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7/20/18 Quick News & Notes

-Whoopi & Jeanine Pirro were in a heated segment on “The View” yesterday that caused BOTH to throw a fit backstage.
-During tonight’s “Kids Choice Sports Awards” two celebs will run the Obstacle Course.
-“BattleBots” will begin the 2nd half of the season on 8/3 w/ a “Desperado Tournament” where the winning robot would get a guaranteed berth in the championship tournament.


7/18/18 Quick News & Notes

-This season on “JEOPARDY!” BOTH players who were brought back due to a poorly-worded clue won their return games.
-Science Channel is reviving “Robot Wars” & will premiere on 8/8 at 10PM.
-Starting this yr. “Chopped: Grill Masters” DOESN’T take place outside.

7/16/18 Quick News & Notes

-There will be a revised logo & graphics for “Millionaire” this coming season.
-“TKO” will remain at 9PM on Wed.
-The current version of “The $100,000 PYRAMID” had its 1st female $150K winner last night.

7/13/18 Quick News & Notes

-Not sure if this is permanent, but next wk. “The Gong Show” moves to 10PM.
-The “WHEEL” T-U ROCKING CHAIR was seen on “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship”.
-Like “The New Price is Right” in the U.S. each SP on Cliff-Hangers during the most recent version of “Price” in Australia was described as soon as they were reached.
-Ellen has been nominated for Outstanding Host of a Reality (Competition) Series.
-The louder buzzer on “STEVE” is used on “Paid Off”.

7/12/18 Quick News & Notes

-“Ca$h Cab” will be airing on Fri. when it returns on 7/27.
-Ivan’s the director of “TKO”. Also, only $50K winners are eligible for the “Battle Royale” ep.
-The $1M jackpot on “The Challenge: Final Reckoning” is winner-takes-all.

7/11/18 Quick News & Notes

-Because of his father passing away Devin Walker-Mologhan COULDN’T team up w/ Johnny Bananas on “The Challenge” this season & was replaced by Tony Raines.
-Meredith Viera will host “25 Words or Less” for some FOX stations, which has a three-wk. run starting on 8/6.
-In later-taped eps. of “America Says” John leaves out the words “or less” during the BR rules explanation.

7/10/18 Quick News & Notes

-On the ’90s version of “Deal” the cash door of the Big Deal of the Day was known as the “Let’s Make a Deal” Bank. Sometimes a door in that part of the show went unrevealed because of time constraints.
-$50K’s awarded to each champion on “TKO”.
-VIACOM’s SUING Charles Armstrong because he filed the trademark for “Double Dare” in Jan.
-Guillermo Rodriguez recently had ACL surgery.