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“Millionaire” 11/5/15

Desiree & Chris Siegfried (SEA)(Plymouth Housing Group)
+1: Joseph

$500: NOT actually a plant, which of the following are you least likely to encounter in the lawn & garden dept.?

A: Japanese holly
B: Lily of the valley
C: Oakleaf hydrangea
D: Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea$

$1K: Weighing such factors as an affinity for soap operas & LA-Z-BOY retailers per capita, a ’15 study on Estately.com found that OH has the country’s most what?

A: Celebrity chefs
B: Professional wrestlers (especially Alexa Bliss)
C: Couch potatoes
D: Astronauts

Couch potatoes$

$2K: Lacking the fame of his counterpart, Jack Jouette’s 40-mile ride to save Thomas Jefferson from capture by the British in 1781 led him to be called the who “of the South”?

A: Alexander Hamilton
B: Paul Revere
C: Benjamin Franklin
D: John Hancock

Paul Revere$

$3K: The punnily-named Ted Nudegent starred in “Austin Powers” as Mr. Bigglesworth, a hairless what that sat on Dr. Evil’s lap?

A: Dog
B: Rat
C: Cat
D: Hamster


$5K: Which of the following was named after a wealthy American because of the incredible buttery richness of the sauce it’s served w/?

A: Oysters Rockefeller
B: Beef Wellington
C: Bananas Foster
D: Peach Melba

Oysters Rockefeller$

$7K: Of the following pairs of famous names which one incl. two people of the same sex?

A: Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift
B: Blake Lively & Blake Shelton
C: Jamie Dornan & Jamie Foxx
D: Glenn Close & Glenn Beck

Jamie Dornan & Jamie Foxx$

$10K: Ubiquitous at weddings what line dance’s set to an ’83 song produced by Bunny Wailer, a former member of Bob Marley’s band?

A: “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”
B: “Electric Slide”
C: “Macarena”
D: “Chicken Dance”


A: 12%
B: 64%
C: 17%
D: 7%

“Electric Slide”$

$20K: Famous among car fans the ’95 Honda Civic VX got what EPA-estimated highway mileage, two more than the ’15 Toyota Prius?

A: 20mpg
B: 40mpg
C: 50mpg
D: 70mpg

FA: 40mpg

QotD: Martha Stewart said that she stopped dating what actor because she “couldn’t get past the Lecter thing”?
A: Anthony Hopkins
B: Gene Hackman
C: Sean Connery
D: Al Pacino

Thousandaire: Ahmed Jami
Since a fruit & rum cocktail shared its name w/ a small Cuban town, when you’re in Cuba it’s possible to drink what?
A: A martini in Martini
B: A margarita in Margarita
C: A daiquiri in Daiquiri
D: A cosmo in Cosmo

FA: Daiquiri in Daiquiri


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