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“The Amazing Race”- 29TH S.F.

1st C: Fly to “The Windy City” of CHI & get to the Chicagoland Speedway.

2nd C: W/ one teammate inside a stock car, the other had to change a tire in the pit within :40. Then, they had to finish one lap around the track in :48 or less.

3rd C: The next place to visit was the Monroe Street Station.

C #4: Before they could continue on, they needed to solve three riddles identifying landmarks & collecting postcards. They next had to unscramble the letters on those postcards & figure out that their next destination would be the CITY HALL ROOFTOP (a city beekeeper in the garden there would hand over their next clue).

C #5: They had to go all the way back down & head to Wrigleyville Dogs.

C #6: 10 Vienna Beef hot dogs (these days, I eat Hebrew National hot dogs like my late dad) had to be made & given to people at a rooftop overlooking Wrigley Field. Former “Race” champs Ernie & Cindy (who reside in CHI) would swap those franks for Wrigley Field tickets.

FINAL CHALLENGE: Using the hand-operated scoreboard & a one-way radio, they had to insert their correct Pit Stop destination placements. If & when they cleared the board, they would have to solve an equation to get a three-digit number corresponding to a seat number that had the name of their Finish Mat stop.
MILLION-DOLLAR STOP: Milton Lee Olive Park

THE NEW CHAMPS ARE- Brooke & Scott (R-U: Tara & Joey)


“The Amazing Race” 5/25/17

1st C: The next flight was to Seoul; they had to get to the Gangnam District.

C #2: They would run to the Hanyang University Olympic Gym.

R #10: The goal was to finish a speed stacking sequence within :07.

C #4: By taxi, they would be next off to the Mugyewon Arts & Cultural Center.

C #5: Six servings of kimchi had to be made.

C #6: Another taxi ride, this time to the Seoul Ogn E-Stadium.

R #11: All they had to do was win a rd. of “Street Fighter V” against pro gamers. Every 10 rds., the contestants would receive an advantage.

PS #11: Gavit Some

W- Brooke & Scott
#2: London & Logan
L- Matt & Redmond

“The Amazing Race” 5/18/17

1st C: They went to the Corinth Canal.

R #8: This was something NOT done since S9- bungee-jumping above a body of water.

C #3: They would have to catch a flight to Hanoi & find their next clue being held by somebody in a park.

C #4: The next clue box was at the Quan Su Buddhist Temple.

D #9:
Bamboo Climb: From a choice of three marked ladders, those duos who chose this had to take their ladder to an apartment, climb up its stairs & retrieve a birdcage from the roof. They then had to return BOTH their ladder & birdcage to continue on.
Window Design: Teams who sided w/ this challenge had to gather three mannequins, find Pho Chan Cam & build a window display.

PS #9: Thong Nhat Park

W- Becca & Floyd (one-wk. Celebrity Cruises through the Galapagos Islands)
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: London & Logan

1st C for Stage 10: They took a bus to the mtns. called Ninh Binh.
Budget for This Stage: $30

C #2: They rode bikes to the Bich Dong Temple & would be taking along a Travelocity gnome for the remainder of this stage.

SB: Tara & Joey were required to gather six dozen eggs.

C #3: The next stop was Thon Hai Nham.

R #9: Again riding bikes, they were forced to transport the correct number of traps to a fisherman.

C #5: Where they rode next to was the Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh.

C #6: They would maneuver a kayak using their feet & deliver some offerings to a ceremonial dragon boat.

PS #10: Hang Mua Peak

W- Matt & Redmond (5n trips to the Rio Perdtdo Thermal Spa in C.R.)
#2: Brooke & Scott
#3: Tara & Joey
FAILED TO MAKE SEMIFINALS- Becca & Floyd (Floyd got dizzy from that Roadblock on the way to Den Thai Vi-Ben Thanh & had to get medical attention)

“The Amazing Race” 5/11/17

C #1: They would travel by plane & ferry to Bari, Italy & then to Patras, Greece. The village called Arahova called the next clue box home.

FINAL U-TURN X2: Brooke & Scott goosed Liz & Michael; as for Tara & Joey, they used it on Becca & Floyd.

D #8:
For the Bride: Two tins of sheep milk had to be delivered to cheese makers in exchange for cheese to give to the bride.
For the Groom: They raced up a steep 252-step staircase to a shepherd, who would hand over a goat to be given to the groom.

C #3: They would drive to Panathenaic Stadium.

C #4: One lap of honor around that stadium track had to be completed before they could go on.

C #5: They would run to The Zappeion.

R #7: A small key part in the country’s changing of the guard procedure had to be perfected.

PS #8: The Acropolis

W- Tara & Joey ($15K)
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: Brooke & Scott
#4: London & Logan
L- Liz & Michael

“The Amazing Race” 5/4/17

First C: They were off to Venice, Italy. A street sweeper would hand over their second clue this leg.

D #7:
Sing It: An Italian song had to be sung to a couple in a gondola acceptable enough.
Bring It: A stack of suitcases were to be built on a cart & delivered to Hotel Ca’ Nigra.

C #3: By water taxi, they had to find Ca’ Zenobio.

R #6: They had to make a copy of a mask.

PS #7: Campo San Vio

W- Matt & Redmond (one-wk. trips to Grenada)
#2: Becca & Floyd
#3: Tara & Joey
#4: Brooke & Scott

“The Amazing Race” 4/27/17

Next C: They would fly next to Milan & find their next clue box at Piaza Fontana.

R #5: In a mobile restaurant, their job was to find three different words (Cernobbio, Concordia & Lago) within one lap & eat a meal.

Next C: Cernobbio

U-TURN X II: Liz & Michael tagged Vanck & Ashton, but Becca & Floyd would get Liz & Michael. Turns out, Becca & Floyd’s use WAS A WASTE.

D #6:
Make a Mold: The character in question was a ghost.
Grab a Hold: Climb up a 90-ft. vertical rock base.

PS #6: A speedboat ride led to Tremezzo.

W- Becca & Floyd (6n trips to Argentina)
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: Tara & Joey
#4: Liz & Michael
#5: Brooke & Scott
GONE- Vanck & Ashton

“The Amazing Race” 4/20/17

Stage #4:

1st Clue: Go to Mercury House.
Budget This Wk.: $400

D #4:
Lock: Inside the secret compartments of some Zanzibar chests was a key to unlock a tricky lock & retrieve their next clue.
Knock: While going door-to-door, three wood carvings had to be collected & redeemed at a shop.

C #3: As they took a boat to Dar Es Salaam, their next stop would be the DASICO Umasida Dispensary main office.

R #3: What did they have to pound that metal to make? A ladle strainer.

PS #4: Coco Beach

W- Tara & Joey ($10K)
#2: Becca & Floyd
#3: Liz & Michael
#4: Matt & Redmond
#5: London & Logan
#6: Vanck & Ashton

Stage #5 (this was Becca & Floyd’s FINAL opportunity to use their EP):

C #1: The next destination to fly to was Alesund, Norway. Once they made it, they would have to drive to the Hogsteinen Fyr Lighthouse.

FF: Vanck & Ashton were the first to try this. Starting in a helicopter, they would eventually have to perform a tandem skydive from 10K FT.
WON IT- Becca & Floyd (so their EP was a WASTE)

C #2: Where would they drive to next? Slinningen.

R #4: One teammate had to climb up to the top of a rickety tower 13 stories high & place and lay down a palette.

D #5:
Trolls: Around town, there were six fire trolls. Each one ordered a spell of freedom to be recited for a rocket firework. After all six rockets were collected, they would find out where the next Pit Stop was.
Troll: While kayaking through a canal, they would need to check the lures of fishermen for one that was marked w/ the next PS location.

PS #5: Mt. Aksla

S5 was the start of a two-stage round.

W- Tara & Joey
#2: Matt & Redmond
#3: Becca & Floyd
#4: Vanck & Ashton
#5: London & Logan
#6: Brooke & Scott
#7: Liz & Michael