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DR: Josie, Heidi & Larry (29th & 3rd)(BtG: 30)

#1: Abbrev. “MNF”, what long-running NFL TV show broke the news of John Lennon’s death to America in ’80?
“Monday Night Football”
#2: Sharing its name w/ a popular church hall game, which children’s song is also known as “There Was a Farmer Who Had a Dog”?
#3: Named for a South Carolina city, what popular 1920s dance was considered a rebellion against Prohibition-era prudes?
#4: Breeding a horse w/ a donkey donated by the king of Spain, George Washington was credited w/ introducing what hybrid animal to agricultural America?

#1: Though NOT yet allowed to drive, the women of what Middle Eastern kingdom were granted the right to vote by King Abdullah in 2011?
Saudi Arabia
#2: Partners w/ Universal Music, SONY Music & EMI, what website’s commonly referred to as the hulu of music videos?
fuse (A: vevo)
#3: Appropriate for a ride in this game, what’s the meaning of the Latin expression “tempus fugit”?
“Tips are appreciated” (A: “Time flies”)
RLC: In the early 1900s, Colonial Africa was dominated by seven African nations- name ALL seven of these nations.
France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium & Germany
FQ: Oddly popular among German gourmets, what vegetable comes in a white variety nicknamed “edible ivory”?
MOBILE S-O: Jack (Larry’s brother)
FA: Asparagus ($1300)

G2: Hillary (84th & Broadway)(BtG: 35)

G3: Gary, Ray, Jessica & R.J. (Rosie O’Grady’s)(BtG: 40)

#1: Keeping kids in overalls for decades, what brand of children’s clothing gets its name from the WI town where it was founded in 1895?
#2: Home to “Hamlet” & Hans Christian Andersen, what nation’s comprised of hundreds of islands & the peninsula of Jutland?
#3: Schlepped home by every teammate, what famed hockey championship trophy travels approx. 80K miles per yr.?
Stanley Cup
#4: Operating as a noun & a verb, what word refers BOTH to the green outer husk of an ear of corn & the act of removing it?

#1: Made from coffee & sugarcane spirit, the label & bottle of what liqueur are inspired by the architecture of Veracruz, Mexico?
#2: Known for his profane humor & stir-crazy lifestyle, what legendary comic spoke openly of his upbringing in a Peoria, IL brothel?
X (A: Richard Pryor)
#3: Famously used by the team that took out Osama bin Laden, the military abbrev. EKIA is short for what phrase?
“Enemy killed in action”
#4: In 2011 a dried-up lake in TX revealed wreckage from what ILL-FATED 2003 space shuttle mission?
MSO: Bryan

#1: Feat. the French word for “without”, what’s the term for the unadorned family of fonts that incl. Helvetica & Geneva?
Sans Serif
RLC: Acc. to a ’11 Alexa Internet survey, five of the 50 most-visited websites in the U.S. begin w/ A- name four of ’em.
amazon, AppleX (Leftovers: AOL, Ask.com & About.com)

VB: In the raucous world of rugby, this 16-man formation often features 3K lbs. of brute force butting heads for control of the ball. NOT for players who need their personal space, what’s the term for this high-impact huddle?
FA: Scrum ($1400)


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