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“Fear Factor” 8/8

Newsha & Nadia (Pomona)
Crystal & Chantel (Van Nuys security guards)
Emily & Katie (Sunol)
Jenna & Jordan (Tustin)

BtB: In a pitch-black rm., the sisters would find six cages each containing a “beast”. They would have to find a key in each box to pass to their sister to unlock the next cage. To stop their time, they would have to get their cellphone in that final cage & turn on its flashlight.
N&N: 8:13
J&J: 7:51
E&K: 6:10
C&C: 8:37

FYF: They would stand in dumpsters & on turn, an item would be randomly-selected on the screen & they would have to dive in, find it & place it in a plastic box within 20 seconds. There were six possible items.
J&J: FIVE (3:54.94)
N&N: FOUR (4:18.1)

TFF: One sister would jump from one barrel tower to the next while untying the knot on each tower to release a flag. They would have to be quick because two cars would be circling around & knocking down those barrels.
J&J: 12 (out of 20)
N&N: W


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  1. josiah jeffries said:

    what’s Newsha & Nadia‘s insta? lol they fine as hell I’d lowkey clap

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