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“Id!ottest”- 4TH S.F.

BT: Hayley & Sara (good girls)
GT: Chae & Sam (bad boys)

GG: Which would this pizza go best on?
BB: Which horse (out of four) is a horse, off course off course?
T ($100): #2
GG: Incoming! Hit the deck
BB: Good morning! Where can you find your contacts?

Sam: Barbecue time! Which should be left on the longest?
T ($75): Corn (A: Grill)
Sara: Who was born in the ’90s?
T ($200): Great Grandpa Joe (1896)
Chae: Everything’s flipped! Stop & snap pat
Pans & pots tapped? ($50): Y
Hayley: Humankind WOULDN’T have survived through the ages w/o what?

#1: Based on its name, which character DOESN’T belong in this comic series (NEITHER ODD OR EVEN)- EVIL OLIVE, TACO CAT, RAT STAR or TAN ANT?
Sara ($450): EVIL OLIVE
Sam ($350): TACO CAT (A: TAN ANT)
#2: Which one sounds literally out of this world- A Lee N., B Tom C., C Kay G., D Joe M. or E Sue Z.?
Hayley ($1400): A LEE N.
Chae ($1400): AGREED

SM: The letters on the ground fell off the sign (paadn). What animal did they spell?
Hayley (:16): PANDA
Sara (:06): W


“Id!otest” 8/23/17

Flight Attendants Game:
BT: Kim & Jennifer
GT: Kareena & Lauren

BT: Touch the bank’s branch manager- teller, janitor, loan officer or gardener.
T ($140): Gardener
GT: Get RICH quick
BT: Touch the fridge (of the three) that’s for beer
T ($40): #1 (A: #3)
GT: Which one has a twist ending that starts a whole new story?
T ($160): Staircase

Kim: When they go back & forth, which one DOESN’T stay the same- DAD, MOM, SIS or BRO?
T ($100): MOM
Lauren: Touch the no vacancy sign
T ($75): LOT FULL
Jennifer: If she drops four corks into the bowl from this angle, how many will end up in the shot glass- four, two, one or zero?
T ($50): FOUR (A: ZERO)
Kareena: Touch the two identical owls
FAILED ($75)(A: The”OWLS” at the bottom of the screen)

#1: When in DOUBT, which stays silent?
Kim ($300): The woman furthest on the left
Kareena ($250): SAME (A: “B” in “ALWAYS BE CHATTING”)
#2: Which direction can this car always go w/o using any gas?
Jennifer ($900): “DOWNHILL” in “WATCH DOWNHILL SPEED” sign ($1040)
Lauren ($700): NOTHING


College Rivalry Game:
BT: Jon & Angela (Ohio St. fans)
GT: Alex & Al (MI fans)

J&A: Which creature (of four) LEAST likely to eat these Kobe steaks?
T ($20): Human in #2 (A: Creature in #4)
A&A: Test time! Touch the number two pencil.
T ($140): The one w/ the poop topper
J&A: Which sign looks like it’s telling you to laugh at danger- Caution: Slippery When Wet, Speed Hump, If You See Someone Drowning lol Then Call 911 or Beer Pong Zone?
T ($100): If You See Someone Drowning lol Then Call 911
A&A: Where’s Waldo?
T ($20): #1 (A: #3)

Jon: Touch the Mass. murderer- “The Boston Butcher”, “The Carlsbad Cannibal”, “The Seattle Slayer” or “The Miami Mangler”.
T ($75): “The Carlsbad Cannibal”
Alex: DON’T NOT touch DON’T and NOT
SUCCESS ($250)
Angela: Which animal is 1/2 beagle & 1/3 retriever?
T ($150): Dog on the left (A: Beaver)
Al: Touch the one he’s going to marry
T ($325): The man in the tux

#1: Which number in the pool shows where it’s 8ft deep?
Jon ($50): CLUB 2468 sign
Alex ($500): The 8 sign in the bottom-right corner of the pool
#2: We censored this fowl language (_UCK). Which two letters could she be covering- F, C, S &/or L?
Angela ($1100): F & C
Al ($1700): C & L ($2915)

SM: Celebrate this happy union! Logically, which word does NOT belong on this list- AVOWS, BRING, CHAIR, DICE or ECAKE?
Alex (:28): ECAKE
Al (:19): W

“Id!ottest” 8/16/17

Teachers: Ashlea & Sam
Students: Lali & Heaven

Teachers: Touch the one that has an elephant’s butt
FOUND ($160)
Students: Touch the compact car
T ($220): The one in the kid’s hands
Teachers: Welcome to Mardi Gras! Who’s doing the WORST job of concealing their identity?
T ($40): The purple person right in front of the screen
Students: These kinds find these places boring, but which place can hold their interest?
MISSED ($120)(A: Bank)

Sam: In which category would you NOT find a book about the horse Secretariat- History, Nonfiction, Sports, Animals, Autobiography or Business?
T ($50): Business (A: Autobiography)
Heaven: Just cut & paste
SUCCESS ($175)
Ashlea: How many students have their hands raised- six, seven, eight or nine?
T ($325): SEVEN
Lali: Follow what the instruction would be if he’d buttoned his shirt correctly (TOUCH SMOOCH WITH KING)

#1: Touch the face on the face that’s been defaced
Ashlea ($500): Abraham Lincoln w/ mustache ($1025)
Lali ($450): George Washington

SM: How many books are pictured here- nine, 10, 11 or 12?
Ashlea (:19): NINE
Sam (:01): 10 ($2025)

Bad Girls: Jasmine & Teresa
Nice Guys: Nick & Frankie
W- NG ($375-$345)

SM: Logically (given pea & pear), which item below should replace the question mark- bell, pearl, pacifier or pin?
Nick (:29): Pearl
Frankie (:02): ? ($1375)

“Id!ottest” 8/9/17

Celebrity Game:
BT: Charmaine Walker (Chicago Citizens for Change) & Kat Jackson (Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence)
GT: April Macie (Children’s Defense Fund) & Joey Fatone (Autism Speaks)

BT: Touch the only stag at the party
GT: Touch the unmade bed
BT: It’s down to the wire! Quick, touch the correct answer.
GT: Based on their names, which band would want to set the record straight- R.E.M., E.L.O., T.L.C. or O.C.D.?
T ($120): O.C.D.

Kat: Which will help you make cash? The answer’s shocking!
April: Which photo (of four) has the 1/2 Lab, 1/2 Poodle, 1/2 Pug, 1/2 Shih Tzu?
#4 WAS RIGHT ($25)
Charmaine: Todd looks at Amy. Amy looks at Roy. Is a student looking at a non-student- yes, no or impossible to tell?
T ($50): NO (A: YES)
Joey: Touch the word that’s the same color as what it describes- PINK, RED, YELLOW, GREEN or BLUE
T ($25): BLUE

#1: Which shop’s customers should follow these instructions (square, circle, play & smiley face)- phones, pizza, karate or nails?
Charmaine (IDIOT)
April ($100): KARATE (A: PIZZA)
#2: If it’s three days after Thursday, touch the day after yesterday
Kat ($300): “Dentist’s appointment”
Joey ($400): NOTHING


BT: Beverly & Della (sisters)
GT: Sade & Von
W- Sade & Von ($870-$60)


“Id!ottest” 8/2/17

BT: Ben & Stazy (classmates)
GT: Josh & Sean

B&S: Trick or treat! Touch the one that’s a little pail.
FOUND ($140)
J&S: Who cut the cheese?
T ($180): Girl on top-right
B&S: How many nails did he screw in- zero, three, five or eight?
T ($80): ZERO ($220)
J&S: Which horseshoe’s farthest from the target?
T ($100): Horse (A: The man holding a horseshoe)

Josh: Touch what’s being re-served at this cafe
Leftovers Gotten? (IDIOT)
Stazy: Given Jay, ____, Joe & Jake, which person below would fit in perfectly w/ the guys above- Ken, Malcolm, Kent or Amy?
T ($75): Ken (A: Amy)
Sean: Which leaves MORE if you take away half of it- HEMLOCK, JUMPER, SYCAMORE or HICKORY?
T ($75): HICKORY
Ben: Touch the color that’s also a natural flavor
T ($350): Orange in the background ($570)

#1: The parents are gone. Where’s the baby sitter?
Stazy ($600): On the floor ($1170)
Josh ($700): AGREED ($880)
#2: How many of these animals can jump higher than a mountain- one, two or three?
Ben ($1300): KANGAROO
Sean ($1800): FROG (A: THREE)

SM: FOR THE RECORD: Which words does NOT belong- FOR, YEAR, HERE or CORD?
Stazy (:31): FOR
Ben (:17): AGREED

BT: Shant & Jacklin (twins)
GT: Danielle & Ajay

S&J: Touch the Washington monument
T ($120): Seattle Space Needle
D&A: Touch the edible under wear
T ($120): Apple
S&J: Without even seeing the questions, which response’s most likely correct?
D&A: Touch the highest limb
T ($240): Person’s right arm (A: “LIMB” on “NO CLIMBING” sign)

Ajay: Who’s most likely doing a goggle search- YouTuba, enter SCUBA WAREHOUSE, Gorgle or gettit?
T ($25): Gorgle
Shant: Wherever you go, which can you always find on the ocean floor
Danielle: What do you get when you add half & half?
T ($100): Coffee cup (A: “WHOLE” in “WHOLE BEANS”)
Jacklin: In England, touch what ISN’T the right side of the road
T ($250): Right side (A: The lines in the middle of the road)

#1: Which two people (out of the five shown, including four on the news TV set screen) got the same number?
Jacklin ($350): The women on the TV set screen
Danielle ($600): The man w/ zero votes & the news anchor ($720)
#2: Which thief’s telling the truth- “I never used the window!”, “I didn’t take a single thing!” or “I saw no TV!”?
Shant ($1300): “I saw no TV!”
Ajay ($1800): SAME (A: “I didn’t take a single thing!”)


“Id!ottest” 7/26/17

200TH EP.:
BT: Sam & Joe (roommates)
GT: Amber & Ashley (models)

Guys: Ed baked two cakes in two hrs. How many would  he have if it took him four hrs.- zero, two, three or four?
Models: After checking into her hotel rm., who went straight for the wet bar- took a shower, checked the weather, ordered rm. service or hit the pool?
T ($80): Took a shower
Guys: Touch the face behind the mask
T ($200): Man on the ground
Models: Which digit’s larger than 8?
T ($140): 0 ($220)

Sam: Who called for a cab?
T ($225): “I just ordered the house red” ($425)
Amber: How many hearts does he have?
Joe: Which one has the beginnings of A LOUD ANGRY NOISE?
T ($300): ALAN ($725)
Ashley: Who most likely broke the window?
T ($275): Lady in front of window ($495)

#1: Touch the spoon
Sam ($750): Tiny white spoon in the grips of a tool ($1475)
Amber ($100): ALSO FOUND IT ($595)
#2: Given Eli F., Lisa B., Amal L. & Stella W., if everyone’s gift reflects who they are, what should Stella’s gift logically be?
Joe ($1.5K): WALLETS ($2975)
Ashley ($400): SAILBOAT

SM: Given FRAGRANCE, ASPARAGUS & TREASURES on a map, which word should go where the question mark is- PARADISE, ASPARAGUS, TREASURES or CHIPOTLE?
Joe (:22): CHIPOTLE
Sam (:04): W

BT: Cameron & Chenine
GT: Michael & James (choirboys)

BT: Find the vehicle at cruising altitude
GT: Touch the domino at the very end of the winding line
BT: These women are all named after months. Touch the shortest of the three- April, June or July.
T ($100): JUNE ($140)
GT: Touch the duet numbered
DIDN’T TOUCH “2” ($200)

James: What can Willie carry in a wheelbarrow that Hank CAN’T?
T ($25): WILLIE (A: HANK)
Chenine: Touch the pen doors
FAILED ($300)
Michael: Who’s most likely to give a good tip- “I thought you were paying…”, “There’s a bank around the corner” or “I don’t have any purse”?
T ($250): “There’s a bank around the corner”
Cameron: The answer’s two-thirds of a TON
T ($25): 800 LBS. (A: “ON”)

#1: Which word says what you can do w/ this empty bag?
Chenine ($450): ZIP ($590)
James ($550): AGREED ($800)- W

SM: Which country’s missing IN here?
Michael (:23): The person sleeping
James (:17): Philippes ($1800)

“Id!ottest” 7/19/17

Celebrity Game:
BT: Kent Faulcon (L.A. Family Housing) & Cocoa Brown (Wigs of Love)
GT: Kiki Haynes (Karma Foundation) & Jason Olive (J.O. Foundation)

BT: You use a hammer on a nail. What should you use on a nut?
T ($180): Nutcracker
GT: Which one has bear claws?
T ($220): Donut Touch
BT: Which puzzle piece below DOESN’T fit in the empty space?
(IDIOT)(A: The red one on the box)
GT: Wake up & touch the horn!
T ($180): The one on the rhino

Jason: Sam fell out a 10-story building & landed without a scratch. Which window did he fall out of?
T ($100): Black window at the very bottom
Kent: There are Mounts Fuji, Rushmore & Everest. Where is Rainier?
T ($225): Photo of it raining & thundering on Rushmore
Kiki: Which sign’s obviously hand-made?
Cocoa: Touch what you should lose if you want to get LAID
T ($100): OVERALLS (A: P in PLAID)

#1: One of these three late night hosts has three EYEs. Which one- JIMMY FALLON, JIMMY FALLON, SETH MEYERS or JAMES CORDEN?
Cocoa ($400): JIMMY FALLON
Kiki (IDIOT)
#2: Touch the front page
Jason ($400): PAGE 3
Kent ($800): PAGE 2

SM: How many times does MACHINE appear in a straight line?
Kent (:25): 2
Cocoa (:12): The whole board (A: 1)

BT: Danesh & Hannah (married)
GT: Danielle & Jhon-Michael (dating)

BT: Touch where a piece of paper’s missing
T ($60): Torn piece of paper (A: Copy machine)
GT: How many straws are below- three, four, five or six?
T ($20): FOUR (A: THREE)
BT: Do what you hear (HIT PAWS)
SUCCESS ($220)
GT: Touch the post card
T ($100): Future in the past (A: Mark After New Year’s 2003)

Danielle: What’s the main ingredient in the world’s most expensive cup of coffee?
T ($150): Coffee cup (A: Water from waterfall)
Hannah: There are three camouflaged jackets Abe hung up. Which one’s most effective?
T ($100): The one on the left ($320)
Jhon-Michael: If thou takest away “ETH”, which doth NOT leave a word- SWINGETH, DRINKETH, BETH or CASTETH?
T ($250): BETH
Danesh: Who’s NOT playing along- “It’s opposite day!”, “I’m not smiling!”, “I’m wearing a hat!” or “It’s not opposite day!”?
T ($25): “It’s not opposite day!” (A: “It’s opposite day!”)

#1: Which two words together describe what workers do to start their day- THIN, WIN, PUN or CHIN?
Danesh ($500): PUN & CHIN ($820)
Danielle ($150): THIN & PUN
#2: Read the (backwards) signs & follow the directions (TOUCH P)
Hannah ($200): O
Jhon-Michael ($1100): U

SM: How much of this chart’s accurate- 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2?
Hannah (:19): 1/2
Danesh (:06): W