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2/17/18 Quick News & Notes

-Marty Allen died of pneumonia complications at 95.
-This season of “Feud” DIDN’T tape in L.A. at all; it stayed in Atlanta. It will however tape in L.A. starting next month & probably at Universal Studios Hollywood (which is where “STEVE” tapes).
-During Big Money Wk. next wk., the $5K bonus for winning a PG’s back, at least from Mon.-Thurs. (an all-cash PG slate will again be done); also, the SCSD cash prizes will be doubled. And on Fri., PG winners will receive the cash equiv. of their prizes.
-“DELICIOUS DEEP-DISH PIZZA” was on “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship”.
-“SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DaNCe” has been renewed for S15.
-“RuPaul’s Drag Race” will begin S10 on 3/22.


2/16/18 Quick News & Notes

-15 consec. aired “WHEEL” BRs have been played for $35K.
-The BANKRUPT sound effect was mistakenly played when LaT was spun by Kourtney during the PP Rd. on 2/6.
-Big Money Wk. is next wk. on “Price”.
-Last wk.’s perfect PtB playing had the taped debut of its $ grocery displays.

British “Millionaire” coming back

The U.K. “Millionaire” is coming back & will have a new host named Jeremy Clarkson.

2/10/18 Quick News & Notes

-John Davidson (yes, THAT one) will be hosting tonight’s GSN classic GS block- “Match Game” (8PM), classic “Family Feud” (9PM), “What’s My Line?” (10PM) & “I’ve Got a Secret” (10:30PM). The last two shows had John as a guest. He also has been hosting “Daily Draw” every weeknight this wk.
-Last wk. on the “LATE SHOW” they used the current “Price” losing horns during the monologue.
-“The Four: Battle for Stardom” & “HOLLYWOOD Game Night” have been RENEWED.
-As of this season Rachael Ray’s talk show has gone back to using their original theme.

2/8/18 Quick News & Notes

-Discovery & Science Channel will be broadcasting a new season of “BattleBots” this yr.
-NBC has ordered “The Titan Games” & will be hosted by Dwayne Johnson.
-The recently-renewed “STEVE” will be taping a wk. of shows from DisneyWorld (& the 2nd wk. of “WHEEL” from there this season will air next wk.).
-Stacy got a chance at redemption on “Hot Hands” earlier this wk. on “ellen” for $10K & mostly she had to say Ellen DeGeneres to score.
-This season on “Talk Show the Game Show” the interview clock starts right after a guest enters the studio; in S1 it didn’t start until the host started the clock.

2/7/18 Quick News & Notes

-Julie Bowen has just filed for DIVORCE.
-Ryan Seacrest was accused of sexual misconduct.
-Alec Baldwin WON’T be a part of Kenya Barris’ upcoming comedy on abc.
-The “fish” response from “MATCH GAME” last wk. has been deemed one of the most rotten answers in history.
-Team Naomi advanced in the “WWE Mixed Match Challenge” last night & would wrestle who I dub “The Killer Bs” next rd.- Braun Strauman & Alexa Bliss.

2/3/18 Quick News & Notes

-Terrell Owens has been named to the Pro Football HoF.
-Rebecca Zoshak will be invited back on “JEOPARDY!” because the FJ! clue on 1/11 was poorly-worded.
-Not sure if this is an early Apr. Fool’s joke or not- ATARI & Scott Sternberg are planning “Million Dollar Pong”.
-Buzzr has made “Supermarket Sweep” available on amazon Prime.