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FF: Kathleen Phelps, Jerry Caryuki, Michael Beachnau & Tracylyn Caprioni-Sorensen
IUFB #1: Apple iPads (ceiling)


Kathleen (recently turned 55) plays the Grand Game ($5.5).
I: Girard’s dressing, Old London Melba snacks roasted garlic, tic-tacs, RESOLVE foam, OLIVO by CLASSICO sauce & NIVEA skin firming hydration lotion
P: tic-tacs, Melba snacks ($3.69), dressing & sauce (RESOLVE foam: $7.59/NIVEA lotion: $9.99)

5. Vivian James
IUFB #2: Dirty Hand Tools (J at SS)

VIVIAN: 1240/Jerry: 1050/Michael: 875/Tracylyn: 1200

Michael could Flip, Flop or F-F to Home Styles outdoor furn. & a BULL pizza oven (R).
G: FLIPS (6842)- W

6. Rose Milton
IUFB #3: 8pc k.s. acc. (R in Clam)

Vivian: 1.5K/Jerry: 1001/ROSE: 1K/Tracylyn: 900

We want a ’18 Honda Fit (Std., Cover, Mats, Prot/AA) pushed out in front of #2 because Vivian’s playing L$ (she’s from TN but orig. from MS).
2nd: 7- $6 LEFT (8)
3rd: 4- $4 LEFT (2)
4th: 8- $3 LEFT (9)
5th: 4- W + $1 (5)

SCSD #1:
Michael ($7,952): 40 + H-D = .9
Kathleen ($10,858): .95
Vivian ($20,377): 85 + 30

7. Lorne Matthew
IUFB #4: Hathaway skee-ball (R at GPT)

LORNE: 450/Jerry: 1050/Rose: 1.5K/Tracylyn: 800

Tracylyn has a 50/50 chance of continuing today’s hot streak by playing S? for a zuo office + hp Envy (J)($4214) & SAMSUNG fridge.
S?: Y

8. Nancy Hoeksma
IUFB #5: Delsey luggage (J at #5)

Lorne: 1200/Jerry: 1350/Rose: 950/NANCY: 899

Lorne wins the bonus & plays the Range Game for a stay at the Sandals Grand Antigua (#4).
R: 10,100-10,700
S: 10,299-10,451- $10,368

FINAL IUFB: SuperJeweler jewelry (R in CR)

LAKEN: 1700/Jerry: 1950/Rose: 1200/Nancy: 1300

Another bonus bell sounding as Nancy also gets to play MK for the white Focus, alongside a Microsoft XBOX ONE racing pkg. & SONY 55″ 4K HDTV.
NESCO dehydrator (480): 80
Label maker (531): 31– #1
#1- MK (BTW, her ’97 car had 193K+ miles on it)

SCSD #2 (w/o VG pkg.):
Tracylyn: 20 X4 = .8
Lorne ($12,068): 20 + 85
Nancy ($21,481): 70 + 35

In front of CR- Wireless audio pkg. (R)
#4- Trip to Hotel 71 NYHAVN Copenhagen
#3- Bayliner element e16


#1- Trip to Park Hotel Tokyo (R)
#3- Grey Hyundai Veloster



Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 1/22/18" (2)

  1. Great start to the week. 5 wins with both cars won including the Big Master Key win. PG winner won her Showcase to win a Car.

    My rating: 8

  2. Ismael Gomez said:

    Good episode as I can say. Remember, Ant0824, don’t forget to put and a small deal win or a medium deal win revealed last win in case if the big deal knocked out right off the bat and you can’t put revealed last if the small deal or a medium deal revealed second like you did the other day.
    Today’s FFBC contestant: Jerry
    Grade: A

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