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“Chopped” 8/8/17

Jeff Bannister (pitmaster)
Joe Johnson (chef de cuisine)
Ro Daniel (EC in Scottsdale)
Richard Fergola (BBQ champ)
J: Scott, Tiffany Faison & Marc

A: Stuffed trotters, fennel, smoked water & razor clams
Jeff: Grilled clam w/ fennel & trotter hash
Richard: Smoked razor clam & stuffed trotter salad
Ro: Smoked clam & trotter broth w/ pickled fennel & polenta
Joe (he cut himself in this rd.): Crispy pork trotter w/ razor clam, tomato & fennel ragout- SAFE
C- Richard

E: Rabbit saddle, celery snowflake leaves, purple artichokes & pork belly
Ro: Grilled rabbit w/ pork belly & grilled artichokes
Joe: Stuffed rabbit w/ balsamic reduction & artichoke/celery salad
Jeff: Braised rabbit w/ grilled pork & arugula/celery leaf salad

D: Honey chipotle beans, red velvet whoopie pies, cape gooseberries & pig’s ear pastries
Joe: Crispy bean cake w/ whoopie pie mousse & fruit coulis
Ro: Berry cobbler w/ mascarpone & whoopie pie mousse
IN- Joe


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