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$30K: The 1st page of a U.S. passport feat. a quote by Abraham Lincoln at the top & a message from which official (repeated in French & Spanish) at the bottom?

A: President
B: Secretary of State
C: Secretary-General of the U.N.
D: Secretary of Homeland Security

FA: O&D (A: Secretary of State)

Jay Malarcher (professor in Morgantown)

$500: Acc. to a poll by menshealth.com which of these ISN’T one of the traits women find most attractive in a man?

A: Kindness
B: Dependability
C: A history of shoplifting convictions
D: Faithfulness

History of shoplifting convictions$

$1K: Which of the following happens when President Trump pushes the special red button on his desk in the Oval Office?

A: Healthcare’s reformed
B: A Supreme Court Justice’s nominated
C: Peace’s achieved in the Middle East
D: Someone brings him a Coke

Someone brings him a Coke$

$2K: Dwarfing any of our skyscrapers which of these’s the largest structure on Earth built by creatures other than Homo sapiens?

A: Great Barrier Reef
B: The Eiffel Anthill
C: Hoover Beaver Dam
D: Taj Ma’hairball

Great Barrier Reef$

$3K: Reminiscent of the Ice Bucket Challenge a viral campaign to raise leukemia awareness has people filming themselves taking a bite of what pucker-inducing fruit?

A: Banana
B: Pear
C: Apple
D: Lemon


$5K: The letter “a” is the vowel that appears the most in the names of the days of the wk. turning up eight times. Ignoring “y” which vowel appears next most often- E, I, O or U?

Julia Novakovic (archivist in Rochester, NY)

$500: If you’re able to do something very well you’re said to “have it down to a…” what?

A: Math
B: Science
C: History
D: Phys. Ed.

“…science”- $

$1K: ALL BUT which of these items appear on Healthline.com’s list of “The 9 Best Foods to Eat Before Bed”?

A: Almonds
B: White rice
C: Extra-spicy buffalo wings
D: Walnuts

Extra-spicy buffalo wings- $

$2K: From the co. that gave the world Match.com what dating site specializes in connecting singles over the age of 50?

A: OurTime
B: OutofTime
C: NapTime
D: HipReplacementTime


$3K: Though many health pros now consider the term to be antiquated “lumbago” is pain in what part of the body?

A: Throat
B: Chest
C: Feet
D: Lower back

Lower back$

$5K: What ’18 Broadway production did Entertainment WEEKLY fittingly describe as “Hot Stuff”?

A: “Winter”
B: “Spring”
C: “Summer”
D: “Fall”


$7K: Thanks to its overseas territory French Guiana technically France could be said to border which of these countries?

A: South Africa
B: Brazil
C: China
D: Mexico


$10K: Munchkin Country was the best-known of the four countries that make up the Land of Oz in L. Frank Baum’s classic novels- which of these were the other three?

A: Rivendell, Rhun & Mordor
B: Winkie, Gilikin & Quadling
C: Lapula, Glubbdubdrib & Houyhnhnm
D: Dorne, Highgarden & Casterly Rock

Winkie, Gilikin & Quadling$

$20K: Before she began dating Ashton Kutcher in ’12 Mila Kunis was in an 8yr relationship w/ what former child actor?

A: Macaulay Culkin
B: Haley Joel Osment
C: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
D: Jonathan Taylor Thomas


$30K: Located at the site of their MO childhood home, in 1940 who became the 1st African-American to have a National Park Service monument named after ’em?

A: Frederick Douglass
B: W.E.B. DuBois
C: Harriet Tubman
D: George Washington Carver

AtA & 50:50

A: 7%
B: 24% (LEFT)
C: 27%
D: 42% (LEFT)


QotD: On a TV weather map the letter “H” typically indicates what?
A: Hailstorms 
B: High pressure
C: Hot weather
D: Heavy rains

$50K: Originating in 1852 w/ a contest between Harvard & Yale what’s considered the oldest American college sport still in existence?

A: Fencing
B: Football
C: Rowing
D: Wrestling


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