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“Millionaire” 11/22/18

Adam Burstein (Clarkston, MI)

$500: At the podium Sarah Huckabee Sanders often wears what classic fashion item that one expert says conveys “trustworthiness…and authority”?

A: Pearl choker necklace
B: Pink ten-gallon hat
C: Winnie-the-Pooh footed pajamas
D: Eyepatch & a parrot

Pearl choker necklace$

$1K: “Keep your vegetables at the bottom” & “Resist the urge to open the lid” are two of cookbook author Hope Comerford’s tips for using what?

A: Slow cooker
B: Hot tub
C: Clothes dryer
D: Tanning bed

Slow cooker$

$2K: “MTV Floribama Shore” is described as “eight young adults who…spend the summer in the hottest beach town” where?

A: On Cape Cod
B: On the Gulf Coast
C: In the Hamptons
D: On the French Riviera

Gulf Coast$

$3K: By definition spaying is a procedure done to what?

A: Cats NOT dogs
B: Female animals
C: Dogs NOT cats
D: Male animals

Female animals$

$5K: What legendary American athlete who often competed in Scotland was once featured on the country’s five-pound note?

A: Michael Jean
B: Billie Jean King
C: Jack Nicklaus
D: Muhammad Ali


$7K: “Collide with destiny” was the original tagline on posters promoting what ’97 Best Picture-winning movie?



$10K: What’s the next letter in the following well-known sequence where each letter represents the 1st letter of a word: O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E, N…?

A: R
B: F
C: M
D: T


$20K: Considered one of history’s greatest virtuosos classical composer Niccolo Paganini was best known for playing which instrument?

A: Flute
B: Piano
C: Violin
D: Trumpet


A: 22%
B: 17%
C: 59%
D: 2%


$30K: In Japan someone taking part in which activity’s most likely to say “Itadakimasu” before they start & “Gochisou-sama” after they’ve finished?

A: Traveling
B: Sleeping
C: Eating
D: Getting married

SleepingL (A: Eating)

John Dale Beety (marketing assoc. in Roanoke)

$500: What life-changing event orig. inspired Jenny Craig to open her own gym & create a comprehensive approach to weight loss?

A: The birth of her 1st child
B: Her 1972 moon landing
C: Her invention of the Internet
D: Her abduction by aliens w/ 2% body fat

Birth of her 1st child$

$1K: Due to the notoriously cruel fate his enemies often suffered the 15th C. ruler Vlad III was nicknamed what?

A: “Vlad the Tickler”
B: “Vlad the Noogier”
C: “Vlad the Impaler”
D: “Vlad the Bad Tipper”

“Vlad the Impaler”$

$2K: Renowned for its foot speed & the inspiration for a desert-dwelling cartoon character what bird’s also known as the Chaparral Cock?

A: Woodpecker
B: American white duck
C: Leghorn chicken
D: Roadrunner


QotD: To maximize their exposure to sunlight solar panels in the U.S. should optimally face what direction?
A: North
B: East
C: South
D: West

$3K: A popular Internet meme poses the Q “What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in…” what language?

A: French
B: German
C: Russian
D: Spanish


A: 8%
B: 7%
C: 2%
D: 83%


$5K: Which of these was the colonist who 1st proposed the Declaration of Independence & NOT a member of Motley Crue or Rush or the singer of the ’58 hit “Fever”?

A: Peggy Lee
B: Tommy Lee
C: Geddy Lee
D: Richard Henry Lee

Richard Henry Lee$

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