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“Ca$h Cab” 9/28/12

G1: Richard & Virginia (34th & 8th)(BtG: 30)

DR: Colin (30th & 7th)(BtG: 36)

#1: In the 1780s, the Montgolfier Bros. of France discovered what uplifting mode of transportation after lighting a fire under a lightweight bag?
Hot-air balloon
#2: Alerting bros. of a whale fail, Google Books’ “Page Not Found” screen features a cartoon rendering of what Herman Melville novel?
#3: Though experts can crack it in 20 moves or less, what classic six-sided toy has more than 43 quintillion different configurations?
Rubik’s Cube
#4: Known as the Queen City (Ms. Flair, anyone?), what NC metropolis was named after the beleaguered wife of England’s King George III?
Chapel Hill

#1: Featuring a stadium-wide singalong of “Danke Schoen”, Wrigley Field hosted a 25th Anniv. screening of what John Hughes film in ’11?
“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”
#2: Naturally ruled by a Grand Duke, what tiny neighbor of Belgium was the only nation that called itself a Grand Duchy?
#3: Familiar to most pub-goers, what unit of volume’s equal to 16 liquid ounces in the U.S. but 20 oz in the U.K.?
#4: Sprawling beneath 50K acres of KY, what cavernous national park once served as a home for over 9M bats?
XX (A: Mammoth Cave)

#1: Born Jose Arambula, what mule-riding Mexican revolutionary was honored in his homeland as a latter-day Robin Hood?
Pancho Villa
FQ: The largest stadium in Europe, Catalonia’s Camp Nou’s home to what Spanish soccer powerhouse?
MOBILE S-O: Roommate Charlie
FA: Barcelona ($1700)

G3: Jenny, Lauren & April (Hudson & Spring)(BtG: 31)

$700 VB: Combining aspects of cross-country & alpine, this variety of free-heel skiing uses boots that are attached only at the toe. Named for the Norwegian region where it originated, what’s this old-school form of skiing?
FA: Alpine (A: Telemark)


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