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Bad news- this ep. WASN’T part of SP Wk. (the first taped ep.’s been rescheduled for 10/6). Good news- the BD of the Day here’s worth $35K+.

FKD: Tanisha
C: Subaru Impreza ($20,215)
P: #4
STJ (#1): interior designs L.R. ($6,165) + $600- BAILED (A: #1- instead of walking to the car, they pushed the unlock buttons on the keys & the lights turned red around the car if it wasn’t the right key)

Couple: David & Sheree
Rejected 1st: SB (3)- Candy acc.
Rejected 2nd: BB (2)- KYMCO Like 200i & Honda Metropolitan ($4,948)
Rejected Last: TB (1)- SUBARU
SB- Jewelry ($3K- they also get engaged)

SfC: Victor
#1: $3
#10: $1
#7: $1
#3: $1
#5: OTHER $3
For $5K: #8: Y
#2: G.O.

Deal #4: Kelly (nonprofit worker dressed as pirate), Denise (teacher) & Devante (international pro dancer dressed as hippie)
$1K Rd. (Devante): BAILED (#2)- Snowman L.R.
$1250 Rd. (Denise): BB- REN-A-ZONKCE Painting
Kelly: #1- SCHWINN AirDyne pkg. ($1,829)(GE: $7K.00)

James’ Mindreading FD D (Albany, OR- Air Force vet & retired computer co. worker for 14 yrs. dressed as slot machine; also was a teacher for six yrs.): $1.5K (#3)- Trip to The Reefs RESORT & CLUB in Bermuda ($8,748)

Last Regular D: Dylan (Car Pong): For each of three movie titles, two brothers were given & he had to decide which one appeared in a movie; a correct answer won the corresponding prize.
“The Hunger Games” (Chris or Liam Hemsworth): LIAM (Tablet computer = $1,199)
“Old School” (Luke or Owen Wilson): LUKE (KRUPS kitchen = $4,246)
“BEETLEJUICE” (Alec or Stephen Baldwin): ALEC ($2K Bloomingdale’s GC)

SD (#3): Camping equip. ($2,564)
MD (#2): River Terrance Inn getaway ($6,494)
BD (#1): Ford Fiesta SE & Toyota Yaris 5dr ($35,030)- W

SOLE AIRED QD (David): Picture of anybody BUT himself (T)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 9/21/17" (2)

  1. Better show on LMAD. 2 Bailouts with one Good Deal and to top it off with a Big Deal win with 2 cars denying a Shutout.

    My rating: 7

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