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“The Wall” 8/10

Tomeka & Andre (Ellenwood, GA- both do community service)

#1: In ’13, Danica Patrick became the first woman to win the pole position for which prestigious auto race- DAYTONA 500 or INDY 500?
INDY 500– 10K (R)/20K (R- TWO)
#2: Aerosmith’s power ballad “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” was featured in what movie about an astronomical threat to Earth- “ARMAGEDDON” or “Deep Impact”?
“ARMAGEDDON”– 10 (L)/1 (JUST R OF 25K)/10K (R)
#3: A baby koala, known to stay right by its mother’s side, is commonly called a what- Ross or Joey?
Joey– 20K (L)/10 (L)/10 (R)
#4: “Ring Around the Rosie” commonly mentions a “pocket full of posies”. What are posies- flowers or coins?
Flowers– 20K (L)/10 (R)/100 (R)
#5: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen shared the role of Michelle Tanner on which sitcom- “FULL HOUSE” or “Step by Step”?
“FULL HOUSE”– 5K (L)/10K (R)/100 (R) = $65,241

R2 Freebies (#6 & #7): 100K/125K = $290,241

#1 (#4): In The Lord of the Rings book trilogy, having created the one ring to rule ’em all, which character was The Lord of the Rings- Gollum, Sauron or Saruman?
Gollum (A: Sauron)- 50K
#2 (#4- DOUBLE): Which of these bands had a lead singer whose stage name included the name of the planet closest to The Sun- The Doors, The Who or Queen?
#3 (#2): Susan Lucci was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her role as Erica Kane on “All My Children” a total of 21 times but only won once. She won for Outstanding Lead Actress in ’99, the yr. of which of her nominations- 17th, 19th or 21st?
21st (A: 19th)- 50K
End-of-R2 Deductions: 50K/250K

R3 Freebies:
#7- 10 (R)
#3- 200K
#4- 100 (L)
#7- 10 (IN BETWEEN 100K/200K)

#1 (#4): In the classic teen movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, Jeff Spicoli attended Ridgemont High School. The rival school in the movie shared its name w/ which U.S. President, visible on the far right when looking up at the four faces of Mt. Rushmore- Washington, Roosevelt, Lincoln or Jefferson?
Jefferson (A: Lincoln)- 1 (IN BETWEEN 300K/400K)
#2 (#3): Most of the work of architect Antoni Gaudi, incl. the magnificent park Guell, can be found in & around which city- Rome, Paris, London or Barcelona?
Barcelona– 200K
#3 (#4): The highest point in all of Japan & a popular tourist destination for those wishing to hike to the peak, Mt. Fuji’s how tall- 8,743 ft., 12,388 ft., 16,033 ft. or 19,678 ft.?
16,033 (A: 12,388)- SAME 1 FROM TWO Q’s AGO

End-of-R3 Deductions:


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  1. Three signed contracts episode in a row, every episode that had nothing on the wall had their contact signed, except for Lenny, what’s going on, were people in isolation told what happened?

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