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“America Says” 7/20

The New Yorkers: Patrice, Court, Jalene & Sonjia
The Southards: Janet, Danielle, Johnel & Jammie

(Early-taped ep.)

#1: My favorite thing my mom cooks is _____________
Chicken & lasagna
Janet Steal (S.J., D________, P.R., P.C. & M_______): Pork chops, meatloaf, duck (A: Sloppy Joes, pot roast & dumplings)
#2: Around the watercooler I love to talk about _______________
Boss, gossip, food, sports & TV shows
Patrice Steal (W.P. & C_________): Children (A: Weekend plans & coworkers)

#1: When I think of Stephen King I immediately think of ___________
Horror, IT, The Shining & books
Janet Steal (C____, C_____ & M______): Corn (A: Cujo, Carrie & Misery)
#2: There’s NOTHING better than a hot ______________
Bath, chocolate & dog
Patrice Steal (F.S., S_______, M____ & C______): Meal, shower, foot scrub (A: Fudge sundae & coffee)

#1: Philadelphia makes me think of ________________
Cheesesteak, brotherly love & Eagles
Janet Steal (B.F., L.B., C.C. & R_____): Benjamin Franklin, Liberty Bell, cheesecake (A: Cream cheese & “ROCKY”)
#2 (need at least two to keep playing & five to clinch): I love my pets but I wish they WOULDN’T chew on my ____________
Shoes, furniture, underwear & toes
Patrice Steal to W (B_______, B____ & S_____): Socks, boxers (A: Blanket & belt)

#1: The 1st place I’d look for loose change is my c_____
#2: I ALWAYS close my eyes when I ________
Sleep & sneeze (one penalty)
#3: I love a firm __________
Handshake, mattressSKIP
#4: If I’m sitting the couch I’m probably holding a ______________
Book, cat, remote & drink
Returning to #3 w/ :01 Left AGAIN (M_______): Milkshake (A: Massage)


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