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Heidi Gibson (chef/owner)
Mario Cassineri (EC)
Mackenzie Smith (grilled cheese blogger)
Joanie Simon (recipe development chef)
J: Troy, Aarti & Aaron

Mackenzie: Three-cheese mac ‘n cheese w/ fried bacon, fried sage & butternut squash
Joanie: Southwest mac ‘n cheese w/ Linguica & tomatillo salsa
Mario: Deep-fried polenta-crusted brie w/ tomato apricot jam & endive salad
Heidi: Five-mushroom three-cheese mac ‘n cheese
C-O- Joanie

FTD: Bacon cheeseburger
Mackenzie: Shepherd’s pie w/ ground beef, sage cheddar, mashed potatoes & bacon-mushroom gravy
Mario: Pecorino-crusted flan w/ porcini mushroom, bacon, cheddar & ground beef
Heidi: Bacon cheeseburger souffle w/ seasoned ground beef, Gorgonzola & candied bacon- C-O

RLS: Cheese pork rinds
Mackenzie: Parmesan-crusted grilled cheese w/ goat cheese, muenster & fig-glazed Canadian bacon
Mario: Burrata Caprese w/ lobster & pork rind powder
W- Mackenzie

#1: Its name means “fresh cheese” in Spanish (QUESCO FRESCO)- $
#2: A thin rolled Jewish pancake typically filled w/ fruit or cheese (BLINTZ)- $
#3: Loosely-woven cotton to separate curds & whey (CHEESE CLOTH)- $
#4: A rich dessert commonly made w/ soft cheese, dating back to Ancient Greece (CHEESECAKE)- $


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