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“The Amazing Race” 1/17/18

C #1 (6:51 AM): They would be flying to Tangier, Morocco this stage. They would take a taxi to a fish port where the 2nd clue box of the leg could be found.

C #2: At the Kisariate Jbala Souk, they had to greet somebody w/ “As-salam Alaykum” to receive their next clue & a Travelocity gnome.

R #3: One person per team would join their gnome in zip-lining over two rooftops.

C #4: Kasbah Museum

C #5: What the teams were searching for at a tele boutique next was a hidden old-school phone that would say a secret message (“Sabah al-khair”, aka “Good morning”). Once a teammate heard the message, they would get back together before reading their next clue.

D #2:
Drop it Off: After they picked up a long list of produce items, they had to make the deliveries to vendors around the city supermarket-style & exchange ’em for receipts. They would receive the destination of their next Pit Stop upon completion.
Shake it Off: They danced around the tables looking for the three words that made up the destination of PS #3.

PS #3: Moulay Hafid Palace

W- Henry & Evan (trips to Zurich)
#2: Alex & Conor
#3: Kristi & Jen
#4: Trevor & Chris
#5: Cody & Jessica
#6: Joey & Tim
#7: Eric & Daniel
SPARED- Cedric & Shawn


“The Amazing Race” 1/10/18

C #1 (8:08AM): When they flew to Antwerp, Belgium, they had to find a chocolate shoppe by 9AM.

R #2: They had to do the SkyClimb to their 3rd clue.

1st Detour:
Old Print: They had to do exactly that w/ their next clue.
Diamond Glint: They had to evaluate three diamonds & add up the values of those & an unfinished necklace & if they got the correct total of $52,235 they could continue racing.

FIRST-EVER HEAD-TO-HEAD PIT STOP CHALLENGE: One member per team would dress up as French fries & run through an obstacle course.
W- Cody & Jessica ($5K)
#2: Cedric & Shawn
#3: Kristi & Jen
#4: Trevor & Chris
#5: Alex & Conor
#6: Lucas & Brittany
#7: Joey & Tim
#8: Henry & Evan
L- April & Sarah

(Final note: Cedric & Shawn initially checked in 8th last wk. but were assessed a half-hr. penalty due to Cedric’s illegal aid during the Roadblock.)

“The Amazing Race”- 30TH S.P.

Cedric Ceballos & Shawn Marion (former NBA players)
April Gould & Sarah Williams (goat yoga instructors)
Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf (“Big Brother” power couple)
Henry Zhang & Evan Lynyak (debaters who are dating)
Trevor Wadleigh & Chris Marchant (Billboard chart-topping musicians in the string quartet “Well Strung”)
Alexander Rossi & Conor Daly (IndyCar drivers)
Dessie Mitcheson & Kayla Fitzgerald (ring girls/Instagram models)
Joey Chestnut & Tim Janus (competitive eaters)
Kristi Leskinen & Jen Hudak (pro skiers)
Lucas Bocanegra & Brittany Austin (dating lifeguards)
Eric & Daniel Guiffreda (firefighters/twin bros. in LA)

1st Clue (in fountain): They flew to Reykjavik & as soon as they landed they would drive themselves to Geitargljufur.

2nd C: While picking up an Iceland flag they had to perform a high-wire act.

3rd C: Where they had to drive next was Esjumelur.

1ST ROADBLOCK: The racers had to ride along in an off-road buggy w/ an expert driver back/forth across a river bend & pick up all the clear letter tiles (they were numbered in the order of the name of the next place they had to visit to try to help) to spell out INGOLFSTORG.

C #5: Identify two national tonics.

1ST PS: Reykjavikurtjorn

W- Kristi & Jen (5n trips to Santorini)
#2: Cody & Jessica
#3: Henry & Evan
#4: Trevor & Chris
#5: Alex & Conor
#6: Joey & Tim
#7: Lucas & Brittany
#8: Eric & Daniel
#9: Cedric & Shawn
L BY THAT MUCH- Dessie & Kayla

“The Amazing Race”- 29TH S.F.

1st C: Fly to “The Windy City” of CHI & get to the Chicagoland Speedway.

2nd C: W/ one teammate inside a stock car, the other had to change a tire in the pit within :40. Then, they had to finish one lap around the track in :48 or less.

3rd C: The next place to visit was the Monroe Street Station.

C #4: Before they could continue on, they needed to solve three riddles identifying landmarks & collecting postcards. They next had to unscramble the letters on those postcards & figure out that their next destination would be the CITY HALL ROOFTOP (a city beekeeper in the garden there would hand over their next clue).

C #5: They had to go all the way back down & head to Wrigleyville Dogs.

C #6: 10 Vienna Beef hot dogs (these days, I eat Hebrew National hot dogs like my late dad) had to be made & given to people at a rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. Former “Race” champs Ernie & Cindy (who reside in CHI) would swap those franks for Wrigley Field tickets.

FINAL CHALLENGE: Using the hand-operated scoreboard & a one-way radio, they had to insert their correct Pit Stop destination placements. If & when they cleared the board, they would have to solve an equation to get a three-digit number corresponding to a seat number that had the name of their Finish Mat stop.
MILLION-DOLLAR STOP: Milton Lee Olive Park

THE NEW CHAMPS ARE- Brooke & Scott (R-U: Tara & Joey)

“The Amazing Race” 5/25/17

1st C: The next flight was to Seoul; they had to get to the Gangnam District.

C #2: They would run to the Hanyang University Olympic Gym.

R #10: The goal was to finish a speed stacking sequence within :07.

C #4: By taxi, they would be next off to the Mugyewon Arts & Cultural Center.

C #5: Six servings of kimchi had to be made.

C #6: Another taxi ride, this time to the Seoul Ogn E-Stadium.

R #11: All they had to do was win a rd. of “Street Fighter V” against pro gamers. Every 10 rds., the contestants would receive an advantage.

PS #11: Gavit Some

W- Brooke & Scott
#2: London & Logan
L- Matt & Redmond

“The Amazing Race” 5/18/17

1st C: They went to the Corinth Canal.

R #8: This was something NOT done since S9- bungee-jumping above a body of water.

C #3: They would have to catch a flight to Hanoi & find their next clue being held by somebody in a park.

C #4: The next clue box was at the Quan Su Buddhist Temple.

D #9:
Bamboo Climb: From a choice of three marked ladders, those duos who chose this had to take their ladder to an apartment, climb up its stairs & retrieve a birdcage from the roof. They then had to return BOTH their ladder & birdcage to continue on.
Window Design: Teams who sided w/ this challenge had to gather three mannequins, find Pho Chan Cam & build a window display.

PS #9: Thong Nhat Park

W- Becca & Floyd (one-wk. Celebrity Cruises through the Galapagos Islands)
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: London & Logan

1st C for Stage 10: They took a bus to the mtns. called Ninh Binh.
Budget for This Stage: $30

C #2: They rode bikes to the Bich Dong Temple & would be taking along a Travelocity gnome for the remainder of this stage.

SB: Tara & Joey were required to gather six dozen eggs.

C #3: The next stop was Thon Hai Nham.

R #9: Again riding bikes, they were forced to transport the correct number of traps to a fisherman.

C #5: Where they rode next to was the Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh.

C #6: They would maneuver a kayak using their feet & deliver some offerings to a ceremonial dragon boat.

PS #10: Hang Mua Peak

W- Matt & Redmond (5n trips to the Rio Perdtdo Thermal Spa in C.R.)
#2: Brooke & Scott
#3: Tara & Joey
FAILED TO MAKE SEMIFINALS- Becca & Floyd (Floyd got dizzy from that Roadblock on the way to Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh & had to get medical attention)

“The Amazing Race” 5/11/17

C #1: They would travel by plane & ferry to Bari, Italy & then to Patras, Greece. The village called Arahova called the next clue box home.

FINAL U-TURN X2: Brooke & Scott goosed Liz & Michael; as for Tara & Joey, they used it on Becca & Floyd.

D #8:
For the Bride: Two tins of sheep milk had to be delivered to cheese makers in exchange for cheese to give to the bride.
For the Groom: They raced up a steep 252-step staircase to a shepherd, who would hand over a goat to be given to the groom.

C #3: They would drive to Panathenaic Stadium.

C #4: One lap of honor around that stadium track had to be completed before they could go on.

C #5: They would run to The Zappeion.

R #7: A small key part in the country’s changing of the guard procedure had to be perfected.

PS #8: The Acropolis

W- Tara & Joey ($15K)
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: Brooke & Scott
#4: London & Logan
L- Liz & Michael