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-Whoopi & Jeanine Pirro were in a heated segment on “The View” yesterday that caused BOTH to throw a fit backstage.
-During tonight’s “Kids Choice Sports Awards” two celebs will run the Obstacle Course.
-“BattleBots” will begin the 2nd half of the season on 8/3 w/ a “Desperado Tournament” where the winning robot would get a guaranteed berth in the championship tournament.


Comments on: "7/20/18 Quick News & Notes" (5)

  1. Today marks the one year anniversary of Chester Bennington’s appearance as a contestant on the July 20, 2017 episode of Celebrity Bucket Kickers as what themanheis said. Right, Skipps?

  2. I didn’t mention Chester Bennington’s anniversary, but yesterday was.

  3. J! champion Stephanie Jass was yesterday sentenced to just under one year of probation for her hacking into other people’s e-mail at Adrian College in Michigan

  4. Ann Cullen, wife of Bill Cullen, died on 7/21/2018, as per the Jack Narz Facebook page

  5. Alex Trebek turns 78 today and the host of the pilot for what would become CLassic Concentration, Orson Bean, turns 90 today. Orson is the last surviving member of the regular classic To Tell the Truth panel.

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