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“Catch 21” 12/13/19

Jamie (avid bowler)
Jimi (world traveler from UT)
Caitlin (hockey fan in Vegas)

R1 BC:
Jamie: 10♠
Jimi: 6♣
Caitlin: 6♠

Q1: Newlyweds can make a splash at what NY state natural wonder called “the honeymoon capital of the world”?
Caitlin: Niagara Falls8♥; PASSES TO JAMIE
Q2: Since ’41 Scripps has hosted what competition for kids under the age of 15?
Jamie: Boys & Girls Club
Caitlin: National Spelling Bee3♦; KEEPS
Q3: Coconuts are the fruit of what subtropical tree?
Jamie: Palm– 7♠; PASSES TO CAITLIN
Q4: What fairytale woodcarver created a marionette puppet who wanted to be a real boy?
Jimi: Geppetto– J♣; BUSTS CAITLIN
Q5: In 1980 what 15-yr.-old model told us that “nothing” came between her & her Calvins?
Jimi: Brooke Shields– J♠

R2 BC:
Jamie: 6♦
Jimi: J♥
Caitlin: 7♣

Q1: Which spiritual leader of Tibet was born Lhamo Thondup?
Caitlin: Dalai Lama– J♣; PASSES TO JAMIE
Q2: On what long-running COMEDY CENTRAL animated series would you hear “Oh my god! They killed Kenny!”?
Jamie: “South Park”6♥; PASSES TO CAITLIN
Q3: The International Federation of Football Assoc. is a soccer organization better known by what acronym?
Q4: Christina Aguilera & Maroon 5 strutted to the top of the charters w/ their song “Moves Like…” who?
Caitlin: JaggerA♥
Q5: Orig. from Japan what decorative fish of the carp family’s a favorite of ponds & water gardens?
Caitlin: KoiA♦
Q6: A common nickname for the American flag’s “Old…” what?
Jimi: Glory– 3♠; PASSES
Q7: What’s the verb in the sentence “I hear you”?
Jimi: Hear– 5♣

HCP: What country music trio has had several #1 hits like “Need You Now” & “Just a Kiss”?
Jamie: Lady Addabellum 
Caitlin: Lady Antebellum4♦
Other card: 10♠

R3 BC:
Jimi: Q♠
Caitlin: 3♦

Q1: What planet’s called “Earth’s twin” because of their similarity in size & mass?
Caitlin: Mars
Jimi: Venus– J♣- FREEZES
RC: 7♣, 6♥, 2♥, 9♦

Triple Catch 21 BC:
#1: 10♣
#2: Q♦
#3: 6♥

#1: 7♦ (three PCs left)
#2: J♥ (two PCs left)
#3: 8♦; PLACES IN HAND #1
#5: 7♠ (one PC left)
#7: 6♣

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