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G1: Melissa & Mike (9th & 44th)(BtG: 40)
ONLY ANSWERED FIRST TWO Q’s RIGHT (both S-Os were of NO help)

G2: Paul, Beth, Skip & Jane (The Waldorf)(BtG: 30)

#1: Kryptonite to carjackers, what anti-theft device was invented by an Army veteran who used a chain to lock up steering wheels during the Korean War?
The Club
#2: Telling the tale of Jesus’ next-door neighbor, what “Monty Python” film was once BANNED in Ireland & Norway for its alleged blasphemous content?
“The Life of Brian”
RLC: This takes us back to the 1940s when New York & Chicago were the two most-populated cities in the U.S. Name five of the other six on the top eight.
Los Angeles, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Baltimore & Detroit (Leftover: Cleveland)
#3: Led by Alpha-Dog gourmet Jim Leff, members of what food-obsessed website are known as Hounders?
#4: According to legend, what Mexican border city was named after a renowned local cook known as Aunt Jane?

Sole $200 Q: Lending its name to a Disney film division, what was the term for a small tablet Ancient Greeks used to test the purity of precious metals?
FA: Touchstone ($1050)

DR: Ed, another Ed, Barbara & Rich (Houston & Mercer)(BtG: 31)

#1: In 1777 Martha Washington braved smallpox & subzero temperatures to serve as hostess at what wintry encampment?
Valley Forge
#2: Fronted by Michael Stipe since the Carter administration, what rock group’s ’11 breakup inspired the headline “It’s the end of the band as we know it”?
#3: Traditionally found in a bag of HERSHEY’S Miniatures, what crispy candy bar has been spelled w/ a K since its ’38 launch?
#4: A fixture of NYC real estate listings, the abbrev. W/D refers to what specific set of modern amenities?

#1: Described by critics as annoyingly elitist, goop.com is the lifestyle website of what OSCAR-winning actress?
Gwyneth Paltrow
#2: Taking a bite out of e-crime, what canine mascot launched a campaign warning kids against identity theft in ’05?
#3: Due to the color of its vapor, what common table salt additive gets its name from the Greek for “purple”?
#4: As American as apple pie, what GM brand was named for a Swiss-born race car driver who sold his stake in the co. & died penniless in 1941?
RLC: In terms of area, Kazakhstan’s one of the ten largest nations on Earth- name seven of the other nine.

U.S., Russia, Canada, China, Australia, India & Brazil (Not needed: Argentina & Algeria)

Sole $400 Q: Because it predated the existence of bees, what MS & LA state flower’s typically pollinated by bees?
Magnola Dahlia

VB: Not just a preschool pull toy, this ancient arthropod was crawling the Earth for over 100M yrs. before the arrival of the dinosaurs. Alluding to the shape of its shell, what’s the name of this evolutionary survivor?
FA: Horseshoe crab ($3400)


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