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G1: Elise, Barb & Bing (Bryant Park)(BtG: 35)

G2: David & Judy (90th & Broadway)(BtG: 39)

#1: As suggested by its name, what standard liquor bottle size’s equal to roughly 20% of a gallon?
RLC: In ’10 listeners of AOL Radio chose their favorite Frank Sinatra songs of all-time. Name five of these classics that make up the top eight.
“New York, New York”, “Fly Me to the Moon”, “My Way”, “Come Fly With Me” & “Summer Wind” (Not needed: “Night and Day”, “The Way You Look Tonight” & “That’s Life”)
#2: Acc. to their website, what three-word mantra sums up the code of conduct for Google?
“Don’t be evil”
#3: Nestled in the foothills of WV, the town of Harpers Ferry was the site of an 1859 raid by what noted abolitionist?
John Brown
#4: Used to fuel London streetlamps in the 1800s, Spermaceti is a waxy substance harvested from the head of what sea creature?
Sperm whale

#1: Headquartered in Seattle, what upscale dept. store was named for a Swedish immigrant who struck it rich during the Klondike Gold Rush?
FQ: Celebrated in literature & legend, the Paladin were the super-chivalrous knights who served under what Holy Roman emperor?
FA: Charlemagne ($1250)

DR: Howard Green & Chris Hoffman (Charlton & 7th)(BtG: 38)

$3K VB: This fish out of water’s using its pectoral fins to walk on land w/ surprising speed & efficiency. Eluding to its habitat & its method of locomotion, what’s the name of this occasional Earth dweller?
FA: Mud runner (A: Mud skipper)


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