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Emily: BB- Music rm. ($3,875)
Ervin: $1K (M-C)- “I Am So ZONKY”
Scarlett: STOCK- PD ($4.5K)(#3: Z TVs)

SND: Karman
C (#1): Ford Focus SE
Items Needed: Pen, tissue & gum/mint- HAD NONE OF THOSE
P: #6
ST (#2): Camping gear ($3,146)- PULLED OUT (#4: CAR/#6: $1K)

Brooke’s FD D: SB- Candy dispensers (Whatever Happened to Baby Gray?: $2850)

DMaD: Manisha & Amit
FD: SB- Trip to Fireside Resort

DFEO: Melanie & Kim Key
R1: #1- SAMSUNG W/D pkg. ($3,252)
R2: #3- Home theater ($4,850)
FD (Giant E.): NEITHER- PD #2 (Mangum P.I.)

Timeline (#2): Isaiah
T: Las Hadas
C: Black KIA Rio
R1 O: “E.R.” (’94), “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (’96) & “King of Queens” (’98)- $
Last Title: “Behind the Music”
FA: ’97- PD #3

Alison’s FD D: Nikon 24.2mp- $100 (T: $1,600)(BB: Benelli motorscooter + helmets = $3,649)

BD (couple):
SD (#2): Office ($4,626)
MD (#1): $6,770
BD (#3): Trips to Sandals Royal Bahamian & nhow MILANO- W

Debora: Clip/bobby pin (T)($200)- $
Morgan (“INDIANA JONES”): Knew Lawrence Kasdan wrote the first movie of character’s series (J)($500)- $ (could’ve instead tried to figure out who directed that movie for $300)


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 1/22/18" (3)

  1. Another terrific start to CBS game shows. LMAD with 3 Perfect deals and Car win in Timeline plus the Big Deal win on Monday for it’s 4th consecutive Monday in a row.

    My rating: 7.5

  2. Ismael Gomez said:

    Great episode to start the week.
    Grade: A

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