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“Alone” 8/10

Ted had GERD at the start of Day 43.

Later on, the Brockdorffs had their differences.

OUT AFTER 49 DAYS- The Whipples

“Alone” 8/3

Late in Day 38, The Whipples argued among each other.

“Alone” 7/27

The Bairds were working on a boat.

The Whipples were building a cabin.

The Brockdorffs struggled to get food, especially fish.

They were on Day 24 at the close of this ep.

“Alone” 7/20

Right from the start, KILLER weather hit Vancouver Island.

OUT AFTER 14 DAYS- Team Wilkes

“Alone” 7/13

The Bairds got reunited at roughly the halfway mark of this episode.

“Alone” 7/6

Jim tried to kill a grouse up ahead by throwing a stick but just missed it. Eight days in, Ted had to do a #2 for the first time.

Sam lost his ax.

The Whipples & Brockdorffs were now together.

“Alone” 6/29

OUT 3RD- The Bosdells (Shannon suffered a spinal compression fracture very early in the ep.)