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Nick (senior sales mgr orig. from JAM who was Mr. Continental 2011)
Becca (Trader Joe’s employee)
Payton (4th grade teacher in TX)
Deputy B (retired law enforcement officer in ATL)
Molly (general contractor in Santa Fe)
Leah (MS teacher in TX)
Lily Gehring (15-yr-old in Vegas who has hearing loss in her left ear)
Abey (STARBUCKS barista)
Tia (cancer survivor in Orem)
Ayanna Melvin (13-yr-old in West Palm Beach who writes short stories & loves collecting crystals)
Ricky Pond (graphic designer in UT married to Roxanne)
Jake (real estate agent in Salt Lake City married to another male)

AEOY: “Roses” by Saint Jhn & Imanbek, “Girl Like Me” by Shakira & Black Eyed Peas & “OMG”
L- Jake & Molly (Also on bottom: Becca & Ricky)

FB: “Worth It”
#1: Deputy B v. Abey- ABEY
#2: Becca v. Nick- BECCA
#3: Ayanna v. Leah- AYANNA
#4: Tia v. Payton- TIA
#5: Ricky v. Lily- LILY
L- Payton & Ricky

DA (Jabari Banks): “WOW” by Post Malone
W- BOTTOM (Becca, Nick, Leah & Tia)
L- Ayanna & Deputy B

DC: Tia & Nick, Lily & Becca & Abey & Ayanna
S: “Pump Up the Jam”
W- Abey & Ayanna
L- Nick & Becca

SU Extra Item: Hula hoop
S: “Mi Gente”
L- Tia & Abey

BtC: “Confident”
W- Lily


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