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“Candy Crush” 8/13

Lokki “Savage” E’Kaika & Keith “Mermaid King” James (San Diego)
Stacy Ann Connerley & Chris Ferris (toilet paper makers in Lewiston, ID & Clarkson, WA)
Glen & Bruce Proctor (twin bros. in NY)
Clif & Terryn Cooper (married in Decatur, TX)

QR: Candy Rush
SC- The Proctors

The Proctors: Vine Climb- 43

QR #2: Free Yeti
SC- The Coopers

The Coopers: Yankety Yank- 46

QR #3 (“Stuck on You”): A hazelnut’s trapped among some frosting blockers, but the teammates are strapped together by their arms as they make matches.
SC- Savage & Keith

Savage & Keith: Candy Ladder- 46
Stacy & Chris: Sugar Swing- 23

The Coopers (they get the first booster pick because they made it to the Leaders’ Lounge first): Candy Cloud
Savage & Keith: Freezer Burn (Unused: Candy Tornado)
W- The Coopers


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