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8/17/17 Quick News & Notes

-Geoffrey won the celebrity Summer cook-off on “live” & got $10K for his charity.
-Today’s “Price” repeat orig. aired on my birthday.

8/16/17 Quick News & Notes

-I apologize first for forgetting to put up the 8/14 “Snap Decision” recap until today. Secondly, if you caught my twitter feed & spoiled the final “Price” result because of my ongoing “feud” w/ Alexa Bliss, I apologize on that too.
-May I be honest w/ you, I feared a DOB would happen today because the previous two reruns each had one SC overbid.
-Kathie Lee Gifford turns 64 today.
-The charges against the Boston Teamsters in regards to the “Top Chef” case have been DROPPED.

8/15/17 Quick News & Notes

-If you looked at my twitter feed last night (especially while watching “RAW”), I am hailing myself as “The Golden Gamer”.
-Daphne will NOT return to “The Chew” next season.
-Today’s “Price” repeat previously aired on 10/19.

8/14/17 Quick News & Notes

-The “Price” rerun for today comes from 4/28.
-Initially, the big win cue WASN’T used when the $10K or car was won on the Winner’s Board. Also, the bell wave WASN’T used right away when a WIN card was found.
-Ryan Seacrest has inked a deal w/ abc Studios.

8/11/17 Quick News & Notes

-At least for the first season of “Ca$h Cab”, the Mobile Shout-Out phone was provided by Cingular Wireless (now AT&T Mobility).
-“AND ALL THAT JAZZ” was seen at the end of “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” last night.
-This yr.’s “College Rivals” special was re-shown this morning.
-“Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind & Fire is the opening theme for “Beat Shazam”.

8/10/17 Quick News & Notes

-Sometime during the run of CBS “Card Sharks”, after Bob’s intro, the contestants were introduced instead of the models.
-In Bill Cullen’s first wk. as a celebrity partner on “The New $25,000 Pyramid”, after the opening montage & titles, Jack simply introduced Dick.
-Today’s “Price” replay comes from 5/3.
-Terry Crews will host a one-hr. special on Spike on 8/19 celebrating 1K eps. of “COPS”.
-BOTH “Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge” & “Love Connection” have been renewed.

8/9/17 Quick News & Notes

-Today’s “Price” rerun comes from 5/1.
-At the top of Mon.’s “Kimmel”, they did a “Let’s Make a Deal”-inspired offer to the new winner of “The Bachelorette” & said woman & included audience shots from “Deal” & “Price”.
-During the second half of “SHARKNADO 5”, Tara Reid’s character April Wexler sported a hairstyle that was a rip-off of BOTH Avril Lavigne (from “The Best Damn Thing”) & Alexa Bliss. Why there’s NO controversy about it is beyond me.
-Glen Campbell, who died yesterday at 81, was on “THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES”.
-Howie Schwab just got married.