilla chips
Jack: Pan-seared venison tenderloin w/ chimichurri salt-roasted potatoes
Haley: Cheesy pan-seared venison w/ fried potatoes & micro pea greens salad
Aidan: Pan-seared venison & micro pea greens salad w/ compound butter
C- Haley

D: Fruit lasagna, passion fruit, lime leaves & candied ginger
Jack: Berry & meringue tart w/ passion fruit mascarpone I.C.
Aidan: Raspberry cake w/ tropical W.C. & bacon-jalapeno candy

“Chopped Junior” 6/13/17

RETURNED: Lucy, Buck, Mischa & Claire Hollingsworth (Moseley, VA)(1/5/16)
J: Marc, Maneet & Marcus

A: Sea scallops, bok choy, clementines & guanciale
Lucy: Pan-seared scallops w/ bok choy & clementine pesto
Buck: Butter-seared scallops w/ bok choy & guanciale saute
Mischa: Guanciale-seared scallop w/ bok choy salad
Claire: Sauteed scallops w/ smoky bok choy
C- Mischa

E: Braised short ribs, baby turnips, pattypan squash & chocolate sardines
Claire: Short rib burrito bowl w/ spicy chocolate sauce
Lucy: Pan-seared short ribs w/ roasted baby turnips & pattypan squash
Buck: Braised short rib taco w/ spicy mole & baby turnip slaw
C- Lucy

D: Japanese-style pancakes, rainbow carrots, caramel latte macchiato & aleppo pepper flakes
Claire: Banana & rainbow carrot oat cake w/ macchiato caramel sauce
Buck: Carrot & Ricotta fritters w/ macchiato & aleppo granita
IN- Buck (he was the first competitor on this version of the show to use the juicer)

“Chopped Junior” 6/6/17

RETURNED: Caroline, Isabella, Henry McDaniel (12-yr-old from PHI who won on 11/3/15) & Aziza
J: Marc, Alex & Marcus

A: Chicken in a can, escarole, mole sauce & fried pickles
Caroline: Stuffed escarole w/ “Holy Moly” sauce
Isabella: Chicken in a can bibimbap w/ fried pickle kimchi
Henry: Charred escarole hummus w/ spiced chicken & Thai salad
Aziza: Warm chicken escarole salad w/ chocolate mole sauce
C- Caroline

E: Porterhouse, Spring garlic, tahdig & rainbow cookies
Henry: Porterhouse larb w/ Spring garlic rice & crispy shallots
Aziza: Steak & fries w/ rainbow cookie crumble
Isabella: Creamy polenta w/ porterhouse & pickled Spring garlic
C- Aziza

D: Deep-fried candy bars, pomegranates, Burrata & date vinegar
Isabella: Burrata I.C. w/ date & pomegranate fruit salad
Henry: Pomegranate fritter w/ glaze & basil-burrata W.C.
ADVANCED- Isabella

“Chopped Junior” 5/30/17

FIRST THREE RETURNEES: Jack Crabb (14)(Austin)(11/10/15), Danielle, Tavia & Cassidy
J: Marc, Alex & Kristen Kish

A: Mache, snack mix, watermelon agua fresha & frog legs
Danielle: Pulled frog leg w/ chimichurri & agua fresca mache salad
Jack: Grilled frog legs w/ mache salad & agua fresca vinaigrette
Tavia: Buttermilk-fried frog legs w/ wilted spicy mache salad
Cassidy: Pan-seared frog legs w/ mache pesto
C- Jack

E: Pork tenderloin, apple blossoms, haricots verts & dried fish
Tavia: Spiced pork tenderloin w/ sauteed haricots verts
Danielle: Spiced pork medallions w/ apple chutney & haricots verts
Cassidy: Pork tenderloin w/ bacon, beans & white wine mustard sauce
C- Danielle

D: Skyr, kiwi, jackfruit snacks & honey pie
Cassidy: Jackfruit & almond dark chocolate brittle w/ honey & lemon mousse
Tavia: Honey pie Napoleon w/ honey pie & skyr W.C.
W- Tavia