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“MasterChef” 8/9/17

MB #4 TT (the ingredients were selected by reigning “MasterChef” Shaun O’Neale):
Caitlin: Seared venison loin w/ squash-parsnip puree & blackberry sauce
Yachecia: Seared venison w/ squash-parsnip puree & Brussels sprout slaw
Cate: Spice-rubbed venison w/ celery root puree, shallots, carrots & blackberry sauce
W- Cate

Key Ingredient for ET #5: Coconut
Dino: Coconut cream puff w/ Earl Grey, chocolate, coconut cream & rum
Jeff: Deconstructed cupcakes w/ candied almond-raspberry crumble
Eboni: Lobster & shrimp curry w/ coconut-lemongrass rice & fried plantains
Newton: Coconut-crusted snapper w/ sticky rice, coconut-lime beurre blanc & avocado salsa
Yachecia: Coconut & lime tart w/ chocolate-coconut crust & coconut meringues
Caitlin: Sweet & spicy pork butt w/ coconut rice pilaf, mashed sweet potatoes & broccolini
Reba: Coconut shrimp w/ asparagus & coconut sauce
Daniel: Coconut seafood soup w/ crab, lobster, snapper & coconut rice
TC Dino & Daniel
L- Reba (Also on Bottom: Jeff, Caitlin & Newton)


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