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10/17/17 Quick News & Notes

-Because the “Salute to Texas” wk. was originally scheduled to be the 2nd wk. of the current season of “WHEEL”, I’m NOT counting it towards the current BR skid; it’s currently at only three.
-The revised “WINSANITY” officially premieres next month.
-Jeannie Mai will be the co-host/announcer for “The Joker’s Wild”. “Drop the Mic” will immediately follow the new “Joker” on tbs starting next wk.


10/16/17 Quick News & Notes

-Austin appeared on “The Tonight Show” last Thurs.
-The GS sketch on “SNL” this past weekend was titled “Bank Breakers”.
-“HARRY” DOESN’T always end w/ “Back It Up”.
-The current record on “HARVEY’S HUNDRED$” is $800.

10/12/17 Quick News & Notes

-“The Late Late Show” talked about Austin Rogers last Mon.
-Today was the first time in almost six yrs. that One Away was lost even though only one number was right on the first try (Spelling Bee was also played on that ep.).
-I now think the “Let’s Make a Deal” Breast Cancer Awareness show has been rescheduled for 10/23.
-UBISOFT is releasing new “WHEEL” & “JEOPARDY!” video games for Microsoft XBOX ONE & PS4 on 11/7.

10/11/17 Quick News & Notes

-As some of you may know by now, Merrill Heatter passed away from cancer. I did “Net Gambit” for a while.
-Also departing this life was Raphie May.

-The Miz will host “The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars” starting in mid-Nov.
-Ron de Moraes is now the director of “Millionaire”.

10/10/17 Quick News & Notes

-Today was the first Lexus offered on “Price” since late in S43 during 3 Strikes (an RC).
-As of this yr., the streamer cannon for dream car wins is NO LONGER used.
-Not only were some of the “project RUNWAY” designers in trouble, so is Harvey Weinstein- he was FIRED for sexual assault allegations. Additionally, Terry Crews reportedly WAS sexually assaulted.
-I heard the MGM lion roar just before the start of the third rd. of last Sun.’s “Guy’s Grocery Games” (I also heard it on “SportsNation” today).

10/7/17 Quick News & Notes

-GSN will air a “Let’s Make a Deal” marathon from 9AM-3PM tomorrow. BUZZR did a marathon of “Deal” & “Beat the Clock” last Tues. starting at 8AM.
-Monty actually died on 9/30, which explains why “Deal” taped yesterday’s tribute ep. on that day.

-Last Tues. on “The Tonight Show”, they did a “Family Feud”-like game called “Search Party”, but w/o any pts. Also this wk., Jimmy Fallon & Miley Cyrus did a “LIP SYNC BATTLE”.
-GEICO sponsors the “JEOPARDY!” consolation prizing.
-By 1/4/06, Alex Trebek returned to full mobility.
-Austin has won the most in regular play on “J!” since Matt Jackson’s $413,612 in ’15.
-Starting in S2, Ben introduced himself by name at the start of each game of “Ca$h Cab”.

10/5/17 Quick News & Notes

-“Save to Win” is OUT OF BUSINESS.
-“project RUNWAY” was spoofed last Sun. on the season premiere of “FAMILY GUY” which focused on trying so hard to win an Emmy.
-“Snap Decision” is off the GSN schedule altogether.
-As it stands now, “The Joker’s Wild” debuts on tbs 10/24 at 10PM.
-Hugh Hefner appeared on “What’s My Line?”.
-I believe that the Toss-Up solve cue’s part of the BR loss music on “WHEEL”.
-Next wk.’s Dream Car Wk. on “Price”.