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“Id!ottest” 5/18/17

BT: Joanna (teacher) & Christine (ventriloquist)
GT: Luke & Adrian (cousins)

Ladies: This is Garrett’s old car. Where do the miles show the most?
T ($200): Odometer
Gentlemen: Which ones are really living in the sticks?
T ($160): Birds in Photo #3
Ladies: Which generates the most power?
T ($180): The Sun ($380)
Gentlemen: Where will you most likely hear a pin drop?

Luke: Just between us, who is the hottest guy?
T ($350): The one in between the ladies drinking coffee ($670)
Joanna: Which one holds the high score on this video game?
T ($50): “9 LIVES” arcade game ($430)
Adrian: Where can she see the US- CUBA, GHANA, RUSSIA or CZECH REPUBLIC?
T ($275): RUSSIA ($945)
Christine: Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was built in _____.

#1: It’s NOT about the money
Christine ($600): ¢¢¢¢
Adrian ($300): SAME (A: S)
#2: Her husband went shopping & bought too much. What did she forget to put on the list?
Joanna ($200): Bags of kitty litter
Luke ($900): Wife (A: “DOTS” on “SUGAR DOTS” cereal box)

SM: Logically, which window should replace the question mark (as the first three showed the Roman numerals III, IV & V)?
Luke (:31): #3
Adrian (:15): #3- W (VI)

BT: Tim & Steve (dorm coworkers)
GT: India & Kaila (military vet)

Gentlemen: Look out, ladies! Who’s about to turn some heads (out of the four people displayed)?
T ($120): The man turning screws
Ladies: Touch the cropped circle
T ($60): Image furthest to the left on the computer (A: Image furthest to the right on the computer)
Gentlemen: Which one swings both ways?
T ($240): Grandfather clock ($360)
Ladies: We botched the transcription. Which kid’s actually yelling in French?
T ($180): “WHEE!”

Kaila: Which dog had the most laps- swam one lap, swam three laps, swam two laps or dog tired?
T ($75): Dog tired (A: Swam two laps)
Tim: What should he press to get to the operator?
T ($50): Phone (A: Brain surgeon)
India: In the first verse of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, how many times should you clap your hands?
T ($175): 2
Steve: Unscramble the word (RTA) & touch what it spells
T ($125): The mouse wearing Mickey Mouse ears (A: ART)

#1: Ted’s on a long road trip & needs to fill up. Which exit (of the three) should he take?
Steve ($300): #2 ($660)
India ($300): WENT W/ HIM ($480)
#2: As of today, which is equal to 1/4 of a U.S. dollar?
Kaila ($1400): Euro
Tim ($1700): Quarter ($2,360)

SM: To find the criminal, you must find the …
Steve (:19): Monkey
Tim (:13): Superhero w/ “…” on his outfit ($3,360)

“Id!ottest” 5/11/17

Twins Game #2:
BT: Kacey & Erin
GT: Raul & Chris (fraternal twins who work for the postal service)

Girls: What will die if you water it?
T ($220): Flame
Boys: Bach was a famous composer. Touch the famous decomposer.
T ($80): His tombstone
Girls: Which scene below (out of four) is showing a play date?
T ($200): #3 ($420)
Boys: Which character’s guilty of breaking & entering?
T ($60): Goldilocks ($140)

Raul: Out of the four, touch the LEAST humble abode & the MOST humble adobe
IDIOT (A: #1 & #2)
Kacey: Four babies were born at 2AM Eastern Time on New Yr.’s Day. Who was born last yr. (starting from the left of the map)- Aaron, Kyle, Jay or Adam?
T ($100): Kyle
Chris: Figure out the puzzle on TV (_O_LING PIN), then touch the answer off the TV
T ($75): BOWLING PIN ($215)
Erin: Touch the number of beeps you see here- zero, 19, nine or 63.

#1: Logically, which word SHOULDN’T have a cross- BOW, WISH, WORD, WALK or BONES?
Kacey ($450): WISH ($870)
Raul ($400): IN ACCORDANCE ($615)
#2: How many golden rings?
Erin ($300): THREE

SM: Which is a broken NEON sign?
Erin (:02): Palace THEATER (A: EUGENE O’NEILL)

BT: Rafael & Lorenzo (father/son- Rafael’s a 33-yr. police chief)
GT: Sherri & Kasey (mother/daughter)

Gentlemen: Ignore the grower, touch the shower
FAILED ($60)
Ladies: Find the white-collar worker
T ($200): Priest
Gentlemen: Who did David Beckham date before he married Victoria?
Ladies: Touch the bald guy
T ($120): Bald eagle (A: Baby boy)

Rafael: To get the money, miss (Mrs.) Thang
FAILED ($150)
Kasey: Touch frequent flyer (Capt.) Miles
PASSED ($275 = $475)
Lorenzo: Which one’s NOT doing what it says it’s doing?
T ($325): TURNING (it was just moving from left to right)($345)
Sherri: Which keeps going forever?
T ($25): Dice thrower (A: ∞ on the roulette wheel)

#1: The boat’s name (ABALONE) is a clue. Touch what it describes.
Sherri ($500): Clam
Rafael ($200): Boat itself (A: B)
#2: Someone’s wearing a shirt w/ a word printed backwards. Who (out of the four guys)?
Kasey ($100): #4 ($575)
Lorenzo ($700): #1

SM: Which ____ DOESN’T belong- OUT____, ____AGE, BORDER____, LINE____SS or ____BACKER?
Kasey (:12): LINE____SS
Sherri (:02): BORDER____ ($1,575)

“Id!ottest” 5/4/17

BT: Charisma & Kayla (cousins)
GT: Mike & Gabe (siblings)

BT: A maze ball!
FOUND ($240)
GT: What was the first device to sweep the nation?
BT: Which of these’s definitely a work of ART?
ARTHUR Cupcake Touched? ($140): Y ($380)
GT: Who’s watching the game most closely?
T ($220): Referee on TV ($400)

Charisma: Which bolt NEVER needs to be tightened?
Lightning Bolt Pressed? ($375): N
Gabe: Which of these languages is spoken by the fewest people- German, Portuguese, Body Language, Klingon or French?
T ($150): Klingon
Kayla: What would a pirate need to drop in order to use?
T ($300): Pirate flag
Mike: Touch the group of 7 people

#1: Which vehicles look SMART in reverse- TRAMS, SCOOTERS, SEGWAYS or BUSES?
Charisma ($750): TRAMS ($1,130)
Gabe ($700): BUSES
#2: This should be a WINNER. Which below should replace the ?- K, R, V or M?
Kayla ($400): R ($1,530)
Mike ($1900): WON ($2,700)


BT: Cedric & Ruby (married)
GT: Vicki & Crystal

BT: Touch the couch potatoes
T ($180): Potato chips on top of that couch
GT: Which one’s blades are LEAST likely to harm you?
IDIOT (A: Grass)
BT: Which couple’s faces look the most alike?
T ($180): Red curtain for photo booth (A: Quarters on the photo booth’s sign)
GT: CAN’T touch THIS

Crystal: Unscramble the word below (PNEIS), then touch that part of her body
Ruby: Which animal most likely escaped from its cage?
IDIOT (A: Lion in the zebra cage)
Vicki: Touch where the SAT should be filled in
T ($325): The rightmost column on the May calendar
Cedric: “PRO” is the opposite of “CON”. What’s the opposite of “PROGRESS”- CONTEST, PROTEST, CONGRESS or RETREAT?


SM: Which country on the map has all these capitals (Paris, Oslo, London, Athens, Nassau & Dublin)?
Vicki (:33): POLAND
Crystal (:01): POLAND GERMANY ($1,325)

“Id!ottest” 4/27/17

BT: Spike & Nick (married pet haters)
GT: Aliza & Sara (sisters/pet lovers)

Gentlemen: Touch the space invader
T ($180): The mom who said “Kyson! Clean your room!”
Ladies: Which one’s really straining to get the job done?
T ($160): Man who was holding the strainer
Gentlemen: How many times was “knees” mentioned in “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”- once, twice, three or four?
T ($20): Once ($200)
Ladies: Tap where ushers work
T ($60): Major theater ($220)

Nick: Which machine can you get into & move forward in time?
Car Found? ($25): N
Aliza: Who’s most likely to be out standing in their field- amateur barista, rookie of the yr., so-so farmer or good custodian?
T ($225): So-so farmer ($445)
Spike: His wife said “You’re going shopping- no ifs, ands or buts!”- what should he buy- candy, milk, butter or cauliflower?
T ($175): Milk ($375)
Sara: Who does cat scans- M.R.I.s & STUFF, VIETNAM VET or CAT HOUSE TUNA?
T ($25): M.R.I.s & STUFF

#1: Karie baked this pie as well as which other?
Sara ($100): The 1st-place pie Karie was holding
Nick ($200): The 2nd-place pie (should’ve touched the 1st-place cake)
#2: It only unlocks if you have the right key- touch it.
Aliza ($700): Star = circle sign
Spike ($2K): Lock ($2,375)

SM: Touch the 2-digit number that’s famously known to bring bad luck.
Spike (:23): B that looked like 13
Nick (:19): W

BT: Janlyn & Kristina (troublemaking coworkers)
GT: Janelle & Elvis (former coworkers)

BT: Find the oldest text on the screen
T ($160): Holy Bible
GT: Warm…warmer…what will make him colder?
T ($120): A/C
BT: This is Finn Smothers. Touch Finn Smothers’ twin brother’s twin brother.
T ($20): Dad (A: Brother #1 next to dad)
GT: What’s this question doing?
T ($200): Multiplying ($320)

Kristina: Do what the voice tells you (“Touch the biggest turtle”)
FAILED ($225)
Janelle: Which two have mad rhymes- “YO, I AM ANGRY!”, “I FEEL SAD!”, “I LOOK DOPE!” or “TODAY I AM GLAD!”?
T ($50): “YO, I AM ANGRY!” & “TODAY I AM GLAD!”
Janlyn: We flipped this picture then added one little thing that doesn’t belong. What?
“e” after United Kingdom Caught? ($100): N
Elvis: Their wedding was at 1:30AM & annulled at 1:29AM the same day. What season was it- Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter?
T ($175): Fall ($495)



“Id!ottest” 4/20/17

BT: Ryan & Kerry (dating- he got into college w/o taking his SATs & they BOTH smoke pot)
GT: Stephanie & Nina (Stephanie’s an ER nurse; Nina’s won two trips from a radio station)

BT: Touch the remote location
T ($180): Remote
GT: Which shirt’s the opposite of NOT inside-out?
T ($140): Inside-out shirt
BT: Touch the smallest blue triangle
T ($140): Blue/white part of American flag ($320)
GT: Which one clearly has what it takes to make it to the top?
T ($100): Elevator ($240)

Nina: Touch the one that can give you the most information about computers
T ($350): Laptop ($590)
Kerry: What usually appears green inside & red or yellow outside?
IDIOT (A: Blinking arrows on dashboard)
Stephanie: This dog’s barking! Where’s the CAT?
T ($100): Dog catcher (A: “CAT” on “DOG CATCHER” marked on truck’s door)
Ryan: Who has repeated Mr. Yablonsky’s class the most times?
T ($350): Mr. Yablonsky ($670)

#1: If you combine their names, which two form something bees make- honey, volt, QUEEN ANNE Flour, chicken or comb?
#2: Who just now said “TOMATO”?
Nina (TWO GRAND): Ben at cash register ($2,590)
Ryan (SAME): AGREED ($2,670)


BT: Tara & Grishma (they’ve ran marathons & Grishma’s Indian)
GT: Joan & Ben (engaged- they’ve been playing Truth or Dare mini-golf & Joan works at a doggy daycare)

BT: Poke a man! GO!
PASSED ($240)
GT: There’s an owl & a turtle. Touch the seal.
T ($180): Seal on top of animal crackers pouch
BT: Touch what you hear
T ($180): Salsa ($420- can you believe that?)
GT: Touch the extended family
T ($240): “Family” on top (TIED THE GAME)

Joan: Pick the holiday about immigrants- Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest or Thanksgiving.
IDIOT (A: Thanksgiving)
Grishma: Don’t say it- “THAY IT”- to find the answer
“Thith Ith It” Found? ($50): Y ($470)
Ben: Before 1492, what did everyone use to think about Planet Earth?
T ($50): Center of the universe (A: Brain)
Tara: Touch the one that’s normally green
T ($250): Top of tree ($720)

#1: Turn right & touch this: OON Z- ZCZ
Grishma ($300): Vitamin formula chalkboard
Joan ($150): Two lovers wearing horse heads (A: NUN IN ZOO)
#2: If Jerry buried Gary & Harry buried Jerry, who’s Harry (of the three)?
Tara ($1300): #2
Ben ($2K): #1 ($2,420)

SM: Logically (given English muffin, German shepherd & Belgian waffle), which one should replace the question mark- French fries, bass drum, fried egg or basketball?
FA: French fries

“Id!ottest” 4/13/17

Celebrity Game:
BT: Adam Ray (Alexander Hamilton & Friends Assoc.) & Brad Williams (Friends & Helpers)
GT: Ian Bagg (Pets for Vets- competed on “Last Comic Standing”) & Lachlan Patterson (Free Range Orphans Charity- has been on “The Tonight Show”)

BT: Can you solve this test? Time to find OUT!
FAILED ($40)
GT: Watch the watch…you’re getting verrry sleepy…now touch the watch
PASSED ($180)
BT: You’ve got bread! What should you use from the bottom shelf to make toast?
T ($180): Toaster on top shelf (A: Knife)
GT: Which lets out a crow in the morning?
T ($20): Scarecrow (A: Rooster)

Brad: How many times does the word “ocho” appear on the chalkboard?
T ($50): NUEVE (A: ONCE)
Ian: What sounds like it completes the phrase “Stop and smell the…”?
T ($25): Challah bread (A: “ROWS S”)
Adam: Based on their job titles, whose outfit’s off-color- standup comic, blacksmith, credit analyst or Rhythm & Blues singer?
T ($25): Blacksmith (she instead had a blue outfit on)
Lachlan: Which newspaper has breaking news?
T ($25): “Dam collapses, killing no one; still kind of a shame” ($205)

#1: Which tunnel is the van LEAST likely to make it through?
Adam ($50): 12′
Lachlan ($50): 10″ ($255)
#2: Who knows who knows who knows the answer- Mark (“I know the answer!”), Sara (“I know what Mary knows!”), Matt (“I know what Mark knows!”) or Mary (“I know what Mark knows!”)?
Ian ($200): Mary
Brad ($1600): Mark (A: Sara)

SM: There are 10 fish in the tank. Three die & four swim away. How many fish are in the tank- three, four, seven or ten?

BT: Terika & Toi (cousins; former’s a barista)
GT: Natalie & Spencer (dating; she was a former soccer national champion as a defender)

Cousins: Whose picture definitely WON’T show France?
T ($140): The cameraman directly in front of the Eiffel Tower
Couple: All together now: Slam a ram, a lamb, a ding dong
FAILED ($20)
Cousins: Where is Ben telling you to go?
T ($140): Intensive care unit (DOUBLED)
Couple: Touch southwest airline
T ($160): HER DINGUS

Natalie: The answer: REDIPS backwards
FAILED ($150)
Terika: Touch the one that got paid over time- “Woo-hoo! I just got paid!”, “I worked till midnight!” or “I’m getting paid in installments!”.
T ($50): “Woo-hoo! I just got paid!”
Spencer: Touch the Fall clearance item
T ($200): Rake (regular price)($360)
Toi: Which has been spinning the longest?
T ($50): Turntable w/ black/orange record (A: Earth)


SM: How many balls are visible- four, seven, eight or ten?
Natalie: SEVEN
Spencer: EIGHT (A: TEN)

“Id!ottest” 4/6/17

BT: Daniel & Tyler
GT: Lola & Samantha (coworkers)

Gentlemen: Which one’s the spitting image of their parents?
PASSED ($220)
Ladies: Which is freshly squeezed?
T ($160): Cow
Gentlemen: Which sound’s the alarm?
T ($140): “BEEEEP!!” ($360)
Ladies: Which one hovers longest w/ the LEAST amount of fuel?
T ($180): Hot-air balloon (A: Cloud)

Lola (who has an Albanian heritage): Please DON’T. Just DON’T.
“DON’T” in DON’T DO IT! Note Found? ($50): N
Tyler: Which business most likely placed the ad below (“Must have filing experience”)- Ken’s Karate, Nancy’s Nail Salon, Paulie’s Pizza, Hank’s Hats or Walter’s Wieners?
T ($75): Nancy’s Nail Salon ($435)
Samantha: The ball & runner are heading toward the base! Which one got there first?
T ($150): The girl on the base ($310)
Daniel: Which one travels at the speed of sound?
T ($175): The man who said “This is so deep…” ($610)

#1: Which scratch ticket (of the three) is worth the most?
Daniel ($300): Top one
Lola ($400): AGREED (A: #3- only one that DIDN’T have the “VOID IF THIS BOX IS SCRATCHED” scratched off)
#2: What takes a seventh of your life?
Samantha ($1800): Friday ($2,110)
Tyler ($1900): W ($2,510)

SM: Who still has all of their original teeth?
Tyler (:33): Baby
Daniel (:07): Comb ($3,510)

BT: Emily & Tessa (former camp counselors for boys)
GT: Nate & Morgan

Ladies: Who’s telling the truth (“Dessert is on me!”)?
T ($200): The guy w/ a slice of cake on his lap
Gentlemen: 100m dash time! Who’s probably NOT winning this race?
Guy W/ Shoes Tied Pressed? ($180): Y
Ladies: Help him find LOVE
“LOVE” in CLOVERFIELD Discovered? ($160): Y ($360)
Gentlemen: Yes, wee can!
T ($220): That miniscule red can ($400)

Emily: Hey! Look “up” here!
T ($175): “Reading is Fun” sign (A: Dictionary)
Nate: Which one has four eyes & three ears?
T ($325): Guy holding two ears of corn ($725)
Tessa: This answer? Nothing two it!
T ($50): <02IT> ($410)
Morgan: Which tweeter has #firstwordproblems- Chad Davis, Trent Jones or Kate Adams?
T ($75): Kate Adams (A: Trent Jones, because he said “Are waiter” instead of “Our waiter”)

#1: Given fajitas at $10, burrito at $8, nachos at $9 & quesadilla at $8 (as well as a coupon), how many things on this menu are EXACTLY $8?
Morgan ($350): TWO
Emily ($250): THREE ($660)
#2: Which word would NOT form a new word if she put a RING on it- TEA, TAPE, BADGE or SLED?
Nate ($1K): BADGE
Tessa ($400): SAME

SM: Figure it out (BIG ONION IN GIN)