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“America Says” 12/13/19

Music Makers: Ken, Gina, Scott (Gina’s hubby) & Bonni
Boogie Bunch: Paige, Lundon (sister), Eesha & Myeshia

#1: The taste of ______________ brings me right back to my childhood
Tater tots, cotton candy (#1), Kool-Aid & watermelon
Paige Pickups: Biscuits (A: Chicken nuggets, popsicles & bologna)
#2: You probably wear a nametag if you work as a _______________
Nurse, cashier (#1) & flight attendant
Ken Pickups: Waiter, guide (A: Bank teller, pharmacist & greeter)

#1: If you look into a police car you might see a __________
Radio (#1), computer, radar gun, dog, policeman & criminal
Paige Pickup (started w/ S): Suspect (A: Siren)
#2: If I have to get my spouse a gift card I’ll get ’em one from _______________
HOME DEPOT, Victoria’s Secret, TARGET, Walmart & amazon (#1)
Ken Pickups: STARBUCKS & Golf USA (A: GameStop)

#1: I still remember the 1st time I learned how to _________
Drive (#1), swim, dance, ski & kiss
Paige Pickups: Ice skate & waltz (A: Whistle)
#2: A __________ is a great place to meet new people
Party, bar (#1), park, churchGONE (A: Dating app, concert & gym)

#1: I have a habit of chewing on my p_____
#2: Cruise ships are so fancy now! Some even have ___________
Waterslides & ziplines
#3: The last thing I bought at the drugstore was ________
Aspirin, candy & antacid
#4: ___________ are often announced in the newspaper
Births, engagements, scores & L (A: Sales)

The Blancos (Cuban family): Yvette, Lizette (sister), Fatima (cousin) & Christopher (Fatima’s hubby)
Wedding Pals: Mia, Brendan (married to Mia for decade), Sarah & David (Sarah’s hubby)

#1: If you work at a _______________ you’re really busy during the Summer
Pool (#1), ice cream shop, golf club & camp
Mia Pickups: Waterpark, Summer school (A: Surf shop & beach)
#2: My tongue’s always a different color after I eat _____________
Popsicles (#1), cotton candy & Jolly Ranchers
Yvette Pickups: Lollipops, Slurpees (A: Blueberries, Skittles & Cheetos)

#1: When I think of the word “baby” I think of baby _________
Bottles & blankets
Mia Pickups (#1 starts w/ P): Showers, teeth (Unsaid top answer of board: Powder/Also not given: Carrots, Ruth & talk)
#2: A white _____ is always so hard to keep clean
Shirt (#1), towel, dress, car, couch & rug
Yvette Pickup (short S): Shoe

#1: My __________ takes too long to finish
Laundry (#1), work, dishwasher & hair 
Yvette Pickups: Coffee (A: Chores, taxes & book)
#2: The all-time funniest TV show about a family’s _____________________
“Modern Family”, “The Brady Bunch”, “Full House”, “Family Ties”, “THE SIMPSONS” & NO MORE (Unsaid #1: “Married With Children”/Other: “Home Improvement”)

#1: I always tell my wife she’s lucky I’ve got such a big h____
#2: You always see taxis in front of a _______
Airport & hotel
#3: I’m so dependable I never miss a ___________
AppointmentL (A: Deadline & payment)
#4: In my kitchen all the _____________ are in alphabetical order
Spices, recipes, canned goods & cookbooks

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