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G1: Lisa (Bryant Park)(BtG: 21.5)

#1: From behind his shades, who led David Letterman’s TV orchestra since ’82?
Paul Shaffer
#2: A staple of brunch, what cocktail consists of four parts orange juice & six parts champagne?
#3: On what PA island did a nuclear power plant suffer a PARTIAL MELTDOWN in 1979?
Three Mile Island
RLC: From 1907-59, the U.S. grew from 45 states to 50- name the last five states admitted into the Union.
AK, HIX (Others: AZ, NM & OK)
#4: In billiards, what term describes hitting the cue ball into a pocket?
#5: The title of what Nicole Kidman big screen musical translates literally to “red mill”?

#1: What English rock band had the late, great Keith Moon for its drummer?
The Beatles (A: The Who)
#2: In the U.S. Marine Corps, what’s the lowest rank a soldier can have?
FQ: What former soccer star held the international female scoring record as of 2005?
Mia Hamm

VB: Moscow’s Red Square is home to St. Basil’s Cathedral along w/ the official residence & principal workplace of Russian President Vladimir Putin. By what name is this complex known?
FA: The Kremlin ($1150)

G2: Al (Bryant Park)(BtG: 6)

G3: Molly & Jonathan (corner of Greenwich & Jane)(BtG: 27)

#1: In a handyman’s box, crescent, torque & monkey are ALL types of what?
#2: What handsome 2005 St. Andrews graduate was second in line to the British throne?
Prince Harry (A: William)
#3: Victory was always “sweet” for what boxer that co-hosted “THE CONTENDER” w/ Sylvester Stallone in its first season on NBC?
Sugar Ray Leonard (answered in “J!” format)
#4: What Swedish car’s design team invented the three-point seatbelt & the safety cage concept?
RLC: There’s lust & gluttony- now name the remaining five of Dante’s seven deadly sins.
Sloth, avarice, prideX (Ungiven: Wrath & envy)
#5: What conservative judge did Bush nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court in the Summer of ’05?
John Roberts

Sole $100 Q: Reportedly, Bill Clinton used what poet’s “Leaves of Grass” to woo BOTH Hillary & Monica?
Walt Whitman

VB: What international bodybuilding title did Arnold Schwarzenegger win an amazing seven times?
FA: Mr. Universe


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