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G1: Rich & Brenda (The Iridium at 51st & Lincoln Center)(BtG: 42)

#1: OUTRAGING his ancestors, the name of what Apache warrior was used as code in the U.S. operation to kill Osama bin Laden?
Cochise (A: Geronimo)
#2: In a 1932 issue of Weird Tales, bodybuilder/author Robert Howard introduced the world to what brawny barbarian from Cimmeria?
“Conan the Barbarian”
#3: Requiring a river of knowledge about H²O, what science’s defined as “the study of the movement, distribution and quality of water”?
MSO: Alan Oppenheim
#4: Named for a poisonous snake, what car alarm system blares the recorded voice of founder & U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa?
COBRA (A: Viper)

Sole $200 Q: Flemish for “church of the dunes”, which French seaport was contested twice during WWII in ’40 & again in ’44?
FA: Omaha (A: Dunkirk)

DR: Chuck Dashiell (Carnegie Hall)(BtG: 35)

#1: Due to the pollution of Agra, India, what iconic agricultural landmark suffers from a dinginess known as “marble cancer”?
Taj Mahal
#2: Captured by a British cyclist in 2011, the Lantern Rouge is the unofficial title given to the LAST-PLACE finisher of what famed race?
Tour de France
#3: Before he was immortalized as Lincoln’s assassin, what 19th C. Thespian was described by critics as “the handsomest man in America”?
John Wilkes Booth
#4: In a ’11 promotion, what brand of spiced rum challenged a million fans to strike the signature pose of its pirate mascot?
Captain Morgan

#1: Abbrev. B&L, what contact lens co. actually won an OSCAR in ’55 for developing the CINEMASCOPE movie lens?
Bausch & Lomb
#2: Opting for the most literal of logos, the jersey of what NHL team features a bison & two crossed swords?
Buffalo Sabres
#3: Known for its genius grants, what foundation’s website clarifies that its founder WASN’T related to a famous five-star General?
RLC: Acc. to a 2011 USA Today article, the top 10 candies of all-time include gummi bears & nine name-brand treats. Name six of ’em.
Nestle Butterfinger, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, HERSHEY’S X (Unsaid: m&ms, SNICKERS, Twizzlers, Twix & Kit-Kat)
FQ: Tough on local farmers, what trilateral trade agreement provoked the Zapatista Rebels to declare war on Mexico in 1994?
FA: NAFTA ($1200)

G3: Anna, Martha, Marianne & another Anna (Carmine’s)(BtG: 38)

#1: In ’11 the slogan “5-Day is the Wrong Way” was used by employees to protest proposed cuts at what government agency?
U.S. Postal Service
#2: Alluding to its Terrapin mascot, what university cheers on its sports teams w/ the unusual slogan “Fear the turtle”?
Univ. of Maryland (failed RLC edited out here)
#3: A staple of sci-fi soundtracks, what electronic device has been described as the only musical instrument that you play w/o touching it?
Synchronizer (A: Theremin)
FQ: Signaling clear skies ahead, the National Hurricane Center maintains that the Atlantic hurricane season ends on the last day of what month?
FA: Oct. (A: Nov.)


Comments on: "“Ca$h Cab” 9/27/12 Ep. 4" (2)

  1. jpgenius said:

    Wait, why were there four episodes instead of two?

  2. The original run of ‘Cash Cab’ was cancelled in April 2012; these four may have either been the last new episodes to air, or part of a burn-off of numerous episodes.

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