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“Christmas Cookie Challenge” 12/11

Kristin Dowling (Rude Boy Cookies co-owner in Albuquerque)
Julia Ramos Perugini (Julia’s Cookies online bakery owner in Maricopa, AZ; orig. from Brazil)
Bret Vandermark (assistant GM at Cliffhouse Restaurant in Aspen)
Ginny Etienne (professional Mrs. Claus)
J: Ree, Damiano & Jamika

Decorating Challenge T: Christmas windows
L- Ginny

Display Challenge T: 3-D representations of Christmas Eve traditions
W- Kristin


12/11/17 Quick News & Notes

-There will be a “Millionaire” marathon early on Christmas Eve.
-Mario Batali has been accused of sexual misconduct (& therefore has been FIRED from “The Chew”) & Al Franken recently resigned from his Senatorial position.
-In early-taped eps. of “The Joker’s Wild”, Snoop explained the rules to Face the Devil; later, Jeannie did that.

“Christmas Cookie Challenge” 12/4

Anastasia Adelman (Cookie Doe Bakery & Silly Goose owner/chef in Augusta, MO)
Kristie Mass (Peapods Cookies owner- at-home business)
Robert Duensing (Best Regards Bakery & Cafe owner in K.C.)
Andrew Han (exec. pastry chef in Vancouver, BC)
Cecily Pettigrew (Uncle Willie’s Pies owner in TX)
J: Ree, Dan Langan & Aarti

ELIM. IN R1- Cecily & Robert

Display Challenge T: Edible box of filled cookies
W- Kristie

12/4/17 Quick News & Notes

-NEITHER wk. of this season’s Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway will be a Family Wk. unlike prev. seasons.
-After tonight, “The Wall” returns on New Yr.’s Night at 8PM.
-“The Amazing Race” begins its 30th season on 1/3.
-Celebrity “Big Brother” will actually air on CBS & NOT CBS All Access.

Remaining Players of the Wk./Month for Nov. ’17

11/6-12: Hunter McIntyre
11/13-19: Buzzy Cohen- PLAYER OF THE MONTH
11/20-26: Jordan Wiseley & Camila Nakagawa
11/27-12/3: Mike Duval

11/29/17 Quick News & Notes

-The way the new Face the Devil rd. has been going reminds me of that “audience game” on Net Poker w/ an outlaw in that 3rd window.
-A sneak preview of “ellen’s Game of Games” will air after “the Voice” on 12/18.
-On some eps. of “Child Support” the top prize will be $150K; on others, it’ll be $200K.
-By the time “Iron Chef Showdown” began, Alton’s pretty much gone bald.
-LeBron was EJECTED from an NBA game for the very first time last night.

“Christmas Cookie Challenge” 11/27

Marcia Moreno (custom cake shop owner in BKN who was born in Trinidad)
Robert Teddy (custom cake shop owner in Vegas who also has been a Santa for three yrs.)
Tammi Arender (news anchor/TV host)
Tina Braun (custom cake shop owner in TOR who’s a healthcare facility worker by day)
Dylan Humphrey (bakery owner in Tyler)
J: Ree, James Briscione (former two-time “Chopped” champ) & Jordan Pilarski

Decorating Challenge: Mug topper cookies & dunker cookies
L- Tammi & Tina

Display Challenge: Cocktail party
W- Dylan