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“Millionaire” 1/15/18

Paul Abreu & Kristin DiFrancesco (NY)(she would lock in the answers)
$5K Bonus: Eiffel Tower Experience

$500: Showing the value of community, a recent study found that married couples are much less likely to get DIVORCED if their wedding had over 200 what?

A: Guests
B: Flower girls
C: DJs


$1K: The poem “Solitude” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox began w/ the famous line “Laugh, and the world laughs with you…”. What was the next line?

A: “Weep, and you weep alone”
B: “Sneeze, and you sneeze alone”
C: “Yawn, and you yawn alone”
D: “Yodel, and you yodel alone”

“Weep, and you weep alone”$

$2K: W/ its legs a popular French delicacy, the animal w/ the scientific name Pelophylax esculentus is also known by what common name?

A: Yummy donkey
B: Edible frog
C: Tasty gerbil
D: Delicious termite

Edible frog$

$3K: Although more famous for the brand of aircraft that bears his name, Bill Lear was also credited w/ inventing what music playback format in ’64?

A: MP3
B: 8-track tape
C: Compact disc
D: Record player

8-track tape $

$5K: Accidentally stepping on the guillotiner’s foot, whose famous last words were “Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it”?

A: Marie Antoinette
B: William Wallace
C: Joan of Arc
D: Benito Mussolini

Marie Antoinette$

$7K: Which of these statements is NOT true about the contents of a blackjack shoe containing eight full decks of cards?

A: There are 32 aces
B: There are 96 face cards
C: There are 208 red cards
D: There are 120 even-numbered cards

There are 120 even-numbered cards (after a while)- $

$10K: The rock group ABBA’s name was created by combining its four members’ first initials- what gender did the four letters represent, respectively?

A: Man, woman, woman, man
B: Man, man, man, woman
C: Woman, man, man, woman
D: Woman, woman, woman, man


A: 23%
B: 2%
C: 70%
D: 5%


QotD: Those who’ve put a ring on it know that a square-cut diamond w/ pointed corners is called a what?
A: Marquise
B: Cushion
C: Princess
D: Emerald

$20K: Which of these celebs is the only one engaged to an MLB player & NOT married to a current or former NFL player?

A: Kristin Cavallari
B: Kate Upton
C: Ciara
D: Kerry Washington

Kate Upton$


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