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“The Amazing Race”- 30TH S.F.

C #1 (6:45AM): They flew 1K miles to Hong Kong, go to Victoria Peak, take a picture & receive their 2nd clue.

SB: Henry & Evan would have to turn on ALL 40 Chinese lanterns after hanging ’em.

C #2: They took a taxi to a riverfront.

D #9:
Hairy Crab: 50 of these had to be put in a basket while a “typhoon” was going on.
Grub Grab: In a seafood restaurant one teammate took an order in Cantonese & relay it to their partner who had to decipher the right dish. Eight dishes had to be correctly served.

C #4: They next needed a taxi to make it to the roof of Central Pier #4.

R #8: All electronics had to be demolished w/ a bat to find both halves of the next clue (they also had to throw a gallon of red paint over their demolition).

C #6: W/ their next clue inside a briefcase locked to ’em by their wrists, they were to go to Lan Kwai Fong & figure out the three leg numbers for the first three odd-numbered legs to unlock their briefcase (NOT all briefcase combinations were 135).

PS #11: Johnson & Wan Chai Road
W- Henry & Evan (only 3rd team to win a leg even after they did a SB)
#2: Cody & Jessica
#3: Kristi & Jen

C #1: Where they went last was S.F. & they had to get to AT&T Park; their next clue was near the Willie Mays statue.

C #2: In McCovey Cove they were to find three numbered baseballs to make up the # of HRs Willie hit in his career (660).

R #9: One teammate was to pull 20 stories up to the top of the Bay Bridge’s anchorage & jump inside its abyss, then search for their next clue & get back together.

C #4: This clue acted as a rebus- they had to go to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory & once inside make 102 of those fortune cookies.

FINAL DESTINATION: USS Hornet- a 12-piece plane had to be built before a team could finish; the pieces were scattered all over the ship & had symbols on ’em.



“The Amazing Race” 2/14/18

C #1 (8:41AM): They flew to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

C #2: They had to drive to Dhow Shipyard.

C #3: 300lbs of timber had to be weighed out on a scale to move on.

C #4: Their next stop was Showaiter Sweets; when they sampled a local treat, their next clue would be handed to them.

C #5: Looks like more dirty work was upcoming, as they would be driving to Delmon Pottery Industry next.

C #6: An identical match for ALL of the items in a collection had to be found within the pots.

C #7: The Bahrain Endurance Village was where they next visited.

C #8: They milked a camel & had to fill up a cup.

PS #9: Tree of Life
W- Alex & Conor ($15K)
#2: Kristi & Jen
#3: Henry & Evan
PHILIMINATED- Lucas & Brittany (thanks in part to losing their passport)

C #1 (10:18AM): Their next flight was to Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 2nd clue box on this next leg was at Royal Park Rajapruek. 

D #8:
Size It: The height & weight of the elephants had to be taken.
Seize It: 20 slippery frogs were required to be caught. 

C #3: The Original Khantoke Restaurant awaited the racers next.

R #7: One teammate had to eat THREE scorpions & a frog.

PS #10: Wat Chedi Luang
W- Alex & Conor (5n trips to Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curacao)
#2: Cody & Jessica
SPARED- Henry & Evan

“The Amazing Race” 2/7/18

C #1 (10:08AM): Where they ended up next after flying close to 5K miles was Harare, Zimbabwe. They would next take a train to Marondera & go to the Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservancy.

C #2: They built their safari tents & slept for the night.

PARTNER SWAP: For the first time ever, teams swapped partners & would do so until told otherwise.
New Duos: Cody & Jen, Jessica & Kristi, Lucas & Conor, Brittany & Alex, Henry & Eric & Evan & Daniel

C #4: Using makeshift rafts, they searched while in Imire Lake for a pair of canteens which contained their next clue.

D #6:
Rhino Track: While riding on horseback they had to collect all eight pieces of poaching evidence about hunters & rhinos w/ their horns cut off. They then had to recall & properly place the items on a map.
Bush Track: Following an off-road trail the twosomes were to replenish a rangers’ supply station w/ water.

PS #7: Savannah Plains Overlook- the Partner Swap twist ended here & teams COULDN’T be checked in until both members of a team made it to that mat.

C #7: Teams went back to Harare (their budget at this point was $18).

U-TURN X2 (in front of Khan Fabrics): Lucas & Brittany activated it on Cody & Jessica; Eric & Daniel shortly used the other part on Henry & Evan.

D #7:
Handle W/ Care: In a mail rm. seven pkgs. were to be picked up & delivered to the mall’s businesses.
Just Get It There: Outside two tires had to be rolled half a mile through a market & onto the back of a delivery truck.

C #10: Harare Gardens

C #11: A song had to be learned in the country’s native language & performed.

PS #8: First Street Pedestrian Mall
W- Lucas & Brittany (5n trips to St. Lucia)
#2: Kristi & Jen
#3: Alex & Conor
#4: Henry & Evan

“The Amazing Race” 1/31/18

C #1 (4:34PM): Rudolfinum

U-TURN X2: Cody & Jessica used it on Trevor & Chris.

D #5: 
This: Some empty kegs had to be re-stacked & teams would have to search for a full keg, tap it & pour a perfect mug of beer. Right after that, they were to navigate the streets of Prague w/ that keg to a party boat called Fidelio so that the keg could be delivered.
That: The twosomes were to sit through two astronomical lectures & pass an oral exam.

Before they could get their next clue, teams would have to run to the Andelska Lazen Beer Spa & bathe.

C #3: Stara Cistirna Odpadnich Vod

R #6: What they had to do was figure out who was on the other end of the line when answering ringing phones (NOT all of ’em would have anyone on the line) & figure out a famous Kafka quote. Should they fill it in on a form & hand it to the mystery man, they could race on.

PS #6: Letenske Park

W- Kristi & Jen (5n holidays at Como the Treasury in Perth)
#2: Eric & Daniel
#3: Henry & Evan
#4: Alex & Conor
#5: Lucas & Brittany
PHILIMINATED- Trevor & Chris

“The Amazing Race” 1/24/18

C #1 (11:34AM): They would first go to Saint-Tropez, France.

SB: Cedric & Shawn were to move & stack 15 boats in numerical order.

R #4: While on a dinghy they were to stay afloat at all times while picking up two halves to a clue located on the buoys.

D #3:
Bread: Using 30lbs of dough, 50 traditional baguettes were to be made.
Tread: A pair of sandals had to be made.

HtH #2: At Place Des Lices, they played a game called Petanque.
W- Alex & Conor ($10K)
#2: Cody & Jessica
#3: Kristi & Jen
#4: Joey & Tim
#5: Trevor & Chris
#6: Henry & Evan
#7: Eric & Daniel
PHILIMINATED- Cedric & Shawn

C #1 (1:49AM): They would drive to Les Baux.

R #5: A giant weapon had to be built & delivered in order to release their partner from the stockades.

C #3: cafe de la fontaine

D #4:
Full of Bull: Among 100 replica bulls were red, white & blue ribbons. As soon as a team found one of each of the three colors, they could redeem ’em for their next clue.
Colorful: A piece of artwork had to be unlocked to claim the next clue.

PS #5: Hotel Benvengudo
W- Lucas & Brittany (5n trips to The Laguna Resort & Spa Nusa Dua, Bali)
#2: Kristi & Jen
#3: Eric & Daniel
#4: Henry & Evan
#5: Alex & Conor
#6: Cody & Jessica

“The Amazing Race” 1/17/18

C #1 (6:51 AM): They would be flying to Tangier, Morocco this stage. They would take a taxi to a fish port where the 2nd clue box of the leg could be found.

C #2: At the Kisariate Jbala Souk, they had to greet somebody w/ “As-salam Alaykum” to receive their next clue & a Travelocity gnome.

R #3: One person per team would join their gnome in zip-lining over two rooftops.

C #4: Kasbah Museum

C #5: What the teams were searching for at a tele boutique next was a hidden old-school phone that would say a secret message (“Sabah al-khair”, aka “Good morning”). Once a teammate heard the message, they would get back together before reading their next clue.

D #2:
Drop it Off: After they picked up a long list of produce items, they had to make the deliveries to vendors around the city supermarket-style & exchange ’em for receipts. They would receive the destination of their next Pit Stop upon completion.
Shake it Off: They danced around the tables looking for the three words that made up the destination of PS #3.

PS #3: Moulay Hafid Palace

W- Henry & Evan (trips to Zurich)
#2: Alex & Conor
#3: Kristi & Jen
#4: Trevor & Chris
#5: Cody & Jessica
#6: Joey & Tim
#7: Eric & Daniel
SPARED- Cedric & Shawn

“The Amazing Race” 1/10/18

C #1 (8:08AM): When they flew to Antwerp, Belgium, they had to find a chocolate shoppe by 9AM.

R #2: They had to do the SkyClimb to their 3rd clue.

1st Detour:
Old Print: They had to do exactly that w/ their next clue.
Diamond Glint: They had to evaluate three diamonds & add up the values of those & an unfinished necklace & if they got the correct total of $52,235 they could continue racing.

FIRST-EVER HEAD-TO-HEAD PIT STOP CHALLENGE: One member per team would dress up as French fries & run through an obstacle course.
W- Cody & Jessica ($5K)
#2: Cedric & Shawn
#3: Kristi & Jen
#4: Trevor & Chris
#5: Alex & Conor
#6: Lucas & Brittany
#7: Joey & Tim
#8: Henry & Evan
L- April & Sarah

(Final note: Cedric & Shawn initially checked in 8th last wk. but were assessed a half-hr. penalty due to Cedric’s illegal aid during the Roadblock.)