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“Id!ottest” 7/19/17

Celebrity Game:
BT: Kent Faulcon (L.A. Family Housing) & Cocoa Brown (Wigs of Love)
GT: Kiki Haynes (Karma Foundation) & Jason Olive (J.O. Foundation)

BT: You use a hammer on a nail. What should you use on a nut?
T ($180): Nutcracker
GT: Which one has bear claws?
T ($220): Donut Touch
BT: Which puzzle piece below DOESN’T fit in the empty space?
(IDIOT)(A: The red one on the box)
GT: Wake up & touch the horn!
T ($180): The one on the rhino

Jason: Sam fell out a 10-story building & landed without a scratch. Which window did he fall out of?
T ($100): Black window at the very bottom
Kent: There are Mounts Fuji, Rushmore & Everest. Where is Rainier?
T ($225): Photo of it raining & thundering on Rushmore
Kiki: Which sign’s obviously hand-made?
Cocoa: Touch what you should lose if you want to get LAID
T ($100): OVERALLS (A: P in PLAID)

#1: One of these three late night hosts has three EYEs. Which one- JIMMY FALLON, JIMMY FALLON, SETH MEYERS or JAMES CORDEN?
Cocoa ($400): JIMMY FALLON
Kiki (IDIOT)
#2: Touch the front page
Jason ($400): PAGE 3
Kent ($800): PAGE 2

SM: How many times does MACHINE appear in a straight line?
Kent (:25): 2
Cocoa (:12): The whole board (A: 1)

BT: Danesh & Hannah (married)
GT: Danielle & Jhon-Michael (dating)

BT: Touch where a piece of paper’s missing
T ($60): Torn piece of paper (A: Copy machine)
GT: How many straws are below- three, four, five or six?
T ($20): FOUR (A: THREE)
BT: Do what you hear (HIT PAWS)
SUCCESS ($220)
GT: Touch the post card
T ($100): Future in the past (A: Mark After New Year’s 2003)

Danielle: What’s the main ingredient in the world’s most expensive cup of coffee?
T ($150): Coffee cup (A: Water from waterfall)
Hannah: There are three camouflaged jackets Abe hung up. Which one’s most effective?
T ($100): The one on the left ($320)
Jhon-Michael: If thou takest away “ETH”, which doth NOT leave a word- SWINGETH, DRINKETH, BETH or CASTETH?
T ($250): BETH
Danesh: Who’s NOT playing along- “It’s opposite day!”, “I’m not smiling!”, “I’m wearing a hat!” or “It’s not opposite day!”?
T ($25): “It’s not opposite day!” (A: “It’s opposite day!”)

#1: Which two words together describe what workers do to start their day- THIN, WIN, PUN or CHIN?
Danesh ($500): PUN & CHIN ($820)
Danielle ($150): THIN & PUN
#2: Read the (backwards) signs & follow the directions (TOUCH P)
Hannah ($200): O
Jhon-Michael ($1100): U

SM: How much of this chart’s accurate- 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2?
Hannah (:19): 1/2
Danesh (:06): W

“Id!ottest” 7/12/17

Blind Date Game:
BT: Kiva & Juan
GT: Rumen & Amy

K&J: Which one’s definitely NOT a mom?
T ($100): Baby
R&A: If it’s NOT one thing, it’s ANOTHER
K&J: Touch the dog
R&A: Who would win a pumpkin craving contest?

Amy: Your lips have to touch when you say which two words?
Juan: How many clowns are on the bicycle- zero, one, four or five?
Rumen: How many people are holding hands w/ someone else- five, six, seven or eight?
T ($175): FIVE
Kiva: Where’s the mashup of “ANTIHERO”?
“ON THE AIR” microphone found? ($75): N

Ladies: If you swap their pink letters, which two words would still make two words- YEAR, MONTH, RAIN, SNOW, KNOW or ANSWER?
Gentlemen: Dave broke his leg! Touch MIMI.
BOTH TOUCHED MINA THE DOCTOR (MIMI made up the teeth of a face on the leg’s cast)

SM: Touch the word that’s between ROCK AND AND AND AND AND ROLL (ROCK AND RIDE AND ROLL)
Juan (:17): RIDE
Kiva (:05): W

Celebrity Game:
BT: Justine Marino (ASPCA) & KJ Smith (United Cerebral Palsy)
GT: Simone Shepard & Keraun Harris (Soaring With Eagles)

(Note: The opening test for this ep. had “Family Feud”-themed graphics & Steve Harvey.)

BT: These outfits bring up memories! Which one brings up the 20s?
T ($160): ATM
GT: Which one’s best at returning the ball?
T ($160): Wall
BT: Which is the proper spelling of a drink- WISKEY, BURBON, TEQIULA or BRANDY?
T ($140): BRANDY
GT: He really has to use the bathroom. Which door should he pull?
T ($160): Left

Simone: Who’s in the 4th decade of their life- 20, 30, 40 or 50?
T ($150): 40 (A: 30)
Justine: Which one should have green in it?
T ($350): Wallet
Keraun: Rehearsal started an hour ago! Who literarily just showed up?
T ($300): “Polonius” (A: “HAMLET”)
KJ: Wave your hand over the screen! The answer is REVEALED!
FAILED ($50)

#1: The correct answer is above. Thumb, middle, and index- bed, backpack, fish or record?
Justine ($350): Fingers on piano (A: Bed)
Simone (IDIOT)
#2: Stay sharp! Which animal below has what it takes to go w/ the ones above (tiger, falcon & crab)- wolverine, frog, jellyfish or anchovy?
KJ ($1200): Anchovy
Keraun ($1600): Wolverine


“Id!ottest” 7/5/17

BT: Garnett & Faly
GT: Sydney & Sams (13-yr.-old twins, but NOT of the same gender)

BT: Where’s the crane?
T ($240): The one for construction
GT: Who really keeps their students on their toes- swimming teacher, science teacher, English teacher or ballet teacher?
T ($180): Ballet teacher
BT: DON’T touch the green word, touch the red world
FOUND FOR $100 ($340)
GT: Find the marble
T ($220): Marble table ($400)

Garnett: Which one most likely has all the winning numbers?
T ($200): BINGO ball tumbler ($540)
Sams: What does the butcher weigh?
Faly: What did one tree say to the other tree?
T ($125): “Don’t leaf me!” (A: “NOTHING” as in “NOTHING LASTS FOREVER”)
Sydney: She took a bite from one of these foods- which one?
T ($350): Grapes ($1150)

#1: Touch the LEAST famous of these manmade objects
Garnett ($750): Leaning Tower of Pisa
Sydney ($800): Bench ($1950)
#2: Which one’s FED up?
Faly ($1.5K): DEF ($2040)
Sams ($1K): W ($2950)

SM: Logically (given JAY, KAYE & ELLE), which person below should be in the lineup above- FAYE, KATE, JO or EM?
Sydney (:32): EM
Sams (:06): KATE ($3950)

BT: Courtney & Kelly
GT: Davin & Sam

Ladies: Who’s laying down?
T ($80): The lady who was about to lay down on a blanket
Gentlemen: If you’re going to use ALL of these hair products, which should you NOT put on first?
T ($160): Shower cap
Ladies: Where she drops her chip on the PLUNKO board, where will it most likely end up?
T ($20): 500 slot on the left that was already occupied (A: The two pegs just underneath her chip)
Gentlemen: The word search’s almost complete! Touch the remaining word on the list
T ($60): MONEY ($220)

Kelly: Which food’s a fraction of the PRICE- RICE, COUSCOUS or OATS?
T ($25): OATS
Davin: Which one saw cuts?
Courtney: Touch the one that’s NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT blue
SKY PRESSED FOR $225 ($305)
Sam: What SHOULDN’T be in this picture?
T ($275): The Moon in the sky (because they were already on The Moon)($495)

#1: Which poster’s on her left?
Kelly ($650): MISSED
Davin ($600): SOLVED ($1095)
#2: Which one has a broken heart?
Sam ($100): Photo #4 w/ a man
Courtney ($1.5K): Photo #3 w/ heart balloon on ground (A: Photo #2 w/ “LUSH EARTH FLORIST” on ribbon)

SM: Logically, given the shapes that could fit in the numbers 6, 0 & 8, what number completes the code (using a tiny triangle) from 1-8?
Davin (:13): 4
Sam (:01): 2 ($2095)

“Id!ottest” 6/28/17

BT: Erin & Richard (alien believers)
GT: Arthur & YJ (ghost believers)

Alien believers: Pick the one that’s going out tonight
Ghost believers: Which one usually needs a walker to get around the block?
Alien believers: Touch the impressionist painting
T ($140): Elvis impressionist ($360)
Ghost believers: Which business will most likely give you crabs?
T ($180): Shelly’s Shellfish food truck ($280)

Arthur: Dave’s on a roll at the craps table! Which number definitely WON’T come up- seven, five, three or one?
T ($175): ONE ($455)
Richard: Touch the pound cake
T ($350): #1 birthday ($710)
YJ: Earn credit for cash!
(IDIOT)(A: Money in guy’s pocket)
Erin: Touch the one that’s offering roadside assistance
T ($300): REST STOP AHEAD sign ($1010)

#1: It’s not ME, it’s YOU
Richard ($200): “He’s no angel!”
YJ ($450): Blue figure that’s YOU upside-down ($905)
#2: Logically (if Courtney is a court judge, Pooley is a pool boy & Standfish is a hot dog stand worker), what’s Carlotta’s job- auto salesperson, mayor, stockbroker or caretaker?
Erin ($800): Caretaker
Arthur ($300): Stockbroker

SM: Look down & touch the largest animal
FA: Elephant photo (A: WHALE on the word-search grid to the left)

BT: Tatiana & May (daddy’s girls)
GT: Mick & Marcus (mama’s boys)

Girls: Which couple’s taking it to the next level?
T ($240): The one on the escalator
Boys: Which one went platinum?
T ($20): Guy holding “3 RECORDS SOLD” (A: Platinum-haired woman holding “40 RECORDS SOLD”)
Girls: Meet caveman family. Grog make fire. Ugg make wheel. Which two make zog?
IDIOT (A: BOTH people)
Boys: Who’s DA man- Drew Reed (county clerk), Jesse Bailey (district attorney), Corey Criss (mayor) or Bobby Nedeff (treasurer)?
T ($20): Bobby Nedeff

Mick: Where is The White House?
T ($250): Purple house (A: D.C.)
Tatiana: Which photo’s most touching?
T ($375): The one at the end (A: The one in the “Most Wanted” sign)
Marcus: Which one would love to make you dinner?
T ($225): “I DON’T DO LUNCH!” (A: Crocodile)
May: Here lies Bob. Touch him.
T ($125): Boris Gray tombstone (A: “HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND”)

#1: Touch the two nonsense words
Tatiana (IDIOT)
#2: Which one’s always red?
May ($700): Rose
Mick ($1200): STOP sign


“Id!ottest” 6/21/17

BT: Adrian & Brandon
GT: Molly & Rachel

Boys: Which one makes him fatter?
T ($200): Doughnut
Girls: What is, hands down, the best time on a clock- 12:15, 3:00, 6:30 or 9:45?
T ($180): 6:30
Boys: Which of these stars has appeared in the most movies?
Girls: Touch the KY jelly
T ($200): Kentucky jam ($380)

Molly: How many women are sitting on a bench- zero, one, two or three?
DIDN’T TOUCH A QUALIFYING ANSWER ($375)(A: The block marked 0)
Adrian: Which two have their eyes peeled?
T ($200): Carrot & potato on right (A: Both potatoes)
Rachel: Which movie does it sound like the pirate wants to see- “Booty Shots”, “Shiplash”, “Yo-Ho-Ho!” or “Davy Jones’ Locket”?
T ($350): “Davy Jones’ Locket” ($730)
Brandon: Who’s a perfect IO if they remove their head & tail?
LION Hit? ($25): N

#1: Logically (given XBOX, VOUCH, XRAY, VINDICATE & XMAS), what yellow word belongs in the blank- AVENUE, ROAD, STREET or ALLEY?
Adrian ($200): ALLEY ($600)
Molly (IDIOT)
#2: If you put the puzzle pieces in order (CLOSE UP THE SHOP), which picture would it describe (of the three)?
Rachel ($200): UP puzzle piece
Brandon ($500): #2 ($1100)

SM: If there’s one peach, two cherries & three bananas, what do one peach, two cherries & two bananas add up to- five, six, seven or eight?

BT: Gerald & Swisyzinna (married)
GT: Todd & Ryan (cousins)

Couple: Pick pocket!
T ($140): The one on the man’s shirt
Cousins: What phrase links the two scenes below- NECK BEARD, BODY INK, SIX-PACK or MAN BUN?
Couple: Who has a reservation?
T ($20): “Right this way…” (A: “I’m NOT sure I like this place”)
Cousins: The music’s too loud for you. Which knob can solve your problem?
T ($80): Doorknob

Todd: 2 + 2 equals 4. Touch 2X4.
FOUND FOR $375 ($455)
Swisyzinna: Push the button that will blow up the flying saucer
Ryan: This DOESN’T go how you expect. Follow the instructions anyway (TAP A DIAPER ON A DOG in REVERSE).
Gerald: Which of these can grow the tallest?
T ($275): Sunflower (A: Acorn)

#1: Which would look exactly the same upside-down- candle, suns, knife or pyramid?
Swisyzinna ($350): pyramid
Ryan ($450): suns ($980)
#2: Who was born first?
Gerald ($2200): Confucius ($2340)
Todd ($2300): Babysitter

SM: What six letter word can these letter tiles spell (DTEUO & a letter that was either C or Q)- TOURED, DETOUR, ROUTED, QUOTED, OUTFED or NOTHING?
Gerald (:23): QUOTED
Swisyzinna (:03): TOURED ($3340)

“Id!ottest” 6/14/17

BT: Tao & Sari (cousins)
GT: April & Adam (married)

Cousins: Which of these (out of the four shown) is a brain puzzle in a brain puzzle?
T ($160): #1
Couple: Which most likely gets him up every morning?
T ($180): Alarm clock
Cousins: Touch the one that’s nuttiest
T ($180): Almond butter ($340)
Couple: Which hobby has the most drawbacks?
T ($200): Archery ($380)

Tao: Self-driving cars is a genius idea! Touch the ingenious idea
April: If we ask you to say “Idiotest” & you hold your tongue, what would it sound like- INTELLIGENCE, IDEOLOGIST, INTEREST or QUIETNESS?
Sari: You’re under my spell! Which mystic am I talking about- Master Uryy, Guru Gary or Sven Jolly?
IDIOT (A: Master Uryy)
Adam: Touch the red stoplight between the green & yellow spotlights
FAILED ($100)

#1: Touch the lyin’ lion
Sari ($700): “I’M A LION” sitting down ($1165)
April ($800): ALSO TOUCHED IT ($1180)
#2: Which two words can you put together to spell a profession- PEDIC, CURER, FORE, ARM &/or STRANGER?
Adam ($400): FOREARM
Tao ($400): PEDICARM

SM: Witch 1 bean beet?
Adam (:30): #4
April (:07): $10K KNOCKOUT (& Adam shaved his mustache)

BT: Jordan & Becca
GT: Dana & Jay (roommates)

J&B: Who cut carbs for the wedding?
T ($180): Cake-cutters
D&J: Which one had at least one nightcap at this party?
T ($80): Stuffed animal (just before puzzle #3 this ep., warmup guy Ben Morrison made a cameo)
J&B: Some friendly flying advice: DON’T yell “Hi!” to which passenger- SUE, TED, BARB or JACK?
T ($20): JACK ($200; Mr. Morrison then did another rap)
D&J: Which graduate’s below AVERAGE?
T ($20): #3 (A: #4)

Dana: Which sounds like the loneliest place to sit?
T ($25): TABLE 3 (A: TABLE 4 1)
Jordan: Which line on the slot machine has three pieces of fruit?
T ($25): #3 (A: #1)
Jay: Touch the lightening in a bottle
T ($375): 100% PURE ELECTRICITY (A: Just the Tips Hair Bleach)
Becca: Bull Lou Juan Ease core wrecked- KAREN, PIERRE, JASON or LUCY?
T ($50): PIERRE ($250)

#1: Welcome to idiot book club! Which is most likely in the third-person?
Jordan ($350): The drink just under the book I’m a Douche: A Memoir by Shia LaBeouf held by a person at #3 ($600)
Jay ($550): I’m a Douche: A Memoir by Shia LaBeouf

SM: Based on the other tags (Fiji: 1F2I1J/Japan: 1J2A1P1N), what code should be on Canada’s tag- 1C2A1N2D, 1C3A1N2D, 2C3A1N1D or 1C3A1N1D?
Becca (:19): 1C3A1N1D
Jordan (:06): 1C3A1N2D ($1600)

“Id!ottest” 6/8/17

BT: Jonathan & Eric (roommates)
GT: Sharon & Tiffany (mom/daughter)

Men: Who’s catching her breath?
T ($200): Woman blowing a balloon
Women: Statistically, which of these items do American supermarkets sell the fewest of each yr.?
T ($140): Shopping cart
Men: Chris only has to put on one thing to transform into Christie. What?
T ($40): tie ($240)
Women: Touch the mugshot (out of four) where the mug’s hot
T ($80): #3 ($220)

Tiffany: Do what you hear (“Strike three”)
T ($275): 3 on the back of a baseball player’s jersey ($495)
Eric: Which one’s literally six feet under?
T ($200): Yarn (A: Ant)
Sharon: When the hourglass was turned over, the timer started counting down. Which circle shows how many seconds remain- one, 29, 31 orĀ  62?
T ($275): 62 ($770)
Jonathan: It’s martian idiotest! Touch the two identical blorks that are imforgibly spronkled!
T ($25): The two yellow ones ($265)

#1: If four of the 10 passengers got off the bus, how many people would be left on it- one, four, six, seven or 10?
Eric ($350): SIX
Tiffany ($300): AGREED (A: SEVEN)
#2: How much is that doggie in the window?
BOTH GOT 100% FOR $400

SM: This test is fair & square. Which one ISN’T either- play, meal, dance, walk or weather?
Sharon (:17): Meal
Tiffany (:03): Weather (A: Walk)

Battle of the Newlyweds:
BT: Brian & Lauren
GT: Jade & Barry

B&L: Who’s about to snap?
J&B: Where there’s a Will…?
T ($180): There’s away! (A: William in the center of the screen)
B&L: Office party! Touch the office manger.
J&B: Touch the longest tape

Jade: Which of these is the hardest- rubber berber gerber burger, real rock wall (three times) or rugged rubber baby buggy bumpers?
T ($125): Real rock wall ($325)
Lauren: Bob can fold 10 planes in a minute. How many can he make w/ a piece of paper in two min.- one, two, five or 20?
T ($250): TWO (A: ONE)
Barry: Is it a white horse w/ black stripes or a black horse w/ white stripes?
T ($75): White horse (A: “NO” on the “NO GRAZING” sign)
Brian: Which broadcast blows- “The Great Suck-Off”, “Welterweight Fight Night” or “Bowling: Live from Bowling Green”?
T ($250): “The Great Suck-Off”

#1: Tom changes his password a lot. Enter his two-digit password for New Yr.’s Eve.
Lauren ($100): 12 ($540)
Jade ($100): 10
#2: My friend dropped off an envelope containing an envelope. Which one (of the five) is it?
Brian ($300): NOTHING
Barry ($300): #3 (A: #5)

SM: Check out this colorful party! Logically, what’s the dog’s name- Rex, Bingo, Chief or Effie?
Brian (:17): Rex
Lauren (:04): Chief ($1,540)