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FF: Carolyn Perkins, Mark Hilado, Amy Tyson & Darrel Roberson
IUFB #1: Two-in-one notebook computer + stylus (ceiling)

CAROLYN: 1250/MARK: 1100/AMY: 1K/DARREL: 1300

Total: $1,…599- Darrel plays DtM for the Benelli TNT 300 + helmet (J) & Tory Burch bags.
A: $1,019
G: Benelli pkg. ($4059) + $1019 = T.B. bags

5. Vicki Linta
IUFB #2: DeLonghi appliances (R in Clam)

Carolyn: 900/Mark: 500/Amy: 601/VICKI: 600

Mark could win the Hyundai Accent SEL playing the SB.
F: #11 & #23

Mini-fan: 15 (#9)
Kikkerland solar radio: 24
Immersion blender: 45 ($33)
O&D (C: A & TWO C’s)

6. Brian Bosch
IUFB #3: PENTAX 24.2mp (J in CR)

Carolyn: 802/BRIAN: 800/Amy: 600/Vicki: 801

Pictures of Carolyn (who won $3,647 in prizes on 3/30/77) at the Dear Hotel, (#4) will be taken if she wins the Balance Game.
DVA: $2K, $4K & $7K
G: 9345

SCSD #1:
Darrel: 45 + 15 = .6
Mark ($3,603): 55 + 45 = $1K (BS: .6)
Carolyn ($10,245): 30 X2

7. Delicia Williams-White
IUFB #4: Apple watch + charging dock & one-yr. plan (R)

DELICIA: 1200/Brian: 950/Amy: 475/Vicki: 525

Total: Only $643- Vicki has to PaP to win all of this- GUCCI shoes, a LUXE Rodeo Drive Hotel WG (incl. club benefits), $1.5K towards TURO rental car services & $3K for a total of $9,415.
I: ICYHOT applicator, Pearls To-Go!, McCann’s oatmeal, johnson’s head-to-toe baby lotion, CedarLane Eggplant Parmesan & Nature Nate’s Raw Unfiltered Honey
T1: Honey & baby lotion ($3.99)- KEEPS HONEY
FP: Pearls To-Go!

8. Mikayla Johnson
IUFB #5: TransBoard (J)

Delicia: 900/Brian: 901/Amy: 902/MIKAYLA: 700

It will be absolutely Amy playing any number for either the bumper pool table + cover (J to L of #2) or the ’18 Toyota Yaris iA (Std., Armrest, Tote, Mat).
9: Bumper pool table (__9)
6: TOYOTA (1__6_)
8: TOYOTA (18_6_)
4: Bumper pool table (_49)
2: TOYOTA (1826_)
FP: 5

LAST PLAYER: Brandon Brown
LAST IUFB: WUSTHOF cutlery & butcher block (R at SS)

Delicia: 1K/Brian: 400/BRANDON: 675/Mikayla: 1.5K

Mikayla will be using all of that on a PatioResortLifestyles island + natural gas heaters if she can stop Bonkers in time.
BB: 6347
#1: HLLH
#2: LLLH
#3: LHHH
#4: LHHL
#5: LLHL
#6: HLHL
#7: HHLL
FT: SAME AS #4 (ARP: $9973)

SCSD #2:
Vicki: .85
Amy ($2,005): 65 + 90
Mikayla: 65 X2

L of #3- 4prs Fendi sunglasses & trip to Acanto Hotel & Suites (R)
#3- ’18 maZDa3

BID ON TRIP/CAR SHOWCASE: $23,900 (ARP: $27,334)

R of #1- Hatteras Hammock (J)
#1- Theater rm. incl. SAMSUNG 82″ UHDTV + soundbar/subwoofer (R)
#2- Bayliner 160

BID ON RM./BOAT SHOWCASE: $30,300 (ARP: $26,701)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 6/19/18" (6)

  1. Rough show after a daily double wipeout yesterday. No car winner at all and 2 redeemed contestants made it to the showcase.
    Grade: F-
    Rating: 2

  2. Terrible show today. Only one game won and no car win in Pricing Games knocked my rating down by 7. And a dumb loser won her Showcase damaged my rating even more.

    My rating: 2

  3. Tomorrow would have been a first run TPIR but will now be a rerun, as per golden-road.net. Tomorrow’s show will instead air on August 21. This is likely either due to there being a trip to recently earthquake ravaged Japan or due to their being handbags on offer from 6/5/2018 voluntary CBKer Kate Spade.

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